Postcamp - am I on the right planet?

So much happens so fast. The camp seems a long way back. We danced every day but 1 to live music. The mud plastered and windowed strawbale roundhouse is a lovely place to dance though not large. The floor is a bit too shiny and smooth but is a rare treat (being made with a centre and radial sections by a few of us some summers ago). Camps are not communicable events but suffice to say that we all lived well together whatever the weather (which was a bit windy toward the end but not really challenging).

There are times when I wonder if I am on the right planet. How so?
There is such a pervasive distrust and fear of being visible and expressive of one's feeling being. I suppose it isnt hard to see why in terms of history, but it is hard to see why anyone wants to persist in being grey-safe and closeted or masked when the present opens to presence that wholes and homes our heart.
I guess the bottom line is that to have our freedom we must give it. To look upon others or the world in judgement does not invite witnesses for peace nor bless others in acknowledging their reality (regardless of their costume). Howso not to judge? Ask within and be still a moment. Look beyond what we think we know and allow reality to register with you in its own terms. Such is the miracle - a shift or perception where the problem is undone in our mind that we had been defined by as if it were real.
What problem? the conflictedness that always underlies guilt and fear, (regardless of their costume).
Why undo guilt and fear when they offer such deeply held tools for getting life to bend to our will or for promising safety?
Because the life that lives us is also our heartsong, and until we allow the gift of our living self to share through us, we will block the influx of new life and so hurt ourselves - or at least deny our joy and peace. These are genuine treasures - and our birthright. Nothing has to change for this to be so. Ever. But to recognise that it is so we must accept responsibility for releasing the conditions that we each have set up wherein we cannot hear or see or know anything beyond the definitions and judgements that until we know better, we call the world.
So I guess I am indeed on the only planet. The living world with you. Experiencing awareness that knows itself in all things. The fearful partitioned self idea that is undone to a greater living. Oh I dont always feel this. Sometimes I react into postures that seem to crush or deny loving truth. You must know what I mean. Here is the point of transformation. Not tomorrow or next week or a course or a workshop or a technique or teaching. Now is it time to stop time and talking.


Off to Camp tomorrow

Well its been raining hard and yet also we had an amazing bright full double rainbow - lasted ages. Driving to the Field under a big moon and the far off sizzle of electrical storms somewhere off to the south.
How different is the world when I am to live IN it rather than look AT it!
Mayflower Camp - I have written a lot and yet I cant really say anything. It is a journey. Yes life is a journey already - but the Camp brings me out of a routine sense of linear time into the moment wherein all is alive. Oh - here I go again!
So I trust that we sing and play and dance - but as an expression of the life that moves in us and not as something nice to organise ourselves with!
There are times when we have danced but little at Camp - yet that little has been of a nature that is so rare in this world, for we have shared love. Young or old; this falls away in such a light.
What I look for is to invite and nurture the conditions that invite - or at least dont obstruct - the freer flow of experience as living beings that we are.
The Dance is living Prayer - not of supplication but rather of opening and expressing a native Intelligence that the world has largely covered over. Yet this remains the truth of us. Lest we share it how should we remember?
Live well - I will return here in a few earth days but my mouth may be stuck and my fingers wont type anything but blabber.
in Love's blessing



Last Friday was hard. It is one thing to turn up, another to maintain presence of mind when so much is currently changing in my personal life. However Thalassa and Menousis (perpetual motion) had their first live happening and were great to sing - as was Joc Leagane.

Singing is salvatory for me. But my sense of holding the circle was that I lost solidity and felt somewhat ragged at the close where we usually feel gathered. There were other factors - and I guess I just have to accept that this is how we were this night.
A couple of days later I recall this blog - by chance - and write this much. I pass my 50th birthday today. What does that mean?




I thought to try this out - see if it is useful.

Sometimes to try something is the only way to discover.

I got a domain for my circle dance site:

I initially bought livingcircles.org.uk
Ok it was cheaper and I am hard pressed right now so I thought it was OK. But waking next day I know it wasnt good.
I am not an org. and it doesnt flow off my tongue or carry the tone.
I then looked for livingcircles.net but that was already bought so I decifed to go with livingcircle.net. On reflection it carries a singularty that is perhaps more important. The living circle is One.
Well maybe its presumptuous of me to take such a name but i asked for a name to carry something of the feeling tone of what I feel called to share and this is what came up.