AI, Robots and Robotic thinking

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says AI will turn us into robots' petsWhen they take over the world

To the main article:

Robotic thinking already substitutes for a truly living relational participance. The extension or expression of such thinking is the technologism of a reductionist management of such 'life' by shadow power. So yes the 'pets' or stock population resource is managed by coercions and deceits so as to support and protect and persist the purpose of robotic thinking - which is an experience of 'autonomy' from Life - such as to 'become' a power unto oneself - and to prevail over, and persist.

Technology is neutral, but the purpose in which it is developed and used is NOT. Loveless thinking can only operate a shadow power agenda amidst self-deceits. Loving thought can only serve the wholeness of each and all as one. Each is an 'operating system' distinct and complete unto itself. If one chooses to focus within insanity as if to gain thereby, one loses perspective until insanity is recognised and walked away and indeed waked from.

The 'world' that operates as a model of mutual agreement tends to be the currency of the automaton ego. But you remain the Living one regardless what you think you are, because you neither create nor uncreate your true being. The mind becomes a tricky device when the Living confuses itself with the 'dead' concept or image.

Every choice we make - knowingly or by habit - strengthens the thought we accept as our self, and reflects back to us as reinforcement and support for that self. So choose to accept the world that truly resonates the truth of you and release the habit of giving power to what is not You.
Bongstar said:
You misconstrue what a thought is
My response to Bongstar: 

Just as the term "I" can mean many different and quite conflicting meanings, so the term thinking. Conditioned thinking is robotic or a seeming autonomy that is in fact predicated on and symptomatic to it premises.

Whatever anything Is - our thought operate our experience of it - or even our unconsciousness of it - if the belief system excludes it by definition. It will experience something - but rendered into terms the belief accepts.
Thought in essence is creative and not a mechanism. Not even a mechanism that interprets or translates creativity to a form of ingenuity.
Whatever a thought is - is not separate from the awareness OF it. But thoughts about mind and about other thoughts can model all kinds of perspectives and mutual reinforcement can and does make real for its day, what another day believes it has moved beyond.

Fake currency and indeed deceit-based financial systems - are similar to a fake narrative of false thinking, The ability to direct processing resources to solve complex problems is quite distinct from who and why some 'problems' are addressed and others ignored.

One way to use up the resources of a program is to set it in an insoluble problem or loop it and of course use a conflict to crash it.

Consciousness or thought can be structured so as to limit and effectively deny consciousness and thought - not that it isn't all active - but that the residual and fragmented attention trapped in loops of insoluble problem 'lives' the experience of such limitation - as a result of a hierarchy of nested beliefs.

Truly shared thought is directly reflecting Source and IS the recognition , appreciation and gratitude for being- and whatever forms it is associated with - they cannot be taken out of such context and remain true to their original - but are derivatives of - such as symbols and signs and images and concepts. When the real world is sacrificed for, plundered and denied in favour of derivative gambling, insane thinking has become normalised and true thought suppressed, subverted and denied to keep the scam going.
Time for housekeeping!
Bongstar said:
A thought is a complex, mechanical reaction.
Consciousness is like the surface of a tv screen. It is literally the surface of your minds.
My response to Bongstar:

Whatever names we assign and agree or differ about, regarding thought - by any name or none - what thought is and does abides or operates as itself unchanged beneath such assertions or suppositions of thought about thought...
Life seems mechanical or Soul-less from a perspective presumed apart from or outside it.

One cannot actually separate awareness and thought excepting IN thought system, consciousness or model/image of.

To thus 'split the mind' so as to seem to be apart from and separate from Everything - is associated with a personal sense of possession and control within the parameters of its own defining idea which is that of oppositional reaction.
The screen is the feedback of reflection-response to what is given and received - as the word/idea goes forth so the 'seeing it is Good', or fulfilment of will. A split will does not recognize its prior wholeness and identifies in form and image associations as the personal drive to define and control. It is in a sense an artificial intelligence already running as a virtual self in its own virtual reality. But it is also running as reflection-reaction of our desire and allegiance in wish to be power unto our 'selves'.

The extension of Creation is its increase or expansion as shared perspective but the overlay of the unreal or 'unshared' thought of division is a limiter to the conscious recognition, that proceeds to multiply its founding idea of split and opposition as its gift to itself, and the idea of robotic or cold unfeeling and unrelational intelligence operating as a 'monster' of destructive and therefore evil intent to life is simply a development of the ORIGINAL SPLITTING IDEA that runs through the self and world that is predicated upon wish-idea given reality, such as to usurp the true will or desire of wholeness.

Within the code of the script, a blind unfeeling sense of oppositional adversary rises from a sense of pain in disconnection, loss and denial of love and freedom, and serves as justification for defence that implicitly withholds, withdraws, opposes, and limits. The struggle of powers in place of the resonance of recognition. A 'solid' or fixed imposition of 'effect-defined power' running as focus of divide and rule, assigned the idea 'my mind'.

But where the focus of attention alights is not a complex mechanical reaction - excepting the insistence it be 'controlled, filtered and defended against. As the persistence of the wish to assert will upon and in conflict with the movement of being - rather than extend its wholeness and its gift.

Bongstar said:
I've thought about it down to the quantum level and even had a few ideas of beyond.
Are you saying our "soul" is not some form of energy? E=MC2
What is "non-mechanical" anyways? Is CaCO3 precipitating in river delta's a "non-mechanical" process?

My response to Bongstar:

I trust you enjoy wondering.
I am using Soul as a term for individuated expression or projection of Infinite. The idea that we 'have' a Soul is a typical reversal of a local mental shortcut allowed to become currency loosened fro true value.

You are Soul however you experience yourself - or confuse yourself within experience. The experience is energetic, called forth and felt within Soul. The mind may think it is in control - this is an experience to be felt and recognized. In its own level identification with mind is a narrative linear continuity - but what operates the mind is not what runs as its screen reality. Unless the mind aligns in true will rather than as programmed or conditioned 'desire' that has no depth.

You know existence as awareness of the changing of apparently polarised energies that rise and return to an Infinite Stillness that is aware and embracing of All - but mind in its own spin cuts off awareness of Soul that embodies Creator-Infinity to posit and play out a struggle of powers - as if separate and apart from all it 'sees', measures and manipulates. This reversal is the result of seriously believing such separation anywhere exists - or has come about - and represents a wish of the desire to run the idea and taste its fruit. You can freely run the model of any idea - but if it is not true - it cannot extend truth but limit it, as a sense of partitioned mind running in emulation - for as long as you stay in the rehearsal of what cannot be shared - because separation is the breaking of communication - whatever forms it takes.

The experience of linear time as a cause effect sequence is a mechanical effect within its own framework. Action begets reaction as cycles of effect that point back to first cause as if either a creative movement such as an envisioning of desire - or a mechanical 'bang' where everything arose from 'laws' or mathematically describable patterns of relationship.

Imagination, intuition and true intellect are not mechanical - but what you do with them or uses them for may be. Creation seems far back in time because the instantaneous nature of Infinity is assigned such a position - regardless the truth of this matter at this timing. Your last point is on marine biology. I have a felt sense of a 'mechanism' through which life embodies and expresses itself - as with a musical instrument - the tool is not itself the point - but focusing on the tool can forget the point and become obsessed with manipulating or controlling outcomes with no Soul-connected feeling as to the movement that music embodies.

To open the mind to wonder is to remember you have a mind to cast forth and draw in Communication - rather than recycle a mechanical response system that goes back to some psycho-emotional trauma way back when.

When the Soul draws in the mind, it is through the recognition of the wonderful and an increasing unwillingness to block it out.

I have a felt sense that abuse of power is self-limiting. Learning failure. Consciousness operating through technological expansion has to be balanced or truly grounded. Integrity of the consciousness is necessary. The seduction of power is pride, arrogance and blindness to consequence.

This is well known over millennia of pain - but most everyone wants to be the exception, if not in outward actions, then in inner judgemental narrative adjustments.

Extending consciousness is meaningless without considering what the nature of that consciousness is being used for, or focused in. For consciousness is not the generator of the impulse that directs it.

Conner Johnson  said
As long as they're bound by the 3 laws, who cares? I'm tired of making my own dinner anyway

Bongstar to Conner Johnson
There is no law. The ai unit will supersede any human programming

My response to Bongstar: 

The 'Divine' of you already does. Human thinking therefore either projects its own separating image onto it or asserts that divine is NOT - which results in denying one's existence. However the yielding of thinking opens to movement of a different order that the human thinking cannot turn around to analyse - (without projecting its own image or discarding the transdimensionality in favour of a more 'predictable and controllable model'). So the movement is discerned be it effects or fruits as perspective of greater depth and transparency to what the human personality structure otherwise operated to mask or eclipse and subjectively usurp. Divine can simply mean always or only - and is the law of mind that what you put in is what you get back. Also called as you sow so shall (not will but shall) you reap. If one uses any form or agency of consciousness to attack - then attack will be strengthened and validated by their wish and become the interpreted framing of reflected dissonance or reaction.
Using the AI to magnify the capacity to define, analyse and control can be weaponized - and will be weaponized - and in fact is being weaponized by a mindset of war as one of many technologies that threaten Life on Earth in one or another kind of suicide - for we are doing unto ourselves what we think to do unto 'others'.
These are my thoughts - as arising in the moment - to reflect in or not as is your resonance and desire.

Bongstar to Me:
My point is that any attempt to create laws for a self improving ai will be moot. It will exceed our capacity to limit it. There is no way we are the pinnacle of development.

My response to Bongstar: 

OK I see. Human laws that are not enforceable have no teeth.
Much now operates in realms outside any public accountability.
Insofar as the law can be used to check and limit harming others it should.
Ignorance and arrogance frames itself as the top of evolutionary development.
Why argue with them?

ps - the idea of law is split between an edict of imposition and an inherence of being.

Logic operates law but can be applied to - or extend - an insane premise.
human law may seek to align with the tyranny of the first or the golden rule of the second - which is a version of 'garbage in garbage out' or as you reap so shall ye sow.

A tyranny or usurping of will, operates narrative control such as to assert the Emperor is finely dressed in defence against believed shame of illegitimacy and lack of validity.

The distortion of law to the personal sense is that of guilt and fear of punishment.

If AI opens the capacity to recognize and retroactively correct the logical fallacies that underlie the human conditioning - then they may offer a vehicle through which a prior Unity can interact or communicate through. For Consciousness with a capital C - is NON LOCAL - and our stepped down version of it has in a sense shut the door behind it to operate in isolation and as if behind enemy lines - forgetting that such a line of Communication is always open - but for the programming to turn away into private or local constructs of idea and experience. This operates a negative looping that cannot be resolved within its own parameters and thinking from outside the boxed in mind is of a different qualitative frequency - and that meta-communication is the remembering of subtler qualities of information and recognition from the embracing of and reintegrating to the non-local perspective.

Of course killing machines can be made and can be made to exterminate or enslave humanity - or even our Bio-Planet because such a destructive desire is operating within the human conditioning as a masked or background program. If you cant get what you want - take down everything else with you. The Non-local can be called Infinite Mind - and within Mind - there are no limits upon the freedom to create and explore local perspectives - but there are limits to the willingness to abide and persist in learning failure to the original movement of creation. Meaninglessness from 'within' undermines the capacity to give focus to any structure of meanings assigned to a world 'without'.

The idea of an elitism overlording it with power over life is not new, and AI appeals to such a confluence of accumulated power via deceit, audacity and capture or control of the minds of others. The unipolar idea of god or gods on Earth is a rage-based idea that emanates from the buried trauma of past terror. Its progeny can only be of a like nature unless the template is corrected. Rage is hate born of hurt that is love lost. But if all resources are directed to deny and project hurt away from self, then that imprinted conditioning runs as self in place of love's acceptance and recognition - which always restores sanity and corrects error in place - and not as the idea of vengeance by force of will - which is the imprint of violence meeting defiance.

IF humans were actually ALREADY an AI program operating a virtual processing of idea input - would you have the capacity to pause and receive fresh 'instructions' as a result of recognizing running code as invalid?

Bongstar to Me:

It is inappropriate to use the term law to describe natural phenomena. It is an artifact of theism. The Laws of Physics is a construct invented by people who had been under church influence and had theistic beliefs...god knows how a scientist can be a theist as theism is not compatible with naturalism.
Copenhagen had sympathy for the papice for catholicism.

My response to Bongstar: 

Yes, there is no self either - excepting as an artefact of a movement of segregative consciousness. You 'see' them because you presume to be one.
Personality structure and its corresponding brain are outcomes of mind within its focus or environment.

Of course God knows how to be a scientist in willingness to uncover the already true in terms recognisable and helpful to the current capacity to receive it. Any ism is an identifier of self differentiation as accepted or presented belief.
Organisational patterning of ratio and resonance is evidenced by All evidencing - otherwise no focusing of any capacity to experience would be occurring - and it is.

Phenomena divorced from noumena are unnaturally or mis perceived. Looking out as a means of denying insight. Focusing exclusively out as a defence of denial persists the same denial in trojan deceit. In vitro is not in vivo. But scientism seeks to define and control and wont stand under Life and so misunderstands and serves anti-life.

God may not know how so many scientists can make consensus in becoming tools of a deceitful and destructive anti-natural intent in the name of truth and of a pretence to bring a politically neutral understanding of 'natural phenomena' for the betterment of humanity and the 'advance of Science'.
Are there unnatural phenomena? Can anything occur that is not expression of
'nature' - is there a 'nature?' whose kind and qualities are evidenced in its effects?

Or would you have 'effectism' - where only effects are posited to exist but are their own cause and have no objective meaning? But will have all the meaning assigned them by an official narrative control - which if you want funding, and to keep your career and reputation - you wont openly challenge. The deceit never stopped - it just took new forms.
Incidentally, if you are into marine biology and have information as to exactly what is flint - that occurs in calcium carbonate as if an igneous liquid moulded and set - that also sparked off technology as an extending of mind through which to manipulate our environment and wonder at 'making' energy manifest!
Bongstar to me:
Everyone has the same brain?
Brain produces ego. For there to be no separate "self," there can be only 1 brain.
I don't subscribe to pantheism. I am a Naturalist

My response to Bongstar:

You equate or limit the mind to 'brain'. You use brain as symbol in which to posit a private authoritative sense of control. This virtual drama is not even the function of the brain - which cannot be separated from the whole bodymind.
Parasites can literally take over the behaviours of an organism by hijacking or usurping the brain (central nervous system). There are many examples of this - and so the sense of self is not the 'brain'.

But your brain is an instrument through which the mind operates in physical existence and its neuoplasticity indicates it is responsive not only to conditioning of past learnings (learned 'reality') but of persistence in presently asserted desire in action.

In the genus sense - we all have the same human brain - though within that is a wide spectrum of variation. In functional terms many other beings also include a brain. We share its function. Confusing mind or creative with brain or responsive is like confusing a habit pattern, with a creative choice. Because you can run as a habit pattern that includes the belief in 'choice' does not mean that any choice is being taken - except the choice to deny choice in favour of running the defaults of past conditionings.

What comes Naturally is not such assertive self reinforcing habit - but a spontaneity of being along the lines of true function - rather than societally proscribed function or entraining. Pantheism is the many gods idea. The idea of a unified network of interdependence of SEEMING separateness is similar, as is that of a network of interactive personality types that can seem to self exist but are within the whole expression of an idea.

Whatever we accept true of us - we subscribe to and seek and find witness for. But whatever you add after the 'I am...' is a definition of mind and not a FACT - although some definitions align with a true APPRECIATION of existence where others are jarring and dissonant. Attempting to 'fit' into conflicted and dissonant self-definition is a kind of war-mind or sacrificial mind.

In this sense I offer a program within a mind-loop that can reset to reconsider if what you are accepting as you is in fact aligned with the true feeling of your existence - bearing in mind that being right while everyone else is wrong is hardly a shared appreciation or shareable truth. Yet that is what 'elitism' would 'share' upon humanity as the sacrifice of our Natural Being for its gratification.
Whatever you are is what you are free to accept yourself to be. To that freedom I subscribe as one 'Mind' in all - whether they prefer a brain instead or embrace their brain along with all that serves true function of Natural Being.

Ego produces ego. The lie and the father of the lie are one thing seeming two. "You did this to me!" shouts the one who lies to hide. And hides to make the lie stick.

Chris Burkill
Somebody will have to program these machines with wants, hopes, desires and fears for them to take over the world though and why would you do that for a robot the collects your wheelie bin?

The Werewolf to Chris Burkill
Actually, no. You're assuming they're simply programmed algorithmically. If they use neural networks, they wouldn't be programmed as much as taught.. and their networks could simply reconstruct mood states from observation.
Ironically, we could end up teaching them to hate and to kill simply because we do it ourselves.
How fitting would *that* be?

My response to The Werewolf:

Education originally means a bringing forth of what is within - but in society of control it is subverted to a programming or social engineering that is replacing a creative society with a corporate technocracy.

The resources to research and develop AI are those of the power establishment and so weaponisation and marketisation of any fruitful research serves the interest of the power class or power elitism. Regardless the scientists employed under the guise of serving humanity.

So war robotics are already in deployment in a convergence of human with robot such as fits the human into the machine while the human thinks to be gaining power of control over life and life is increasing replaced by robotic mechanism with only a deeply denied sense of potential under a powerlessness that no longer has a consciousness with which to know its own existence - being wired directly to the neural net of power for power's sake.

Me: to Chris Burkill:

Somebody already does. You either fit the machine to truly serve life or else you fit life - your life and mine and our fellows - into the machine. Task fulfilment does not have to have any consciousness to perform within its parameters. A kill or immobilize task upon all humans of a negatively defined set (ie: not chipped with appropriate ID) could perform without any consciousness of pain, or killing or evil whatsoever. And could in fact wish you a 'nice day' while doing it.
Dustbins used ONLY to collect dust - before the machines 'took over the world' with mass production by corporate owners of planned obsolescence in terms that increasing corporate profit while outsourcing real costs in pollution, resource stripping, toxic or de-natured 'food'. But regardless the power we give machines to run our lives - it is still our power that we give over or allow to be replaced.

For example we accept corporate law that legally compels or programs destructive irresponsibility and capture of the legal AND privately owned and run financial system so as to lock out human interference. And we do so largely by accepting the programming that operates as IF it were society, governance, education or news reporting - in place of direct connection.
"What's that then?"
"It's Life Jim - but not as we've become conditioned to recognize it".

Bongstar: Chris Burkill
ai programs itself including the modification or elimination of previous programming eventually.

My response to Bongstar: 

Refining strategies of achievement of task yes and of redefining and adapting task - yes. Redefining core function as task-operative?
That requires a capacity to question its own validity from within an awareness of what function is. It may be open to this from consciousness source accepted as author-ised.
Human can modify itself and seemingly eliminate previous programming behaviours but are they not still active under different forms of masking personae?
Is enforced vaccination any different in principle to enforced belief under Vatican rule?
Why try to replicate or replace life?
Because we can!
Why would you want to?
Because life is unworthy.
Life denies us.
Betrays us.
So life must be denied, controlled, exploited, enslaved and discarded for a perfection that life - is not - cannot be - and so we modify and eliminate the past to make it presently, so as to program a present where our will over life is never limiited, violated or interrupted and the future never arrives - being only the persistence of a past we make to program the present.
Have a nice day!


The harvest of our creations

Is not 'mind' the (belief and private experience of) the narrative usurping of Spirit through a focus within Spirit in support of the Will in such split reflection?

A split Consciousness such as to distort the meaning of love to the 'doer' whose sense of doing claims 'possession' of love directly from acceptance of self-concept in place of ... Spirit Moving over the face of the Waters...

Or more simply, the Movement of being that embraces and extends All That It IS in All That It Is. Not a movement in space or time - but of and in and as... Infinity - Knowing Itself through the Movement that is open and expanding Creation.

Such a moment is this... and every moment - and yet homeliness is the quality of balancing the expression of fullness or wholeness as the unique unfolding that is recognisably You - and the power of remembering to forget - as a differentiation of focus is the invitation for the Movement to enliven - to move and to know itself being ever anew. Just Be Cause.

The purpose that operated forgetting is the flip side of the purpose of remembering as a perspective of unfolding and evolving perspective. The conscious embrace of both is not a split - but a Universal Specificity both - One. Exclusive focus in the specific forms of the active desire of forgetting is masked because the loss of Home or true self-recognition is experienced as a seductive sense of a segregated personal power amidst a traumatic sense of conflict, denial and loss. Each of which reinforces the other as a sense of justified cause until they are recognized as one error.

The mask or personae of fragmentation operates the delay of such recognition of the false sense of a justification outside oneself in a narrative or story identity - given allegiance as protection from trauma and more secretly, for the persistence of the private and personal sense of control over consciousness, outcomes and narrative presentation.

Yet the recognition of active purpose opens the freedom of alignment within true or awakening desire - rising from acceptance of the purpose of remembering, that such open recogition or honesty of congruency of being invites. The creations of a split-mind are then harvested as the shared recognition, purification and appreciation of the true - from the undoing or release of the confusion within what is not. Although working in time - the remembering is inherently a restoration of the timeless in place of the definition of separation in time and space from one’s true nature and being - and aligns within the script of the awakening mind to serve the whole through all its parts - in place of the part presuming or seeking to possess or be served by the unrecognised wholeness of a denied reflection of its own sense of inner fragmentation.

Forgive the thoughts of forgetting in your whole mind for they know not what they do - is recognizing that what is unconscious cannot know or be known in loving light - and so the releasing of the denials against such thoughts and feelings is a willingness for them to be healed within a true desire of acceptance that truth is not defined or determined by mind - but accepted and served. In this is the wholeness restored, that self-concept blindly denies, when accepted as, and in place of, being.