From Jesuit conspiracy to consider the root of all evil.

Beneath all specific examples is the lie and the father of the lie. The wolf in sheep's clothing is the form that is adopted or used to mask a hidden loveless agenda. Be that even the salvation of the person because the sense of self apart from God and brother or sister in Christ (Creation) is born of the wish to engage in experience of such 'specialness' apart from the Whole. Fragmentation, war and a mind in deceit results from self-illusion. That then claims it has free will from God rather than putting the false aside in willingness to discern Free Will. Free Will cannot be put in the 'old wine bottle' of the paradigm of a conflict of persons - which reflects the conflictedness within.
The moneylenders in the Template are symbolic of the interjection of guilt and fear driven agenda within our foundations - within our core definitions and beliefs by which we have and share our unique gift of Life.
The purpose of conflict is to divert, condition and trap or anchor attention, within the Idea of a power God is not. It makes itself seem to be true by asserting God in image, symbol and Concept - and experiences itself dissonant as a result of seeking to maintain and conform its experience to its accepted or chosen Identity - and identity imprinted in guilt and terror - as the power of belief is the power of the word, and to believe a power God is not is contra Diction or the power to deprive and hurt oneself.

In seeking to untangle the threads of deceit in the history of the Earth, one can always go back further to see the same pattern. Will uncovering the true nature of worldly power open the truth that heals and shows us we are free? Not if it pulls us into the baited conflict of deceit. However, the world can be used to identify the flaw in our self that is overlooked while righteously blaming and hating others. Not a flaw that damns us - but a flaw to seek correction of.

Christ could not awaken humanity to the truth he was witnessing to, demonstrating and teaching, in large part because the mind was not ready to receive more than its own measure. Guilt and fear were and are a very deeply imprinted conditioning that necessarily interprets through a glass darkly - seeking answer for the mind in the world rather than recognising one truly lives in God and not the fragmented, distorted projections of a mind in its own spin.

"Resist ye not evil" is very dear to my heart. But so is the discernment of truth and the willingness to turn away from falsehood and put it away or behind me BY wholly embracing the true.

Humanity has become negatively identified in what it is trying to get rid of, or in what it is afraid of. But fear is a self-fulfilling prophecy because what we feed with attention, we strengthen, invite and attract. to be mindful as to the qualities and nature of our thoughts is to be vigilant against temptation. The a tempt to be apart as if above Life in judgement is the secret deceit that humanity tacitly conspires to protect from exposure using religion or science or any form of anything that it may hide it to escape notice.

That we see this patterning in our world is our readiness to discern it in our own mind - and know that it does not speak for us nor represent the true of us. Not wish or hope it is not true of us but knowing. It is given you to recognize truth because Free Will created you like unto your Father and has never left you - regardless the intensity of assertion of pain, shame or rage that denial has generated.

I do not claim to be right against a wrong - I simply bear witness in willingness of relationship. No one is to come between what God creates or awakens to knowing Creation. And so my 'church' is relationship itself rather than any outer form. This must be received within and extend forth. All outer forms become corrupted and diluted by misuse or indeed abuse.

Guilt is the antiChrist that would usurp God and Self and corrupt and subvert all to a 'control' in which true will has NO place. Will-less-ness is a state of no Conscious Presence - a kind of death in which no will can be called upon because it has been replaced by the lifeless definitions by which it is denied. Few realize they are even being robbed until they wake to see they had put their trust in idols that have no power to love or protect them.

To say that God loves us as we are is to say that when we insist on being who we are not, we withhold the gift of our true presence and experience the reflection of that in a broken and distrustful world. Any attempt of will to add or take away from ourself is adding confusion to confusion. However, we are free to desire a clearer appreciation or perspective of who we are and what is truly going on in this event or place or relationship. But the wilful determination to overcome or solve something on our own - in our terms, is not a true will but an imprisoned will - which is not a Fact in God but a definitional thought disorder!


I looked up Arminian... (Re Protestant ideas of Christianity) the thing that comes up for me is noticing the intent to fix truth in form and sanctify and idolize the form. Even that has its place - for some order must be held in which to gain a greater perspective. However Jesus fulfils and transcends the Law of Moses - which were made for Man - in the divine sense of Humanity. Not for some men to subvert into a perpetual system of dominance over others through deceit.
We have the same command and control mentality in using 'truth' as a weapon or war in Science - and that science either but the usurping of the desire to uncover truth (albeit ignoring the Consciousness of the movement of being in which all experience arises).
The Holy Spirit is the capacity - our innate capacity - of discernment. One could say Jesus is the Personification of the Holy Spirit and left it with us because his life illuminated and exemplified it as our own true Nature.
There are so many way that one accommodates a true movement of willingness to meet the form of the need - but one does not elevate the accommodation to the status of Truth just because it was truly helpful in its moment.
God is the Only Power - but if that cannot be meaningfully useful, then such of God's remembrance as can be accepted has to find a way to enter where there is apparently no room... and that infant be nurtured and indeed kept hidden until its time to come forth.