A present focus in our relationships

When we notice that we have a tendency to tell our ‘story’ over and over again and thus reinforce our own identification with the script, we can choose not to do it. To simply not engage the practice. as a discipline of the heart.

A complementary approach is to simply but firmly hold a desire and willingness to bring attention into present focus in our relationships.

This naturally becomes mind-watching – but is in the context of letting relationship bring us present rather than use it to replay the past or anticipate future and confuse these with Now.

An untrained mind ‘meanders all over the place’ in both time and space. imagination plays a large role in this because – we are not all over the place – we are in present relationship with.

To bypass predefinitions about our present relationship – is to allow a fresh discovery aligned with truth as it is revealed to our willingness and welcome.

When we behold or receive the presence of another, rather than ‘read them in terms of our ‘personal database of comparative impressions’, we become the act of giving attention presently. This is of the nature of love and draws communication of like kind in a manner that is fitting or helpful within the current setting.

Predefined realities make for pre scripted reactions that become - in effect - armouring against intimacy.
Intimacy is firstly within our own heart – and then extends outward.
Attaining ‘familiarity’ of social ease may become a lubricant to successfully prevent the friction or embarrassment of the mask slipping off.
We can easily not realise that we are so engaged - if in a society that normalizes substitution for life.

Living without the mask is to live out of a present trust. This could be to trust to shine or share openly that which is normally associated with weakness – but without apology or sense of problem.

I have a gang of plasterers working in my house this week. They are working with Radio 1 and getting high spirited in occasionally singing along – albeit in larking about mode. I tend to see Radio 1 as a sort of mind killing medication – self applied – in desire to lubricate and mask dis-ease.
Oh I hate it!
But in this context I may use it – to observe and move beyond reactivity. I can of course ask them to turn it down, turn it off, go for walks or trips out, shut doors, play my own music, or whatever. But the thing is not what I do or don't do – it is simply whether it expresses reactivity or true communion. I don't care for challenges – but I do care to be open to the Spirit’s prompting – and here is an opportunity to allow transfer into areas I have kept apart!

My partner Cathi visits people at home as part of her work. One particular man was broadcasting ‘hard done by’ and grievance with such dramatic intensity that Cathi was inspired to step completely beyond the show - and simply ‘was given’ an instant of knowing that shared as she caught his eye in recognition of the one behind the show.
This act did not oppose or criticise his tirade – yet it effectively pulled the curtain on one who had become exclusively engrossed in an activity that simply misses the mark – and allowed a more practical communication to occur that served well being.

When one meets the heart’s attention, one is brought present.
That which isn't true – falls away.
That which is true is more clearly expressed and revealed.

The mind-habit seeks to regain a sense of control and this ‘takes’ attention back into story. Yet repeated willingness over time fruits the capacity to abide in Identity at Rest – and the stillness shifts from seeming something lacking or threatening to being the sense of Home. Where Light clearly is. Where joy abides.

in Love's blessing

Postscript: I did enage a process of release regarding the radio and this has allowed and brought forth a discovery of each other in new ways rather than a polarisation of difference.


The Church in its self image is not the living Church – for such must be the revealed relationship of Divine Love; the Holy Relationship. “I build my church on You because you who are inherently worthy are willing to share the will of God

An historical organisation developed that calls itself the Christian Church – but this is the largely the result of interpreting Jesus in terms of the world – as the bringer of a worldly kingdom, or a kingdom in worldly terms, with hierarchical levels of status – ‘some of which are ok but some of which are excellent’. The disciples would fall out in seeking to pre establish a pecking order – seeking to sit in the best places! And this despite everything Jesus demonstrated and said of the nature of the Father’s unified and healing Will.

External structures can serve to express and enable a sense of order and unity - and CAN serve as an egg or embryonic phase. But they can also become dedicated to self seeking – which is to say: blinding with and binding to a false sense of self. In such conflicted mind, man is ruled by the chaotic nature of his own false gods - all of whom are reflections of a false self. This sets him against himself and therefore against his brother, both of whom are ‘cast out’ by the mind that denies love’s meaning in preference for its own.

To be given unity or order from without is to be under the law of man – even if it is called divine.
To express unity and order from within is to extend the Divine – without any need to call it anything – or indeed to create any kind of external structure.

The female is our receptive aspect.
The Church waits for the Bridegroom to fulfil and validate it.
But the Bridegroom cometh ‘when you thinketh not’!
As the Christ is lived in our relationships – so is the Second Coming realised.

If we insist on needing an external Parent – we will refuse or deny the authority within and draw such quality forth, but it remains the role of the parent to wean and guide the child into responsibility for discerning and accepting love’s will as our own.

Be you received in and by the ‘feminine’ of God, as you yourself receive, embrace, and nurture the Movement of Being; the Life and the Light.
Such is joy – such is glory – such is the wonder and the power of love and life.

I pray in my heart to let this be so – that I neglect to be ‘lonely’ in self seeking blindness.

in Love's blessing


The I that is We

I read a book once called ‘The I that is We : Awakening to higher energies through unconditional love’ - by Richard Moss
I enjoyed it when I read it.

When the I is subordinated to Relationship itself, it becomes only an expression of Relationship itself.
Or as Jesus in A Course in Miracles puts it:
‘God Wills not to be alone’.

I can seem to have a will to be alone, apart, different, private. And it gives me an experience of a world unlike God.
In such a world there is no peace of heart, joining all things in one light. No constancy of being or sureness of step. But a deep seated fear over and against changes that cannot be mastered.

Some believe that ‘angelic deception’ is behind such teachings as A Course in Miracles – and that the plural ‘we’ used at times by the author or ‘dictating voice’ is an indicator of the legion nature of the deceiver. However, certainty is not to be asserted by the mind – but is to be rediscovered by grace – in the heart. The mind that denies and attacks needs ‘enemies’ in order to maintain its own sense of validity to itself. The mind that embraces and includes needs brothers to share love’s remembrance.

If there could be an enemy of love it would be the intent to exclude oneself from it – but you cant be your own enemy. Except in fantasy played out in private - ‘not knowing what you do’.
The ‘awakened we’ is not the joining or the sum of separate fantasy roles.

We are your living love.

The projection or extending of love’s inclusion is the Gift that restores sanity. For by your gifts you know your mind – and by extending the mind as you are truly Given – you know your Father’s Light in all.

To recognise the gifts you give, that are not what you would in love give or receive – is to begin to disinvest in them by withdrawing value.


The belief that you are not awake

Within this belief - you 'live' within limitation.

But the Life is given you - as you - and is one with the Light of your very being or awareness.

Its nature has become obscure to the mind that has adapted to survive in darkness.

But it is you unrecognized.

If the ego can find it - it will kill it.

For you are awake and it is the part of your mind that would deny this - that it's 'life' is maintained.

To see the part of your mind that would do this - merely allow joy to shine and share - and watch.

If the mind denies you even such a simple request then your desire is already denied and is allowed no access to you as yet.

The part of your mind that is awake is with you always - and in all ways.

You can not truly have two opposite minds - but the voice or desire of truth will wait for you to make up your mind about your mind - and then guide you to the reintegration of the mind in the single desire of the heart.

To have discovered your willingness to be so guided is truly a part of your awakening.

Be aware that your awakening will be auto-denied by the mind that is asleep - which may use any symbol or form for its own intent. In other words it can use "I am awakened" just as it can use "I am not awakened" to validate its story as real to you.

Nurture and grow the desire to bring your willingness present amidst the conditions of sleep - or thinking based experience. This is the willingness to be with - rather than withhold in judgement.

What you give to one you deprive the other. Your experience will change as a result - but do not look to your experience to see what and who you are - or you put yourself under the mind of external seeking again. Look now within.

Trust is the condition in which true desire works unimpeded.

An open mind is without filters - and simply open to all that it is - without assertions of partiality.

In such an awareness the movement of being can naturally be discerned clearly.

Such learnings are experiential. It is in the flowing that the knowing is felt.

To start from a frozen 'knowing' is to try to make the flow fit your filter.

This is the experience of opposition.

Monkeys can be caught by using a fixed gourd with a fruit inside but only a hole large enough to allow the monkeys hand to enter. It grasps the fruit and tries to retrieve it but cannot now get its hand out while holding the fruit.

To regain its freedom, it must release the good as it sees it - and cease in the attempt to overcome the obstruction as it sees it.

The mind is free to stop everything, release any current running programs, and receive anew a fresh evaluation of what is really going on?

But notice that any running program that is not released will prevent the rebirth of original mind.

Thankyou for your attention

in Gratitude