Loving yourself truly - Open Sesame

Regardless of how or why or when we accepted guilt's judgement for our self, it is in imposition of a mind that asserts to be 'outside' God.
And when we let that 'stranger in', we recognize nothing but a sense of loss - within which seems to be a fragment of thought which sees all things estranged, in fragmented vision - and tries to make and keep a self amidst such chaos- to keep the chaos at bay. Its as if we are the Genie and we've been locked in a bottle with the lid screwed tight. But the Wishes that summon our presence - are simply the true desires of our heart.

As we are touched by the truth - the love that truly is lovely - enables us to look upon the fearful in calm and without identifying as fragment - reacting, shutting down, pushing away. We may not feel very spiritual in life when we are moving through messy and conflicted periods, but there is a still place and it does guide us - despite the noise and clamour that we've become habituated to using to suppress the old stuff that comes up when the 'lid' loosens and - once again - we feel the chaos and find it hard to abide in trust.

I have a sense of Infinite Patience - like a hand that reaches to us in every moment of willingness, that is never withdrawn when we seem to withdraw and that never judges us by any mistake we seem to make - still less does it uphold or have any dealing with blame, shame and hate. And in aligning with this love, peace, and joy, on the inside, I become likewise inclusive, accepting and appreciative of all that is true - and let fall away all else.

The ego cannot eject itself from your home - though it will offer endless plans for anything that can keep you engaged with it. But you can effectively evict it - from the joined or aligned Will that IS the Movement of Being.

The realisation of truth sees that there is not and can never be a mind 'outside' God - and that even to entertain the thought 'as if', is a waste of the appreciation of eternity. And the realisation can come because the game of self-division via guilt has been put aside as meaningless - no matter what.

Does a habit of mind keep on despite the undoing of its root? Yes and no.
Once truth has touched you - you cannot be as you thought you were - and any attempt of ego reenactment is not the same ignorance. For there is a place in you that knows. Now it is a matter of whether you want it. If you think you want what you do not truly want, you choose dissonance. Old habits trigger guilt to account for it - and you are back in la la land. For the mind's picturing of itself in guilt is causeless apart from its own wish to love what is imaginary - against the grain of its own being.

You do love yourself. But while in la la land, such love is held in trust for you until you are ready to accept it as it is. For what you thought to make of it has hurt you. This is not your truth - and so is not you.