Where are we from? How do we know?

Waking times had an article on 'our Spiritual Origins'

I felt to join in with the idea being raised and then also to join with another commenter in points they raised. The article posits a narrative in terms of a conceptual inheritance that may serve those who resonate with that approach. I felt to offer something from within this moment to reach within the moment of the readers recognition - rather than via ideas of a sense of separate parts. To share in a consciousness perspective rather than reinforce ideas about consciousness as if it was an it.

- - -

The power to 'forget' is a facet of the differentiating and focusing that serves the Movement of Being "know thyself".
By believing you are what you are NOT and defending against awareness of 'what you Are', a mind or identity of a segregated existence is generated through which to experience All That Is, through a glass darkly - that is, through a lens of filter and distortion.
What you are NOT is essentially your image, concept or definition of yourself. Yet this for most is their predicate of identification.
First as one's thinking, and then as the conditions that are believed to support and protect and reinforce such thinking.

The personality based thinking operates as a control mentality - though it is a function within consciousness and not actually in charge. In some sense it is a complex of masks facing out and in, by which to assert and protect a fearful sense of self from exposure to its conflicted and fearful identity.

So the definition by which we experience ourselves separate ones in separate bodies in a Universe of separate things is not a fixed fact but a perspective within Consciousness.

Consciousness is Infinite and always in a sense Now - yet is an unfoldment or extension of Idea through which "God saw that it was Good". This quality of awareness and recognition aligns us with Source, where no amount of thinking will.

Where we are coming from will - in this world - seem to be as our thinking and beliefs and definitions suggest; from the past, from material processes of sperm and egg, from mythologically described levels of being that we may intuit or imagine, from cosmic explosion of random evolving process, from Something Outside this Universe that projected you into it - and slammed the door!

But none of these address where you are coming from Now. Where consciousness is arising from Now. Thinking operates a thought system, and everyone protects their thought system unless they accept a better alternative in which case there is simply the shift to operate through what works better, what feels clearer and truer.

No one can tell you or show you who you are or where your being comes from and is a direct witness to Existence of, but you can let it back into awareness through your willingness to reintegrate in Consciousness rather than attempt to force consciousness to fit the world as your thoughts, feelings and beliefs have defined it.

Experiencing the physical as if it were reality - period, is a surface or front end to a consciousness that also stirs within. This is not to say anything in particular is un-real - but that what you experience as your reality is directly reflecting your definitions of yourself - conscious and unconscious, and rather than condemn you, this restores you to your creative freedom, because what you are choosing out of true with yourself can be owned and a different choice embraced that is truly aligned or resonant with your CONSCIOUS choice of who and what you truly feel yourself to be. This often arrives through recognizing what you are NOT.
Your true being is tangibly radiant - for Being itself is Living Light and there is nothing else to be OF. The preoccupation with sin is a device of a private self-regard. A willingness to be wrong about yourself allows light in. Yet truly, Light has never left or you would not Be! Letting the light back into your conscious awareness reveals more of Who you are - along with All That Is.
Joy and freedom are not coercive upon you, but having discarded them for the attempt to be who you are NOT, for surviving and fitting into a 'loveless world', you now have to learn that you want them by choosing to act FROM them, until the choice for fear is cancelled out and your wholeness creates as choiceless choice - which is the opposite of the mechanism of fear's tyranny, being an Intimacy of Infinite embrace - that IS your natural state of being unconditionally loved. What is forgotten is not lost, but only misplaced. Where you look to find yourself IS up to You. When fears says Stop! Don't Look! You can call it to hush, for you are desiring truth now. Fear is transformable, transmutable - but NOT in its own terms of reference and not in a way you cant honestly and freely accept. Fear tells you something is out of true in your definitions of yourself in relation to a current situation. Hiding fears by pushing them down, is how to keep them and how to be in a sense sabotaged by them unconsciously. Honesty acknowledges a situation without coercively defining it or committing to such mentality. To NOT choose fear, is to pause and listen and feel for something that reaches to you that is tangibly of a peace or wholeness of being - no matter if it is a glimpse. It shifts.
You are NOT coming from fear - but what you truly are may be being experienced through a lens of fear. Recognizing your fear is the step to owning it and is a grace of noticing - for fear is blind, so YOU know by noticing, that you are the awareness or space in which noticing arises. One starts where one is at with what is to hand in whatever way serves to truly align in this very moment. There is no other moment, but the choice to delay puts off or discards your awakening by using this moment for something else.
Blessed are the poor in Spirit for though they know it not - or would not be poor in Spirit - theirs IS the Kingdom of Heaven.
This is what could be called a foot on the ladder. Blessing IS yours to share but you forgot. Trying to understand why and how you forgot is a way of persisting in forgetting. All things become obvious in the light of a true blessing. We only need to know what we need to know when we need to know it. Is that not beautiful to know!

- - -

in reply to the main article:
'We the Sheeple' says:   

“You may think you come from some smart apes or from no-where, however, wouldn’t it just be nice to know the real truth.” (quoted from the article)

It would be nice, but who are we to know?

For any human alive to claim that they are in possession of “the truth” is the premier indicator that they have built a reality from someone else’s reality. All this article does is confirm the beliefs of others who have come before and it is resonating with the everyone else who has bought into the same belief systems.

Everything to humanity is relative (to each experiencer) and nothing is absolute (as in “truth”). And being truth-seekers is far from the purpose of humanity. Many people spend an inordinate amount of time and energy in “trying to figure everything out” rather than surrendering all need to know anything and just “be.” What may exist or how it exists in the non-physical dimensions is simply none of our concern. Full moment-by-moment awareness of all the miracles in the physical dimension in everyone’s experience is perhaps closer to the purpose of humanity.
I replied to 'We the Sheeple':

Yes the mask of the ego operates a distortion - as if there is the real or officially verified truth, apart from all the unreal truths as a fact outside of Self. But you can read anything or receive anything and discern what is resonant with the truth of you as you are in integrity able and willing to accept.

What exactly is it that presumes to be 'human' or lays claim to definitions as to what human can and cannot embrace.
I am not arguing with your definitions but simply inviting you and us all to realize that such definitions as we accept and live out from, determine our experience of perception and action and identity thereby.

The non-physical is not un-present or intangible - it is simply filtered out, discarded, disregarded, in order to focus more exclusively within the human experience - which is never really merely physical, but is a unified blending of the physical within the non-physical. Uncovering this as a recognition of a reintegrating Consciousness is indeed not other than the embrace of the miraculous. For the instant of awareness IS miraculous - proceeding directly from Source and uniting us in Expression.
Everything is Already Given - but to accept it calls for releasing what we thought to have given ourselves alone and apart. What do we give? Our Experience of thought, word and deed, is the going forth and multiplying of the ideas that we choose to accept as our selves, our word, our world.
The purpose of humanity embraces all human purposes - yet redeems or purifies them by such embrace. Even 'wrong' purpose serves - but will not know itself truly thereby.
To be just, is to add nothing and take nothing away from the movement of your true being. Give true witness and receive in like kind regardless the condition or circumstance. Not in order to get something or know something for oneself alone - but as an integral expression of the Universal Will. And why Not!
Waking up to what we ARE choosing  - 'inordinate time and energy in struggle', uncovers what we must actually BE believing, and this embrace owns the choosing so as to be at the point of freedom to release what is no longer felt true.
The way of persisting in delay is to add a sense of 'wrong' to an thought or an action or identification and then be obliged to 'struggle' amidst conflicting self-definitions - as if the wrong has to be overcome or got rid of by the 'right'.
I offer this in happy companionship - to your 'miracle readiness'
I appreciate the willingness to embrace and include the physical within our wholeness. Thankyou.


"It would be nice, but who are we to know?"

Who are you - or we - to NOT know?

Of course what knowing IS may not be 'nice' or fitting to the desire to map and control reality in one's own image or concept - and therefore NOT knowing may be the required condition in which to persist the illusion of such 'command and control' attempts to integrate self within a segregating movement. But to choose, to consciously decide to Be on Purpose must be to act from what we know to be true - in that moment of honest and intimate embrace. If it is filtered by beliefs, it is still the active faith in the ongoing willingness TO know and checking in as you go. Thus a poor choice will soon be replaced by a better one and will have served to illuminate the better one.
Yes - the 'knowing is different from intellectually acquired or stored information' - but just as the term 'I' can be lived from wholly - so can knowing be an extension of a willingness for communication that is in fact already here to be revealed and shared.


Scripted limitation

The above linked article was in a news site - but did not feel a news article - indeed it felt chaotic and unstructured or rather seeking to make structures that I might call trying to put new wine in old bottles.

I do not write because I know something; I write because I feel the prompt of a willingness to listen. In this case I felt an impulse and wrote the following to it:


- - -

That an experience of limitation can be had is evident. That one is ever IN it is questionable. The mechanism or device in consciousness whereby to embody the physical experience contains within itself the liability or propensity for a negative loop of 'trapped identity' in a body - and in a private mind generally presumed to be in your head. The wish to assert private agenda in place of shared Creation can only generate a distorted experience OF Creation in which a Unified Will is hidden by the conflicted 'wills' of a split minded wish.

The world of 'powers' is blindly programmed by a fear that THINKS itself a power over others and suffers that power upon itself.

To 'escape' a battlefield one is not really in, is to pause and accept that all the characters in your dream are part of your script - as you provide a character role to others in their scripting. beneath the level of the character in act is the mind of scriptmaker. Beneath the mind of scriptmaker is the wish to be what you are not -  operating the distortion of your current appreciation of wholeness of being.

The character cannot appreciate excepting as the script dictates - and then only partially and fleetingly as part of a restatement of getting and losing. Owning the fear that makes the script is to face fear and recognize the beliefs that make the script as untrue. This releases them from the scrip and allows a truing up through the spontaneous correction of Unified will - that to the mind in its experience of a world is the operation of active willingness rather than wilful assertion. Willingness is undefended unto one's being. Unconflicted thought word and deed shines of itself into the mind that believes itself legion and extends the invitation and remembrance of a true freedom in place of a falsely framed set of choices designed as the denial OF Freedom. There Is no private individual freedom to be had. The idea of a withheld and uncommunicative mind IS the idea of tyranny.

The freedom to deny freedom is not the freedom to become what you are not. If the choice for Life is in you who ARE Life, then freedom remains your nature and condition HOWSOEVER you choose to use it. By segregating the mind in division of a judgemental rejection of wholeness that you alone shall rule, you have identified with WHAT YOU ARE NOT, and giving it the power that you ARE. All of this is kept hidden as your 'unconscious mind' while you split identify in the illusion of power as your conscious self and your scriptmaking and the assertion of the wish as unconscious self.

The script is a script for awakening all minds because it initiated the perception of fragmentation and disconnection of all minds from One. When fear is swept from the template or script level, your part serves the whole in freedom and appreciation. Being true unto your Self is the releasing of the wish to be coercive upon your Life - no matter how complex or subtly crafted are the mechanisms of 'justification'. Your Being needs no justification to be and share itself perfectly. But we need to be reminded of Who and What Life - including our own expression - truly IS. The thinking of the world will never give this for it was made to hide it.

Where you put your attention seems dictated by circumstances beyond your control and so you seek more control. But that is the mind in reaction. Observe the mind of reaction and rest while it fades. Observe the mind of baiting and deceit and rest while it dissolves. Let the Movement of your true being re-Member and re-Mind you in peace of a wholeness of flow, of extending the gift of Life you are and share.


The real Jesus?

Christians who ignore the real Jesus

The real Jesus?

The Jesus that you make reflects yourself as you choose to be.

If like Jesus you choose to only be as God is Being You - then you will put aside the persona and embrace the whole - which extends through you as your genuine presence and touches others in recognition and embrace of worth.

The moneylenders in the template are not personages to hate. The illustration was not a political act but a profound teaching demonstration of one's own device in consciousness working in secret that interjects itself into the currency of true appreciation and exchange so as to usurp it to a private agenda.

Jesus 'politics' are to give witness to truth. Issues of social organization are a matter of honest willingness for communication - but such communication is denied while the template is 'defiled'. Look therefore within THIS moment of your living to see the self-definitions that are giving rise to your perception and experience - for you are not created BY your experience though you can choose to believe this if you would prefer it to your Creator - Who is with you even now or you would not Be.

The lie and the father of the lie is to be identified WITHIN and put behind you. That there are reflections and symbols of this in the world is to serve your uncovering and owning of your OWN. THIS you CAN repent of immediately ONCE you recognize it.

Who knows not what he does is poor in Spirit - but is no less the inheritor of the Kingdom because one cannot truly disinherit truth. But on can attempt to assert and defend a partiality as if it were whole - at the expense of appreciation of wholeness.

The relevance and resonance to your need is the ears and eyes you have. If you have no need of truth but to use its form to fuel or mask a private agenda, then you will have your experience and be found wanting. There IS no peace in conflict. Be vigilant against the illusion of power. God is not needing praise or belief - but while you withhold your blessing, you will feel deprived. God is the love that needs nothing but to share itself. Creation is an infinitely rich expression of sharing - seen as a wholeness of All in All. The world of perception is a structure of belief - nothing more - but not less. No one lacks faith - but what is it invested in?

The real You is the point, and if Jesus, in any degree or aspect of what that can mean to you, serves the living sharing appreciation of Life's Blessing - then be grateful for the synchronicity and be not embarrassed or inhibited in love's presence as your own - strange as that may seem to a mind conditioned to judgement, coercion, fear and guilt. Conditioning can be recognized and changed by a shift of perspective.

Jesus is the Idea of you embodied, for you to recognize and remember your Father - your Source and Foundation. But only as you are freely willing to accept. God is not coercive upon Creation and THAT is something Jesus embodies as a wayshower - not an idol. Nothing I write here has any authority over the free willing discernment of YOUR heart's choosing. Nothing anyone says or does has such authority - unless your word establishes it so. Why give power and worthship unto idols when you Are the Beloved Son in whom Creation Itself delights? To make idol of Jesus is to deny him in yourself while professing him through a mask darkly.


The Touch

In giving
Is receiving.

In receiving
Is giving.

To separate the One is to 'get' something else. Yet the One is not lost - but lost sight of, while this 'different' kind of thinking and seeing persists.

In love's awareness such a self-divisive and contradictory act is clearly a pointless or absurd kind of attention or focus.

But within the forgetting of our own love, the mind spins in its own pain to keep out any awareness that does not share its foundation.

The willingness to truly pause or rest the mind allows perspective OF the heart (of the wholeness of love's true nature). And restores the basis from which to share Life as joy.

That we 'lose it' is the opportunity to notice our trigger points. The hidden hopes and fears that operate automatically, before we know it, that reassert the mind upon the heart, and which is never true, and there is no peace in it.

Choosing not to choose the mind of reaction leave everything open for the True to move through or rise as a fresh moment of appreciating.

In gratitude for our synchronicity


Unconditional perfection

To one who noted they suffered as a result of an inner demand for perfection:

Yes it is interesting to note the kind of mentality that operates for ourself - and soon revealed to be not a true choosing of self, or other, appreciation at all.

My own ideas of perfection will choose some forms and reject others, line them up in some ways and not others and though nothing real in my actual experience supports this, I will hold some image of 'how things should be' and notice what then is lacking and the image fills with rejection and abandonment.

But self image used this way is already the idea of rejecting, that abandons wholeness.

Every instant of a freely uncoercive sharing - where the Life flows and communicates through the forms of relationship rather than gets defined and locked down in attempt to fit an idea of something imposed or secretly held dear - reminds us of the Life that truly lives and helps us align more to it and giving the dead image no power to keep us from the Living - no matter how tyrannous, pleading, hateful or true-seeming its  assertion. Recognizing the deceiver is remembering to release it or put it behind us. Parleying in its framework is to be hooked and baited and taken for a spin.

We might think we have something better to be or to do that what is right here now as this moment of relationship, this situation - and THERE we make a choice to put ourself where we forfeit choice.

Every miracle-moment reconnects our wheels to the ground in a way that is no longer skidding or careering about in disconnection that then summons fear and coercion to make things line up with where we think we are!

Whatever we chose, it has unfolded something of our theme in life - the things that have interested or drawn us and of course within this are many threads. To fully live the focus of our life-time is to embrace and flow with what inspires and moves us JUST BECAUSE! - that is - without having to justify itself in some system of validation that selects this and rejects that. Being 'the best me' that I can with what I have available in any given moment as an expression of embrace, cannot fail - for there is no setting of of conditions to have to meet excepting to embody the willingness and desire of Life as it moves me.

God Creates us Perfect. In seeming to create the imperfect we have chosen to forget - and so that seems to make no sense to us in the world we think to be. In noticing we had forgotten love we are reminded by Perfection of who we are and what we are. But so gently as never to attack our own creative explorations of 'strange' ideas by which attack seems possible.

Acknowledging THAT there is such a demanding dictate in one's experience is a true step to freedom:

What might I be believing about myself that would lead me to choose to manifest this situation? - and is it true of me? is it what I choose to say "Yes - This is me!"?

Looking within may uncover yukky beliefs, but unless you choose to accept them it will reveal you unconditionally loved.

Thank you



Believing is seeing

Blessed are those whose intuitive faith challenges their experience, because our experience is a constructed reality of belief and definition, accepted true.

Believing is seeing, but of course what one says one believes, is belied by one's actual experience and the inevitable reactions that automatically follow on from whatever interpretation of beliefs IS currently operating.

The underlying 'reversal' is a separation device operating in consciousness whereby a mind seems to have become itself alone in conflict of identity and world in chaos that it takes as the basis to assume and assert power over itself and its world.

The intent to define and understand - in this sense - is an assertion of control imposed upon a natural order or relational unity, that has been and is thus being temporarily disrupted by the separation device.

One can symbolize this in story, and that's the way the older approaches to knowledge operate, in symbols that used archetypes to story the reflection of consciousness itself - that increasingly became disconnected from original context and became used more as modus of social control.

The reversal operates such that we become defined by our own conditioning, that is like saying we believe our own lies, become trapped in our own thinking, or fall under the spell of our own Word.

So it simply follows on, within 'entrancement' to such limitation, conflict, and disconnected sense, to attempt to use an externally mapped world of others to 'fix resolve or work out' its own 'salvation', validation, however it so defines itself justified or complete. The attempt to escape asserts the belief in the reality of the trap.

Curiosity and imagination that seemed cause of such confusion can also be used to question the basis of our 'self' and its corresponding 'reality'. For not only is there no separate 'god' acting upon or coercing a Living Universe/Multiverse into existence, there is likewise no separate 'self' - for all apsects play a part of a whole.

The layer or level of mind is but one facet and itself operates many levels at once - unconscious, so-called conscious, and superconscious - and we generally assert our surface consciousness to be ON TOP rather than notice it screens a selective focus of possibility from a vast range of probability of a truly infinite range of potential.

Human 'reality' is in some sense like a sandcastle upon an infinite beach - or a bubble in an infinite breaking wave - yet the power of the wave is in it, and the focus of the desire and intent that Life Know Itself guides, moves and supports it. For there IS no actual separation or disconnection from That which moves and gives form to the Formless. Nor can one use the vocabulary-ability of a separated self-sense to objectify or make coercive relation with it or under it.

Anything undertaken from the basis of a dis-integrating movement brings the reinforcement of a dis-integrated self and world; a self in pieces. Humpty the broken cosmic egg-o.

So yes; the willingness to accept that we (of ourself) do not KNOW operates to allow the Knowing that is the Communication of the Whole as the Part, and through the Part in communication extended and relationship embraced. The nature of Reality that is unchangeable is that existence is; and that the one is the all and the all are the one, and that what one puts out is what one gets back.

Such is Creation - not of a separate and separating 'god' but in God of God and as God - for That which Is is, but how you - as an integral expression of All That Is - choose to experience existence, is through the sharing of and in and as Idea. No way of experiencing - or rather - of being the gift-communication of experience itself is in itself more or less valid that any or instant or facet of Creation - not least because nothing is in and of itself alone and apart to be so judged. But what is or is not relevant and resonant to YOUR core signature vibration of focusing desire and exploration is natural to disregard in the creative unfolding of the revelation of ever novel ways to experience and relate and feel and know.

All 'self's' operate against their own Good when they are defined in misalignment with their true desire. Protecting the joyless by sacrificing one's joy is absurd seen in the clear. But the mind protects against being seen in the clear for fear of loss and of change of pain and loss, by which it has conditioned itself to survive against.

Coming back into alignment is also the uncovering of a greater clarity of purpose, of vision and of a more integral meaning from which to live and be. It is our natural inheritance from a prodigal exercise within 'as if' - for Source remains Is - and you Know "I am" as your own Indivisibility of being - regardless that the mind can play divide and rule upon its own models. 'What' anything is and how you choose to relate to it be seem to be conditioned and determined by a universe of cause and effect - but any of this can be challenged back to uncover its roots in the Word or definition/belief we put out - in the understanding that the collective agreements constitute a structure of experiencing that like a classroom, is not an authority to overthrow or a prison to break down - so much as a living framework of opportunity for teaching and learning in rich reflection and shared appreciation.

The mind of revolution/evolution can fade to the appreciation of mind as servant and instrument of truly creative freedom shared. It really is a matter of 'where we are coming from' rather than where we believe we have been and thus are conditioned to repeat round and round in revolving whilst ever struggling to evolve within such self conflicted futility.

Science is a valid exploration within the willingness to uncover truth. But without the love of truth there can only be assertions, coercions and war to establish the version that serves whatever it is that one is choosing to love INSTEAD. Consciousness is inherently responsible in the clear for it sees that it does unto itself. Questioning a version of consciousness that refuses to pause and open to revisit its foundations is not an act of war but of love, though not at first recognized such in a mind that believes division and control as the condition on which its own existence depends.

Love's peace or love in pieces?

The two commandments made famous by Jesus essentially unify love of God, love of another AND love of self.

I sometimes think of this as like a three legged stool - though I just had another image of the stool as love of self, other and world as the 'stool,' and love of truth - (God-Recognizing) - being the purpose that the stool serves.
(That God-Love-Being knows itself through extension) - and sees that it is Good/God.

But in truth the God you cant see, is the same as the other and world unrecognised is the same as the one's self made a stranger.

That's why there is no communication between the usurping 'self' concept or image and anything true.
It is literally a self-blinding mechanism that 'loves' to divide and rule - in place of an indivisibility of which true individuality is an extension.

Waking up to that we 'love' to hate and fear to love is a basis from which a choice owned can be dis-owned, repented of, put behind us.

The seeming self-love of an elitist self-specialness is a love of the dead concept, symbol or idol; of taking an 'image' or model of truth as IF it is living truth Itself - thus usurping our original nature.

The imposition of a God that 'Lords it over' its creation is the 'Fall' or separation of a split off mind. It is an identification with coercion in place of true willing.

The idea of love has been adulterated and devalued by equating and confusing it with a coercive power - as if love is something we DO, of our own power - because the idea of the Fall is that we are 'of our own power'.

One can say "I love you" and one can mimic or attempt the forms of (what is currently defined and accepted as) loving behaviour, but that does not make it so. The human 'failure to love' is simply the result of persisting in a futility - like painting the roses red. However, 'failure' can be woven into the lure of 'becoming valid' - by accepting a version of separation that seems hopeful and less obviously hateful - with a presentation of good intention.

But true worth is not dependent on works nor can it be disqualified by works - although attachment to such a judgement will blind one to true worth regardless. True worth is innate to one's being or existence but covered over by filters and distortions of a 'judge presumed to interject division and assert will, instead of discerning a communication within unified being as a unique and integral facet of such Infinite Reflection.

So while there is no communication between the false and the true there is an embrace of both, because they are both in our mind - and therefore in our perception of our world.

To love is our original Nature - but choosing to focus in the idea of a 'different and oppositional' nature is the prodigal error. The willingness to be a servant in my Father's House is met by the Father's Embrace - who restores 'Sonship' - not to a self-specialness of self defined assertion, but TO and AS the appreciation of one's brother as oneself in God.


The Cult of Jesus

Re: In a spiritual forum this morning linking to an article: ...IS JESUS GOD?
I felt to comment on what might be called the cult of Jesus - but which I feel misses the point in a profound way and thus tends to 'get in the way' of what speaks very clearly in its own Light.

- - -

If Jesus is righteous - does that make everyone else wrongteous?
If Jesus really taught ethics, why didn't he set up a school?
Seeing One Light in all is not giving equal rights to persons, but equally honouring that light regardless of persons.

Let that which interprets through the lens of separation serve to teach how NOT to interpret, by seeing it for what it is.

'Jesus' is released in Christ Realisation, and so 'Jesus' serves as an instrument or agency of Communication and as a model for you and I to likewise recognise that we have no existence apart from or separate from God.

All Souls are created of an equal love.
Human consciousness in separation terms believes it is split off and self-creating. The reward of such a belief is a temporary sense of (self-defined and separate) existence.

All men are certainly not born equal.
But in truth the Soul IS free to experience of itself as it wills.

The Rights that are of God CANNOT be interfered with.
No matter what, you CAN call for love's presence AS love's willingness.
Covering over truth does not change that it remains true.

Is Jesus Good?
He took issue with such suggestion.

Is 'The Son of God' the exclusive and special identity of Jesus?
One may assert such - but doing so merely excludes the embrace and sharing of such a love.

Is anyone or anything a person or thing in and of itself?

What is meant by God in the title? The God of Man's imagination is a concept in his own image. Mythic and symbolic representation serves the thought system from which it stems... until it is yielded to the Christ of a pure awareness. Then it serves a different purpose.

The nomenclature does not constitute the acceptance or letting into Presence. One does not need particular words or beliefs to yield to the Source of one's being.



I appreciated the interview on BATGAP with Darryl Anka (Bashar) and felt to add this comment to its forum page.

- - -

I feel to put in a positive appreciation for the Bashar material - allowing that ANY information only 'lives' as the intuited or uncovered knowing that you already ARE - but hitherto failed to recognize or appreciate.
However if there is a resonance, one opens to what one is currently capable of integrating by acting from it, and as a result even the same information can yield greater directness of recognition.

I had opening experience without overt or cultural supports for it and sort of came in the back door. No matter what one experiences, it isn't your own until you can live it, release it, forget about it, because now it is you and there is nothing to carry around or fear to lose or work to improve upon - though the improving of one's current experience remains a freedom of perspective as long as there is experience reflecting what Bashar calls a created reality.

Life brought me tools and paths of integration in ways I did not expect and obliged me to release my persona preferences so as to not shut down or turn away from the core vibrations of a living reality that had interfered with the dream of a life that ran before. Life still does!

Invisible companioning is a term I coined from A Course in Miracles and it doesn't need to matter what - if any - names are applied to whatever facets of an integrated wholeness of being communicate, guide, support and in a sense live or move through me - its is all Life and it is that which supports the particular expression of life that is my own focus or lifetime experience in its integrative process of remembering and recognizing itself.

The Bashar material is different in form in many respects but also in flavour. At earlier times of my life subtle 'spiritual' pride would likely have dismissed a generally LOUD and strangely intoned and enunsssssiated delivery that itself expresses multiple facets of the persona. Now I feel it no accident - but a specific design that speaks at various levels and in ways that deflect that which doesn't belong.
What belongs is a willingness to be open to the information without a lot of filtering and distorting crap and perhaps insofar as there is a layer of that it is invited into the discussion as content to be observed.

Resonance and relevance to the Living energetic of being is not a judgment involving comparisons and rejections - but a direct recognition or knowing.
This knowing is not ambiguous or indeterminate or conditional - but is a facet of the energetic presence of Life/Existence Itself - but its bread-crumb trail may be scattered across any number of various prompts, events, teachings, visions, insights -all of which embody facets of One relationship through which all relations are restored.

Ok... so I am not getting to my point that way...
As well as being a teaching vehicle or 'permission slip' for awakening/restoration to the One yiu have never stopped being, Bashar's perspective/toolset open all the awakening inspirational teachings that I most deeply value as pure tones in their own vibratory signature to a clearer and more ordinary light.

There is something about the religious/Spiritual cultural inheritance that  so deeply associates Divinity, God, Perfect Innocence, Unconditional Love with something NOT ordinary I as this ordinary moment of expression - regardless of opening to such grace in various moments that clearly were not about special deservability but do contain an inhibition of the impulse to recoil or reject from what fear makes of love - for in love itself is NO rejection.

Bashar extends the appreciation of an unconditionally loving existence without recourse to sentimentality or persuasion, for it is already true to the willingness to welcome and extend the Gift.

Truth often comes in forms I tend to deny because it comes to undo my own self-rejections that have projected a sense of disconnected self in fragments that can never fit because in their true Source they already fit perfectly.

This brings another facet: Bashar relates without pride of persona and extends an equality of communication that exemplifies what he calls 'ego negotiation'. In Bashar's terms the ego in its original function is simply that which serves you to maintain a focus in physical realty experience. a negatively polarized ego is what we associate with the ego of coercive and divisive or segregative and separating intent. Bring the lost sheep home is a phrase that comes to mind - although first contact specialist is also a good term within the symbolism of an era in which we are not just looking at space and stars, but beginning to interact and open communications of a higher/more inclusive order.

I found all sorts of Bashar online in various ways and also bought some directly from Daryl. There is a donate button to honour the source if others for whatever reason choose to share things on.

I don't ever feel to follow or give power to anything external. Be where you are in your own owning of the movement you feel. I actually feel this confers a true honoring and a true gift of presence - without justification or apology. Oh - and forgetting. Yes, there is that. But we are already experts at that so I didn't need to focus there.


A better world is available… right now

I believe a better world is available right now because I see that the world I meet, experience and share is one of definitions and perspectives. Whatever 'the world' IS can only be experienced through the meanings that our definitions and feelings construct.

So I change my mind about my mind - and it becomes a receptor of a conscious focus rather than a program of conditioned reactions.

The former is naturally extending the voluntary or positively self-integrating movement of life as a unique individual expression within collective agreements. This actually FEELS and shares a tangible communioned connection with Life - regardless if it is articulated in concept or paint or dance or whatever.

The latter operates as a negatively defined - that is a segregating and separating - sense of self that is inherently disconnecting from the Feeling dimension of Consciousness Communion. Materialism is the outcome of 'separating from Consciousness' and gave rise to the perception-experience of a world of disconnected thoughts, objects, states and actions - that a sort of disembodied mind then defines so as to validate and protect itself AS A SEPARATE or private agenda.

I say disembodied, because anyone who truly embodies Life know the Presence of Life and the qualities innate and inherent to Life. It may be associated with a body - but as a separator, or mask, or weapon… and as a dumping ground for unprocessed negativity… to be used up and discarded.

Merely rational communications do not tend to initiate change - for that kind of rationality is of the minds attempt to justify its already asserted act or position. Corporate interests and politicians know that and have increasing abandoned even a pretence of rationality. They merely practice the 'dark' arts of persuasion by fair means or foul. Using symbols that bypass the rational superficiality to trigger subconscious frameworks in which people generally follow predictive patterns.

But all coercion has a comeback and any apparent power becomes a weak or ineffective 'drug' after being overused - and will then work against the one who thinks to wield it.

Ingenuity runs out of room to reinvent or disguise itself - then it turns to sacrifice of whatever it has to pay in order to keep a seed for re-propagation in a new host.

I feel that if humanity is to wake up from a death-spiral it will be through the witnessing of a self-honesty, and of a willingness to enquire of and challenge every belief that we have lived by that brought us to such a pass. One of the reasons good and workable political ideas fail or fall prey to corruption is that of our very low level of consciousness responsibility. A combination of ignorance and arrogance.

Inspiration may use seemingly irrational channels - but always growing and sharing a sense of worth. Without a true foundation a house divided cannot stand - and one can cover over a true foundation yet it will insinuate itself into such a coercive attempt to replace it no matter what. Each of us can wake from ignorance and arrogance so as to serve a greater awakening than the tiny self such negativity allows. It cannot be 'organized' or conceptualized into systems that replace our relational honesty with rules for thought or behaviour.

But unless one can meet the 'power' of the deceptions of our day and abide clear in the value one has directly uncovered in one's own honesty of transparency - one will be subverted, compromised, co-opted, by fair means or foul.
Yet notice these devices and own what is ours - and they become the very pathways of undoing and disassociation within one's own consciousness. Then one is no longer triggered as one was before and has 'reclaimed ones power' from negatively defined scenarios. One can thus choose freely and creatively in alignment with a clear sense of what you are and what you are not - and others will feel and see you as a more tangible and definite presence.

The latter is the 'truth' that is so weak in the world - and yet is the spark of Life that can grow Cultures. Tangible and Definite Presence.

As it be thy will

One cannot change what one does not first own. This might SEEM to say owning guilt - but guilt is an overlay applied to the dissonance of attempting to be what one is not. So to accept that the loss of peace has occurred enables asking, enquiring, looking and listening anew. Here is the movement of a current focus that is like 'wheels gripping the road', rather than a loss of power and control in a 'skid' of disconnected feelings and apparent meanings or self-judgments.

If one operates under ideas of what one is 'supposed to be or do or not be or not do', then one is conditioned to attempt to be less than you are and indeed to become what you are not.

Releasing the 'should' of guilt' in oneself is the same as releasing it of another. There is no difference. Whatever one's brother does or says is his or her freedom to choose to experience and yet can be related to from a true or whole and unconflicted perspective, or from judgements that say more about one's own conditioning than about the other. One is not in a position to judge another and truly one is not in a position to judge one's self.
Giving true witness reflects the focus of a true appreciation or enquiry. How that manifests is secondary to that your presence is extended as an expression of a unified will - and not as a projection of the idea of a separate one seeking to put Humpty together again.

To reject any part of ourself is to un-own our Self - to make an 'un-known' of `self and  identify within the act of rejection or judgement and thus protect it against truly knowing anything. Thus one 'operates' within a 'world' of beliefs in a war of powers in which opposition and resistance to a true will seem meaningful, desirable power of protection or influence, and powerful in an of themselves.

A willingness to release judgement is also the willingness to own one's own fears, thoughts and beliefs that have played their part in generating the experience that seems to have violated or taken away one's peace. It is like putting down a sword of division and yielding to the movement of the hearts' true knowing - also known as honesty and humility in an acknowledgement of a wholeness of which one has forgotten but desires to be restored to.
If we pursue a focus that is NOT extending our true presence, then that will interfere with the awareness of naturally fulfilling our true function - which is not OTHER than BEING OURSELVES.

The qualities innate to being true are all known and shared in peace and joy.
But the gift shares as and to a willingness - free of coercive assertion.
Trying to hide and protect the separation as if it can be a means to safety is exhausting and doesn't work. Owning what is ours as a choice brings it to the light of a true awareness in which what is NOT ours is released, nothinged or clearly seen without confusion, and what is Ours is recognized in its true and Living context. Nothing Real is threatened. But the belief in fear and loss is to be honoured as a choice that one no longer desires to animate or embody or share.

When we seek to kill the messenger, we attack thought - and this is meaningless and absurd. Thoughts that don't belong are like radio stations one is not tuning into. If one is tuning into what one says one does NOT want it is because one DOES want it! - but the underlying beliefs involved are hidden or dis-owned. Being shown the truth of the way we hurt ourself is being given a choice not to do it again - and again. If the hurt were merely taken away, your very foundation of creative being would be taken away with it - and this is also absurd, impossible and a kind of thinking unworthy of your Free and Holy Being. It takes time to release and change habit - but it takes a moments willingness to be renewed in purpose. Being on purpose is inherently connected to, and extending of, Source. 
Conflicted purposes of a divided mind result in a world-experience unlike Source. The guide to getting nowhere yields to the Guide for reintegration and peace. 

As it be thy will.


Bible perspective

Isara said
Unfortunately the Bible is a book of Fear... Has anything positive really happened from what is written in the Bible? Wars, murders, violence are all in the name of the Bible...
Man created an image of God based on fearing God... It was man that re-wrote the Bible many moons ago... Man wrote everything based on fear, we are supposed to be born sinners and we are victims in this world.... Christianity did a fine job brainwashing the masses on religion. You must live your life in fear, since God will punish you if you do not obey....
All of this is lies.... God is Pure Positive Source Energy.... All that is and we are co-creators.... There is no such thing as a God that sits upstairs and points his fingers at you". That is fantasy... Basically we are energy having a human experience, not the other way around... Before we are born and before we choose to incarnate, only Pure, Positive, love, energy exists... Duality only exists on earth, so we can create and experience for our expansion. We create our own reality, Starts with our thoughts, a thought turns into a belief, than creates our reality... Bottom line here is that we are not victims here... We are here to experience, create and expand.... Expansion happens on a spiritual level...
I said:

Why let fear judge what can be left open?
That fear is a distorting filter and block to the appreciation of the true Nature of Existence, can be observed in our own thought - and thus in the world. That fear will misinterpret communications of a loving nature and thus validate and protect the fear rather than dissolve it and open in appreciation, can be observed in our own thought - and thus in the world.
The expansion you speak of is an Embrace - and not a rejection.
When we hide our own self-rejections 'in' others or on the world, we persist in self-hate while 'feeling better about ourselves'.
YOUR current perspective may serve to bring YOU step by step to a greater alignment with an honesty of being that doesn't need to hide from nor reject anything - and so is free to choose what it prefers. Why not give others the FREEDOM to discover for themselves as you clearly enjoy?
The key ingredient in ANY teaching device or book or movement is YOU. Your purpose or motive is what brings your result. Without a clear and honest motive you will have different results.
The need to know is very different from a surface curiosity. The thirst for truth can overlook all that doesn't resonate or serve and tune in clearly to what does. If a stepping stone had a very uneven surface excepting one foot sized level flatness, it might from many angles look to be NOT a stepping stone and all the irregularities can be focussed upon to reinforce the perception-belief.
But to one who NEEDS to cross from an uncovered pain of conflicted separation that can no longer be disguised - their foot finds the place even without stopping to look. Perhaps from the 'other side' the flat area is not only clearly seen but actually much larger. Perhaps it is anywhere on the apparently un-supporting rock that one gives one's faith in action to.
Beware of using the revelation of One Light to make teachings that deny active hidden fears in our mind - for they 'work against' your shared joy in life as it is being lived. Peter denied his fears because he loved Jesus - but Jesus saw this and let the Father's love for Peter reveal Itself in Peter such that the crowing of the cock does not bring the dawning of a true self-love. But NOTICING the crowing of the cock and waking up from the spell of a self-vanity DOES.

In willingness to join with you - more has been shown me than I was aware of before. I am truly grateful to the Life that lives us All.

Bible, Authority and nonsense

I wrote this replying to a comment to me that had no substance. Not so much for jfelfin - who clearly is not open to communication, but to others reading the page it was on :
jfelfin:OMG! You sound just like Neale Donald Walsh and that ain't good!
Folks, go to the Bible and read, then come back and see what kind of gibberish this is, just like all the other new-age, double-speak gibberish.
Who would buy this? And they say the Bible is nonsense. Give me a break!

The mind of judgement gives rise to the world seen through the lens of fear. The Bible can open this observation to a willingness to listen.
Another Idea of the Bible, is the Holy Spirit, as that discernment through which truth is illuminated, recognised, lived and shared.
Indeed the Idea of the Holy Spirit is That Mind which was in Christ Jesus - for to such a clear appreciation EVERYTHING and EVERYONE becomes a clear communication of One Truth.
Another way to say this is; "Listen in the Heart". When I read you, I let you in - for I have nothing to defend and a willingness to learn.
Having let you in I do not pigeon-hole you into what or who you are 'like' but become altogether present with the communication that shares You - regardless of the presentation and packaging. All of the forms fall away and there is a moment of recognition - within myself, and I have cause to be grateful for a part of me that reintegrates, rather than be separated out by judgement and self-rejection - and projected out onto a world of 'others'.

I feel to celebrate that when people need inspiration, clarity, or a greater perspective upon their life, they are guided and find  - or are found - by something that works for them in that moment or time of their life. By our self we are nothing - and when we drift into fearing or believing we are 'all by ourself alone' we are so trapped in our own (self) judgment that we have no perspective upon what our own mind is making of itself.

New age thought has all the ingredients of any movement. But pause a while and see if at the root a new age is not what the Bible prophesies. 

When you attack instead of communicate - you  associate your cause with weakness and lack of substance. Look at all communications to see what remains when you ignore the attacks - and blatant or coded insinuations. My feeling is that when the form of something inspirational is used for purpose of attack, it is devalued and degraded by such usage.

Your true Authority comes from an intimate relation with your Author - and not with external agencies, books or teachers intent on facilitating that Intimacy. Be yourself, honestly, unmasked and without apology or pretence. What then comes through you will speak of Humanity as it will of God - regardless whether the term 'God' is in one's usage as a pointer to the Consciousness the Bible refers to as "I Am That I Am".

Unless our motive is pure or single, we will make nonsense of everything - including the Bible. This is all a matter of self-honesty. The mind that knows not what it does is a mind in hiding from itself.
Jesus - while being killed by such mentality - said, "forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do". He let Source Consciousness Show him what is really going on when the human mind sees division, conflict, hate and death. 

In our world we have every temptation to become embroiled and entangled in division, conflict, hate and death - and to act out the roles of the ancient ritual by which God is killed that Man may live… alone and apart, as if a power unto himself in a world to seek to prevail over as  if a god.

I write this because there is a willingness in every heart to be uncovered - and because extending the fruits of my willingness is an invitation for others to find their own - and in their own way.

the Second Coming - like the Bridegroom in the Bible - "cometh when ye thinketh NOT!". This is not saying only that it is not anything your current thinking EXPECTS - but that it comes into Its Own as you lay down YOUR thinking and abide in the Movement of Life that is already Moving but otherwise un recognized to a mind-in-hiding. Jesus called it "The Father's Will" - and claimed NO powers for himself alone - for what was revealed to him is true of all.

I am grateful for your expression of freedom. Freedom is the Signature of God in our heart. No matter WHAT we use it FOR - it remains forever freely Given us to share - for that IS our Creation in the Image of our Source or Father… not the physical birth.