What is Sovereignty?

What is Sovereignty?

True Sovereignty is free willingness - as contrasted by coercive or manipulative deceits.
The latter can be set up by conditioning in which a sense of self as deprived, threatened or pained is allowed or enabled to 'live' within the context and framework of believed or set 'conditions' - failure to meet resulting in penalty.
The human conditioning is regarded as the human condition - or the way of the world; the way life is. But as the article indicates, conditioned reaction is not true willingness so much as a compromise in which joy of wholeness is sacrificed to the demands of a 'god' external and other to Creation Itself - which is thus 'seen' as apart from its true Living Context - as a world of things and forces - all seeming to be separate things and conflicting and competing needs and natures.
The idea of free will has been subverted and usurped by the freedom to 'do' which is then seen as an initiative of a separate self sense - but all behaviour is initiated by the underlying matrix of definitions and beliefs through which the Movement of Being gives form as the desire to Know Thyself.
To know one's true will, the false must be noticed and left unused. Jesus shows a clear example - but it is not available to the old wine bottle paradigm.


Thinking Alone

Thinking alone - is a choice not to join with or relate. But such thoughts still share and join with everything of a like frequency - generating experience of a world of isolated combatants in a world of separate 'things'. 'A lead role in a cage'. If that is where you current desire is - then that's where you defend - but if you ever question where your thoughts  are coming from and whether they speak for who you really are - then there is always another way to look at the Life that is all that is here - regardless how you look on it. I don't have that sense of Life as boring 'oneness' because Its experience of Itself is Infinite.

The richness, complexity and depth of feeling in being alive and awake has nothing to do with boring - and oneness is very much misused by private lonely thinking to escape 'negativity' which is nothing to to with a unified sense of who you feel and know yourself to be in any and every moment.

The direction I attempt to illuminate, is of escaping from a false imprisonment. Thoughts are within what Mind is - not outside or apart from it. But it is possible to BELIEVE thought to be separated off and different - and run with it and make a self on it - which HAS to defend itself from What Is - while locked into its exclusivity.

I'm not suggesting a wrongness or sin in choosing to think in secret - but that a real choice has to be aware of what the choice is between to BE a choice. The sense of self that protects its power to deny, withhold and segregate does not allow awareness of anything that exposes its true relationship.

This is what we are making a world of; denial, suppression and a lonely sense of 'power'. It is a complex mind-trap that has terror and rage in its imprint - but which is healed in laughter. But the laughter is a gift of true perspective.

Life is already a gift. The meanings we give to it are the thoughts and beliefs we choose to accept. But until we wake up to our true response-ability - we run on the meanings that are imprinted and conditioned - as if they are fixed, locked in and unquestionable.

I'm not trying to change your or anyone's mind - but reflecting within the dream that you Are Mind  in act of focus - and that - at that level you have freedom and perspective to transform your experience and relationship with Everything - and it is challenging, exciting and enlivening. It is your life - and your gift to live it that automatically shares - or creates a different world. But of course if you take the words at the surface form and try to fit them into the caged mind - it will turn out to be meaningless bullshit like everything else in a meaningless mindset.