Of allowing release of denied mind to awareness

Rising fears
in failure.
Such shame
as helpless,
mutiny unmans

A falling apart
in guise of poverty
in mask of illness
such pains of loss
in misalignment
turned malignant

A meaninglessness
into a mind of
madness and
deep terror,
of possession
by hate
of very self,
in murderous

Yet by denial
is frozen, scattered.
This act that would,
yet can not!
It but replays
itself within
denied impossibility .

Auto repeating
itself as every
impulse of
I Am,
that Moves
as Life,
is killed
by judgement

From a mind
that asserts
as truth
and Truth

Nothing can
ever resolve
an unreal

Waking up
is release into
an always
already free

That which Lights
this mind
Is self existing

Deny not
the Life
I am

But give only
as you do receive
and this is done.

brian in a moment


Poem on a hatred that arose and faded

It can appear
I am that which has just cause to fear.
For in this mind I see a fascination in,
attraction both to horror and to sin.

If evil thought,
An intent that loveth not,
Lives in me?
Love therefore - I cannot be!

Of the hated I may try to rid
and of myself keep hatred hid
by masquerade of face that’s fair
and join in making fear ‘out there’.

Self denial offers protection,
in thought to ease this self affliction.
But joy and peace are surely lost
for must the sinner pay the cost.

For would not Love’s own light; awareness shine,
Reveal the hate that masks its hidden mind?
Who looks as if in secret and alone
and yet does grasp this making as its own!

To hold its will apart it does perceive
yet keeps a face for love
that feigns but to deceive
and even so is proud of

For thus must seem a life until a truth untainted
shows the meaningless can not with truth be painted
howsoever we try to keep the lid
that works to keep the hatred hid

Now! look I anew in trust of seeing,
These witnesses to loveless being.
Desire that speaks a wish insane
revealed by light of higher plane

The desecration of your heart
is but a dream right from its start
For nothing Is but lives in Me
Apart from Love can never Be.

A life once lived as if in hiding
turned around from curse of fear
To willingness for light abiding
In faith to let this mind be clear.

brian in a few moments