A peace of my mind

Life goes off the map. No field notes are taken. The camera remains in its bag. There is no time to think. Not because there is scarcity of time - but because time is better used to facilitate timelessness. Holding conflicting goals is simply a way to invite conflict. In the undoing of conflict is the willingness to only want what is given me to want. In religio-speak this is 'doing the will of the Father'. What is this in practice? To pause and be still and receptive and become aware of what is already moving within. Joy is the expression of a felt connectedness of being. Peace is the condition of wholeness or non-exclusion wherein joy abides. Love is the creative spontaneity of life in total self-giving.
These truths do not change with season or fashion but are revealed by desisting of the act that obscures. Did you know that the obstruction to peace of being is not in the past and will not be undone in the future, for now - really - now - is where we have the opportunity to let ourselves into the gap between thinking about or related to the past, and thinking or imagining about the future. For all of that is an elswhereness to which your mind has become enamoured - until you grew tired of the game and wanted to come Home.