Propaganda begins at home

Fear inducing loops serve no purpose but to assert the reality of fear – as a foundation – as truth – as a basis from which to leverage outcome; to manipulate reality.

Every idea accepted into our mind as emotional belief – that is; identified with – also identifies us in our current choice. This identity construct then seeks and finds reinforcement by amplifying its reflections in all its choices, which in turn communicates that choice as a manifestation of idea.

The idea of fearful self in a hostile Universe is propaganda in support of a self-separation in a Universe of separation – justified in hate and in defence and opposition to anything that might undermine its power; the power of a lie, given truth.

The reflections of such intent to prevail over, predate upon, and deny, are the experience of the threat and interpretive experience of being victimized, abused and denied. And the guilt, hatred and worthlessness that arise in the self-knowledge of a persistence of denying truth, love and life, split the mind and are projected out upon truth love and life such as to render it unrecognisable as your Self in the sharing that IS truth, love and life.

The conflict of shadow selves perpetuates distraction and densifies and intensifies dissonance, such that light of truth that loves your whole life cannot find welcome, nor shine its unifying, healing and integrative perspective on what is first and foremost a decision to experience in a particular way, with chosen idea, but which has become a highly complex multi-layered defence against communication itself.

Yet the upholding of an idea that is not aligned and expressive of the truth of you, will necessarily be unstable, require an intense tax of energy and attention in maintaining – leading to disintegration and depletion. Though these experiences also are woven into the conditioning such as to further adjust the self-construct to its split ‘world’, the tolerance for such pain, futility and isolation is not infinite, and the mind that plays in its drama is brought to a choice of re-evaluating itself.

This is the ripeness and opportunity of re-wakening, of being corrected of the errors of thought whereby the self – and its world became negatively defined.
This is the process through time in which a clear and unified foundation is accepted true – and lived from, such as to transform the self-construct from the idea of victim/victimizer to the idea of creative unifier. Ideas that are innate to our nature do not require overhead or effort to be true – but can be rested in whole. But while the investment in a self in a world of ‘divide and rule’ is treasured and defended, the truly natural – insofar as one begins to recognize it – is associated with fear, guilt and resistance.

Whereas the trip into the idea of fear and separation experience was actually fearless and guiltless – because it was yet aware of its indivisibility, the resultant perspective was a chaos of reaction in which a temporary stability was achieved but from a shifting basis in a shifting world.

But the dawning upon the mind of its true predicament is one which is uncovering the guilt and fear patterns that had worked in the darkness of secrecy and unconsciousness. In this is the temptation to persist in self-judgement from the false lens of fear’s distortion.

But the desire for the peace in which a true perspective dawns spontaneously – free of any kind of mental-emotional propaganda, cannot be denied your willingness – whatever conditions seem to prevail.

The putting out of self-unworthiness onto others serves as justifiction for a point of self-righteousness from which to judge, manipulate and control your mind, and to assert a coercive intent that you be made happy by others conforming to your demand.

But that putting out of self does not leave your mind and is not ‘out there’ independent of you. To reclaim the power of wholeness, use the projections to illuminate one’s OWN mind. Not to fuel or feed guilt, but in the willingness of the honesty of the desire for peace in which one knows a shared existence without any question of propaganda. because this knowing is not a coercive intent to ‘understand’ in order to control – but is a yielding into All That Is – free of attempt to possess or define it negatively or positively in reaction.
Life knows how to be itself. Truth knows how to discern itself. Love knows how to share itself.

The focus upon the deception in purely ‘out there’ terms is itself deceived.
One has to subscribe to the channel to have the experience, and then it is your choice as to how to respond to that experience. You can use it to serve a truer alignment of your own definitions and choices, so as to uncover and recognize the unsubscribe button. You can use it to fuel a dramatic experience that you find exciting and meaningful to your present sense of yourself, in which you consent to act as if you do not have the power to unsubscribe from a channel of experience and tune in from a fresh and clear appreciation of all that you are – to what truly moves and fulfils you. To what wholly engages and enlivens. The presence of conscious choice is a light in which one can always choose again. But the hiding of such choice in justifictions is the invitation to a darkness that open the door to all kinds of related unmindful guests.

When we really get the message – we don’t need the messenger. The message is always YOU but the form in which the message comes is often unrecognized and denied. The single most transformative act is that of accepting love-worthiness wholly – as a foundation without which love of life our world and each other, fails to truly manifest.

Bashar: Your life always works – always works! When you place invalidations upon yourself, you do not see that it is working. That is the only difference.