The belief that you are not awake

Within this belief - you 'live' within limitation.

But the Life is given you - as you - and is one with the Light of your very being or awareness.

Its nature has become obscure to the mind that has adapted to survive in darkness.

But it is you unrecognized.

If the ego can find it - it will kill it.

For you are awake and it is the part of your mind that would deny this - that it's 'life' is maintained.

To see the part of your mind that would do this - merely allow joy to shine and share - and watch.

If the mind denies you even such a simple request then your desire is already denied and is allowed no access to you as yet.

The part of your mind that is awake is with you always - and in all ways.

You can not truly have two opposite minds - but the voice or desire of truth will wait for you to make up your mind about your mind - and then guide you to the reintegration of the mind in the single desire of the heart.

To have discovered your willingness to be so guided is truly a part of your awakening.

Be aware that your awakening will be auto-denied by the mind that is asleep - which may use any symbol or form for its own intent. In other words it can use "I am awakened" just as it can use "I am not awakened" to validate its story as real to you.

Nurture and grow the desire to bring your willingness present amidst the conditions of sleep - or thinking based experience. This is the willingness to be with - rather than withhold in judgement.

What you give to one you deprive the other. Your experience will change as a result - but do not look to your experience to see what and who you are - or you put yourself under the mind of external seeking again. Look now within.

Trust is the condition in which true desire works unimpeded.

An open mind is without filters - and simply open to all that it is - without assertions of partiality.

In such an awareness the movement of being can naturally be discerned clearly.

Such learnings are experiential. It is in the flowing that the knowing is felt.

To start from a frozen 'knowing' is to try to make the flow fit your filter.

This is the experience of opposition.

Monkeys can be caught by using a fixed gourd with a fruit inside but only a hole large enough to allow the monkeys hand to enter. It grasps the fruit and tries to retrieve it but cannot now get its hand out while holding the fruit.

To regain its freedom, it must release the good as it sees it - and cease in the attempt to overcome the obstruction as it sees it.

The mind is free to stop everything, release any current running programs, and receive anew a fresh evaluation of what is really going on?

But notice that any running program that is not released will prevent the rebirth of original mind.

Thankyou for your attention

in Gratitude