Ego, and the Life-Presence

Judgement is the tool of ego mentality. However so subtle or cunningly planted, it always expresses hate, rejection, exclusion, specialness and ignorance. And is expert at doing so in the guise or forms of love, with flattering appeals to the reader to be 'in' the know relative to the invalidated as if IT knew anything beyond splitting off from communicated presence in order to validate its existence to itself. It knows no existence but its thoughts, which re-frame the direct communication of presence as interpretation whose overriding intent is to substantiate its own persistence as the judge.

  Ego is a usurpation and exploitation of the quality, energy and feeling of Life. But a coercive intent is active only upon the energy and attention that is invested. Life is unaffected by imaginary battles, for the ego battles only with itself. But although the ego is the idea of autonomous power, it can only 'run' or be supported in mutual agreement to 'separate'. To tacitly agree to blank the Life-Presence and determine the meanings of all things from the standpoint of personally asserted judgement. Ego is the idea of personal possession and as such is dispossessed of the Life-Presence.

One cannot be ego because it is not an actual presence, but one can use it to play out a presentation and give it preference over presence.

Ego is form based identification in which Meaning, or the Oneness Presence, is obscured and thus experienced as a disconnected lack of Identity, that seeds itself as the 'becoming' identity, in search for and defence of itself. All things are purposed to such identification in defence, because all things ARE of One Presence and the persistence of judgement demands the withdrawal from and withholding of the Life-Presence.

The ego has no presence or power of its own, and uses only the power you give it - who are one with and identical to Life-Presence, in act of using ego-thinking or judgement.

As long as you believe it offers you something you want more than to abide in and as the Life-Presence - you will follow your thinking as if it had any basis in reality.

But the reality it offers you is deception, yet deception in which sin, sickness and death become as if meaningful  triumph over the Life-Presence, IN which they have no meaning.

For what else could result from separating from your Life-Presence but the dissonance of conflicted identity, the breakdown of communication and functionality and the fulfillment of separation in death?

At some point the credentials of the basis and authority of the mentality of judgement must be called into question by you who  ARE entirely in and of  Life-Presence - not in belief - but as the only actual existence available to be had.

The teacher of ego is the wish of self-specialness that induces insane thinking and presents it as your own.

The Teacher of Life-Presence is always present - to a willingness to learn. Whatever the forms or agencies by which the meaningless is seen as meaningless and the true is appreciated true, the essential basis is the desire and willingness of receptivity brought present - not to external forms or authorities, but to the direct and unmediated recognition of true and whole Presence.

The separating mentality is like an addiction that is replaced by a Life-expressing habit, such that instead of seeking to be filled with life , seek to allow that which is discerned Alive - to move and guide you. It is guiltless, its peace is without fear. It is without coercion upon you.

It is not what you expect. It cannot be taught.

But everything we think and do always teaches its source - where it is coming from, so teaching is not an option, but what we choose to source ourselves is, for as long as the ego is in our mind as a potential or residual habit, it stands as a choice we had invested in - regardless of its unreality, AND as a witness for the power of choosing.

Therefore give 'choosing' to the discernment of the heart and don't feed the habit of the 'chooser' and thus choose willingly and actively to live out-from the intuition and appreciation of Life instead of joining in a loveless self-serving lie. This is not other than to be innately joyful and conscious instead of problematically immersed in self-regard.

The ego 'loves' spirituality, because it loves attention and it loves employment. And in the suggestion that your authentic presence is somehow in some other moment, or becoming perfect or getting cleaned up, or needing protection from fraudsters and the corrupting influence of false teachings - IT teaches that you are lacking in integrity and cannot be trusted - and so listen to IT and it will not only 'protect' you - but will prove that you are lacking in integrity and DO need its next course in 'getting there'.

This 'ego' is taught in everything we think and do and say while we are using it as our source and guide - that is while we accept its thinking as our own.

But what we choose to learn or value is not dictated by the ego, but by what we choose to give attention to. Regardless of the hooks by which we may be baited into reaction, the persistent disregard of the ego mentality in ourselves or others, releases energy and attention from reaction and frees it for Living. (There is no plural to ego excepting to the desire to go forth and multiply it). The 'Christed' Perspective is not a specialness of self - but a recognition of the Christ Presence in the one you meet.

The claim of the personal sense to exist in its own right is the determiner of the perception of lovelessness.

But watch the mind and see if the messages you see are not exactly what the messengers were instructed to find. Purpose dictates all. Shared purpose directs the undoing of a dictatorial mentality.

In Peace