Recognize your brother and world restored to love

Love's Expression is Unified Will that loves to know itself truly One.
This is Alive as the Universal Gift of the Movement of Being.
The mind or purpose of imagination is upheld only by the wish it prevail.
It must agree to hide in darkness to project meanings that seem real.
Welcome the light and release meaningless meanings.
Recognize your brother and world restored to love.
For love's exclusion was only ever enacted by a will to judge yourself.
Be not afraid of what judgement makes,
but let your Living Purpose be to look past it.
I cannot define the Living God in image or thought,
Nor you, dear One.
Howbeit I am deceived,
let me rest the mind its imaginings,

and turn to you in sure faith,
The Spirit of Love is One,
and Wills only to reveal itself.
The seeming will is to be questioned.
Let it not be hidden 'in your brother'
as a thought of love's freedom to hide and seek.
Forgive him utterly for your mind's trespass.
By letting his truth awaken your own.

brian in a moment

And let this moment be an opportunity

                ... to feel,
                this very instant,
                beyond all imaginings,
                is to know

                The mind's 'self'
                has You forget,
                by imagining for a moment
                that love can become
                different than it is.

                Within a made thought
                given welcome,
                is madness lived

                Clutching its tail
                to survive,
                in demand of a love
                made special.

                As fear dies
                to awakened disregard,
                love dawns
                of itself,

brian in a moment


The stirring of Universal Being in the heart's intuition

The presumption of a separate independent 'me' eclipses awareness of Universal Being.

Universal Being has a local aspect - inclusive of all that is being where you presume to be, not merely as is identified by you but all That is arising to you - As You.

This can make no sense to the mind that differentiates itself from its own thought and experience - and from others - by focussing on perceived differences of form and ascribing its own meanings to them. Such a mind believes it is in the world, having an experience of its own, because imaginatively, such is being enacted upon the Very Light of the Awareness of Being - and taken and lived as real in itself.

The stirring of the awareness of Universal Being occurs below the threshold of the mind-in-definition - that is to say it is already True and Infinitely Alive, yet rendered as if invisible by the disregard inherent in the act of self-definition. The eclipsing mind began with a desire but was then fuelled by identity and supported by differentiation. It is a 'doing' without a true foundation in Being, which is why it cannot rest or abide in being, but must 'do' its being.

This is why to be still of such activity is to allow back into awareness, that which was disregarded, and notice anew from an altogether fresh perspective - and be known in the presence of Life.

The mind-in-definition interprets this message as simply another opportunity to get definition for itself, so it will attempt to 'do' the being still and listening - and thus involve itself with forms of mimicry amidst its own emotion backed imaginings. But the stirring of the intuition of Life will not engage or be satisfied in such a deception.

Only in the noticing and passing by of such strategies will there be release into awareness. Not through the collection of information to use in the world - but in the simple desire to release the mind-in-definition - and its world - so as to be the peace in which all is received as it is.

The Movement of Mind that restores integrated wholeness, as a true basis from which to Be out from - is Holy.
It is the Guidance and Presence of the Universal that is within you in the sense that your mind cannot actually separate off from or eradicate it, though your attention can be bound in distraction and effectively disregard the Holiness of your Being.

But in allowing and welcoming the More of You to guide and uncover You to you -  is a Communion already active and present - restored to your capacity to partake of. The impulse towards an independence from true communication is a habit that seems to reset the mind-in-definition as if the experience of transcendence is either lost to the past or is unreal. This is simply a more conscious appreciation of the eclipse of the Universal by the urge of independence.

Living out from the practice of Guidance - from the feeling-knowing of Universal Being - is the bridge of a transformed and renewed identity that rests in communion. Without this awakened trust, the expansion into Universal Being will seem like death, and will be recoiled from and resisted.

For the capacity of love is that of overlooking the form and its associated 'meanings' - and recognizing the Beloved, without separation. This Vision cannot be found in the 'meanings' of the mind. It is the Gift of the Holy Spirit to release all guilt and welcome the light of true innocence as the reflected Light of Eternity.

In Peace



The truth is in the pudding

The desire to know the truth through the thinking mind is to look to the only place where truth is obscured.
Because you Already know the truth, you can open to the truth through reading or hearing.

"To those who hath, more shall be given".

But to those who have not yet accepted their own knowing, in the wholeness of their being - even that which they believe they hath shall be taken away.

Is love coercive?
Is love revealing Itself in the way and the manner of its communications?

The truth is in the pudding.
The definitions of thinking are fixing devices that self-validated the mind of the user.
But the use of such a mind by our Holy Spirit, allows an unfixing or loosening of the blocks to the flowing and extension of a trust in our being of life.

In such trust extending - you already feel and are the love that knows and is - and in the moment all things are added you - because they are already one with you - who abide at rest in oneness through your Holy Spirit.

The tension of the attempt to understand is exactly the tension of the attempt to maintain the sense of self apart - and then proceed from such a basis - as if to add to this 'self' and make it real or valid or successful or acceptable. To notice the tension is already to smile in release!

A willingness and desire for understanding, surrenders its 'knowing' and stands under that which Knows. Thus releasing the conditions that filter all outcomes on your own terms - and accepting the silent knowing of your own heart. This may also have association with thought and image - but these will but now reflect what is already moving, already true and already alive - as you. And will be freeing of the burden and tyranny of guilt.

The mind of command and control, of grasping and defining, of holding a will your own that judges and rejects, divides and rules - is an insidious habit, that creeps in un noticed and steals Heaven from your heart without you even noticing you are usurped.
How can this be?

Because what you actively want - becomes the foundation of your mind and experience - and when you believe or assert or accept that you WANT to see something YOUR way - then you are listening to that voice believing it is still part of the Living Universe.

Yet as you grow your capacity to trust-through the sense of self-defined limits and open to the joy and beauty and peace of being - you will also grow in the capacity to discern directly - and not conceal, disguise or defend against - the dissonance that is always felt in the lack of wholeness of a coercive will. It will seem to condemn you - but that is looking at guilt and fear - with guilt and fear. Forgiveness resists not evil - but looks directly upon its presentation in order to release the fixation of guilt. To own and to immediately repent of evil thoughts that can not really be hidden, overcome or escaped, but CAN be released upwards - is to let them pass away unwanted and in passing, reveal the Light that is your truth, your whole truth - and nothing but the truth.

In gratitude, in the song and harmony of the light of your being - do what you will - because your will is at rest in one will. In gratitude and innocence of being is this your natural inheritance.
Yet let one stab of interference seem to cause you to put your peace aside while you deal with 'the intruder' - and you are 'back in the mode of managing reality all by yourself' - and the impulse of wilful self authority  - will not be laughed away and forgotten before it is even active - but will rule with your worshipful obeisance.

And so it is, that a story is shared. There is no truth in any of it, but through the willingness to share. All that knows truth is itself True - and no life could ever leave the Life that it is.

Yet in the world, is the play of the mind in many, that seems to see and seek our love as if outside us - in the world of ever changing appearances. Is this not a most amazing capacity of experience? But is it our heart's desire to keep it so?

Giving all things to God is but the releasing to God of all that was playfully presumed our own - and thus 'taken away' only to then be taken seriously in error.
So in desire for truth and freedom we say, "Take this cup away from me - as it be Your will and not mine".

It is not just the aspects of mind of which we are ashamed or feel threatened in, that we  release - but the mind that fixes pleasure and joy in the world - for the world that we make, stands in place of the world that God's Holy Spirit replaces.
"Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal".
The simplest way to explain how it could be - in practical human words - that the mind of man gives way to the Mind of God; is to desist from your own thinking. Not by act of will - but in response to the Call or Movement of your own being - that rises in your awareness when you pause and consider in willingness to receive and be inspired in your heart and mind as one.
In Peace





It starts by your welcome

as being you

shares seeing through you

and knows itself in all

It nature is Light without darkness

That Is Sight

Love without hate

That Is Feeling

Joy without sorrow

That Is Radiance

beyond loving this and that

Loving love

as love

and never leaves or returns

but rises always anew

Peace eternal

Is just this


exactly but


an imaginary


by which the shadow

of a stranger

tempts you to seek

in foreign places

for what you do not want

as if you do

and for what you thought you lost

when you reached for it.

Letting Peace

is letting judgement evaporate

by doing nothing when it rises

from a darkness prison

to be released

Be forgiven

By the God of Peace

That Light radiates

That Love rises

That Joy sings

brian in a moment