Christian hearsay - taint so!

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The essence of the Christian religion

“The essence of the Christian religion consists in the reality that
the creation of the Father,
by sin,
is restored
in the death of the Son of God,
and re-created
by the grace of the Holy Spirit
into a kingdom of God.”
Herman Bavinck, Reformed Dogmatics, 1:61.

My Commentary:

(Slightly edited from what I posted).

This guilt-logic of death as a price or sacrifice as payment, has never made sense – not has it ever extended the Sense that Is the Holy Spirit.

The mind of sin is simply the mind or intent to have ‘my will and not Thy Will be done’. 

While such is identified with and ‘loved’ – it costs the appreciation of Life Eternal – and therefore brings the wage of ‘death’ WHILE it is engaged. Dramas and apparent conflicts ABOUT this mentality are simply subtle strategy to persist in employing it – in place of aligning with Living Truth. Such activity is,in effect is “all about me”. But it is a false sense of self and so can only result in deception.

Thirst for Truth does not depend on a magical ‘Jesus’ – but on likewise freely laying down the personal will in acceptance and trust of Only the Father’s Will. The Father’s Will is the Movement of Being discovered in stillness of self-creating thought and judgement. It Is Truly Present - while our attention is wilfully yet ignorantly distracted from Living presence.

The Holy Spirit is the Intelligence and Voice and Guide to the Son of God in forgetfulness of His Father. Ask and it shall be Given. Seek and you shall find. If the fruits are not of God’s Wholeness – then ask yourself what am I asking and where am I seeking for answers?

To kneel in the heart to the Christ is to acknowledge the First and accept right relationship as Second, like unto the first but the son or extension of – and not a power or self in its own right.

It is through the apparent death of the ‘son of Adam’ – that awakened love knows itself anew and in holiness. For it is by assuming the mind or power of judgement that the appreciation of the Father's Light in All That Is, is usurped, and instead is experienced a self and world that testifies to an orphaned will. Such is the power of your faith - given to judgement, division, war and death.

The forms this takes vary for each of us but the meaning is universal. The Cross symbolizes this – as does the Resurrection awaken and rise beyond symbols – but the mind in sin will not see holiness excepting ‘outside itself’, in some other world or from some god of ‘otherness’. The desire for the Light is the dawning of the Light – but seen externally. Such was John the Baptist.

Clearly the mind in sin cannot ‘live’and see God. You must be Spoken For through your willingness to love as God Loves.
Man cannot ‘do’ this. A laying down of the ‘doing’ is the fruit of the prayer of the heart; “Show me, that I may follow in the way WITH You”.

“With You” is not a life alone, nor a contracted arrangement of separated selves. It is the Living Love that receives as it gives and gives as it receives.

It seems we can receive evil and suffer ill. This must be challenged in our own mind, perception and thought – or we succumb to the dissonance of sin as if it were creator of our being – instead of recognising it as feedback to prompt Awakening of the heart’s discernment. Watch and Pray.

Be aware – by the Light that Is Given you – and abide in the heart that recognises Light. Insanity is a veil upon True Sight. By giving attention and therefore value, to the Holy Spirit within, the mind possessed of its own thought is disregarded, passed by, put behind.
A New Earth rises from the restoration of the alignment of what before was called inner and outer. The Second Coming is the awakening of the Christ through humanity – and is near – not in time and space – but nearer – where the double vision always overlooks.

The essence of Religion is restoration of the human to the Divine. It matters not the forms – excepting they serve Purpose. God is the Supreme Identity – but not an image or concept of God. Man in ignorance and sin seeks identity in religion as in everything – yet cannot find his home excepting he remembers his Source.

in Gratitude

PS - I felt a beauty of truth in the article to which I responded - and my response is a joining with this to let the beauty be free of the cage of guilt. For 'the death of the Son of God' is an oxymoronic contradiction that needs to be undone. You could say Jesus's acceptance of Our Father's Will is the undoing of death. My part in accepting God is the removal of the conditions and blocks that I have erected and maintained in ignorance and confusion.
Free will is to be freely and willingly given back to the truth.
This is not a sacrifice - though we may deeply fear it so. The Holy Spirit is the Guide. When fear usurps true guidance we see all things awry. And suffer our exclusion.


New New Testament - fulfils yet transcends. Revelatory. Gentle

"The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament", A Course in Understanding and Acceptance. (often referred to as 'NTI')

More info: http://www.forholyspirit.org

Is it possible to be looking in the world at a book or text and find it speaks your heart's light - talking to you through a book - while simultaneously recognising this is your own voice?

Such is my appreciation for this book.

If I step back a little I can say that such truth as I find opening with this book, has the capacity to calm, restore and awaken me to an altogether present perspective.

I find it truly revelatory at a level the intellect cannot reach. Yet the book is an intimate conversation with you that holds the reader in deepest reverence. It could not be more gentle or honouring of the truth of all.

The story of Jesus, his teaching and demonstration, may be disputed by the world - but its coming into our mind carries more than any religion can own when its truth begins to speak directly to our own life.

When we are willing to open to a true understanding, we put our own judgement aside and listen in true desire of life. We are led by the movement of Spirit within to recognise and release the mentality by which we have deceived ourselves and lost our soul as we gained a world. And by this we are restored to what we thought lost.

Many will experience resistance to some of what this book reveals - but also many will come to a deep and abiding gratitude for being gently and clearly guided through it!

I find nothing coercive here, no sales pitch, and no judgement against or condemnation of. It is as direct and profound as human language can be - yet it is as nothing outside of a willingness for and love of truth. You cannot be made to drink!

That this book has appeared is surely witness to a hunger and readiness for truth.
But don't put the value or authority onto the book - but be the extension of that which is in your heart revealed.

There is much that Jesus shared that could not be received then by minds fitted only to the terms the world sets. I feel this book opens this anew in terms that can speak to anyone from any background.

What might this book bring in terms of you and your life?
A revealed basis - that is opened within You - for peace, joy and freedom in capacity to share love as the basis of life.

Does such enlightenment come from a book - No!
It comes because in some way you are ready to accept.

The Holy Spirit authorship can be an issue for some who either dont believe in divine guidance or others who cant believe such grace could actually have anything directly to do with themselves and all others.
If you read the various books within you will find different voices - yet one purpose.

If you share this purpose you will find yourself as you do not expect - for awakening is prior to the mind we engage in the world - and by which we are ignorant of truth.
There is a grace that reveals what is always true, to a mind that believes it has lost its original nature, one step at a time, as you are willing to accept

(I posted this as an Amazon uk review soon after the book was published)


Blocks and barriers and practising innocent perception

When we put our faith in the world - and the things of the world, we are engaging our self in the world and find an experience of death - for the world is temporal, not eternal. Our desire for life becomes subverted to trying to make the impossible, true. For the self that is found in the world is not true - and no matter how much you may desire what you think it brings - it is not you.

The notion that the truth of any thing or any one is to be framed within and by the sense of self grown in the world is a block.

The innocent question - that is no attempt to get the answer that suits 'you', that is no strategy of self advantage and has no agenda of solving the past or its burdens - is the movement of True Desire - NOTICED and ALLOWED.

This Movement is subtle and easily drowned out by the activity of mind relating to the world - to the thoughts and meanings of the world. Therefore become calm that what is already here can draw your attention to WHAT IS ALIVE HERE.

The Movement - the True prayer of the heart - is the direct expression of the Love that is Eternal - in You. In Being You - is an Invitation to release that which is not you - and come back or be restored to the Allness of you - without judgement and without the effects of judgement.

Because what you make is yours - your judgement is not taken away while you want it. When seen truly, you do not want it. Because you believe it gives you the life that you have in the world, you yet cling to it as your life - but in willingness to practice the Holy Instant you are led to discover that the self-thoughts are deception and do not speak for You - and so you become willing to put your experience aside and Listen to Me.

The Light is the Conscious Beholding of Love. It is spacious in awareness. It is alive to itself in everything. The self-thoughts that arise from judgement are the denial of Light. That is there purpose and that is why you wanted them - to think and experience a private creation - to freeze 'life' and use it for your own imagined reflected self purposes.

But to 'live' outside the Light is to lose Life, and all that is Alive.
Yet to the fragmented little sense of life amidst death, does it not seem that the Light will immediately cause you to abandon the identity you have found in this world - and lose your life? And is this fear-belief not a block to the opening truth?

A split heart and mind must be healed so that you do not serve two masters; each undermining the other. There is no healing without a falling away of the blocks - and the blocks are a faulty attempt at security amidst confusion arising from wanting what you do not want.

The path without a heart is false and can yield only bitterness and loss. Yet your heart is Given You in every Movement and Prompt of Your Being's Love for You - as you Are.

To take the path with a heart is to accept and live from your willingness.
Not a an applied 'willingness' of zeal or achievement in which your self idea is validated so as to 'save' you from a sense of injustice or ignominy. But a moment by moment willingness to let Life Live - and to fit in rather than attempt to fit Life to your own constructs.

This is a step by step process - yet in each step you are listening and trusting instead of asserting and fighting.

Blessed are the meek - for they shall inherit the Earth.
To abide in Me is to accept and share all things in My Sight.
The world you thought was outside You is beheld anew and with loving recognition.

Let yourself be guided in what you can not control.
This is to say let yourself be free of the belief that you - of yourself - need control.

Be curious as to the nature and truth of that which seems to block.
There is always another way of looking at this.

It is not required that you see the body not - but only that you desire more to see in Light.

As you ask - so shall you receive.

In Peace



Disobedience is called for - Honest to God

I cant nor need I argue with what anyone else finds helpful - but I discern persuasion as a force that seeks to manipulate - and see it finds a passive obedience to the presentation of authority of the persuader.

The desire to be led by any externally derived Guide is simply the state of any mind that as yet refuses or fears to look within. Yet in the desire to be truly guided even so - we will 'find and be found' by agencies for the Holy Spirit's guidance or Teacher Within - so as to loosen and sort the 'evil' or meaningless thoughts by which we block the capacity to feel, hear, recognise, love and extend our Holy Spirit - God's Gift of the Spirit of One.

When a Son or Daughter of God forgets his or her nature as the Extension of God - it is because that function is usurped by a 'mind that believes it knows' - and yet is not at rest, at one and sharing in the fruits of the Spirit.

Where we look and find guidance, value and meaning is where we choose to put our faith. If we put our faith in the world, we are looking at best at the reflections of the eternal truth - that is not contained in its reflection - but is the Holy Spirit Beholding and Recognition of God. More often we are seeing but symbols of the meanings we have made up in fighting a senseless battle that merely reflects a confused and divided or split mind.

Because this conflict is felt and its basis believed unconsciously or only somewhat consciously - the mind and desire of manipulation is automatically, implicitly and insidiously usurping true Authority. But it always makes its claim to meaning - and indeed righteousness - by deriving its meaning from what it is against.

It is the presumption of enmity, hostility, treachery - in effect - of an evil will. It 'sees' this will in others - in nature - and as seeking to undermine or corrupt its own mind, health or society.

It attempts to use truth to fight war. To dominate, to prevail. This is exactly how to make illusion usurp truth in our mind.

You cannot be disobedient to God - but are under illusion.
Illusion is a false or faulty formulation of reality - and if it is to be seen for what it is - rather than as what it seems to be - we must disobey the mind of guilt - by not acting from its premise. By not acting until we have awakened to or felt the Movement of wholeness and guiltlessness of the Presence of Life. And then allowing and trusting that Movement as the revealer of our true will or desire - for so it is.

To become still of self is to repent and release the mind that would make the world in its own image - and open to innocent perception.
Yet the mind of self-will and its attendant guilt are deeply habituated identifications that - until we become responsible for our own mind - can simply activate a false sense of self by which love’s presence is replaced, covered over, substituted for - and the substitute accepted as if real.

When the pervasive nature of the false self is realized to be filtering and distorting everything - there is either the collapse into a willing death of obedience to its dictates - or-  a disobedience that challenges the seemingly unchallengable - with the innocence and simplicity of a child.

This 'child' is your Divinity - held in trust - awaiting your welcome.
It does not speak from the presumption of evil - but out of the peace of an innocent and single desire; the love of truth; the truth of love.

It is not for us to understand how we can 'overcome' or pass beyond the dictates of a false limitation. But only to give welcome to what is given us to desire - from God - from the inherency of our nature as unified Being.

Obedience to God is not really a matter of choice - but a matter of honesty. While it seems a matter of choice, you will feel guilty for ‘your mind’ that seems to want a selfish love - and gets a hate-love self and world in return.

This is because the mind is actively engaging in the attempt to make the unreal, real.
But in an active desire and willingness for truth to reign in your heart - you will see honestly, because you will not be engaging such a wish.

The resistance to truth must not be invested with personhood, enemy powers or stories that set you apart from your own love. Or your stories will become as your reality by your own faith.

The mind of persuasion must be disobeyed in every moment of remembering and recognition that suddenly illumines desire - thirst - for truth - amidst the illusions of choices that suggest and maintain a sense of you as 'in between'. There is nothing in between you and your Self, but an act by which are deceived in thought.

Where we look and find guidance, value and meaning is where we choose to put our faith. This simply needs to be brought to an honesty - without judgement or condemnation.
Illusion says "follow me and become free".
Truth shows you - "you are already free".

Travel the way you desire to arrive and enjoy. For we are always 'arriving in' what we have defined as our joy. To recognise a faulty choice is a happy release of the unwanted. We always know peace in choosing to let the Voice for Truth guide us.

In Peace



Open hell and discover hell-o!

If concept-ion based perception is your will, you must believe that you alone are a doer, that you alone are a power - and that you are alone.

So in the ego life there is the linear story or commentary that 'sees' clocking in, climbing stairs, parking the car, putting trash in the can, as if they were mechanical processes in a mechanical world. It doesn't really see - because it believes it already knows - and that there is nothing of value to be seen except in its ‘special loves’ - or to be avoided in its ‘special hates’. It is intent on getting something done or getting to a destination of some other moment, some other place - but 666 - never a seventh day rest in which to behold the Glory and the Good that is the music, poetry and art of being. Hell is a walled off state of exclusion. A frozen heart under a tormented mind.

Open hell and discover hell-o!

Life is not dead mechanism.

You do not have to look to the dead thought (concept-idol) for meaning.

You are moved by the grace and flow of being - and can know this - in any instant where you recognise the Spirit instead of focussing on the forms and the meanings you have endowed them.

For many years I have signed my cheques 'gladly' where conventionally folks write 'only'.  Good money is God money - because in its exchange God is acknowledged and remembered.

Possession possesses. Giving gifts. Receiving honours. Getting loses.

As a musician and dancer, I am aware of how dead are most humans to their body as an instrument of love's expression. How the truth is replaced with mechanical productions and hyped presentations that take the forms of Life's expression and use them to kill the Life - and so 'have' the dark in which to hide and seek for dark 'pleasures'- that are but pain disguised in false promises.

Death is not the transitional refocussing of attention whereby the body is released of an impossible burden. It is the thing we humanly tend to call life - and defend against Life by dying to unconsciousness. Desiring to Not Know - by asserting our will - our desire - to make reality serve our self-god.

T 31 F 5. You who believe that you can choose to see the Son of God
as you would have him be, forget not that no CONCEPT of yourself
will stand against the truth of what you are. (A Course in Miracles)

Nothing real is threatened.

Nothing unreal exists

In gratitude for your company



Seeing self-illusion opens the mind to truth

In any instant that any mind opens to and accepts truth - the force of identification with self illusion is weakened and the awakening is strengthened. I see this as going on in all ways and always - and through whatever agencies serve maximally. But truth has absolutely nothing to do with any conceptual or symbolic truths that we might associate with it and identify with.

As I recognise and accept that awakening is the most important 'work' or purpose to which I can bring to attention in active desire, I am brought to notice more and more of the ways in which I actively maintain the ego mentality - for apart from such allegiance from me, it has no life of its own. I also find these are 'shared' collusions and I practice not joining in the 'mind that limits' in the moment of awareness.

The form in which that takes does not ultimately matter. It may seem to be doing nothing. It may seem to be challenging accepted modes of behaviour and thought - and thus interpreted fearfully by that which identifies exclusively with form. All I know is that if I do not act in line with the guidance for truth - I lose the awareness and appreciation of communion - period.

This doesn't make me infallible in any way - it simply means I am exercising trust as a disciple of truth - and in willingness to learn. It is for each of us to listen in our heart - where we have a direct relationship with God that no one and nothing can ever substitute for.

The Second Coming is not only coming - it is coming through now. In a sense this is the inherent truth of every miracle and all the work of the Awakening since first the mind seemed to split from itself. But in a specific sense to our times is an urgency of the call to awaken - not merely to ideas and teachings and understandings - but to recognise in truth that we 'split' our mind to serve wishful thinking and then hide in darkness and confusion. This is the act by which we 'live' a seeming separate struggling existence.

The 'life' that the ego-sense dictates - is tragically pathetic - barely a trickle of Life allowed or shared.

Communication and trust are of the same root - for without trust communication is simply a battle of private wills - and without communication, trust remains a potential unmanifest and without tangibility.

When we think we know - we do not stop and listen. We can ride roughshod over the delicate first steps of the desire to know and be known - simply because we interpret through a sacrosanct set of understandings that we blindly presume true.

I have noticed this in myself many times - and see that spiritual blindness is part of the territory to be undone - just as is any other self-concept that substitutes for love's Presence Shared.

All things serve the purpose of awakening - if that is our active desire.
When it is accepted as our only desire, truth's awakening will be the simply obvious.

But the force and habit of identification with the ego is not of a kind that can be recognised and undone without Divine, Awakened, Help. For what seems obvious to the ego perspective is delusional - and for love's Teacher to find any welcome or attention free for awakening is the gift of love's acknowledgement that we give by receiving.

Giving and receiving is the way our true will IS done.
But when we seek to get or give to get - there is no real gift. Where nothing real is shared, unreality can seem to be anything - and shift at anytime. There is no basis for trust within the getting mind.

To open trust we must lay down or weapons and shields in desire for knowing truth.


Live from the Knowing

Dear Brother and Sister in Life, please share your knowing.

If you use thought or deed to clothe the knowing in terms that CAN be understood, then with the grace of true desire, will the meaning be shared and the thoughts themselves be but the messengers.

To listen, while leaning and trusting into sharing that which moves within, is to bring the forms of communication into the context of an actual relationship.

To know relationship is not a concept - nor mere think-based representation of 'a relationship' - but is love. We feel each other in living communication.

Salvation is a collaborative venture. Relating with each other risks into both the dance and the messiness of involvement. Perfect answers - at the level of form - can be used to justify the avoiding of relationship. That is not awakeng to truth.

The tendency to think instead of listen and feel - is the liability of a mind to remain disconnected from Mind - from its interrelatedness and thus from anything real.

To venture to live from the 'knowing' is a radical shift of identity. Instead of living as the problem - live as the answer. Not the answer that solves the problem - but the answer that is priorly and presently free of problem.

Leaning to walk takes practice - at first there can be stumbles and knocks - but because there is a consistent desire and motivation, walking becomes a natural accomplishment of one’s being. Living from trust is only to be discovered by practice. Others may not see or recognize - and can try to 'kindly' bring you back to the crab barrel. But learning to listen to the Voice and Perspective within, is made tangible and clear by persisting regardless of the liability to distraction and doubt.

Indeed the opportunity of temptation will serve to uncover one's own mind in error - so as can be corrected by listening to truth where before I thought I saw meaning in the meaningless.


 Julian of Norwich proclaimed "all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well"
Just as Raj has said "God is in His Holy Place, and All is Well".

It isn't that we need a perfect teaching to awaken - but simply that Perfection awakens to its own being and nature through willingness and acceptance. This is to say that we only need to listen with Holy Spirit to be awakened in Truth.

To argue with illusion is to not let it go.

The mind in deception is easily able to mouth the words of truth and assume the crown of righteousness it mistakes for Heaven, but only the Spirit can speak with the power that awakens - even out of the mouths of babes.

Ours is to make the decision NOT to decide between illusions - and this laying down of the will and the world of will - makes clear the way that Truth Speaks through and for us - along with all That Is.

I've felt a discrepancy with Julian's famous saying for time is not involved in Eternity. But I have come to accept that that Stirring within is of the awakening - and not the ideas that I may then formulate to 'correct' her. The assertion of the teachings of truth by the mind that knows it not is of a desire to make one's own truth and be pre-validated in doing so!

Listening and abiding with Holy Spirit is a state of guiltlessness - and not a state of opposition to guilt.

I sing and dance a song called "Bells of Norwich" - based on Julian's saying.

Love, like the yellow daffodil, is coming through the snow.
Love, like the yellow daffodil, is Lord of all I know.

Ring out, bells of Norwich, and let the winter come and go
All shell be well again, I know.

Ring for the yellow daffodil, the flower in the snow.
Ring for the yellow daffodil, and tell them what I know.


All shall be well, I'm telling you, let the winter come and go
All shall be well again, I know.

Loud are the bells of Norwich and the people come and go.
Here by the tower of Julian, I tell them what I know.


All shall be well, I'm telling you, let the winter come and go
All shall be well again, I know.


By Sydney Carter

Brian's note: Evil is inherent to the world that we experience as a result of a identifying with and employing a mentality in imaginative but wilful opposition to Truth. To transcend or relax out such a mentality is to behold All Things New - and All Things is not the same world in terms of any sense of an external reality but the Revelation that cannot be spoken of in tongues or terms of time bound consciousness.

But in the Universal Grace of such revelation - we may discover ourselves employing imperfect terms to give witness to that there is God - and the Spirit of God is One.

The ego will always misinterpret everything - for that Is its primary function. So rather than feel and open to truth, we use a wishful sense of ourselves, and employ its mind as a surrogate reality in which judgement and attack is justified, separation is our survival, and denial, death (or the assigning of illusion as the status thereof) is the gift we share with the truth of our brother and world.

In Peace




If the idea that you are the child of light is given welcome and allowed to become the basis of challenging the appearance and experience of darkness, such that it is undone - then the value of the idea is self evident.

But if the idea "I am a child of light" becomes itself a form of consolation and used to support living in darkness, with less discomfort - then it may be said to be used to protect the mind that wants to abide in the dark.

The dissonance that is felt in our experience when we are out of true - when we are conflicted in our desire - or wilfully asserting desire from a place of judgement - is our Divine Alarm Call.

It is difficult at first to feel the dissonance without immediately becoming triggered into self protective reactions designed to salve it, distract from it, cover it over or render it into terms that seem to make us feel less guilty. This is because we are tending to live from a mental assertion - that is CONTINUING to maintain an out of true-ness as its priority.

With practice, we can get closer to the source of  - or actuality of - our sense of dilemma.
To notice or observe it BEFORE we take the ride of setting ourselves in story as 'hard done by',  or subject to limitation of any kind. This is a calmer and more spacious awareness in which we can recognize and feel directly, rather than through the lens of judgement or the patterning of past association.

The habit of the mind in judgement is strong because it has been clenched long. But its only strength is what we give of our attention and reaction to it - even though we may experience it  - AS IF - it were a force that we cannot overcome or that out-manoeuvres our every attempt  to fix or solve or remedy.

To abide without judgement is to surrender to an acceptance of the heart; to let the heart lead; to await the movement rather than asserting the movement. This simply isn't something that can be done. It is a willingness to be undone - to allow the coming undone of a sense of self that thrives on conflict whilst purporting to overcome it.

The remembering of the Heart is of a Universal Grace. The willingness to open to truth amidst the appearance and storyline of limitation is grace. The very beingness of you that stirs from within is the all pervading Light - communicating.

Like knows like.
To be of a kind is to share the same.

Releasing guilt is the accepting of Light - not to use as a symbol within the dream - but to release the grip on the dream that gives it a grip on you.

Love flows spontaneously where the way is clear.
There is only one condition that can block love - and this is the desire that love be something it is not.

Such a desire is like a sticking point from which a little dissonance can unstick the mind - when the dissonance is appreciated as a welcome guest instead of a gatecrasher.
But the dissonance is not guilt, nor pain, nor fear nor any other meaning that has been given to it from an unwelcoming mind.

So the temptation to see and react to these 'meanings' must be passed by if you are to allow the truth to awaken in you - while using the alarm call for what it is gracefully useful for.

If you were to suffer a pain and look for its source and discover that you were in effect pinching yourself, it would not take a moment to simply stop doing so - and immediately be restored to an undistorted appreciation of the moment.

But so embedded are we in our own self-dramas, that we believe we already know what the moment holds - and are actively and fully engaged in acting out our story as if it were reality.

Jesus asked his disciples to "watch and pray with me". This was from his heart as a brother and not as an edict to elicit punishment on discovery of initial failure. This is the same as the Light in you and the willingness in you to serve the light.

Jesus forgave and forgave again and yet again, when he found the disciples asleep - and so awakened fully from the mind to which abandonment seems real.

Be aware, be attentive - and abide in the heart.
This IS the action or movement of the Heart that IS Light.

That which Moves in you - also Moves you.
be attentive not to your story - but to the direct appreciation of be ing.

Forgive yourself for the distraction whereby you forgot.
Appreciate the truth of yourself whereby you are remembered.

In this Light is extended and known again as the all pervading radiance of Truth.
Such holiness cannot be betrayed - but only forgot - in ignorant and idle wish to explore the sense of your own creativity - in private.

Happy laughter is the recognition that dissolves the appearance of such a notion.
But within the world that such wilfulness gives rise - is opposition, fear of otherness', a false sense of self and all the defence and armouring that constitutes the experience of being an orphaned consciousness in a hostile and treacherous world.

We are Children of Light and know this when we see each other in Light and see the Light in each other. Truly, the Light knows this Always and never forgets - even if we forget the Light.

Darkness is a misinterpretation of Light.
It is not for us to understand how this may be so, but for us to accept and welcome the Light by which we are, know and have our being. Even the playing out of dream images in a darkened room cannot be engaged but is utterly and entirely dependent of the Light that must be first denied in order to have an 'experience of independence'.

Yet all awareness and attention is rooted in and extending the same Life and cannot in truth become independent. In the loving is not two - nor an observer who chooses between the one or the two.

There is a membership - a family - a belonging in and expression of.
We do not need to create what is already true - but we do need to allow the truth remember us and extend through or shine in the thoughts and acts and deeds that love would have us share in place of the world and self we made up.

The nature of applying force is opposition, density and limitation.
How long and bitterly must we struggle before we question the basis of our identification?

Noticing - moments of communication - moments of communion. These moments portend the rebirth of sanity such that confusion is dispelled - to the mind that desires truth as the very foundation and context of all else.


Isn't it hard to get past ego and hear and feel guidance?

An unwilling mind is an excellent and ingenious defence mechanism - so to try to do anything directly about the blocks and expectations that filter and falsely limit our life is likely to get sucked into giving the mind some more to do.

Where am I putting my attention?
When I notice what I am doing with my attention I can then choose to let it be directed according to the value that I discover in the heart. Otherwise it will tend to be programmed by the habitual busy preoccupation that tends to skim the surface without really connecting with anything or anyone.

To allow the heart to rise is counter to this habitual restlessness and is like letting tensions fall off, instead of perpetuating the conditions of conflict or strain.

The human heart is usually involved in stories and interpretations set within the orphan framework - a sense of self that seeks outside itself for completion and in itself feels lacking.
But the heart that is your truth sense - is where the movement of Spirit is felt.

Its a curious thing - trust - you cant make it so. Its a dance of willingness and demonstration.
No matter what we think we want - there is defensiveness of resistance that does not allow our self (as we experience ourselves) to be touched and opened. If these blocks were just tensions in the body you would just notice them as you became still and then relax wherever you find you are holding tight. Well they also are - so scanning the body, noticing and releasing tension, and floating in the presence - is a way into allowing now.

I look to be myself with Spirit. No point in trying to clean up first - or having any pretensions - and no point either in rolling out the disqualifiers of self judgement - they are just a bunch of thoughts that are not relevant to love.

To be remembered or restored or renewed in love - I release the accumulations or associations of the mind by persistently not identifying or employing them, and become open as the condition of trust, free of the wilful activity which excludes any possibility of sensing, feeling, or intuiting the current of life that is the true intimacy of being.

Yes I meet all sorts of self configurations that are all just ways of not listening. But I also notice that when it occurs and feel for the desire in the heart that is the key. For I am not into self efforting solutions which express and reinforce  a sense of lack. I need God - not spiritual muscles.

I need God because God is the Only Life. I don't need to try and make my life work so much as let God be - and be the expression that comes from that - rather than being a 'me' who needs to pretend God isn't here - in order to dress up in front of the mirror and play.

It is always so much simpler than words would suggest to a mind that is utterly in the grip of the presumption that something must change, that something must be added or taken away in order to rest in completion.

So is it hard? One can say it is extremely difficult - it can surely be experienced that way.
But you can also say it is the easiest most natural thing to be that which you already truly are.

What I would share with you  - is that statements of difficulty can feel true relative to our past experience  but can become a way of imposing the past onto the present and denying the presence of God to our appreciation.

So no matter how difficult it seems - I am looking to just note that that is a thought I have emotional investment in - and choose instead to feel for and trust from - a different starting place.

Its a shift that a little willingness always brings - where instead of working on oneself - I just let be and don't have any sense of needing to do anything about any of it. Guiltlessness... I may then feel a desire towards contemplation or action but it doesn't feel driven by lack.

Maybe its good to realize that its hard. Maybe its the hardest thing - because there's no half hearted way to let the truth of love be the gift you receive and share. But then look at the seeming alternative. It doesn't seem hard to run on whatever old programs take us - excepting it sure feels crap. (Well that's my confession at least). As we open to truth we more readily recognize the dissonance of untruth and lose the desire to and capacity for a sham substitute.

Most of what is hard is from trying to do or take on too much. If we simply take this step in trust and do not get mentally and emotionally involved in mind rehearsing outcomes based on past judgements, we would travel lightly - freely and with joy in our heart. So it is in every truly conscious step. Truth is uncovered in place by living from it.

If any of this helps - well good. If not then at least know that your company has guided my heart and typing fingers - and they feel connected and communioned. Because you see - I listen with you easily for here is a shared purpose - reminding me of love's unified nature - whereas busy little me can easily become identified with thinking, doing, with roles and the wheel ruts of thought-tracks.

in Gratitude



Why would any or every thing serve the highest good?

Why would any or every thing serve the highest good?

Because such is the desire in your heart.

How might it serve the Good?

From an honesty of not knowing and not therefore demanding only answer set in your terms.

How will you know the truth that shows you you are free of limitation?


The mind in form is always trying to make sense of God Reality in its own terms. Which is experienced as if we are getting a handle on life and are validated by our 'understanding'.

While this attempted self-stance is going on - we have the opportunity to wake to it - and therefore from it. It can be subtle- but it is always the allegiance to image and thought and form in place of Living Love.

Just because we call something 'God', 'Guidance', 'love', 'Christ', 'reality', 'truth' - does not in any way make it so. Prayer is abiding in the heart's intimacy. If this is not yet your safety and your love restored - then forgiveness of yourself is called for immediately.Give only as you would receive.

It is through an act of self exclusion - judgement - whereby love seems to forget its nature and suffers its own division as both 'killed and killer' - and then projects these roles outside itself to mitigate pain.

But thoughts leave not the mind that thinks them. To the ego - this truth seems damnation - yet to the Divine awareness that is your Being's light - it is the realisation of what you are and where you are and that you are.

The Holy Spirit teaches awakening through whatever experiences ignorance sets up - and works with every willingness offered and allowed.

If we are in a mood of resistance - we will generate experience to justify our stance. If we do not value and cultivate our desire and receptivity for truth we densify illusion and at some point realize this is not truly our desire - but costs us all that we truly desire.

Obedience is naturally due to our true desire - freely, willingly and gladly - and not as a sacrificial bargain struck in the dark with some god who saves dark ones to remain safely in the dark.
Being true to truth is the essential basis for trust and sanity.

Exclusion arises from withholding love. You are love.
When the withholding is released by the release of exclusion - love is revealed as the already truth.

In Peace


Let guidance grow its expression by loosening your mind of rigidity

Clear guidance is known in peace - because peace is an undistorted receptivity that does not have an already asserted definition or problem in place - but is a willingness to put aside or release the interpretation of experience in the wholeness of trust.

Holy instants are called such (in A Course in Miracles) because even an instant of such active or practiced willingness allows a shift from the grip of the perspective of fear and control. They are also practical because the human mind actively defends its sense of control such that true insight is often only allowed an instant before the mind of 'me' is reasserted.

When we believe we are a mind in a body in a world that is untrustworthy or malign, we limit the truth to what can appear to us through the framework we ourselves have insisted and demand be true. No matter what it purports or seems to be - such a framework is all about ‘me’.

The mind in darkness that grows faith in light can be reached and guided within its experience of the world. It may at first believe it is to be protected and reinforced by a benign and active intervening God - and may well experience this as part of the process of opening to the light of truth. Yet after such instances of being 'protected' may come experience of being 'carried' through experience of travail - like being absolutely safe through an experience of apparent calamity rather than being saved from its appearance. Still further on may be the experience of Job - in which the intrinsic nature of the light excluding thought is experienced as calamity - without recourse to external remedy of recrimination.

To accept the atonement for oneself is to be undone in perfect love.

The awakening is but the natural expression of and appreciation of be-ing and in this writing seems to be a goal or alternative to an unnatural 'take' on being in which the mind experiences its own thought instead of direct appreciation of the truth. But this desire that seems to create an alternative 'truth' has become active as the current lens - excepting we refuse to use it.

The involvement of relationship as an act of faith and willingness is in human terms messy or chaotic - because it is not an experience of being in control, having the answer or even neccessarily being competent. But it is the willingness for peace as the condition in which truth of love and healing is served, made welcome, desired and joined with.