Channelling - the Prequel

Whereas our conventional view presupposes a private mind - which is asserted and defended as a personified entity called 'my self', the actual nature of mind is open. Not that it is without integrity as to its capacity to focus as an individualized expression of the creative life principle - but that such an expression is not really one of private ownership or authority so much as a shared cooperative and intercommunicating oneness.

The apparent breaking off or disconnection from onemindedness IS the experience of a 'me myself I' as a private or self-existing power or authority of assertion. Ideas one accepts into one's mind by validating with belief, are freely accepted as they are freely given - and yet the notion of a coercive will has arisen with the exploration of the idea of separation that arises from the act of identifying self-definition with idea, symbol and concept; with self image.

The act of identifying in concept is one of experiencing through limitation. The experience may be of limiting - but is still occurring within Mind unlimited. But the definition and defence of a limited point of experience becomes self-conditioning such that we believe what we see and see only what we believe and defend our 'mind' against Mind - which becomes interpreted as a threat to the persistent survival of the 'mind that thinks its self'. Such a mentality seems trapped in time and space and struggle to an eventual and inevitable death - for it 'battles' against a 'world' that is completely overwhelming when its fragile conditions for existence are undermined or depleted or worn out.

Yet to such an apparent stuckness is a 'back door' always open - that is - of influences that widen perspective and release a self-defeating futility, allowing a greater integrity and honesty of communication as an experience of self-world that is more truly integrated and ultimately transcended in one-minded realisation.

These 'influences' are simply the Living Universe of which one is both one with and expression of - simultaneously. But they are essentially active only to a willingness that invites, accepts and honours - and will be experienced in forms that are the most recognisable witness to the mind in its particular patterns of self-definition and defence.

And so they may seem to be external - in terms of spiritual teachings via books or channelled entities or indeed direct relationships with teachers or inspirational others - Indeed with any truly conscious relationship. But what is active is the movement of trust, honesty and discernment amidst a mind that is yet also fearful, manipulative and prone to conditioned reactions and perceptions.

The exclusivity of mind-in-world focusses on the surface of forms and determines meanings relative to an already identified database of forms and meanings, and it would use all things to reinforce its capacity to prevail over its experience, but the mind of listening is a willingness to release the past in a fresh appreciation of what is presencing itself to be experienced anew.

This is simply to come back into our right or true mind, and yet this shift, to a mutual but tacit conspiracy of wrong-mindedness will seem to trigger or uncover identifications with guilts, fears, and confusions that seem to work against the acceptance of a unified and therefore unconflicted awakening to peace. But in truth the uncovering of the apparent blocks IS the process of their undoing or reinterpretation - as free willingness invites and allows.

Even as a fragment of mind is not actually separated off from the whole, so an apparent fragmentation of relationships is restored to unified purpose; to harmony. Part of this is expressed in the support and guidance of insight and awakening that is available via channels of communication whose existence is itself a witness to communication within a greater consciousness than is presumed to be limited to a brain in a body in a material world.

For the nature of our being is at once the receiving and giving of the totality of Communication in which we are both the channel via which it shares as well as the sharing. For they are not in truth separable.

At the level of a sense of separateness, we may experience our true Self or right-mindedness as an illumining or guiding Spirit, until guilt and fear are undone to allow an embrace of inclusion yo replace division.

The unifying and integrating purpose of healing or awakening to wholeness is the core essence of nature of being