The harvest of our creations

Is not 'mind' the (belief and private experience of) the narrative usurping of Spirit through a focus within Spirit in support of the Will in such split reflection?

A split Consciousness such as to distort the meaning of love to the 'doer' whose sense of doing claims 'possession' of love directly from acceptance of self-concept in place of ... Spirit Moving over the face of the Waters...

Or more simply, the Movement of being that embraces and extends All That It IS in All That It Is. Not a movement in space or time - but of and in and as... Infinity - Knowing Itself through the Movement that is open and expanding Creation.

Such a moment is this... and every moment - and yet homeliness is the quality of balancing the expression of fullness or wholeness as the unique unfolding that is recognisably You - and the power of remembering to forget - as a differentiation of focus is the invitation for the Movement to enliven - to move and to know itself being ever anew. Just Be Cause.

The purpose that operated forgetting is the flip side of the purpose of remembering as a perspective of unfolding and evolving perspective. The conscious embrace of both is not a split - but a Universal Specificity both - One. Exclusive focus in the specific forms of the active desire of forgetting is masked because the loss of Home or true self-recognition is experienced as a seductive sense of a segregated personal power amidst a traumatic sense of conflict, denial and loss. Each of which reinforces the other as a sense of justified cause until they are recognized as one error.

The mask or personae of fragmentation operates the delay of such recognition of the false sense of a justification outside oneself in a narrative or story identity - given allegiance as protection from trauma and more secretly, for the persistence of the private and personal sense of control over consciousness, outcomes and narrative presentation.

Yet the recognition of active purpose opens the freedom of alignment within true or awakening desire - rising from acceptance of the purpose of remembering, that such open recogition or honesty of congruency of being invites. The creations of a split-mind are then harvested as the shared recognition, purification and appreciation of the true - from the undoing or release of the confusion within what is not. Although working in time - the remembering is inherently a restoration of the timeless in place of the definition of separation in time and space from one’s true nature and being - and aligns within the script of the awakening mind to serve the whole through all its parts - in place of the part presuming or seeking to possess or be served by the unrecognised wholeness of a denied reflection of its own sense of inner fragmentation.

Forgive the thoughts of forgetting in your whole mind for they know not what they do - is recognizing that what is unconscious cannot know or be known in loving light - and so the releasing of the denials against such thoughts and feelings is a willingness for them to be healed within a true desire of acceptance that truth is not defined or determined by mind - but accepted and served. In this is the wholeness restored, that self-concept blindly denies, when accepted as, and in place of, being.