Release the grasp, to being truly found in already Embrace

From a conversation on one of Jon Rappoport's blog posts

... I'm not seeking a grasp so much as to release it to being truly found in already Embrace - but I also see that a willingness to articulate a reflection to the the heart's intuitive wordless knowing can serve the recognition in others as I simply listen 'with everyone else listening'. Shared purpose is shared Mind. Being moved is not passive - so much as true receptive - from which the active rises and embodies. The disconnected sense of 'active' is already emasculated - hence the hard armouring and 'proof' of power seeking validation in denials OF the receptive. This is in fact passive - because it knows not what it does while passively surrendered to - indeed possessed by - a fearfully defined sense of power.

But truth rests in power and that is why it cannot be used as a weapon without turning upon the wielder. Forgiveness of a true Self acceptance can replace the sword. Perhaps that's a summary of what I just wrote below - but came back to write the prequel! (Non linear editing!)

To interest such as there may be I write in the themes being opened here - not just as personal response - though I appreciate sharing in a willingness to feel ideas rather than use them for combat!

Whatever is - however knowing or beholding to be - is as it is. The mind can encode 'is', within a framework of meanings that then come 'between' as individual amidst infinite perspective. So was and maybe, or even shall be, arise within 'Always' as if Always is fragmented to time out of mind - and 'mind how you go!' - or lose awareness to a splitting image of a compulsive inversion of freedom in the idea of opposition.

The undoing, recognition or resolving of all things back to source is their freedom to reflect source rather than mind - for mind no longer 'splits' or comes between. It never did or could but the desire to serve experience calls it forth.

My experience arises the meanings I give and accept - ah! but now is an "I" of the infinite - presumed and experienced in finite terms simultaneously! I don't doubt the beauty of Existence is appreciable via number, geometry, music and vibrational qualities of resonance, but that Existence Itself is unspeakable - and its qualities may animate living imagery yet are not rendered or defined in image apart from the animating desire.

To write this I am paused and aligned here and there to write an embodiment of balanced willingness for recognition and rest in the fact of existence - prior to any mental assertion of non-existence or any idea of beauty or ugliness. Not for my person among persons - but as a witness in which to reflect without distortion.

The 'how' of and the 'why' or 'what for', subside as movements of mind in question, to abide in the heart of knowing the very thing in its moment of opening to ask.

Then in a sense , together as one, heart and mind embody a harmonic of a unified purpose and the 'interference patterning' of denial and forgetting is no longer tuned to.

To explain anything in terms of something 'else' is to redistribute 'meanings' that are tributaries of the idea of creating something 'else'; something unlike and different from Infinitely Always and Exactly Is. Thus we seem to become something 'else' and to have all things serve and reflect an OTHER meaning - and cascade of derivative meanings.

The loss of Identity for a shifting image amidst the ever changing has a traumatic and tragic underside - whenever the absurdity of such notion is lost to the acceptance and embodiment of self-serious hate - for so is judgement however it arises to cover a deeper integrity of acceptance.

Who runs off with what? But there's no taking away of the chosen experience while it is given a negative identity from which a mind unlike source nature unfolds in compulsion to survive or overcome a dictate it does not recognize its own.

Trapped by the attempt to escape a falsely framed experience - but which nonetheless truly affords Experience that is chosen and - in time and timing - embraced, re-cognized and re-membered and in a sense yes - decoded or translated 'back' into its original.

This is anything but a call for stasis or regression. Creation is by Nature an extension or gift - "Behold I make all things new".  But to a grasping identity in image and form this is no gift but a curse to escape or shut down into a private mind of exclusive dictate!

What we dedicate, or use the gift for is not only 'our reward' it is our sharing on. To share the gift of refusal to receive and embrace - for the sake of a private 'creator' - is to give true power to the idea of creating isolation and dissociation in dissonance - within an illusion of power. But with all of the power we give it.

The idea of illusion may suggest something without substance that one can ignore. But the force of desire and intent given the illusion of self-segregation is perhaps likened to a 'Big Bang' or indeed an 'Expulsion from and loss of Paradise; of Communioned being'. The 'Fall'' posits a narrative of guilt feared and projected away. The Grand Project. The 'Bang' posits impersonal objective distance of 'billions of years' in place of Creative Existence and effectively air-brushes Consciousness from the scene.

But Consciousness - in its original quality is the All, is the being of any and all within All. But a mutually agreed redefinition of consciousness into terms of the personality structure of belief, emotion and act, sets a control boundary on what is acceptable as 'me' that likewise redefines the 'shadow' of denied self - and seems to 'exist' in opposition to it - and therefore in opposition to the restoring or healing to wholeness of being.

The art of 'living in both worlds' at once comes from yielding the control mentality idea to the Consciousness Being. Which is surrendering only to true - instead of attempting to determine and assert power from an out-of-true perspective.  So first is the release of what seems or seemed to an open willingness or receptivity - within the movement of the natural desire - or in willingness to reconnect to awareness of the rising of true desire - which is simply what you recognize to be aligned with who you feel and know yourself to be - rather than who you are told or have told yourself you should be - and may be characterised by a quality of connected joy that may or may not associate with that term - but is a truly Felt Quality of Being rather than a private think. Then whatever you are doing, you are living from who you are and your presence gifts the world. Whether others pick up on that is a matter of resonance - but you will meet a different 'world' through presence than the world of mis-timings and mis-alignments that are forever seeming promising and disappointing until wearying the game of the candle.