Beliefs that make experience

Beliefs that make experience are not called beliefs. It is lived and called reality.

While the experience of acting on and being acted upon is engaged, the 'self' program runs, with the power of your attention and intent.

But your selflessness IS your love, your wholeness and peace - the very IS of you.

And while you can engage in thought based experience - you cannot rest in it - but by hiding truth and maintaining a hidden or private mind. And any such 'rest' is but illusion of peace - of false promise and no substance. For beneath its surface lies a selfish will that cares for nought but itself and its own ends.

Such a simple thought engaged with and given (your) life becomes such a convoluted complexity of conflicted experience that it has become blinded to the obvious and direct living truth - or even any association with such an immediacy. For the belief in the power of sacrifice is bedrock to all else that follows on.

To such a mind that begins to feel the Call, the Holy Spirit works within its mind - with its mind - to teach it, one step at a time, so as to undo the errors by which it gives its power away for a pain seen as pleasure. And it would not be kind to open the mind before it is ready, to the steps which it is not yet able to accept. Nor would such a step be seen as a step by an unwilling mind.

The 'short cut' is not to get somewhere quicker - but to fully engage the step in which the Call is felt - Now.

The teaching of the Holy Spirit uses all things. There is no way of truly evaluating ANYTHING - apart from the direct guidance of the Holy Spirit. And in such a true evaluation, you can discover what something IS for you now. It may be that it is not something relevant or needful to be attended by you, it may be that it is a nonsense, or a prompt, reminder, a touch or a remembrance. But this is of the Intimacy of your being. To trade this for an authoritative stance to take in the world is the original sacrifice re-enacted.

But in the gratitude and peace of loving is also to be the expression of something that teaches the giver of what he or she has received. This has the way of itself carried within itself, and may touch others so that they feel their own Holy Spirit Call.

I personally abhor the religions of sacrifice - yet am not as free of its tenets as my little mind would claim - or I would rest beyond all claims that seem to prove loss or suffering of any kind - while remaining an instrument of its undoing.

The willingness to make the journey of undoing - involves occasions of direct exposure to the raw hurt and hate - within a larger context of trust. The mind and its experience during such events is anything but 'spiritual' or spiritualizable. And among its voices are those that speak of betrayal, abandonment, and a tortured defeat into an abject loss of validity or power. But it is a lie - even if you have the wounds handy to back it up. To the lie - I say with Rumi - "listen NOT". Yet the mind that makes the lie believes it - and cannot not listen to it. Holy Spirit is the Mind in which I listen for the Heart and This I is NOT the 'me' I think I am. It is practicing the Holy Spirit that teaches me 'I am that I am' - because That Which Lives through me - (as all that is presence-ing itself in awareness) - is before the world, beyond the world and yet the recognition of the world restored to truth.

Who is here reading that has not love and gratitude for true guidance?


And it is the same for all because it is perfectly individualized to each equally - at every step.

Does that mean that we are really guided to conflict? No. That is to let the self in again.

We are oft guided through the enactments of apparent conflicts that are undone as we are willing to look upon them as within our own thought.

How could I ever have thought to condemn?!

(That is meant as the laughing away of a seeming problem - and not a serious question!)

NOTE: This writing arose from a conversation relating to the following writing by Rumi

"The Grapes of My Body."

The grapes of my body can only become wine
After the winemaker tramples me.
I surrender my spirit like grapes to his trampling
So my inmost heart can blaze and dance with joy.
Although the grapes go on weeping blood and sobbing
"I cannot bear any more anguish, any more cruelty"
The trampler stuffs cotton in His ears: "I am not working in ignorance
You can deny me if you want, you have every excuse,
But it is I who am the Master of this Work.
And when, through my Passion, you reach perfection,
You will never be done praising my name."

And my first response to it was:

The grapes of my body are the fruit I tried to make by myself - separated from the vine.

And while myself is unquestioned as separate, I resist Communication and suffer as if I am being trampled down and crushed by the misperceptions of conflicted mind.

In wakened truth I know this speaks not for the truth of my heart - and must be disregarded - that the truth shines clearly at its source.

And this Light is the undoing of the self I'd thought alone - whose struggles to regain the dark in which to appear real are logical from a premise of ignorance,

but in awakening I claim divinity and rest in the authority of the heart. I claim Self by accepting to no other.

My passion is not conflicted and polarised changing states - but is the presence of perfect love - perfecting the instrument of its expression.

Whose function and service is the ever and always beholding of the only and living G-d.

By this and by this alone am I.


True Willingness

True willingness aligns experiential opportunity with teaching.

But if using teachings only to help the 'self' that believes it lives within the world, the former may be largely absent and the latter may be experienced instead as pain or difficulty. And an answer will be sought or seen only in terms of a predefined 'me' and 'problem'.
True willingness releases the blocks that kept the deeper lessons gifts from dawning in one's mind.
And these lessons initiate transformational process in which a shift occurs and by which a sense of life is directly known – and which cannot be separated from in order to either inspect it – or think or speak about it - or indeed to manipulate it!
The restoration of true freedom is accepted through refusal to engage or employ guilt.

In guiltlessness, the Father-Source-Condition is Gracefully obvious in place of what before had been called the world.
In guiltlessness, the natural guidance of the heart moves at one with the revealed truth.
In guiltlessness, love of truth has replaced self-survival.
Yet what has been required to 'die' is not the life within – but the costumed projection of thought held secret.
Nothing has really changed – but now is seen as it is – without the overlay of self validating definition, commentary and past association.
This reverses the fantastic notion of seeing everything as it is not – as such fantasy is realized to be inherently unfulfilling – and its fruits are seen to be grown instead of - and at cost of - a true and direct appreciation of being.

In Peace



A sense of being denied

Imprisoned will is a sense of being denied, as if existing within a context of opposition – in which will tends to harden in self protection and act callously in self interest. It makes a version of love that serves to work ‘inside the imprisoned sense of life’ – but this love demands the conditions of self-will to be sacrosanct – or it turns instantly to betrayal and hate.

An ongoing sense of limitation can become an accepted set of parameters in which such a separate sense of life is played out – whatever seeming scenario that involves - and these can be more or less dense or confining, as long as it allows a sense of freedom to assert and indulge a private will.

The self imprisoned mind works to keep its fantasies, so as to minimise its awareness of the discomfort of limitation – and wants to believe it is in fact an independent will expressing a wish for freedom. Yet all of what this calls into experience is simply the result of active denial of a shared will – and this consequence is not somewhere down the line as punishment – but instantly - as the perspective of preferring a partial experience of an aspect of life rather than be in, and of, and as; flowing wholeness. Separated experience is got from an imaginitive overlay, set in a largely unconscious opposition to the current movement in the heart.

Opening, for even a moment, to a simple willingness to receive, (without precondition) is an expression of trust – and allows a reconnection at the heart that restores perception to the heart's perspective. From this love grows a willingness to look at the mechanism in mind - while it operates – so that the conditions of freedom and imprisonment become clearly shown. So much of what we believed freedom was in fact the means to keep our mind in darkness. So much of what we believed was failure, limitation or conflict becomes the means by which we are restored to true freedom. The freedom to be that we are – and to accept and express shared will – or the present and spontaneous movement of the heart in trust.

To recognise that we but imprison ourselves is a similar step to an addict acknowledging addiction.
From this acceptance can all else be restored - such as our desire discovers in alignment with the awakened shift that released us from fantasy and moved in us as both the call for love – and the answer.

When Nelson Mandela was imprisoned there were many who wore a badge - 'Free Nelson Mandela'. Every time I saw this I would feel the movement in my heart that said "You are free Nelson Mandela". For love waits on welcome and not on time – and I joined with the welcome of his heart by extending a welcome to him.

The result of imprisonment believed can express as loss, bitterness or a self diminishment – from which one then acts out in reaction. Yet to use the opportunity of any kind of experience of imprisonment to learn of the true nature of freedom restores peace, humour and compassion.
Such are the flowing treasures of life and such cannot be taken from a mind – without collaboration from 'the inside'.
Yet such treasures do they serve any purpose to a will determined to remain private, withheld from 'sharing' in justification of its own judgement.

When we have done our time, eternity welcomes its own.
But first restores our use and experience of time to serve the way of the heart.
Thus we can recognize what can be shared – and appreciate the experience of sharing – letting all else fall away of itself. There is much opportunity to learn and share of life eternal – here within the limitation to a world and self-sense of limitation. Not least of which – is that 'I do not want to indulge the experience of limitation as it costs me the appreciation of living truth'.