Consciousness Responsibility

Most of my more public writing has moved to the 'willingness to listen' blog, where it reflects on news articles and human behaviours in the light of Consciousness.

Definitions 'program' what we often take to be our mind. Operating out-from them and within the 'reality' they result, is the nature of our human experience.
But mind is not limited by its 'limitations' for it is by nature edgeless and timeless apart from the act of focussing and identification within idea.

So we may become aware of our 'template' definitions - whether by virtue of self-enquiry and creative joyful expression, or whether by the experience of intolerable discord arising from a conflicted sense of self that can no longer remain disguised by projection and denial.

Current 'news' articles provide the reflections of a conflict that comes ever closer home - for the resonances and relevances to our own foundational living cannot be ignored - at least not without ever deeper sacrifice of joy to fear's tyranny.

Awakening to the layers of mind that operate as our conception and perception experience, is part of the integrative realignment within Consciousness. I often refer to this as Consciousness responsibility. The word ‘conscious’ has been devalued - for who in their so called waking life doesn't  consider themselves conscious?

Consciousness is that quality by which we have or know or be conscious of anything whatsoever. Defining consciousness in terms of specific functions limits our appreciation of Life to the idea such functions represent or embody. But Consciousness serves the innate law of “Know Thyself” - for as you sow, so shall you reap. This is not really a time concept, for the reward of ‘self/experience’ is immediate. True giving is its own reward But the idea of getting at the expense of another is the idea of fragmentation and attack of one’s own Indivisibility.
“What you give out is what you get back”. Ingenuity can contrive illusion whereby one seems to get something different and thereby give differently than consciousness actually is.
That is another way of saying we can accept a definition or image of self that is false, limiting and conflicts with the true.
By the word that proceedeth from our own mouth (mind) are we corrupted.
Such are definitions or self-beliefs that are not true of us - and which actively cost the appreciation and sharing of what is true of us, from our split off mind that fears truth will damn it or annihilate it. But it is the split which is undone or healed and a wholeness of aligned being that then replaces a war within oneself.
To know thy purpose is to be like God. Hidden or secret agenda is unlike love. Light is also a term for awareness and is the First awareness of which all else is. This Light is not merely energy, but feeling or knowing, and is thus our true Soul Nature in Spiritual Expression. That darkness of forgetting operates our mind is not our sin, but our call to awaken. Sin is the choice to prefer illusion of private or secret agenda to a true and open relationship. But such choice is ITSELF a fruit of error and not a true result - for it is only as true as you give your truth to it - now and now and now.

Consciousness responsibility recognizes it does not know, having become confused within its own thinking. Therefore it pauses or yields its own thinking to let That which knows - illuminate the true. For the true requires no assertion or defence or justifiction to be itself, but is un-hidden or obvious to a mind at rest - and registers with us as the rising awareness of the movement of being that both moves us and is us. From this we can take this step wholly. Joined with this we have supportive guidance built into our awareness of the situation.

When we accept the thinking that we of ourselves know - we fall under the spell of a confusion of Consciousness within the egocentricity of our personality structure - until we notice that has been operating. Noticing is always the breakthrough of presence or awareness. Welcoming and valuing awareness appreciates or grows it in our lives. Using it to feed a guilt-script densifies and locks in the spell of an isolated loveless existence. But is IS a choice. reclaiming it as a choice allows a different choice. A choiceless choice extends through the acceptance of our freedom to be - for joy is not a choose-between so much as a resonance of relevance to the felt quality of light within.