Waking up

The active focus of our awareness is beneath - or prior to - the seeming actions and distractions that constitute our experience of being a person in a world.

It is like being focused on a prism thought, by which a split mind plays out a power of choosing between. Any power it seems to have being given to it by your attention and intention - for such is how we accord value and 'choose' is it not?

We can not ever truly or finally choose or accept a choice that isn't there to choose and Rest Complete in fulfilment, and yet while we dally with the promises of choosing - as if there was something in a specialness of self creation that we actually want - then we refuse to let go the patterns of self by which we voluntarily suffer our own attack on our Peace.

To open, even for an instant at a time, to a true perspective upon the nature of our unforgiveness or un-release, is to open a space in which to see not from within a prismed split sense, but clearly and directly, in wholeness.

Such direct experience is not happening TO a you - but is expressing an entirely redeeming restatement of you and your world. Redeeming, because it locates and knows all that it is - within Wholeness, of One Mind, of One Will, as One Body. This may not seem so, because any interpretations of direct experience - made after the fact - will tend to reinstate the framework of the thinking judging defining 'self'. To be able to discern within direct experience will come with a capacity to abide as it.

But as such Light of direct Awareness, That Is recognizably awakening and transforming you, grows your conscious awareness - it is realized to Be your conscious awareness. To be the Presence and the Gift of You.

The substitutions of thinking will fade, fall away or dissatisfy, and with them, the 'self' that seemed once to have completely engaged your attention. Yet You are presently in Expression as the sharing of the gift of the awareness of love - because there is nothing else. And yet such an acceptance of peace of being does not make fanfare in or make special the mind through which the world is yet experienced. But it does yield its experience to a guiltlessness, that is pictured out as action unwithheld, presence unwithdrawn, truth allowed plainly to speak instead of covered over or kept secret.

Taking off the pressure on the brakes, seems like losing control. Taking off the pressure on the accelerator, seems like losing excitement. Losing control seems like losing something that you actually believed you had. But never for a moment have we had anything but an illusion of control via the holding to our Mind's Eye of a wish to be what we are not.

To identify with thought, invites dissonant experience of separate meanings, that can seem to conflict and influence each other in an endless dance of no consequence. But to release identification with thought is to forgive the separating wish, and to be danced from thought based meanings into one Light.

Abide in Me, as I abide in Thee.
And allow the Life,
Already Given,
To Share
What Already Is.

Interjections of old habits
are evidence of
the interjections of old habits.
Make nothing of them,
and even these will be used
as witnesses to Wholeness.

Watch what you place on the altar of your desire.
Pray for the uncovering of the true desire of your heart.
Your willingness and your free attention is miracle ready
Because love is no longer being actively excluded.
Let no thought of your own become the seed of action,
and Thoughts of One shall reveal the whole to you,
as your gifts are remembered and gratefully received.

Do not impose teachings amidst your loving.
A starter motor is not to be kept running.
A Universal Language needs no translation.
When there is no one outside - do not run to the door to tell them so!

In Peace