Easter Message

The recognition of the nature of the act of definition as a determination of meaning, in fixed or conceptual terms needs to recognize that it is not an act of power over - but an extension of freedom to - according to the active purpose being engaged in.

For the mind-in-service can serve to embody felt meanings - but the mind in judgement over, attempts the conforming or imposing of ideas removed from the context of serving communication within relationship, to the role of dictating or controlling the narrative and in that sense - the form of the relational outcome.

This is simply the loss of communication and relationship to a conceived sense of power - whether seemingly winning or leading - or seemingly losing - or indeed using the form of losing to manipulate the delusion of the winner. For power against itself weaves an infinite web of deceits.

Attention can be released from personality obsession arising from identity in judgement, by willingness and desire to know the truth - that is - to be receptive to the noticing of what is in fact being communicated or extended as social manipulations - beneath the mutually agreed definitions, which operate beliefs and investment in power over - and consequent fear of loss of power to that which being robbed or denied - is expected to deny.

Jesus extended the invitation of a willingness for knowing truth, in which who you really are is set free of what a false sense of power, limited and defined you to be. As long as we agree to define such power outside our self, we embody an assertion of powerlessness that then competes to align with or exploit wherever it seems to be.

Perhaps Jesus would have rather found acceptance in a like willingness for communication and relationship than denials in which he chose not to join with - preferring to know the truth than kill it to feed self-illusion. But that 'passion play' imprints the core conditioning of a masquerade of power that must deny and indeed crucify, love, in order to seem to exist in judgement over and apart from Life's Meaning.

The reflection of the activity of our mind to our own notice - is our whole way out from self-conflicted identities that cannot afford honesty or actually grow trust. But only if that noticing abides wordless in the heart's knowing without being sacrificed to a guilting script.

When guilt insinuates itself in our thinking - it poisons all else to serve a hidden agenda - for it must stay hidden for a part of who it allows you to be - to mitigate or temporarily escape its pain. It puts down and casts out in the name of your protection.

Discerning deceits so as to no longer use them as the lens of our thought, is a primary responsibility of our freedom to think or define, perceive, accept and act from.

This is most practical information to any who desire freedom from a deceit that robs us at our very foundation. But first one has to notice that something is out-of-true and honestly enquire as to the true - as the context in which to know the difference - and act upon it.

Whatever the circumstances that bring one to a moment of or stirring in true noticing - celebrate the noticing without defining it in association with the conditions - excepting of course - in gratitude.

As an Easter treat I'll share something I found inspiring that may hearten readers here; "open dialogue" - you can start with Daniel Mackler's youtube documentary:


and follow your interest. Perhaps actually people are more interested in the dynamic of conflict and the fascination with evil. When it really comes to it is all the talk of 'freedom' a way to persist in perpetual war? Or is living unto the freedom of others as yourself, a willingness to communicate and open genuine relationship? What we give out - is what we get back.

Forgive yourself your judgements for they know not what they do. Only a wholeness of being knows its purpose without hidden or denied underside. Wholeness of being may not be definable - but that does not been it is unrecognisable or unfelt. Wherever you feel and know the true of you - is where your life unfolds to you.

This is not coercive upon anyone. The coercive sense of will arose from mistaken self-definition that then perpetuates itself by persisting the assertion of out-of-true as its foundation. A foundation that depends on being hidden to seem to be a foundation.

How you read the story is up to you - but you can only meet that which you are willing to be the vibration of. Truth is not killed - but framed out of sight by insistence upon a sacrificial worship of guilt as the guarantee of power.
No matter how complex a deeply defended lie is - it is no more true than a fib. What you invest in and want to be true is the determiner of how readily an error can be corrected - and of course this is a matter of who you define and accept yourself to be - moment - by moment - by moment.

But if you recognize that what is - Is beyond definition - excepting as an extension of the freedom to create - then there is a basis from which to notice and align self-defining idea to the true of you.

Otherwise hidden definitions run old conditioning that believes the true of You is unacceptable.

(This was a response to a mentioning of this message in another conversation)


True Meanings Expand

One of Jon's socio-political reflections brought this response from me:

Yes – I join with you. True meanings are capable of expansion and fluidity – because they are alive.

Discernment is the key. Jon talks of logic and imagination – but both of those operate from a premise which can be true or not. A fearful sense of self will operate a negative imagination – no less in disguising itself within positive spin. Discerning a true foundation is like feeling the ring of integrity or freedom from the smell of a manipulative intent. But we can only recognize integrity through our own – which includes the willingness to align with it from wherever we seem to be. Then we can meet situations and others and recognize in others without being addicted to outer identity forms. For it is not the form of a thing that communicates meaning but the wholeness of context in which the form takes its meaning. If I want to discern the meaning of anything I simply feel or listen within and what I need turns up because I didn’t believe it wouldn’t. I didn’t give energy to the fear that I would be denied or deceived – and so that imagination wast communicated to higher mind and used to invoke experience.

To know what I need to know, when I need to know it, allows desire to align whatever is needed. What is my desire? It is the movement of my being – or more exactly it is the resonance and relevance within the movement of being to who I feel and know myself to be. Which is more of a core signature vibration than any externally validated set of concepts, images or forms.

We lose our energetic sensitivity when we rely on short-cuts of outer recognition. But it isn’t at all LOST – it is simply the ingrained conditioning of trading in derivatives that have lost connection with the Worth – not least because in a world of symbols and symbols of symbols an inflated sense of worth can seem real as well as a sense of worthlessness when such bubbles are popped.

The lens of guilt and fear distorts perception – and inverts it – so as to make it the ’cause’ of the one who perceives – who is the dreamer of the dream regardless he struggles within the drama of it and rails at his fate. Pretending not to be fearful or guilt-conditioned only dons a spiritual disguise. But uncovering and owning fear and guilt feelings is the opportunity to choose differently – however – when they come to conscious awareness we are usually triggered to escape or avoid them ASAP and don’t realize that the grievance was an opportunity – especially if projecting out in grievance is our way not to own our own feelings – and feel somewhat righteous and relieved instead.

Release the grasp, to being truly found in already Embrace

From a conversation on one of Jon Rappoport's blog posts

... I'm not seeking a grasp so much as to release it to being truly found in already Embrace - but I also see that a willingness to articulate a reflection to the the heart's intuitive wordless knowing can serve the recognition in others as I simply listen 'with everyone else listening'. Shared purpose is shared Mind. Being moved is not passive - so much as true receptive - from which the active rises and embodies. The disconnected sense of 'active' is already emasculated - hence the hard armouring and 'proof' of power seeking validation in denials OF the receptive. This is in fact passive - because it knows not what it does while passively surrendered to - indeed possessed by - a fearfully defined sense of power.

But truth rests in power and that is why it cannot be used as a weapon without turning upon the wielder. Forgiveness of a true Self acceptance can replace the sword. Perhaps that's a summary of what I just wrote below - but came back to write the prequel! (Non linear editing!)

To interest such as there may be I write in the themes being opened here - not just as personal response - though I appreciate sharing in a willingness to feel ideas rather than use them for combat!

Whatever is - however knowing or beholding to be - is as it is. The mind can encode 'is', within a framework of meanings that then come 'between' as individual amidst infinite perspective. So was and maybe, or even shall be, arise within 'Always' as if Always is fragmented to time out of mind - and 'mind how you go!' - or lose awareness to a splitting image of a compulsive inversion of freedom in the idea of opposition.

The undoing, recognition or resolving of all things back to source is their freedom to reflect source rather than mind - for mind no longer 'splits' or comes between. It never did or could but the desire to serve experience calls it forth.

My experience arises the meanings I give and accept - ah! but now is an "I" of the infinite - presumed and experienced in finite terms simultaneously! I don't doubt the beauty of Existence is appreciable via number, geometry, music and vibrational qualities of resonance, but that Existence Itself is unspeakable - and its qualities may animate living imagery yet are not rendered or defined in image apart from the animating desire.

To write this I am paused and aligned here and there to write an embodiment of balanced willingness for recognition and rest in the fact of existence - prior to any mental assertion of non-existence or any idea of beauty or ugliness. Not for my person among persons - but as a witness in which to reflect without distortion.

The 'how' of and the 'why' or 'what for', subside as movements of mind in question, to abide in the heart of knowing the very thing in its moment of opening to ask.

Then in a sense , together as one, heart and mind embody a harmonic of a unified purpose and the 'interference patterning' of denial and forgetting is no longer tuned to.

To explain anything in terms of something 'else' is to redistribute 'meanings' that are tributaries of the idea of creating something 'else'; something unlike and different from Infinitely Always and Exactly Is. Thus we seem to become something 'else' and to have all things serve and reflect an OTHER meaning - and cascade of derivative meanings.

The loss of Identity for a shifting image amidst the ever changing has a traumatic and tragic underside - whenever the absurdity of such notion is lost to the acceptance and embodiment of self-serious hate - for so is judgement however it arises to cover a deeper integrity of acceptance.

Who runs off with what? But there's no taking away of the chosen experience while it is given a negative identity from which a mind unlike source nature unfolds in compulsion to survive or overcome a dictate it does not recognize its own.

Trapped by the attempt to escape a falsely framed experience - but which nonetheless truly affords Experience that is chosen and - in time and timing - embraced, re-cognized and re-membered and in a sense yes - decoded or translated 'back' into its original.

This is anything but a call for stasis or regression. Creation is by Nature an extension or gift - "Behold I make all things new".  But to a grasping identity in image and form this is no gift but a curse to escape or shut down into a private mind of exclusive dictate!

What we dedicate, or use the gift for is not only 'our reward' it is our sharing on. To share the gift of refusal to receive and embrace - for the sake of a private 'creator' - is to give true power to the idea of creating isolation and dissociation in dissonance - within an illusion of power. But with all of the power we give it.

The idea of illusion may suggest something without substance that one can ignore. But the force of desire and intent given the illusion of self-segregation is perhaps likened to a 'Big Bang' or indeed an 'Expulsion from and loss of Paradise; of Communioned being'. The 'Fall'' posits a narrative of guilt feared and projected away. The Grand Project. The 'Bang' posits impersonal objective distance of 'billions of years' in place of Creative Existence and effectively air-brushes Consciousness from the scene.

But Consciousness - in its original quality is the All, is the being of any and all within All. But a mutually agreed redefinition of consciousness into terms of the personality structure of belief, emotion and act, sets a control boundary on what is acceptable as 'me' that likewise redefines the 'shadow' of denied self - and seems to 'exist' in opposition to it - and therefore in opposition to the restoring or healing to wholeness of being.

The art of 'living in both worlds' at once comes from yielding the control mentality idea to the Consciousness Being. Which is surrendering only to true - instead of attempting to determine and assert power from an out-of-true perspective.  So first is the release of what seems or seemed to an open willingness or receptivity - within the movement of the natural desire - or in willingness to reconnect to awareness of the rising of true desire - which is simply what you recognize to be aligned with who you feel and know yourself to be - rather than who you are told or have told yourself you should be - and may be characterised by a quality of connected joy that may or may not associate with that term - but is a truly Felt Quality of Being rather than a private think. Then whatever you are doing, you are living from who you are and your presence gifts the world. Whether others pick up on that is a matter of resonance - but you will meet a different 'world' through presence than the world of mis-timings and mis-alignments that are forever seeming promising and disappointing until wearying the game of the candle.

Thinking Alone?

"We are Alone!" said one to another

Thinking alone - is a choice not to join with. But such thoughts still share and join with everything of a like frequency - generating experience of a world of isolated combatants in a world of separate 'things'. 'A lead role in a cage'. If that is where you current desire is - then that's where you defend - but if you ever question where your thoughts  are coming from and whether they speak for who you really are - then there is always another way to look at the Life that is all that is here - regardless how you look on it. I don't have that sense of Life as boring 'oneness' because Its experience of Itself is Infinite.

The richness, complexity and depth of feeling in being alive and awake has nothing to do with boring - and oneness is very much misused by private lonely thinking to escape 'negativity' which is nothing to to with a unified sense of who you feel and know yourself to be in any and every moment.

The direction I attempt to illuminate, is of escaping from a false imprisonment. Thoughts are within what Mind is - not outside or apart from it. But it is possible to BELIEVE thought to be separated off and different - and run with it and make a self on it - which HAS to defend itself from What Is - while locked into its exclusivity.

I'm not suggesting a wrongness or sin in choosing to think in secret - but that a real choice has to be aware of what the choice is between to BE a choice. The sense of self that protects its power to deny, withhold and segregate does not allow awareness of anything that exposes its true relationship.

This is what we are making a world of; denial, suppression and a lonely sense of 'power'. It is a complex mind-trap that has terror and rage in its imprint - but which is healed in laughter. But the laughter is a gift of true perspective.

Life is already a gift. The meanings we give to it are the thoughts and beliefs we choose to accept. But until we wake up to our true response-ability - we run on the meanings that are imprinted and conditioned - as if they are fixed, locked in and unquestionable.

I'm not trying to change your or anyone's mind - but reflecting within the dream that you Are Mind  in act of focus - and that - at that level you have freedom and perspective to transform your experience and relationship with Everything - and it is challenging, exciting and enlivening. It is your life - and your gift to live it that automatically shares - or creates a different world. But of course if you take the words at the surface form and try to fit them into the caged mind - it will turn out to be meaningless bullshit like everything else in a meaningless mindset.


How can you use the term 'we' as alone?
Nothing is alone, but the wish to experience an independent capacity of self-experiencing can run as the belief it is.
Location is a variable within the total idea of what something is - therefore changing the location is a change of focus - not a result of a 'moving' object.

The physical mind translates everything (translatable) into linear space time terms of experience. That's its function. But the non physical is not translatable. Everything in physical mind can serve the alignment and integration of that mind in 'Mind' or it can be used to serve a segregative sense of self with its disconnected and isolated sense of itself and the struggle for power that is its origin and nature - but not a true foundation.

Opening to Non Local Consciousness can and often does feel like a violation to the segregated self sense. This will rebalance where balance is sought.

Wherever a breakthrough of true relational Consciousness occurs, the segregative movement operates to cover, subvert, divert and redefine.

It is simply up to you to accept the meaning you give it - because it has no meaning in and of itself until your definition identifies meaning for you.

Everything - the Universe within and without, witnesses to the meaning you accept for yourself. A separate disconnected mind meets a world of separate disconnected things. I don't imply mere concept meanings painted over, but the template of consciousness by which meanings are felt, experienced and evolved and unfolded.

Unconditional Acceptance

Grey said:  

Interesting words…but is God’s love truly unconditional? Not according to scripture. There are things that our Creator expects from us, the “Thou shall not” list found in the ten commandments. How many bodies can one leave behind and still be forgiven by our Creator? Unconditional love? I don’t think so, unless our understanding (ancient Hebrews; Abraham) of Him is totally wrong.

There are many ways I can respond to that. But perhaps I will use Trauma and Healing to illustrate a point. Humanity experienced catastrophic trauma – a result of which was a sense of in some way having brought wrath or evil upon themselves – whatever way their minds went with it, the result is a deep Imprinting of Terror and Rage that conditioned our minds in such a sense of reality. The persona or tribe that seeks to survive and prevail – the survivors of Trauma who feel Chosen – are not open to the Idea of God as love – but to an Idea of Power that destroys and yet CAN save – if – you don’t step out of line.

While the individual imprint is evident in anyone’s experience of traumatic events as the splitting off of a fragment of thought in attempt to escape intolerable stress, the collective response carries the social organisations of giving rage power to use terror as a weapon over one’s own – as Notional Security ie: these acts and sacrifices are held necessary for the survival of the notional self/tribe/nation. This imprint has not evolved since it was burned into experience. Such is the mind born of fear – which is a false creation within the Mind created in God’s Likeness – ie: Creative Individuality.

If you want you can read the Commandments as implicit to abiding in true co-creativie resonance rather than as a social ordering. There is Nothing But God and worshipping imaged definitions of Indivisible Reality as if they are God will seem to make an Otherness and conflict within You – a sense of having got something at another’ expense, a sense of Other threatening to take it back; a sense of lack – in short the whole Fall or Separation experience.

“If you go there, a sense of un-reality will reverse the true with the false and you will hurt yourself in the attempt to reconcile them”.
Everything that is experienced is Felt in Consciousness and that is far far more than the tiny focus allowed a mind ‘inside’ a body and operating within the confines of its dictate. In that sense your whole life is already received as riches of a kind your thinking precludes from your appreciation – but unless you stop turning away from living relationship into the posture and imposture of asserted independence from the very Life that sustains you – you wont recognize the Life though it is all around you.
The translation of everything that SEEMS to be or have been, to an unqualified Acceptance in truth is a ‘Mercy’ beyond our understanding – but not our acceptance. The human conditioning is of a PAST made in anger imposed upon the presence as a present in terms of the past. That’s another way of saying we re-enact separation trauma over and over – without GETTING IT! – Without recognizing the distortion of the Creative and sweeping it out of the Template.

You may think that without guilt and fear – you or indeed society – would run off the rails and chaos would follow. That’s the nature of fear-based ‘control’ and it believes its own thought true. You can read Jesus as an Invitation to wake out of that sacrificial conditioning – for which there is no punishment – though all sense of ‘punishment’ is within its framing.

Or you can read it as proof and reinforcement of the idea of sacrifice of Love as ‘saving’ sinners to survive and prevail within a magical bubble that love will not violate.
The NEED to believe in, and hate and identify against evil, is not what I see in Jesus. He was very aware of the destructive effect of fear-deceits, and in the instant of recognizing a scam – he put it behind him while attending the Living. However, the nature of fear-deceit in our identity is such that I cant simply address this in words and change anything. I can only extend my witness to your willingness to wake out from deceit that MUST be operating if your sense of yourself and world is conflicted.

“How is it I am deceived?” If this is a genuine desire in your heart – then whether you call it prayer of not it will align you with the information you need in a timing and a manner you can accept – one step at a time – and in terms of Life – that expand or stretch your current definitions of communication and relationship – to let more Life in!

There is much revelation of deceit in the ‘ways of our world’ that is deeply disturbing to a sense of sanity, stability or continuity. To the manipulator, this works to unsettle and herd or farm an outcome. To the awakener is opens the way of uncovering the very self-same devices our own consciousness employs in maintaining a false or oppositional definition of sanity, stability and continuity upon the Life that is not allowed to embody and fruit in its true nature.

The idea of the Holy Spirit – is of your re-integrative recognition and acceptance to your Whole Original Mind – and as such is nothing more than your true signature quality – held in trust within you while your attention is engaged in a ‘divide and rule’ by which your ‘signal’ or channel of communication is adulterated, diluted, usurped, robbed, lost, lusted for and taken over by reversals of true desire that use your own power against yourself by unrecognized deceit.

If you want to be the one to send another, hell – then you will have to be the one to release yourself from what you establish in yourself by giving it. For what you give out is what you get back. As you sow so shall you reap. Garbage in, garbage out. The innate Nature and Law of Mind is unchangeable. Everything changes – but your experience of this unfolding Meaning is according to the gifts you accept and extend – for yours is such power – even to unfold a meaninglessness that is hateful to you. You can have what you choose – but unless you align with what you truly want – you wont know your own choice and wont know you can change it.
You have to OWN the ‘mistake’ of learning by experience so as to release it into a corrected perspective. That is how life works when you let it. Repentance in Jesus was not about sin – it was about IMMEDIATELY getting back on track and not looking back. The ‘world’ subverted that to be all about sin with the goal to be achieved in some future that NEVER comes. You do get that, don’t you. It never comes – and that is the deceit by which to SEEM ‘spiritual’ while bullshitting yourself – and of course trading a subverted ‘version’ of a simple effective understanding.

The Idea of G-d – “I Am, That I Am” was so Powerful and Awesome an Idea to the ancient Hebrew tradition that only the chief priest, on the day of the Holy of Holies, in the Holy Place at the back of the Holiest Temple – would utter the Name out loud!

Is that not the hiding of the “Holy Spirit” in a “safe place” from corruptions of the sinful sense of compulsive deceit? Is it not the hiding FROM the true by making it Special and Other – so as to protect the sinful or wrong-feeling sense of compulsive deceit while mitigating its payload of fear and guilt?

I am living in different times now – I feel this is the time to separate from that which separates us from our true Life – and not look back – or bind unto a mind of denial in the illusion of power that is blind to the power of illusion. I don’t feel to persuade anyone of what is not the Will. That didn’t work — it backfired! I do feel to illuminate the nature of the ‘choice’ as a current responsibility. For in a conscious awareness of the true nature of the choice – there is no choice but Life – and the ‘other’ falls off as meaningless and of no relevance or use. So you might see that the Framing of deceit is to divert attention to choices – all of which – maintain the lack of free awareness in which to SEE.

The loss of a true self-acceptance is the loss of HONESTY. It is your Foundation and no holy bullshit will substitute for the Real You. But in living the genuine presence of you – you can see that what is used as a mask of manipulation – has original true meaning. You don’t have to use the same terms – but you don’t have to give all such communications to the degraded use of them either.

The ‘Way to truth’ is as simple as answering the knock on the door. If you want a complex and painful process before you let it in – you can use time that way too. It’s up to you.

(Hang on I’m busy. Not now – cant you see I’m busy! In a minute – I have to sort this out first…. Another day – I’ve got a lot going on here! Go Away! I cant deal with this now! This is the last thing I need! Fuck off or I’ll call the police! Doctor, I have these symptoms that I cant get rid off… what? I have to take this for the rest of my life?).

Raw Life and pastuerisation

Whoever it was that brashly asserted rights to freedom from any oppression of the state etc drew this response from me

More exactly - he (Trump - but that's beside the point) knowingly or unknowingly works for a subverted or captured state - that operates more like cancer than a true state of cooperative communication.
It never gets us anywhere to focus on personalities - nor on transhuman personalized concepts such as corporations or state and its agencies. The root of the sickness is deeper than the diversionary tactics thrown up to keep it hidden in perpetual conflict - that brings on death in more ways than is obvious within such conflictedness.
The denial of Life is so built into our mindset - that we are mostly not aware it operates through us. We feel 'right' or 'protected' in the assertion of power over Life - but don't see it that way - for we judge all that does not fit our concept of Life - our self Image - as something to deny, suppress, ignore, invalidate, kill, hate, and be shameful or hateful in.

There is Raw Life that is presencing Itself right where you/we are - but the mind operates on top of it and as a result has a false, fearful and guilt-ridden sense of Life.  True Civilisation is awake to and in alignment and communication with what moves us Alive - not an imposed and directed narrative running as a 'matrix' of control managing a demand to protect from 'raw negatives'.

If you are forced to - or forcefully deprived of - ingesting food, drugs, medicine or toxins - then you decide how you are going to define and use that event as part of your experience of who you are... and who you are not.

The 'person' is not in control - and yet its attempt to control brings on the experience of being controlled. If we attract that into our life, it may be illuminating aspects of our own mind that we are blind to.

Perplexity in the 'end-game'

When J said give to Caesar what is DUE and to God what is due. I take it to mean there is a difference of two purposes here that can seem to conflict - but one of them is unconflicted in itself.
If you put your treasure where it is robbed, trashed, corrupted and abused. Stop! Put it where it truly belongs. As Steven Hotho indicates, true worth is something that you can recognize and extend - rather than get from some set of ideas that seem to be what they are not. (Or indeed get from opposing some set of ideas).
What does it profit a man to gain the world if he loses his Soul?
When the 'prodigal' wakes to the true nature of his wretched condition - he regains a freedom of perspective from which to re-evaluate a mind that before he was too busy living. It was a mind of independent private authority - ie: the will to power.

It is hard to articulate this in words because identity confusion is so profound.
If you choose to accept that your life is but a futility in an evil or insane malevolence - then those thoughts are enacting such a purpose upon your consciousness and will bring forth fruit accordingly. THIS is where I see you as being in control or rather in relationship with Thought Itself. Not control over fixing outcomes - but in being on purpose as to what thoughts you are accepting by living from.
Nothing turns out to be what it seemed and the sense of loss and disturbance is profound. I don't know where you live - but if you can get out into Nature - someplace where the surroundings of sight smell and sound help to harmonise and touch in at a wordless thoughtless level.

Loss of true context leads to crazy thinking. You cant change what you are unwilling to own in yourself, and when you have owned crazy thinking in yourself - you wont want to use it to change it - but from a deeper place, life aligns in different ways - if you let it, hang in with and stay in a place of honouring it. Lies are also used as a kind of protection against what one simply cannot face. Compassion is different from sympathy. Unless we open to allow a self-acceptance, we operate on a hidden self-denial - which is another word for lies. You ARE having the time of your life! - but the quality of your unfolding experience depends on what you are choosing to use it for. Lies falsely frame the sense of options available. Curiosity is willing to revisit ideas and beliefs that DID serve you to some extent but now do not serve you. This can be seen as a chore under compulsion, or an exciting adventure! There is always a choice in operation - and so there is always a potential to recognize the active choice and thus HAVE choice in whether to persist in it or focus in some other idea that is more aligned with who you now feel and know yourself to be - BECAUSE of having this feedback of dis-appointment.


Life in Earth or nightmare enslavement

In reply to Alex vandenBerg:
... In your view, Do you think humanity will ultimately be enslaved under a nightmarish, Orwellian technocratic world government? Or will we avert disaster?


We can all learn from noticing rather than reacting - even amidst the energetic of reaction. That seems a tall order - but there is no other hope I can offer humanity than to wake in place - amidst whatever is actually moving and own it. Not use it for blame - but open a self-acceptance in place of whatever thinking is invalidating you - regardless if it seems to be an 'others' it is still our own joining and acceptance of it that cuts us.

You are the unique expression of your own answer to this question.
What do you want? It is easy to say you don't want slavery and disaster while persisting to act in the ways that invite it. To say you are powerless and that you don't make any difference.

The trap is to let a fear of the negative become your working definition or driving force. If you are constantly focusing in and feeding the idea of want you DONT want  then nothing of what your heart truly desires can reach you - and still less move you to act forth in your world in a way that can be genuinely met.

If there were both these realities splitting off from this timing - which bus are you currently on?
Make sure you are at one with your choices and then whatever unfolds will meet and reflect the true of you.