Poetry makes nothing happen

I wrote this in passing a blog entry titled "Poetry makes nothing happen"
An article exploring the idea of poetry, politics, culture and change.

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The mentality of changing the world to align with idea, can ride along with changing times as if they witness to its power. Until the idea loses all currency in the changing tide.
But the beholding and expressing of the movement of life is inherent to the movement itself. Life knows itself Good – not in polarised comparison – but beneath and yet beyond the capacity of definition.

The reflections that we invite will grow or fade their respective foundations.

The power to distort and distract from
or the power abiding in.

The essential innocence beneath experience is a freedom that cannot be grasped.
But which may express itself creatively anyway. Any way at all.

The freedom to think, to focus upon to accept or identify meanings is a freedom of experience, in which a mind may ‘lose itself’ in its own meanings and definitions – yet can never altogether lose the movement of being by which it lives – and without which is nothing.

The communication of Being to its seemingly errant ‘consciousness’ is primarily felt below the threshold of consciousness but breaks through and without coercion, guides and grounds.

The coercive will can make what it will of this according to its current capacity.

Poetry may serve an expression of the unspeakable, such that the movement of Life is honoured, for the gift of being – that shares and is not denied or rendered dead by even a moments passing.

Sunset: (Bereavement)
Reaching in life for light
We traced like flowers,
Our lives together.
The flowers pass,
But now and now, I find you,
closer than touch,
In a light passing not.