Feeling and emotions

I find it helpful to differentiate between feeling and emotions.

Feeling is a dimensionality of being – I might say that it is the tone of the Flow.
This may express through form on various levels but is essentially transcendent – in that we cannot separate it or from it.

Emotions – I see as limits or a cut off of feeling and always are a little cameo picture about ‘me’ or 'mine'.
Some may seem positive and some negative but I see these as judgements. The ‘good’ ones may seem good but are still separative illusion.

Whenever I invest acceptance and believe in judgements I will always forfeit the point of view of love – and become problematically identified and defensive. The symptom of this is chronic thinking; a preoccupation with internal mappings that substitute for actual connection.

The seeming intensity of such self –judgmental ‘realities’ becomes extreme from the perspective of ‘normal’ human parameters – such that we may fear for our sanity – until of course we ask within of Sanity and allow its Embrace.

But under the spell of emotionally backed judgements are our minds enslaved to a wish to be the determiner, preferring that we be right than truly happy. Deferring the checking in with our being now until we have dealt with or resolved the problem as we see it.

The addiction of ego is a habit long held and yet its undoing - as with all addictions - is the willingness to bring awareness to uncover the true desire of the heart. The direction of this willingness is contrary to the structure and intent of the ego mindset. A willingness to look calmly upon the causes of war within our own mind.

I am reminded here of the Lord of The Rings story – where the little hobbit has to relinquish a fearsome and addictive power in the place where it originated. Mordor.
This symbolised the place of horror. The last place in Middle Earth that anyone would want to go!

My reliance on guidance increases with every step. I have a voice in me that at times can ‘long’ for a way out – back to securities that – if I am honest – are ego security. Yes that is an oxymoron - a contradiction in terms. In truth this is simply a delay.

Whenever I let the Spirit in – it speaks all things and that includes thought and feeling and form. But it’s world is wholly guiltless.
That’s why I cant differentiate at level of form. The room I am sitting in with all its moment is floating in and as an expression of awareness - the Light of Mind. Well that’s a way of feeling it – and makes a welcome change from a picture of limitation.

Why let go of emotions?
Because at some level I know they are false, joyless and express a mind in me that I do not desire to grow.
Because I love Freedom!

Holy Spirit Mind

offers replacement
for the separate I.
step by Step

Its peace

Here by release
of the ‘not so’
an already truth

Nothing Real
is threatened.

The ego is a how-to
a way not-to
release asserted limitation.
its ‘knowing’
my forgetting.

But in a moment
Forgetting to forget
Neglecting to neglect
Is noticing
the ego self
is not I

Nothing unreal

Though attention
muscles itself
clenched upon,
as mind un-shared,
as if ‘as if’ were real.

The Peace of God

And cannot be undone
for Father IS the Truth of Son

Draw comfort that discomfort
may be embraced as witness
to a left behind mind

Enjoin your own
in choosing Joy
as I-with-Thee

for all are called
as I am calling

Brian in a moment


Truth but waits on welcome

Truth but waits
on welcome so,
love’s full embrace
extends to show
that wheresoe’r
the false wouldst be
is not without
the bounds of Me
And all that teacheth
of the lie
a ‘stolen light’
its’ hidden eye’
will yet but teach that
I Am I

brian in a moment