Embrace experience, without believing it

Written into the conversation opened by
Information Fixation and the True Breakaway Civilization

Embrace experience, without believing it via identity in reaction.
Notice the fascination with the 'dynamic' of conflict.
Feel honestly if this is your joy.
Align in joy. Allow what is part of you to find its true relation within the true movement - that identifies you perfectly.

Experience is framed or defined idea, feeling, thoughts and reactions within the Quality of Existence - that cannot be experienced apart from the Idea of differentiation - which is fluid and not fixed - and is free to re-envision or shift perspective through the embrace of what is - at is is - being the freedom to 'behold all things new'.

The conflicted sense of being operates a vehicle through which to explore and evolve self-concept. Which is never the true of you - nor truly the capacity to deny truth - except in concept, given belief.

The flip from an externalisation of conflict to the reawakening of inner-sight is the undoing of a reversal by which a segregative identity seemed to operate as a power unto itself  upon the denial or forgetting of its absolute dependence and inseparability from Existence or All That Is - by which Existence Knows and Shares All That It Is - to which you are integral or you would not exist. And the integrity of which is your divine inheritance to re-member or indeed be re-membered.

Inner-sight is denied by fear, by guilt, rage, hate and a sense of powerlessness.
If you say so.
Honesty to feeling is also desire of honesty for the re-evaluation of the belief defining and generating the feeling-experience that is not aligned with who you are recognizing as the movement of your being now.