True Foundation

Know Thyself!
Until you know yourself you are operating out of false premises. What can you then expect!
The blaming mind of good-bad is not a reliable guide – or rather leads into reliance on a compulsive or driven behaviour under an authoritarian or coercive ‘will’.
The true/false IS a true guide. But – it takes one to know one – and the opening of a true foundation is the Beginning – (and the way – and the end – if allowing a foundation then brings forth in like fruit).

An insane confusion under false premises ‘manifests’ a straight-jacket, a prison-planet, a destructive intent masking in positive terms, a mind-trap, a splitting ‘mind’ that blocks the original or true function of Mind.

Like vibrational frequencies are already one ‘level’ or ‘channel’. If you participate in fear-thinking you operate out from a fearfully defined sense of self. (Note I did not say honestly feeling fears when they arise and embracing them). The forms of the fear-thoughts may seem ‘positive’ but the effect will be segregative, separating, and disconnected experience of struggle.

When enough people (reinforcement) get stuck (in defining their experience in rigid and fixed terms) in the same place (identifying in struggle) – they call it ‘reality’.

As long as you deny or invalidate other choices you will still at some level be choosing them. You cannot ignore the effects of your subconscious and unconscious thoughts just because they are ‘out of mind’ or projected and associated with ‘THEM!” or ‘Others’. Or rather, you cannot forever deny yourself.

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Manifesting What You Want


Self-conformity drawn from relational construct

Collectivism and engineered perception
by Jon Rappoport

My commenting:

Before you extrapolate to 'group' consider the 'relationship'. As the concept of a relationship is NOT the relating or living communication being shared. So the concept of the group.
The collective expression of infinite individuality is a synchronicity - BUT the conformity or fitting into ideas of 'self' as derived from the 'couple' or the group, or society - is a construct.

While ultimately this conformity is life-denying - for a relationship is only as alive as the life being brought to it - and if a conformity to a consensus reality denies such life - there is a hollow automaton in substitution for life - BUT the capacity to learn to balance within relationship is the creative expression of it.

An un-relational 'individuality' may be psychopathic - if 'otherness' has never been recognized as a gift of self-knowledge and acceptance or love.

Balancing the self, the other and Life is what Jesus points to in the two commandments ascribed to him but actually representing a core realisation. Life with an L being used for G-d because "God" has been so abused as a weapon and a masking of hidden and un-owned hate. Any form can be used to mask 'hidden' meanings.

The core foundation that embodies Sanity is not manufactured by any act or thought or imagination - being Cause of the capacity to imagine, think and act. And so a false foundation is a false framing of true Cause - such as separation trauma with which we are all familiar - which is of course also the framework of 'mind-control' instead of mind-focusing freely.

Taking some of a Good Idea and going forth in righteousness is the getting of an identity AGAINST evil - and this is a deceit by which to hide fear and hate and yet mask it in the distortions of relationship and communication that then ensue.

You are your own Matrix!
But in your participation within deceit your in effect playing a kind of Pokeman Go! until you tire of it - for it can Never Be completed. How can you know if your are aligning truly or against your unique signature vibration of being - (your individuality)? By honestly feeling for dissonance in body, emotion and mind and noting what such dissonance is symptomatic of. But you can only be and grow the current level of integrity you have available to where you are at - by living From and As it.

The exclusive identification in an imagination seared or scorched into your unconscious and subconscious by overwhelming imbalance of terror and rage given Total Reality and therefore justification, is like a wound up spring that has set the complexity of the world of war... to operate a defence against knowing who you are.
Your Creation cannot be 're-Given' but you can release any other 'gift' you have given and so received so as to re-Member and be re-Minded. That Creation is Itself Creative is in the image of its Creator - for there is no limit of closed system upon the Infinite in Expression. Yet the idea of limits or closed off 'mind' is obviously a part of a much greater pallet through which to experience.

While negatively defined - the self is always seeking NOT to have certain experiences - or seeking other experience as a sense of power and protection from the hated or unwanted experience. But it is not enough to declare 'there is nothing wrong with me' while a core sense of dissonance operates to displace it onto 'Them' or 'others' or 'World'.

Lack of self-acceptance cannot but manifest as self-sabotaging thought and deed, or leak out as hatred in a cold and loveless 'analysis' of others - no matter what appeals its makes to 'reason' or 'love'.

Whatever your particular imprinted conditionings - and however they arose or came to be - they are the path through which to be restored to a free willingness. Not as 'something you have to do' - because your past is re-enacting itself in your day anyway, so being in the desire and awareness for the joys you otherwise discard - along with the rationalisations or beliefs by which you trash yourself or stay small so as to stay hidden, is a shift of focus away from the maintaining of your narrative continuity within the 'matrix' of a world deduced from fear, hate, rage and powerlessness.

There is no way to overcome the world - because it is not there to be overcome - unless you are creating that experience by buying into the belief. Ultimately the meanings you encounter are those that come forth from your own Word or definition - but one can only uncover what is ripe or ready to be uncovered and reintegrated.

Seekers think to find or add unto themselves. It is the opposite. be found, and be true founded in the capacity to abide in the true of you - even though the mind a -tempts to take over as a power unto itself. Put it down, rejoin the dance and leave it behind.

Of course this calls for the acceptance of true and the releasing of false. Where your heart is invested in the false, heartbreak is met. Rage is felt. But if you are free willing rather than will-denying - then this is where you allow the sting of hate to be given up as foundation for power that you do not want. That is why it is false. Because YOU do not want it and so it is not given power to run your life. Hence the uncovering to what Is your Life!


Matrix Conditioning

Further rejoinders in exploring

What is the Matrix?
by Jon Rappoport
From one point of view, the Matrix is a central block of energy that is fed by millions of loops and tubes of energy—and those loops are all human actions that follow a script called:
“The human condition” is a fake image of the limitations of human life, plus all the implications and melodramas that follow from it....

Just change the static – aggrieved-righteous judgement-based human ‘condition’ for ‘conditioning’.
No matter who did what to who – first or as a result – your conditioning pattern is yours by your acceptance and validation through acting out from the belief-interpretation at the time. Own it.
Or allow it to predicate your life and repeat the same imprinting over and over.

Finding resolution or indeed reintegration has been predicated on conditions that have to be met as the form of the way in which resolution can be accepted. But if the claim of being Right is released from the rage that has this as its core imprint – then imagination is allowed back in as the steps and pathways of a more truly aligned experience and communication of your Existence – which includes All That Is – but does not have to manifest what you don’t prefer. You do not have to focus on what has no resonance and relevance for you – and if you do – and are – then it HAS and it is up to you to discover what is going on in you – in your beliefs and definitions of self. And in your larger agreement to participate in a collective reality Earth – for the matrix by which form embodies meaning to reflect to recognition and expansion is the Creative un-separate from Creation.

The identity-need to be exclusively Right – conforms imagination to only find and allow pathways that support its conditioned pattern. Only this is “Reality” and imagination is invalidated or denied any other communication. Such “Reality” has conditioned us over millennia to split or fragment consciousness over and over and over in ways that manifest as blaming others or world for the underlying imprints that we also enact as the setting of those conditions – and cannot believe anything that exceeds them. It isn’t just that there are very complex negative interacting associations – but that the ‘territory’ involved is generally of the kind that we want OUT OF ASAP by whatever means possible – and so don’t get to abide there long enough to actually bring curiosity present.

You cannot think your way out of a mind-trap. You have to feel through to a perspective from which to shift to a reality the mind-set disallowed but which now can be lived from – believed in and recognised in reflected experience.
Feeling operates a quality and richness of information that thinking cannot reach or control – but can operate so as to deny, rule out, substitute for and demonize.

Denied denials; beneath the covert op

The Matrix Revealed - The Nature of the Covert Op.

Denied denials operate without conscious recognition or acceptance. So denied hate is actively operating to block, undermine and overcome anything that triggers its imprinting of 'enemy'.

What we tend to regard and presume as self, is a controlled narrative - operating revolving door personae of archetypal imprinting as a script by which to rule or unify a warring self within concept and image of self - as a limiting condition upon overwhelming fear of chaos, pain, loss, and powerlessness or annihilation.

The matrix of total identification within such a self and world, is served by the desire NOT to know - and operated by asserting and enacting a narrative 'self-defining' presumption of knowing in place of a true receptivity to know.
Hatred, terror, rage, and heartbreak are all forcefully usurping a receptive quality of relational balance - while they operate beneath the mask of self righteous and self-justified non-surrender. For the most natural act to being is hated and feared by the (hateful and fearful) intensity of self-survival in narrative terms.

The defence DOES what it claims to protect FROM.
The attempt to escape from an 'impossible situation' reinforces the belief in the reality of the narrative definition - and the survival in such terms becomes the 'rightness' over and against a need and desire to 'see' the WRONG or evil, weakness, lie, plot, heresy, in the OTHER - and upon the WORLD from which one's presence is withheld unless specific conditions are met - in which case a conditional 'love' is allowed.

Everyone's world is a reflection of an inner relation and communication - and each play parts or roles in each other's reflected inner conflict.
You - the truth of You - is not defined or confined by definitions from WITHOUT - excepting through a desire to hide or present yourself in such terms.
Surrender is a term of subjection to an other. But yielding to true receptive-expressive of being is the undoing of the spell of point-of-view within struggle to prevail.

The addiction-aversion identity as 'point-of-view' as if it were individuality is a static sense of self; a refusal of transformational perspective that feeds of an apparently incontrovertible external sense of evil for it righteousness, whilst reinforcing the matrix or framework of self - and reality - definition by which it 'escapes' its own exposure. Exposure of falsehood to true communication and relationship is undoing and healing. But the refusal to surrender 'point-of-view' operates an authoritarian dictate while sacrificing and appealing to symbols of Life in place of yielding unto the Life that gifts Itself freely and unconditionally to your Will, informing and emBodying the Light of your Heart's desire. The reversal of the Life operates denial and denial of denial operates illusion of life.

'Waking up' to a realisation that what was taken as self was a lid or cover-story over denied and feared self - is an honesty of being regardless the symptoms of terror, rage, hate or heartbreak and the mess that they have made of a movement for love that CAN now be felt stirring within this honesty of being. Notice the urge to regain unconsciousness in the projection of denial OUTSIDE yourself. Is this the power that it seems to promise? Or is this the sacrifice of true power to a god of UNreality that can only operate hate to 'save itself' from the Call to Live?

We all have a part in victim-hood and we all have a part in perpetration of hate; we all have share in 'mind' as substitute for true Willing and emotional manipulation as substitute for true relationship.

A 'substitute reality' for true being is not 'DONE to us' against our will - though 'mind' interprets our life in such a framing as the basis of our asserted 'right' to do likewise. We do NOT KNOW our own will - for the 'mind' operates denial and substitution. That was the function we employ it to fulfil - excepting we release our subscription and investment in such UN-fulfilling futility - in willingness for our true feeling and honest desire to move through us - and so to us - as a recognition, appreciation and gratitude for existence - for awareness of freedom from that awakens freedom to be - truly moved. True is You are. Conforming to a denial script hides what fear says you are - but fear can not recognize or truly see, know or embrace You - spinning off to its own logical confusion. But You - in your totality are the capacity to embrace fear - for You are not a 'mind' as fear limits and defines in frailty and littleness. But of course your experience is reflecting your acceptance of yourself in relation to your world. But the term 'you' is relative here - for within the matrix of denied denial, love - or acceptance - has no currency.

omaz050959 says: (To the main article)
It doesn’t have to be this way. Time we became the captain of our ships.

Mutineers and pirates consolidated to become the naval power of mercantile piracy writ large in global dominion and subjection. When Sovereignty is corrupted - each seeks its own plunder and pushes the other under - unless to use as an 'asset'.

So what is the nature of our purpose, each, by which to navigate by wind and tidings?

Wonder or plunder?

The matrix of the model of reality as operating at large reveals plunder by its wasteland and misery. Blaming THEM buys time in which to persist the self-same collective denial we 'love' to say we hate - whist in secret, perpetuate.

However, in joining with you I can say that no one else has the power to live your life for you - though you have and are the power to deny your power by 'seeing' it in others  and in your world. Bringing this choice to light is not trying to force an outcome - but illuminating the true nature of what is being chosen between. There cant really be a war between truth and illusion. Illusion battles only with itself. Freedom is a choice-less choice - but a falsely framed freedom must first have chosen to accept the framing - for what it wants to explore or experience thereby.

However, once en-tranced, every attempt to escape binds the spell tighter. But know that the surface or 'waking' reality is not at cognizant of what is actually being drawn into focus. It was made to operate a denial or substitute reality - along with its undercurrent or subconscious agenda.

Reflections of denied desire

Thankyou for reflections,
of a secret desire
of 'hide and hide in'.

and denying light,
to be.
As ruled within

A jealous god
Asserted Me.
Nothing new
Fixed Idea.

Came thus change,
An opposition,
War to regain
what never was
yet seems holy
now it's lost.

Hate made holy,
Whole made hateful,
Death the price.

Shattered love
made hostage
extruded to its
body package

Set within
By killing wholeness
'Me' to be.

But change,
to re-cognition.

from false

Reversed reversal,
the lie undone,
but not to raise
another one.

Wakened heart
to love embrace.
The moment moves,
and moving,

In true of being
ever new
to be the very
You of you

Because - just because!
Be Cause in motion.
No hate-feared other,
but free embrace
as movement freely
feels to know.

Embrace rejection's messenger
for what is pushed away is kept.
while hidden.

False can only seem
while dreaming,
victim to a dream,
you chose, then hid
in loveless world
or 'Them!'

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Michael Burns


Identity in Story

Jon Rappoport's 'what is the Matrix #2 - prompted my contribution below

Recognizing 'story' where reality was given belief and allegiance is release of story as identification - because - even if for an instant - perspective expanded to a conscious awareness of what you are not. The fact that the 'ego' reasserts itself is not the point. The point is that the story by which a sense of self-image finds reinforcement is automatically replaced by the re-purposing script of reintegration - for what seemed segregated off as the separate and autonomous independent 'hero' of its script of self definition - or indeed of its denied sense of power, love or joy - which it seeks redress for - indeed vengeance - and due recognition as its right.

What is the release of 'story' identification - identifiction - but freedom to create - however - to put the new wine in the old paradigm is but an extension of a miscreative distortion in the same old script - no matter how much insight is woven into it - or how expanded its scope.

The alternate scripts or active purpose operating in story is either operating a segregative sense of separation and differentiation over and against Life, Other and World - or a re-integrative RECOGNITION and alignment, balance and timing within Self in Life, Other and World.

Although this is a simple distinction, it is very possible and usual, for a segregative sense of self to operate through the appearances of a co-operative unity, or the appearance of a justified defence against communication or relationship. For the root of a segregative sense of self is a fearfully defined sense of self - be that in any kind of configuration of the qualities of Life. And this fear is hidden and denied acceptance and expression as a fear of fear that masks it as something else - something against Life - something Other and something out there.

What I find as the willingness to recognize story and release investment of identification or allegiance via reaction is what might be called a not-knowing - or a void - in which the underlying denials are less hidden and so become available to revisit in current terms - which is the willingness and desire for true foundation made welcome by the pausing of the identity in the conflicted and conflicting sense of coercion and story-deceits that constitute the struggle within a divided sense of self set against.

Whereas everything in the script of divide and rule pivots and weighs on a sense of personal responsibility for control over effect or outcome - with corresponding rewards and penalties - the truly spontaneous movement of Life as a whole operates as a synchronicity where cause and effect are not separated in space or time - and yet the story of space and time is not 'destroyed', demonized, invalidated or denied. Instead the props and script, cast and scene serves a different purpose. Being specific, there is still the special or exclusive focus - yet as a unique gift within the whole - and corresponding within the resonance of its joy to unfold itself unto its Self - by living from the true feeling of being that joy is the alignment as the true of you - for a story or form of joy is no substitute for your recognition and acceptance - in place of all the 'rational' invalidations or relational disqualifications to moving in the true presence of your being.

However - whenever the old habit of grasping, possessing, identifying in and passing off as - kicks in - the 'matrix reloads' - and until there is recognition of what I might call false currency or 'something out of true in my self-definition relative to this situation - the reactions run in place of creative relationship. This can be particularly well hidden in the 'spiritual' ego - who 'ought' to be able to deal with or handle this and etc.

Instead of identifying in concept, there is a shift to purpose and that purpose is not form based. To align in unified purpose is to be the true of you - the true indivisibility and individuality of you. This is the gift withheld from a world made loveless thereby - for who withdraws and withholds acceptance but in judgement upon and over such a world - and that is hate no matter how well presented and so does the reflection in experience attest. Hating the hate in the forms the story paints is giving allegiance to the story of hate. Opening in willingness to feel - without giving the feeling the trigger to seriously harm - allows the hurt beneath hate to reveal itself. This is no call for sympathy - but true acceptance. Here is the call and the Calling - not in some fear-driven diversionary tactic from recognizing the true need. A call is a call when it is recognizable calling you by name and nature both. Dragging denials around while acting if to eradicate or escape or evade exposure is to become burdened and alarmed and deadened to the call of your own heart's desire for acceptance.

Don't just DO something - stand there! - and be receptive to a movement of being the in a sense re-gifts you as the revealing of your desire - as purpose as living and connected perspective - then - don't go to thinking in rehearsal that never embodies or brings fulfilment - walk our or dance out or do whatever you do - in this and as this one you recognize yourself to be.

This 'journey of willingness' is not a way to get there - but a way to live from a recognition you are not within the story but are the awakening of the dreamer within the dream - and are the Creative - BUT the pronouns I and you, are so deeply associated with the segregative sense of self and its triggering into habitual reactions - that I don't paint the roses red with the claim that they are red. Know by the fruits and share in the willingness as it naturally arises.

Freedom is not a Was

Freedom is the natural state of being

My comment into the article:

Freedom is an 'Is' – and mind control operates on the basis that an 'Is' has been killed or invalidated and replaced by a 'was'.

Mind control operates as ‘mind’ – and control operates as ‘freedom, survival, individuality’ or any other symbol or representation and presentation of Life.

If you ONLY frame your writings about mind-control in terms of THEM doing it to US – then you are not looking at the ‘back-door’ correspondences by which you accept mind-control in place of your freedom.

I am not arguing against witnessing that manipulative and coercive deceit operates via hidden agenda – but I have to bring it home to where my participation operates my experience – and that operates at a level prior to the denial and projection of self-guilting judgement.

The Projector is not the character in script. The projector of the script is mind operating through what you accept as true for you – which is not usually congruous with the surface personality presentation – for that was made to hide. Mind control is a hiding of and hiding in as a result of ‘overwhelm’ or trauma – that fragments into masking personae over and as the refusal of experience.

Those who study the mind with intent to control it observe and replicate what they think they see in Life – as if to assume the power of divide and rule. Using the mind this way loses what its true function is – and does. Everything that comes from a false foundation, teaches it. However, we can pause from reaction to false or conflicted ‘reality’ so as to feel and find our participation in our experience – which is a matter of yielding mind-control to a recognition of freedom from a conflicted and fearful sense of threat and struggle.

The term feel here is not translatable into conceptual code.


Embrace experience, without believing it

Written into the conversation opened by
Information Fixation and the True Breakaway Civilization

Embrace experience, without believing it via identity in reaction.
Notice the fascination with the 'dynamic' of conflict.
Feel honestly if this is your joy.
Align in joy. Allow what is part of you to find its true relation within the true movement - that identifies you perfectly.

Experience is framed or defined idea, feeling, thoughts and reactions within the Quality of Existence - that cannot be experienced apart from the Idea of differentiation - which is fluid and not fixed - and is free to re-envision or shift perspective through the embrace of what is - at is is - being the freedom to 'behold all things new'.

The conflicted sense of being operates a vehicle through which to explore and evolve self-concept. Which is never the true of you - nor truly the capacity to deny truth - except in concept, given belief.

The flip from an externalisation of conflict to the reawakening of inner-sight is the undoing of a reversal by which a segregative identity seemed to operate as a power unto itself  upon the denial or forgetting of its absolute dependence and inseparability from Existence or All That Is - by which Existence Knows and Shares All That It Is - to which you are integral or you would not exist. And the integrity of which is your divine inheritance to re-member or indeed be re-membered.

Inner-sight is denied by fear, by guilt, rage, hate and a sense of powerlessness.
If you say so.
Honesty to feeling is also desire of honesty for the re-evaluation of the belief defining and generating the feeling-experience that is not aligned with who you are recognizing as the movement of your being now.

The Simplicity of Living in the Now

Living in the now: It's complicated

My contribution:

Look at the heading of the article; a statement of the existentially obvious... and a narrative.

If you decide or define it to be complicated - why then that will be your experience!

Self contradiction is self conflicting and a conflicted or fearfully defined sense of self operates the lens or mind of a fearful and threatening existence. Underneath the psychological defences - which include complexity as an obfuscation are the original imprintings of conditioning that operate unconsciously and subconsciously relative the the surface sense of self.

While the evasion and defence of the surface persona operates - there is no awakened willingness to reintegrate or heal back to a sanity or wholeness of being - but rather the attempt to validate a segregative sense of separateness and disconnection.

But no matter how identified in an image or concept of self - it is not your being - so much as a construct in consciousness that can align with and in a sense channel your being - as you allow receptivity to the movement of being - which is self-aware - that is unseparate from all that awareness holds. However, as the responsibility at the level of focus within the experience of the world - we yield a false sense of narrative control for a guided and supported sense of recognition - for your vibrational signature is unique and you have no real trouble recognizing what resonates and is relevant for the themes you are exploring and experiencing as you. Unless you insist on trying to fit the fresh perspective into the old paradigm habit.
When you notice that you have been identified in story - you are at the point of choice - for you can use this 'slip' of attention to weave into the story and so resume 'normal service' or you can pause to appreciate that noticing is presence.
If you uncover behaviour that you say you don't want - then you do want it at some level or it would fall away as meaningless. There is always a payoff - but it may well be that it is no longer serving you as you currently feel and know - and prefer to be - but you cannot change what you are unwilling to own.

The complexity that underlies the front end of exchanging information on a computer network is mind boggling - but nothing to the complexity of what operates underneath the front end of a seemingly unified narrative self in a world that  seems to define and condition and frame the freedom of its thought and expression. However, one doesn't have to understand and control the complexity (and thus add more layers of identification) one releases identification to the recognition of the movement of being in which you are identified perfectly - but not statically or indeed statistically.

Yielding to a prior awareness cannot be difficult - but it can be surrounded by diversionary tactics that make a process of carrot and stick futility and struggle out of the gift of a shared existence - and I say shared because the relational context is the quality of the awareness. Being with - is the core willingness for a truly loving awareness because embrace and acceptance do not judge or reject a partiality as hatred or opposition to the whole - and therefore seek to hide the partiality behind a mask of complex deceits.

Underneath the mess of human denial patterns is a deeply held sense of un-worth. Nothing you can do can overcome or redeem or atone for a false sense of self. One has to draw afresh from the Well of Being and this means releasing the habit-choice of living from a fearfully defined sense of self-lack by not giving it the trigger finger to your reactions and so allowing a truly connected sense of action that naturally brings a more aligned response. But bear in mind that what is being denied is in a sense seeking acceptance - and comes to you as experience you often interpret as unwelcome. So a willingness to yield to a true recognition or self-honesty is a way to transform negative experience into positive or reintegrative outcome.

I only write in a willingness to reflect what you already know to your recognition and in any of this - if anything stirs such insight - let it be recognized as your recognition so that the messenger is not confused with the message.

True Union

Written in response to
Unite or not unite - that is the question

One aspect of divide and rule is the engagement of attention in displaced identification. This is like getting you to look at something distracting or compelling as a way of not noticing what is actually going on. So part of you doesn't have to know while the other part believes it knows. This may be compounded by the manipulations of others - but first you have to be willing to enter the mind-mask of a manipulative deception  and we all already are engaged and identified in mask or persona for this is a part of what it is and does. It offers strategy of coping with and surviving the separation trauma that is to one degree or another part of the 'entrance' to the human experience - at least as we are collectively agreeing to experience it.

A sense of seeming threat or promise makes a fragmented identity in opposition and feels right or justified over and against something or someone else that seems wrong. In this way we can be induced to act out and believe outcomes that are completely contra to what we really want.

The key to union is not getting Humpty together again - as a joining of separate and conflicting or competing parts, a natural but aligning in true purpose. The divide and rule purpose is a segregative and separative movement and is perhaps founded on the core imprint belief that you cannot live and share in your joy in this world - that is thus seen and reacted to as unseeing of you and treacherous - not to be trusted. And so we present a mask that partly meets what we believe the world or our society demands - as a shield - while also developing it as a way to manipulate outcomes without truly opening, sharing or communicating with those we are thus 'using' to get from.

In short we operate a withholding of the extension of our presence and a withdrawal from the presence of others as it naturally extends to us and so we operate a hate agenda in all sorts of ways that our front facing mask or surface identity is oblivious of - by design.

Union is already the nature of being - or its denial could have no basis upon which to operate, and the differentiations of perspective within being offer and open rich experience of unfolding expansion and recognition of being. Persistent identification within image and form is necessarily or inherently conflicting with the unfolding movement of That which Identifies us perfectly - and so the 'Fall' or separation experience into a sense of identity running contra to or not at one with the movement of our being - and this dissonance can be used to waken 'upstream' to the already wholeness or used as a basis to explore the idea and experience of ... power over Life. For pushing down and denying inner dissonance is the act of coercion and deceit that is denial - or divide and rule attempt to unify a conflicted sense of self and life and world.

So I write to invite the curiosity and desire for allowing a true foundation - a true movement of wholeness of being - to register within your awareness - as you - because such is the gift of joy and release - and recognize and appreciate the feeling, the connection and the freedom to live and move in your being - in ways that are practical and joyful or meaningful to that quality of worth which naturally extends to others, and your world - excepting your old habit and belief system operate to shut it down or subvert it to protect a fearful or guilted sense of self that you are now in a position to re-evaluate and reintegrate or release - as it rises in living your day.

And so you will see that the mind baits you to identify in thinking that is not aligned with who you are - and regardless where this thinking seems to come from - your responsibility to yourself is not to run with and trade in a false currency of thoughts, definitions and beliefs that demand the sacrifice of your honesty and  joy in being.

Nor to presume to be further along in self awareness than you are - and so respecting the beliefs by which you actually do believe you must conform or perform instead of sharing your life in the whole.

Wherever we are coming from - is what we are meeting and yet if we are looking to manipulate specific outcome rather than simply trusting Life to align and reflect as its its nature - our being - then we will 'prove' that fear is right and 'justify' our identity in the segregative and conflicting purpose. And if that is our will or current willingness of acceptance - then our will is done - at least in the local reality experience of identification - but it will seem to be coercive upon us - because that is the reflection of the idea of separating so as to have power over. It is actually the magnification of powerlessness because true power is the balance within all things by which to know what you need to know - when you need to know it - and to do what you need to do when your need to do it. Alignment and synchronicity are qualities of an already unified willingness - and relationships of free association do not guilt and manipulate, coerce or deceive - in order to operate in harmony - whether someone seems to be leading or following or not.

Awakening is to what already is - but with new eyes - always with new eyes - for our true foundation is not a thing moving through time - but an arising or movement of desire and willingness for Life - that embraces the use of time for the revealing of eternal or timeless appreciation - rather than as a fear-based locked in sense of the survival of an unworthiness of Life seeking somehow to validate its best attempts at substitution for Life.

I sketch in words not to be right or to present a pleasing or provocative performance - but to witness in willingness - for whatever we do - embodies where we are coming from - and if our search for union is actually coming from a fear of union - then not only doesn't it work - it works against what is already working for us. Getting out of our own way requires becoming at least momentarily aware of how we accept and run self-beliefs that undermine or deny us - and then project blame onto Them - or whoever.

We can learn to use Them or whoever or whatever seems to operate the 'block' - as the clue and opportunity to notice our own correspondence or participation in purpose - because underneath all appearances, the joining in purpose - and frequency of resonance is what operates. So if you want to unite or relate - look to what you are inviting by who you accept your self to be. Discernment is the key.

When presented with two alternate choices - pause! Because the framing of the mind in duality is the baiting of identity in opposition. Simply embrace who you are and live that as your 'choice' or acceptance of being the true of you in a way to honours all of who you have been - because it is part of who you are. But do not demonize or invalidate the choice you no longer prefer or feel truly represents your now. There is the error of self-hate and division.

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Engaging in other commentary to the article:

 Rachel Thompson posted:

Here is the solution. Everyone becomes a critical thinker which leads to the total rejection of easy to manipulate beliefs, IE all faiths and beliefs,ideologies and religious systems. We universality reject the either/or mentality. We overcome mob psychology and the effects of propaganda and indoctrination. A universal fundamental shift in the how people think is required to save ourselves.That said, I don't think it can be done. The masses are stupid. The elites are evil and greedy and nothing short of the above can change that. End result is we all go down together. We are looking right at but not seeing our own extinction. Normalcy biases and cognitive dissidence will not yield. Human nature has run it's course and the rail we are on is now driving us over a cliff. It is unavoidable. "Good by and thanks for all the fish."

All that is needed to fundamentally shift the way people think is for the false foundations to be exposed as false - that is - they don't work - are deceitful - and are propped up with coercion that demands the sacrifice of Life.
For sure there are some who find willingness to embrace change - and to embrace Life sooner than others who hide more desperately in a sense of power and protection against their mind breaking. So those who are living in willingness can serve those who are in need of help. However, the chicken licken alarmism is NOT itself waking up in willingness but still very much within the framework of the blame and power game. A disturbing world is appropriate to awaken compassion but compassion can only extend from acceptance of the same. The matrix-mind is a hate-mind operating as if it is righteous over and against evil seen exclusively OUT THERE. This is the attraction of guilt by which a separated off sense of power operates in secret. Such a one NEEDS evil, enemy and hate objects - except it is all dressed up to seem socially acceptable and mostly invisible.
I don't say this to take away human responsibility for communication and correction of error - but a hidden agenda is a hidden self-hatred masking as hatred of the other in one form or another. Releasing the conflicted self is an acceptance of unconditional love - but each believes the condition - ing by which they came to identify in a conflicting competing struggle of living.
If I set conditions that others have to meet before I will actually or genuinely relate to them or open communication - then I can wait on impossible solutions and decry the failure of everyone else to meet my standards. Yet we all have this fantasy world of a fantasy self that wont really embrace Life unless its conditions are met - and compromise in transactional relationships that engage in mutually reinforcing fantasy selves over against the world out there.
In that sense our thinking is critical of anything living and has to see what is 'wrong with it' so as to be the judge whose righteousness is awaiting universal validation.
Human nature has yet to significantly awaken to embrace and transcend the human condition - ing. But there's no time like the present!

Rachel Thompson replied:
the cure is universal critical thinking which will never happen.

"The cure which will never happen". Well what's that then? = No cure.

I hold that what passes off as thinking is spin - ie: that the first operation of deceit is not Them doing it to us - or to me - but my use of mind to uphold what I want to be true at expense of whole truth. Once currency is adulterated with false thinking - that mind is spun off into its own mis-taken false foundation and it 'sees' everything through a distortion filter and engages in power struggle with its own shadow.

Any solution that requires everyone else to change is giving off the smell of "I want the world to conform to ME - or MY thinking". This - I suggest is the nature of the problem - that we carry this self-specialness in all kinds of exclusive and polarised reaction.

A willingness to question our reality, our experience will never come while we believe it IS reality. One basis from which to challenge a loveless reality is simply " Do you want THIS? The investment in 'the devil we know' usually trumps risking a release of the 'known' in a willingness for change.

I say the cure is available but no one wants it - because the dynamic of conflict is so much more self-reinforcing to an identity founded in it (in conflict) than the release of such identity to an unconflicted foundation.

While the acceptance of truth may seem to require or demand huge amounts of time - the truth of the matter is willingness and nor waiting on circumstance.

Blame thinking is guilt-directed and fear driven. Being right is not freedom to love (freedom from guilt and fear) - unless everyone is equally right = and if underneath all judgements and narratives, everyone is fundamentally a journey of discovery, then even the mistakes are part of that journey - and in that greater sense - part of a rightness or alignment of purpose that is hidden even though still operating.

Instead of giving up on Humanity - why not give up your thinking about Humanity? Because one's thinking is considered almost as our firstborn? We certainly tend to defend it as if it is our self. So yes - I agree we need to open a perspective in which we can observe and re-evaluate our own thinking. If it floats true - keep it and use it. If it is nothing true of you, let it fall off. But if your hopeless and therefore worthless sense of Humanity is a reflection of your self belief, then I invite you to consider that that thinking is NOT the true of you and in fact is unworthy of you.

Seeing the true from the false is needed to drop the false and align in the true - and no one else can do this for you - though solidarity, companionship and synchronicity operate when we are willing to step forth in true worth - if not in the form or the way we think.

Rachel Thompson replied:
well said, only a few cracks in logic. Some nice philosophical wish thinking. This is true. I have no emotional stake in this, but human nature as it is needs to evolve for us to survive and it hasn't and there is no indication that it will. Looking at past human types ( and our own cultures) that went extinct and seeing we follow the same natural pattern-- that of hitting our intellectual wall-- I don't see how we won't follow though to the logical conclusion. We are not immune to or above our own nature or planetary nature. Humans aren't exceptional, we are of our environment and evolution; a process that doesn't necessarily continue in time with a species' survival needs. That's a hard reality. There is no cure. Humans are not forever, no species is.

 Why not engage with me in what you see as the cracks in logic rather than dismissively brush them aside as if you have no emotional stake?

Evolution has not really occurred in human history in the way our presumption to exceptionalism, self-specialness and control paint it. What has occurred is a process of fragmentation of Consciousness in which the technos of 'define so as to command and control' has consolidated itself at the cost of whole Souled living.

Of course if looking through a mechanism (accorded power to judge over and assert power over) - one arrives at a mechanical outcome - or a loveless and therefore destructive and degraded outcome.

Evolution is not the coercive imprinting of conformity and subjection to a supposed technocratic new world order in which emergent and technologically extended manipulations degrade humanity to robot serfs or replace with robots - while pharming the living for sickness and war in the name of their protection and power against terrors of whatever nature.

A qualitative shift of perspective to a fresh foundation is an Individual willingness - and cannot be 'organized' or 'collectivised' and so the mind-in-power cannot see it at all - ergo - it has no reality or validity - nice philosophical wish thinking.

Yet I assert that denied and secret hate generates 'nice philosophical wish thinking' as the mask it must present to justify the persistence of its active undermining denial persona.

The exposure of the hate will of course seem to be EVERYONE Else's business - but if I can invite a pause of investment and identity in blame - what is our personal participation.
Your head will not tell you - because you employed it to keep this from you - your heart knows - but the head-control denies it. The denial of the heart is another phrase for being beside yourself or out of your mind - and running in a displacement 'reality'. Letting back into wholeness is not a strategy of power struggle - but a recognition that the identity in power struggle is our part in the cause and effect of human insanity.

Neither vengeance nor terror can listen to this for neither will let go of what they believe is Necessary power and Necessary protection  and any attempt to push on them will generate blocks of polarised breakdown of fragmentation. Only willingness for communication can actually communicate. All else is 'power struggle'. True communication includes heart acceptance. Ideas running that have noting real to substantiate them except masked rage and terror operate heart denial - or hate.
If you glimpse that your mind is operating a hate agenda - and don't hide it in a blame agenda - then you have a basis for realigning in a true foundation... or perhaps reinforcing a false with increased 'justifictions'.

This is our living Now - and not some model of linear compulsion by which to present only a face that supports identity in self-image - which inherently rejects anything that does not 'agree' or support its believed necessity.

So I am agreeing with you in significant respects - of being painted into a  corner from which no escape can be found - in terms of our current framing of imagination and identity. That's our difference; I live the answer that the problem exposes as the call for correction or healing... in myself. Where the mind-trick of looking first to see what everyone else is doing operates the delay and diversionary tactic to feeling and knowing our heart's call. Denial. Denial. Denial. Not to engage battle with - but to recognize as something essentially meaningless to who I now accept myself to be - for I want to embrace Life on Earth and live that choice from a balanced flow of heart and mind - instead of the controlled narrative mind that baits and triggers emotional reaction to fuel the allegiance to feed and protect the narrative at expense of the truly lived and shared.


What is Spirituality?

What is the real meaning - of anything - IS an undefended curiosity and willingness that embodies spirituality. Being with the real in yourself and others is spirituality.

The presumptions of self-assertive identity are not receptive or relational - they are defences passing off as socially or personally justified

Regardless the forms and the meanings assigned or associated with the forms, true perspective is the extension of Meaning to relations and not the sacrifice and denial of relations to conform to ideas of spirituality or of anything else.

The attempt to validate or justify any identity is the extension of self doubt within a mask of social agreements and definitions - including the conformity or mimicry of ideas and forms of 'spirituality'.

In other words there is an untrue overlay of meanings or mind - given the status of reality and the determiner of reality - as a result of separation trauma of fear, guilt, and rage in which split mind fragments to reflect such a world of deceits in which to hide a loveless agenda - and to hide from a loveless agenda. But love remains Itself and NOT what a fearful mind has 'made of it'. Recognition of love - regardless of names and languages remains original nature and original communication. But mutually agreed definitions of 'love' or Life or truth all operate to deny love's recognition via a filtering distortion of fear driven mis identification - that defends itself against truth in the name and form of believed and defined truth.

But we - and our world are only truly identified and defined in the intimate recognition and appreciation of love extending - which is never an isolation or rejection of life in existence - but its embrace.

The person is not who you are or 'spiritualisable', save-able or enlighten-able - excepting this: it can become a channel or an instrument of free willing communication the extends THROUGH it and reflects to who you truly are as recognisable worthiness of love's awareness. Because it us your function to extend the Meaning that is the gift of free willing presence and recognise your 'self' in All. Not your personality - but your true source and nature.

What then of that which is NOT true of you? Put it behind thee - but not in self-judgement of hatred and vengeance - but by holding to clear and unified purpose that arises spontaneously as the movement of your being - when you are no longer giving protection and allegiance to the insane attempt to control Life as if you could or must in order to 'survive' a chaos of conflicted identity that you are unaware of your own choices in generating, blaming choice and willingness as if an evil or oppositional will has blighted you and your world. But choice and willingness are the remaining freedoms in a world predicated upon deceits of fear and guilt masking as protectors. You are always 'choosing' by the focus and direction of intent and attention - but know not the what you do - and so cannot choose anew while locked into definitions that fear set when you had no other perspective from which to choose otherwise.

It is no use asking the 'head' what anything is if you are desiring truth - but if the head is needed the heart will call and direct it to whatever serves. Getting 'ahead' of yourself or losing your head in a sense of separation from your true capacity to feel and know - is a kind of self-reinforcing loop. Calming down from the inflammation of conflicted and compulsive reaction is make a space in which what is real can dawn on you  - as you - of itself. Of course no one can put this into words - at least without inviting the head to persist in conflict of judgements and opinions signifying what exactly?

Where you choose to invest the love or value of your focus and attention is the measure YOU set - regardless the attempt to justify  persisting in self limitation under the guise of a false narrative. If you accept a fundamental sense of worth to that you exist - regardless what you may think - then there is a basis to allow and grow receptivity to that which resonates and is relevant to who you truly know and feel yourself to be. You are not here to live anyone else's life - but in the true of yours will know and be known truly. As a mask seeking validation you will seek to 'win' over Life and be blind to what you do and what comes back in like kind.

Because deceit is accepted currency the term true or spiritual and similar was coined. You are already a spirit - and don't need to think this for it to be so. There is already a purpose or function that Life simply is - and aligning in it is remembering the gift through willingness for giving. Be and share the true of you anyway and any way you are genuinely moved - but be vigilant against fear's deceits that hide your true desire from you amidst hatred disguised as self-righteousness. The personality level is not the true  reflection of Creation - nor an expression of true evolution - for an ancient hatred has never changed more than it form and face - excepting a shift from hate to love undoes the basis for valuing guilt and vengeance as one's justification and power.

Is it not timely for an honest accounting?

Where do I gather my facts from?

I was asked, “Where do I gather my facts from?”

Though I don’t feel this intended as a trick question I have to pause … Firstly I have to say that facts or truths are not applicable to any thing – excepting it serves true purpose – and that is a living relationship and not a possession (so they cant be mine – but they can serve to illuminate the true of me – including the devices by which the true of me is made obscure).

But aside from the terms used – where do I get information as to what is – or is believed or asserted – to be happening in our world and as our perceptions and responses to our world?

And again I pause…
Because where I personally go has occurred out of a willingness to know that is both curious for and needing its right relationship within the unfolding of events that can be seen as outside – yet are reflective of inner configurations. So just to endorse something would short circuit the discovery of willingness and make a personal assertion where there is no call to.

The call to joy or the call for sanity and healing is the recognition and resonance of prompts and synchronicities that involvement in any opening to a larger communication allows – if there is willingness to abide the discomforts and resist the judgements.

The circle of our self can be like an egg – both limiting, exclusive – but protective… for a time.
The cracking of the eggshell can feel like the cracking up of reality. A living curiosity moves from within to challenge what seems closed because the stirring Life moves it to move and grow in ways that the limitations don’t allow. And the Mother may meet the chick in helping from beyond the shell.

The disturbance that can arise in our metaphorical human chick as a result of premature opening without having opened guidance and support can be a crash course in growth – or just a crash.
For we open to what we do not expect – and do not recognize our self unless we are living a willingness to abide the discomforts and resist the judgements so as to receive truly.

A Course in Miracles is many dimensioned and yet one is the journey with the Guide to the foundations of a false, loveless and destructive sense of self – that they be undone in a willingness to abide through the discomforts and resist reacting in judgement, so as to receive and give truly.

The world is revealing more of our unconscious deceits and hatreds out in the open – and yet these are framed for eggo in narratives of good and evil – upon which all their thinking is predicated.
This used to work – somewhat – as a way of getting rid of what you don’t like and keeping what you do – all from a rightful sense of self preservation. But it isn’t working any more and so it has to fall away to let the new in. Thus a need to know that operates as a deeper resource than the sense of independence.

Choices or accepted intent and action, are framed within existing and active definitions of which we are often unaware – and so have no awareness of our choosing and feel compelled by circumstance. We may want this when we enjoy the ride – but not when it goes out of kilter and we cant get off.

the Internet allows unparalleled communication. The invention of printing as something that could not be centrally controlled – brought about a reformation – and the advent of the Internet is doing likewise… excepting that disinformation is no less able to use the technology – and so hugely influential cartels of corporate interest seek to undermine communications felt to be unfavourable to their interests whilst putting forth what serves their prevailing as moneylenders in the template.

For where a kindness can bring need and answer together, a private self interest can come between – so as to control and own the money supply, or energy supply or healthcare supply – and then to infiltrate government or regulatory bodies so as to make laws that protect them from real competition – until governance is but a puppet theatre and the flow of information is controlled by an illusion of a free press. BUT – and this is important – it all happens in concordance with the mass desire to be protected from what they don’t want to know.

There are a variety of sites I drop into or use that aggregate from around the internet. I had not thought I would suggest any in particular because the only thing stopping anyone finding is their desire and willingness to look. But there is a site that I feel to invite looking at whose approach is in chime with Raj’s suggestion that we balance exposure to disturbance with inspiration and hope – indeed realisation and knowing of a different order than thinking can assemble – even with facts!



Thoughts on individuality

A false and corrupted idea of the individual became the basis for a false reactive version of the collective. If we realized that the accepted currency of idea is the definitional template by which we interpret, perceive and respond to everything, we would also see how powerfully this generates our sense of identity and associated protection, and be vigilant against false currency. Divide and rule is a middleman who seeks to interject between so as to own or control the flow of information, energy, or sustenance. Driving the moneylenders out of the Temple was not inciting rebellion - so much as awakening inner responsibility. People didn't get it then or now - because thought is working from a divided individuality (oxymoron) seeking validation and protection for identity defined over and against others.

Those working the scam are aware of what they are doing, but those below are generally aligned with a righteous sense of fighting evil. As long as such division is invested in for pumping up our identity, the scam remains hidden and active upon our lives. Giving true witness is communicating as an extension of worth rather than as a coercive trick to claim ascendancy in 'truth' or win a conflict of wills so as to 'validate' oneself over another.

Confusion of personality with individuality short-circuits true communication - for a persona is a mask over an inherently conflicted or defended and hidden sense of self and is not and can not be equal to the function of our individuality. This sense of powerlessness in struggle characterizes a breakdown of communication assigned to the symptoms without awareness of or possibility of addressing the cause.

The sacrifice of true individuality for the promise of power and protection as a segregated and separated sense of self is the very thing such self-denial 'does' by threatening withdrawal of allegiance from it's dictate with pain and loss.
The reversal is also noteworthy in the accusation of the hidden sins in oneself being vociferously asserted as the evil in the other.

The recognition of the false as false is its invalidation as YOU - and this dropping away of the false is synchronous to the rising awareness of You as an indivisibility - not as concept. Not as concept of individuality.

Do not be negatively defined within concept. As the expression or embodiment of true individuality you will be identified within a living movement of relational communication - and this applies no less to your inner receptive as to your outer expressive. Concept... carpets, curtains and blinds - while identified within.

The Thin King seeks to control and limit imagination within a sense of exclusive identity. This is maintained by identifying 'against'. And sets of polarized tweedledee-dums 'self-reinforce' each other to exclude any other perspective.

Your Primary Function

Your primary responsibility and FUNCTION within the Awakening or reintegrating Movement of Being is to accept love. Unconditionally. This is the awakened response-ability to the true of You that effects the translation of an apparent independence invoked or imprinted from a sense of disconnection, of segregation or separation.

The urge or movement to overcome, escape or redefine a segregative sense of self is its reinforcement - and hides in the forms of 'self-empowerment' or 'self-protection' that seek external validations and become 'negative cooperations' of apparent and conditional 'unity' in which no real intimacy is embodied or shared and underneath and through which run hate agenda in the name or form of love, peace, unity.

It is not enough to derive the meaning or the truth of what Life is Communicating to you as The More-of-You when hidden fears, rages and guilts are allowed to drive your thinking as a sense of justification Over-and-Against perceived and believed evils. It is not enough to 'stop' at the form or surface meanings that operate the filtering and distortion, denial and sacrifice of love's presence shared because That is the Movement of Being in which you are identified perfectly - but never over and against 'THEM' or any living One or Thing. Not even against the insanity of self contra-diction - by which one's peace is lost when looking there for answer or fulfilment, safety or protection.

The sense of independence is attempting to 'do' what comes naturally to loving recognition - and becomes an ugly guilt-ridden parody of the Creator-Love - in obsession with power-struggle in which hate is given power as the illusion that replaces or substitutes for love that is hated and feared as if terror is the Lord and any mitigation or abeyance of its overwhelming power to hurt or deny Life is given 'gratitude' as 'love'.

Separate from that which separates by firstly pausing from reaction in order to feel and know your peace in and of which to receive more truly and clearly the recognition of your call to joy, to truly felt living thought as a unified expression of movement of connectness - that is the gift of your presence to wholly replace the mind that sought to add to itself - and opened a sense of loss.

One cannot repent of that which they refuse to own or know - but repentance is the natural result of true remorse - for why would you hurt, attack or undermine your self; your love; your right belonging and peace - once you recognize that this is the 'gift' you are choosing to accept and therefore 'share' or live from?

False union cannot become true without first releasing the false of its status as currency. That the forms of reaction seem to make this a reinstatement of division is the 'temptation' of the old mind habit. From a basis of true worth can communication and relationship extend and reflect to share the light and love of Creation - in place of the lens of denied and un-owned or unknown hate and fear.

Honesty to our feelings has to embrace and listen within - as a desire to be aligned truly rather than enforce coercively in the 'name of a false or partial god'. Concept and image cannot replace the Living One. But concept and image can be re-aligned to the movement of the call to joy.

Life is already in the act of knowing Itself through the movement of its unfolding unto Itself.

Free will is not oppositional but freely given willingness. True sovereignty is the extension of an Infinite Individuality - in unique and rich expression and reflection. The blaming of the will operates the guilt-denial of your true feeling awareness. Let an acceptance replace the self-judgement as the willingness to be truly moved - and turn from the old-mind habit freely - without conflict or argument - every time you notice its pattern. Every time you notice the feeling of being out of your connected peace. Unified form is not unified purpose. Hold to Living Purpose and let the form serve a true reflection.