New Testament Revealed in a truly new light

I wrote this as a book review on the Guardian.co.uk website


Anyone who is actually called or stirred in awakening from the mental sleep of a taken-for-granted identity of self and world will have experienced a living synchronicity or concurrence between the outer and the inner. The outer form of which may well be helpful, but the inner recognition is of a different order of experience than anything 'in-the-world has or could ever be.

This is a book of awakening and for awakening from a perspective that is itself awakened and which speaks to the same in you.

It is not a book that will offer any relevance for the mind that wants to think that it is who it thinks it is - and that the world is as it believes and judges it to be.

If the title were not already taken, I would call this 'New Testament Revelations' - not because of 'truths' that are given to use in the world as we believe it, but that truth is uncovered to the reader, right where you are - and offered to you to in a gentle and honouring spirit of invitation.

Each 'Book' of the New Testament has a particular voice and approach in NTI (New Testament Interpretations) and all share one purpose; awakening.
Not an idea of awakening others or society or in some future time, but of awakening and opening to the same truth that Jesus lived and shares - of an Intimacy of being that the mind-in-the-world cannot know - that waits but on your welcome and acceptance, to immediately heal the mind of a false association - and by which all things are seen in a new light. Yet this unfolds step by step as free desire and willingness allow and grow.

The basic ego or self sense would start out from a presumption of separateness from everything and seek to get for itself what it thinks best. If that is still what you want you wouldn't still be reading now. Yet our present appreciation and intuition of the truth of Life, Light and Love is constantly being blocked, filtered or distorted by a 'mind' of thoughts of which we are largely unaware and which we allow to essentially control our experience by use of guilt, fear and the illusion of escaping these while yet using them.

But NTI speaks clearer than I on all such things. My essential witness to this work is of its capacity to awaken not just interest or intention, but actually of speaking directly to our present condition, again and again and yet again.
What is it to be brought out from complex and delaying patterns of denial and self justifying habit into a clarity of unified joy? It is to awaken to the true foundation of one's being from which therefore to live out from.

Jesus's demonstration and teaching and the Christed message that is offered through the the New Testament is largely interpreted by minds that do not live as Jesus, see as Jesus or love as Jesus, and this indeed means that much that is given was not understood and has not been understood - because the mind was not ready to accept. Fear always distorts.

This book has appeared in response to a willingness, and in that willingness it is not a book, but a Message of Light to a mind ready to open to the Light of its own true Understanding. Not that there is not also resistance to such an opening - but that there is a conscious willingness to take a step with their Living Spirit, now.

A search online will soon reveal excerpts by which to test the waters - but gently watch where you put your attention - and the purpose in your mind that is  guiding it. Peace knows, because it does nothing to block or deceive knowing all that it is.