True Foundation

Know Thyself!
Until you know yourself you are operating out of false premises. What can you then expect!
The blaming mind of good-bad is not a reliable guide – or rather leads into reliance on a compulsive or driven behaviour under an authoritarian or coercive ‘will’.
The true/false IS a true guide. But – it takes one to know one – and the opening of a true foundation is the Beginning – (and the way – and the end – if allowing a foundation then brings forth in like fruit).

An insane confusion under false premises ‘manifests’ a straight-jacket, a prison-planet, a destructive intent masking in positive terms, a mind-trap, a splitting ‘mind’ that blocks the original or true function of Mind.

Like vibrational frequencies are already one ‘level’ or ‘channel’. If you participate in fear-thinking you operate out from a fearfully defined sense of self. (Note I did not say honestly feeling fears when they arise and embracing them). The forms of the fear-thoughts may seem ‘positive’ but the effect will be segregative, separating, and disconnected experience of struggle.

When enough people (reinforcement) get stuck (in defining their experience in rigid and fixed terms) in the same place (identifying in struggle) – they call it ‘reality’.

As long as you deny or invalidate other choices you will still at some level be choosing them. You cannot ignore the effects of your subconscious and unconscious thoughts just because they are ‘out of mind’ or projected and associated with ‘THEM!” or ‘Others’. Or rather, you cannot forever deny yourself.

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