Where is the light?

Isn't it true that love can only enter where love is welcome.
Where it is unwelcome love ‘waits’ on a change of heart.

To attempt to enter into any split mind scenario to heal it, without awakened guidance, is to choose the split mind experience for oneself - of mind in opposition with itself.

No matter what insight or what energetic influence can be brought to bear, the ego sense of opposition and defence can turn all things to its own self validation - and when it cannot - it 'dies' - which is like saying it engages an almost total denial yet remaining active in seed desire.

Yet look at conflict another way. I give out the roles and infer the intentions of all parties, and they enact out the script I set. As long as I want my will to be done, I will defend and be defined by this activity and intent. Yet as soon as I am touched by Truth's remembrance - I have a basis upon which I can question - ALL OF THIS.

And as I let Truth be itself - I can experience love - as it is.

I can be shown that the roles and intentions are in my mind - and that my experience is as I have asked. In realising that I receive as I ask, I can ask instead for Truth. This is to say, I can cease to ask for a private creation - serving a ficticious will.

And as I allow this, I can discover the veil wearing thin, and begin to see beyond the surfaces and forms in which dreams are made, to Light eternal.

Yet it is the eternal who sends the messenger of translation of dreams into awakening. and it is the eternal who awakens to its own being and nature. There really isn't anyone here in terms that self will could understand - and yet Mind is awareness without limit or opposition. That's why its pointless to engage the means of separation as a tool to understand non separation or oneness.

Human abilities can be repurposed towards the restoration of aligned will. Heart felt service is the release of the giver from hell - not as a reward bought or as guilt paid off - but simply that hell is the forgetting to love.

It may be that my willingness to let love live through me also transforms others - how could it not communicate?

Yet not in terms of any of my own agendas or even in the ways I might expect. So my motivation is not about transforming others - or the world - it is about releasing my investment in hell. It is active willingness to only validate real currency of thought and to release the mind of judgement.

This puts me at odds with my past - and with my experience as the past defines it - and yet is the living love of truth living in my heart.

I cannot really protect this body nor can I protect the earth - but I can learn to let both serve communication - ie - become transparent to Creation. In this I can realize that Creation holds me safe inclusion, not the body - in exclusive and separate identity.

The transition from body to spirit based identity is the work of love - not of man. It is unwise to open beyond the guidance of the heart in willingness - or the experience will be traumatic instead of beautific.

For the experience of Creation 'enjoyed' by ego consciousness is traumatic and opening beyond an integrated capacity to remain grounded will suddenly meet the reenactment of the separation - or the fall from Light into terror.

The guidance of the light is the way that light restores its own - and any attempt to find a different way is to insist on being different from light.

Where is the light?

Right where you denied yourself.

Where is the light?

Right where you thought the world denied you.

Where is the light?

In the recognition that your 'enemy' is your self denied.

Where is the light?

In the embrace of your self without judgement.

In this Presence, none can oppose, nor stand outside.

This is the Christ and is the light that the heart embodies in faithfulness to its Source.

You are reading this because your desire leads you.

In your love of truth you will be led truly.

In love of illusion, you put truth on hold so that illusion can seem to be what you desire.

In truth there is no battle - but only a growing recognition that illusions battle with themselves.

In illusion, conflict creates crisis of choice.

In truth there is only the choice to awaken.

In illusion there is the choice to be a chooser among options that you have to decide - all of which are but ways to better maintain illusion.

In truth, all of this has never begun - is not occurring and will never be.

But truth has nothing to do with what we think it is or what we think about it.

Truth’s nature is eternal all pervading radiance.

But let that begin to find your welcome in your appreciation of another's smile, a sky, a flower, the sound of shared voices, a stillness beneath form - yet reaching you - through the blessing that Light gives as your guide, your holy spirit. Your own Right Mind.


experience validates the presumptions from which it proceeds

All experience inevitably tends to validate the presumptions from which it proceeds. A conflicted identity brings experience of opposition and  conflict. It is quite possible to experience unreality – but to do so is at cost of the experience of appreciating the sharing that which is real. The experience of unreality is had privately in a virtual construct that then is accorded reality because it seems to be the environment in which you think, act and have experiences that seem to dictate and define you rather than be expressions of undefined awareness. The identity in opposition exerts it life forcefully and wilfully - and yet this seeming independence is toatlly dependant on a life force that simply functions as light, feeling, thought and tangibility of form.

Thought and desire are the currency of experience - whatever the nature of that experience. Unless some responsibility for our own thought is invited, accepted and grown, we remain victim to the experiences that our own 'unmindful' thought brings forth  - and see the cause as outside our mind  - in fact we also WANT it there, so as to offload the thoughts of guilt that are otherwise intolerable.

Yet to do this is to simply feed and perpetuate the fire rather than undermine or starve the condition in which fire can occur.
No matter how much time and experience has been devoted to attempting to solve a problem outside and elsewhere to where it really is – the learnings and strategies thus acquired remain as valid as directions taken from a map held accidentally upside down.

The process of shifting from a split mind to a unified mind is a step by step proces of accepting the already truth – and only occurs within the conditions of willingness, freedom, and trust. These are currently and always active because of what and who you really are – but are misplaced if giving rise to experience of opposition, compulsion, fear and resistance.

Children need limits upon their will while learning to align and integrate it with the world. But then they also need guidance and support in moving past those set limits when they grow ready to live from a greater perspective. Life moves in any case and the transitions will occur - as they are recognised – either gracefully or through a long drawn out series of crisis that stretch both time and suffering.

A Dance of Trust

It isn't necessary to communicate, explain or justify all the aspects of a situation of difference with another. In forgiveness, the gift of release is accepted and shared. Or rather the natural state of a heart and mind at one is restored. True forgiveness is an act of self-honesty and not a damning act of moral superiority or negation of self to some self-validating ideal. The human mind is habituated to re-enact its history over and over again – and to 'see' everything in terms of it's past 'knowledge' and thus react from self certainties that recreate the very conditions of the past upon the present and into the future.

The conditions of relationship are a dance of trust. The trust we have within our own heart and mind is one with the trust we have with our brother – and with our world. Effective communication has to begin from a place of trust – or else it is merely an expression of judgement put upon the other dressed in the form of relating.

The only way that humanity grows beyond its self sabotaging program, is in the practicing and sharing of trust. Defendedness does not embody trust - but communicates judgement and exclusion, tending to bring a like reaction from the other.

In the willingness to see beyond the presentation, and recognise ourself in the other, we can relate to another with an undefended kindness that is simply acceptance and appreciation. They may not trust or accept this immediately - but they will feel the difference at some level - and the one who extends welcome experiences the same within themselves - rather than a sense of reaction and defence or competition.


From the heart of a gentle Brother

The thinking says it is mine.
It is stuff I have a habit of engaging with.
It isn't a mind at rest, it isn't a heart in trust.
It seems to be something I cant help and I feel shit.
A drive to deal with, untangle or fix the shit.
I might seem to get a handle for a while but it comes back worse.
I hang on as if somehow there is something I can do that will get me out of this.
But that is the same mind thinking that keeps me in shit.

I do not want to do this any more.
I want to be free of the mind that shits on life.
I cant do it.

I can not do it.

I can not do it.

This is simply true.
And simply stops.
The mind.

Letting truth be.

Truth is never the thinking alone.
Always the heart feels and knows and breathes.

If even a moment of truth touches
 - the peace of it is here – and the shit is not.
Even if all the symptoms are running,
I feel this life clean
where the thinking is suspended
not employed to get a handle

Nothing's changed, everything's changed.
I have a sense of life moving
and I trust and feel it as my own - in quiet,
even though I feel such a sense of wanting to attend it
so as not to call up shit.
That is now just stuff to leave behind.
It doesn't say anything about me.
And I don't have to do anything about it.

Whatever the next step
I am open
I am encouraged
I am willing
and I am grateful.

I know I rejoin the practicalities of life in a different way
and I know I don't have to be anxious about losing it
There's a lightness that feels it knows its way.
I'll go and do – whatever - now
it ok to be just as it is.


The reappearance of the Christ

The essential message of awakening cannot change as it is simply truth -  but the forms it seems to take and the agencies it seems to communicate through change as one's own capacity to bear truth grows.

The self conviction of guilt has to be violated in order to look within.

In any conviction of our own unworthiness or powerlessness or self defining limitation, we are inevitable going to seek 'outside ourselves' for power, worth and freedom. For that aspect of our mind are the ones who carry or communicate the presence of life and light - and yet in truth are not really 'outside'. Those who actively engage in teaching forms must relate in terms their charges can grasp and know benefit.

I once taught dance to 9 year olds at school - not all of whom were there in a positive sense (the alternative class was 'worse'!).
I had to devote a lot of time and attention to the processes of keeping order - albeit in ways that demonstrated the qualities that are also in the dance I would teach.
Look at our own personal resistances - are they not at times like troublemakers at back of class or attention seeking distractions?
Perhaps, as I become more honest as to my own 'games and shanigans' of divided thought, and see them fall away in the light of one mind - the world will also shift with me - as willingness allows.
Perhaps as I shift - it is helped by your passing through your own radical re evaluation of thought and experience?
I feel we are all working on the leading edge - and it is not a private awakening.
The liability of any external or externalized Spirituality or Teacher - is that the egocentric mindset uses it for identity with renewed zeal.
But if that is the road set by our desire - then we will walk it until we awaken to that we deceived ourselves.
So yes - why look outside if you are one who has already answered the knock at the door?
If there is work to be done or purpose to join, it will make itself known and the manner of the work also.
But the nature of the Christ is that light that our hearts recognise and align with - as the Father Call.
It isn't guilt the ego fears. It is that on looking on guilt you will look beyond it.
Then there is an automatic guide change.

Talking about the weather - one mind

the 100th monkey story came from or was initially proliferated by Ken Keyes Jr? (Lovely teachings)
I have read that the 100th monkey syndrome is not actually verified as something recorded to have happened - but is a story that others want to believe happened. I'm not concerned with the exact story but only some principle of mind revealed.

Just as we share 'weather' we all partake of the energetic of the Movement as Presence - even though we each have local filters.

Its probably easier to say we share both the ego filter and the Light beneath and beyond it.
From the perspective of the filtered mind, we think 'we' are having thoughts and ideas that are 'our' contribution to what we 'see' as the state of the world. But from the perspective of mind opened to Light, there is simply the dawning of realisation and insight that serves to enlighten ... one mind in all. (beneath and beyond and pervading).

Within the experience of filtered mind is always the opportunistic self interest at work to 'use' this insight or infilling - exactly as all Reality is 'used' - to support having the ego experience. This could be seen as a mechanism by which the living light is rendered into terms of darkness to feed illusion.
Yet Light is Light and does communicate to its own.

The nature of the filter and the determination with which it is held, will mean that some minds seem to accept light while others - who also receive the same 'weather' or Movement in Mind - adjust so as to protect and maintain the 'darkness' in which privacy or independence from the Flow is desired.

For example - the growing of light in one mind is not noticed by one who is fixed on seeing darkness and 'rejoicing' at what he sees. But as light dawns, it becomes harder for the dreamer to maintain his or her illusions without realizing they are illusions. For the darkness is not ‘out there’ - but is a private result arising from a 'lack of light shared'.

When almost everyone smoked tobacco, it was almost invisible as a habit and hardly held to be an addiction - or the fact was easily dismissed. When the culture changes so that the habit is no longer accepted as either necessary or desirable - smokers feel increasingly self conscious of their actions. (I don't need to get into the complications of self righteousness and demonization that are brought into play here do I?).

Buckminster Fuller talked of 'an idea whose time has come' and tried to deliberately insert such ideas as levers. That isn't how mind works though. The stillness of listening is an opening channel to light or guidance or love for the acceptance and transcendence of present 'experience'.

The mind that faces the world in form is our play in limitation.
The mind that fixedly adopts the mask of form, in defence against believed guilt and fear, of damnation or nothingness - is afraid of Light - which is its own truth and nature - denied.
The mind that re awakens to light, sees it at first as acting in the world.
The mind that awakens to its own light has accepted its truth and nature and is an agency of intimacy with light - while still engaged in the script of the world.
That mind that never forgot - nor ever seemed - to leave the light, both is and does. It is one with light in truth - and yet serves as guide and awakener to every willingness that releases the denial of light.
The mind that all of these seeming focuses of attention and purpose partake of Is.
It can be writ Mind - as it is Universal, boundless, always and only.
It cannot be made 'it' without a sleep of forgetting - the illusion of split mind - that then acts as filter, that then induces guilt, that then attacks and defends itself, that runs our of tolerance, that releases its grip, and opens undefended, seeded to awaken, in reversal of steps, into sleep of remembering, that releases unwelcome, that truth be itself.

I speak all things,
That I am
As I am.
All things
speak Me

There is no I
apart from the Speaking
The Spoken are one with,
but do not project

Mind knows not in self
excepting radiance
of 'no self'
giving all to all
Aligns and Ones
to intimate peace.

You have nothing to give
but willingness of receiver
that giving through you
undoes the deceiver.


Come follow me. Let the dead bury the dead

The ego is not going to live forever - nor is it going to die.
The ego has no life but what you give it.
You give it.
It has no life.
The limited personal sense is a veil that sees all things only as if they are in relation to it - for its purposes.
The intimately personal sense is selfless, impersonal and totally loving.

When I was a boy I sometimes had a strong sense that I would never die - but the consciousness that is expressed in time and space interprets this as if it means it alone is surviving - perhaps along with other 'it alone's.

The memory of Heaven is strong in the very young - but is mostly used as fully charged batteries in support of another prodigal journey.

Survival is the preoccupation of the thoughts of the threatened.
"No need to survive" - does not mean allowing or inviting death, it just means that in the Nowness of the Fullness of Being, there is no one to survive and no threat to survive from.

The Flow is without exception or interruption or conflict. The Flow Knows you because it is you - and it Knows you Always now.
The thought of separation or difference is a building block of getting an experience that is separate and different. This will 'die' because it isn't truly occurring - except as a split experience of the Infinite.

It is in this split mind that we experience ourselves fearfully. Fear densifies light such that it becomes opaque and solid to the mind in fear. It becomes a - more or less - comfortable prison - to keep life out!

The eternal and infinite directness of being does not support or validate the wish to experience privately - except as a thought that makes no sense - has no meaning - negates the mind that thinks it. Another way of saying this is - no man can look on God and live. Not because God kills - but because the Infinite Light is - and man is not.

To a mind yet intent with its private will as if it were life - nothing can be more terrifying than eternal life. Death is salvation to such a mind for it saves it from its own utter undoing and allows a darkness in which it can re-seed itself.
Yet eternal life is the Only Life.

There's a game going on here - and its played seriously.
If you decided to treat the ball in a game of sport - whilst the game is on - as if it were just a ball - you would have to deal with the other players - and spectators! But in the game of limitation - every interruption is woven into or read as part of the game.

Jesus demonstrated eternal life and - he was 'made' into an eternal sacrifice by the serious game players. But it is also true that every interruption to the game lets light in - and when the game is no longer worth the candle - it is released for the greater light.

To a personal perspective in the world, death is the loss and negation of life. Humans try to make themselves deathless in making their mark, leaving legacies, and of course children.Andr of course they can preempt reality to prove their will by dying before 'nothingness' takes them.

Every loving thought is true. Truth is eternal. Our loving thoughts are the reflections of truth. They are also our real life. The unloving thoughts are a bit like a kaleidoscope that obscures and distorts the light and life - they are not something in themselves - except you thought you saw yourself there and became entranced.

The light of loving thought is also the light of guidance and the illumination of the mind in Mind. In light, the loving can be discerned and brought forth as the unloving is revealed as un-sane and unwanted.
You are loving thought and the proof is this : You do not create your self.
In this recognition is also the nothingness of the self you had thought to make from out of a sense of loss of identity.
In the release of persisting of 'self-making is known the stillness that speaks without form - yet your guidance understands and give it form - while form is helpful to you.

You cannot make love 'on your own'. You have to abandon such fixity to embrace love.
Love comes to you through forms that you can love and understand - and as you accept light, light grows within.

Growing an understanding is helpful to allay terror and grow trust - but as an investment it has to be abandoned for new life to be embraced.
Jesus - Raj said that if he had seen his mother - as his mother - when on the cross - then he would have died like any other man.
If you would taste not death you must let 'die' the illusion that you know what anything - or anyone - is. Now can you see why so very few take the path of living love? There is absolutely nothing in it to gain from an independent perspective. But it is simply to rest in truth.

Who is it that is called? Those who have looked on their nothingness - and found acceptance, given their heart, to live from. None 'else' can hear!
A different purpose seeds the mind - that transcends and replaces the urge to survive by any and every means. A love of Truth awakened.

Life 'begins' here - in recognition that the dream is a dream. Yet light of awareness is, that is not the dream - and is acknowledged and therefore restored to you - as you can accept; as you can share.
The interruption of the 'life' I thought was 'as I thought' - is grace.

The way that I have come to value - is a way of acceptance. Everything is just as it is. I don't mean that it just is as I or we, think it is - but that even what we think it is, is part of the way it is. The only alternative is self efforting - the bootstrap pull - the carrot and the stick. The fantasy of fighting reality.

Relaxing must be itself uncomplicated - but see the program running that distracts and can put the simple practice on indefinite hold! As if some conflicted sense must first be resolved. Yet the peace comes first in acceptance of 'as is', without judgement. Now the guidance of innate intelligence can flow true, and allows and enables appropriate and proportionate relationship to express in thought and in deed.

Stillness speaks ... and knows its movement as Itself.


Life - You read it as if ...


You read it as if,

It’s about to resolve,

or about to collapse,

Or a sin to absolve;

some itch to scratch ...

You read it as if,

It’s not quite complete

A door that wont open.

impending defeat.

Or somehow broken ...

You read it as if,

It’s a riddle to solve.

and justice to mete.

In machine that evolves,

A realm to compete ...

You read it as if,

and heart-light is denied

by hiding mind’s rift.

and killed by the lie,

Of the reading as if ...

You read it as if,

it’s as you believe

while under the scene

is a script that deceives

as your thought has it be ...

You read it as if,

it just happens to you,

and beyond your command,

but a tiny part who,

you assign as your mind ...

You read it as if,

and it reads you out loud.

There’s nowhere to hide,

in the dark or the crowd.

For there is no ‘inside’ ...

You read it anew,

with the script to awaken,

for to judge good and ill

has love seemed forsaken,

yet waits here until ...

You read as it is,

and you read it as given.

Of love in your heart,

all things are forgiven,

as never apart ...

You read it as read,

in beholding as light,

with no mind to fear it,

of eternal delight,

is substance and spirit ...

Brian in a moment


The end of the world - as we knew it

Perceiving from ego, makes illusion of plurality of egos as story you both tell and watch and suffer in split mind virtuality, forgetting the movement arising that is all in all.

Waking up occurs when the conditions necessary for maintaining the split mind can no longer be found. For what or who could split a mind?

What then of the script of the world? Recognise it in mind, embrace in the heart, release into spirit. Let it serve awakening's purpose by releasing it of a wish to dream alone.

Abide with Me as I abide with you. Take not thought for yourself - for all is already given you - to give to all. This is what you have forgotten. But I remember for you always. As you give welcome to truth, Lo! It is already so.

When you give preference to stories, I wait in the quiet of you. Your story is your experience in a world made real to you by your desire. But can unfulfillable desire truly be the movement of the heart?

Rest in peace is for the living! My will for you is given to replace the mind that thought it thought alone. It requires only that you share it - as you are freely willing - in love, understanding and grattitude.

(This message came to me to share after watching an Adyashanti video on youtube relating to the world in crisis).


What am I?

What am I?

In the assertion ”I want it thus!” - the 'I' is illusion.
There is no such 'I' to be found.
There are judgements and definitions, actively given attention within the desire that the "I" be real.

An exercise in partiality.
A pet project.
A way of putting eternity on hold while taking time out.
An act of attention-intent as a wish to think different
A way of hiding from awareness that is made to seem like the active doing of a separated will.

The sense of I as existence-awareness is true enough.
How can we leave eternal truth?
But the defined and limited definitions and perspectives that have become associated with 'I' as a result of separation experience are not true of 'I'.

It could be said that the mad idea at which the Son of God forgot to laugh - and which became the foundation of the separation experience - was the suggestion that the question 'what am I?' - could be answered by taking thought for oneself.

The assertion of - or the imagination of - an 'I' - in thought-desire - itself creates a sense of 'other' or 'not I'.
There is a Hindu saying; "Where there is an other - fear arises".

Fear is dissonant experience. It offers a way of noticing that:
The Separation HAS occurred. To deny this is merely to misuse denial. However, to concentrate on error is merely a further misuse of legitimate psychic mechanisms. The true corrective procedure, which has already been described as the proper use of the spiritual eye (or true vision), is to accept the error temporarily, but only as an indication that immediate correction is mandatory. This establishes a state of mind in which the Atonement can be accepted without delay. (Jesus in 'A Course in Miracles').

But if the assertion of, or imagination of, an 'I' - in thought-desire, is given priority, ("Father, I'd rather see it My way"), then dissonance is seen as a compulsion to use thought-desire as power - against 'other' and for 'my self'.

Mind against itself is surely a cause for mirth - how can this be? - it can not be.
But a mind in delusional identification, attempting to defend a fantasy believed real maintains itself by substitution in secrecy. It is the lie - kept from awareness.
Within the 'world' the lie substitutes for truth, a mythology is enacted.
The orphaned - self making self.
The hostile power.
The hero.
The walls, the shields, the weapons.
The allegiances.
The prisoner.
The escape.
The vengeance.
The victory.
The meaninglessness.

The list is not endless but its repetition in dramatic form would be - if it were not replaced by remembering truth.
Truth remembers itself.
The self-mind that seems to run and hide ultimately discovers there is no where to hide and nowhere to run. It is not punished. It is simply undone of the basis upon which its thought seems real - and the intent to deny and limit is replaced with the seed willingness to love and serve.
In truth this takes no time at all - for it is the awakening from a lie.
But acceptance cannot be imposed against the desire for a self.
The desire for a special love; an experience of me for me - such seeds persist until they are freely released in awakened loving.

The constructs of the mind in separation that constitute the world as we believe and experience, have become the classroom for the mind to change its mind about itself. Awakened purpose, through willingness, understanding and acceptance, replaces the blind enactment of drama.
It isn't that the drama is healed - but that the dreamer awakens to honesty - and through love of truth - to welcome. The separation basis that fed the drama is undone.

The question 'what am I' can be asked from the silence of the heart - as the desire to know thyself.
The answer is through the discerning and allowing of the already truth to move through you - as it is - and as it wills.

Truth can not be encompassed by taking thought for oneself.
Remember to laugh at such absurd and foolish thought - whenever it is recognised to arise in awareness.
And the truth, the beauty and the joy and the peace of loving will 'know itself' - unmasking 'otherness'. Awakening 'brotherness'.


Irritation - conditional love - awakening

The signs are clearly obvious - a sense of frustration, a lack of calm - a compulsive reaching for something to ‘cover over’ or ‘fill up’ - and a quickness to irritation; the self sensitive emotional leaking out of a wilfully asserted story of being hard done by - unfairly treated. To be made powerless or inadequate. Some sense of loss of love in life.

Conditional love is a set up - because the conditions are not the nature and condition of reality as it is - but are the conditions that I have set up for myself - or I have arrived at in contractual 'relationship' with another.

“I want it thus” - in order to be happy on my terms - or at least to allay my unhappiness.
When two or more agree on a set of conditions it makes for a sense of reality - that then supports a sense of self - which on surface seems innocent of any kind of loveless manipulation - and if a little of that shows, why it is accepted as the nature of being a self - and the way things just are.

Underneath the lid of the surface presentation are the aspects of our life, our mind or our self - that we do not want to know - or that do not fit in with - or support - the story of ourselves that we are both telling and listening to. For it is this story-mind that is employed for validating and providing continuity for a sense of self that arises from continuing the attempt to force life to be as it is not - by applying intent and force of will as both the interpretation of all experience - and the reactions that arise from those interpretations.

The all-one-ness of awareness being the flow experiencing itself, cannot be other that as it is - for this is all that is and always and only is. But an interpretation of experience can be given priority of attention and desire - that uses the thought of being - as if - outside the flow.

A separateness felt within an indivisibility. A twoness from which arises a many-ness experienced in a felt separateness of thought, collapses and inverts into a sense of independence from the flow. As if experiencing life from the perspective of form - with a specific signature in form being expressed and maintained with great force of will. The density of the forces of opposition makes for a density and fixedness of thought and experience. The flow is rendered invisible as background, the foreground is rendered as an experience of self and other - where self is identified within a personal private mind within a body - and other is everything outside.

This arbitary division is in a constant flux of offensive and defensive strategy - and centres upon a likewise flux of symbols of self and love and life that are 'worshipped' or attended to, as if they were the flow of being itself. But the experience within the mind in limitation is compellingly real to it - as if under a spell or dream; a mind entrapped within its own thought. A mind that has given its innate power to the idea of something other.

To put our desire of intent and attention into wanting life to be other than it is - is fantasy. To engage wilfuly in fantasy is to become deluded and to assert that life is as we define, interpret and determine it to be - and from the seeming power of such a mind comes the belief in the nature of power as division, and by this we suffer our own creation as if it creates us.

The surface of life is form. The depth of life is meaning. When form is made to be a symbol of meanings other than the presence and flow of being, then a private fantasy is being dallied with while the awareness of the flow is put ‘on hold’. There are no external laws forbidding the mind in following thought. If value is given it - then it persists as a focus of attention - until it is valued no more.

Playing on the surface of life is part of discovering and exploring will - and through the experience of feedback, coming to recognize and accept the will of the flow as the truth and harmony of being. Free will is not a freedom to do anything. Free will is the nature and condition of being.

No matter how intensely or ingeniously the will is applied in manipulation, coercion or control, it cannot ever become the power it seeks - nor can it subdue or contain the power it experiences as opposition. It can seem to do so - or at least achieve temporary satisfactions in form. But these are without substance excepting by the mechanism of conflict itself - and so are never wholehearted, happy experiences of the freedom of being.

The awakening of the mind to its wholeness or indivisibility occurs spontaneously as a result of the loss of fascination with the intent that drives the experience of limitation. For without the application of a coercive will, the flow naturally knows itself through all relations. Yet this knowing is given and received as one. The insinuation of a private mind initially cuts off and misinterprets all direct experience of the flow of being. Yet every instant of a conscious remembering or unseparated presence - serves the transition within the mind that could be seen as a process of steps by which the release of wilfulness is freely allowed, and the acceptance of life as given and received in the flow of being - is freely accepted.

The ideas that speak of the flow are only servants to the remembering of a current embrace and inclusion. For only as this restores your whole hearted being to sanity and wholeness - can you see and therefore share sanity and wholeness.

Willingness is a trusting receptivity to the flow. It is the allowing and permission given to being - that undermines the wilfulness habit of which the mind suffers its own private reality.

The desire that had been directed externally is released to the heart. The heart is the voice of the presence of the flow. It can be clothed in form to become tangible to the mind that is awakening, but the flow is beyond the clothing of idea, symbol or concept.

But not beyond the heart’s knowing - within this very instant of awareness - in this exact circumstance of relations. Awakening is always to - and as - an entirely fresh perspective.

Let the dead bury the dead!


A grievance

I tell the story of how a situation involving my grievance occurs – and I only tell it so as to validate my continued employment as storyteller.

If I stepped out of that allegiance, as love would have me do - I might remember and acknowledge that I set it up – or 'entered into' or called forth' or gave attention or value to certain thoughts that were and are inherent to the perspective that I suffer.

These knowings – when they surface – need not condemn me – but they do release my brother – and they are clearly seen as the construct that they are – and so I am awakened.

But while I remain convinced that my experience is of reality rather than a construct, I will activate a sense of myself in defence, based on the story I have told myself, against the unloving intent that I ascribe to the other from my own unhealed mind.


Restore God to God

To see and feel and share perfect beauty.
To let it Be - and grasp it not.
Restores God to God.

For reflections on the face of the water do not hold the light.
And that which grasps, claws the empty form and imagines as it will.
As if its life were raised from the death of the Light

This world is the 'other' side.
A veiled distorted reflection
of Eternal Truth.

All that is Truly Alive
never is born to die.

Your beloveds are your
Christ remembrance
within your dream.

If you would stay dead
hide the Is beneath the was.
And cast a shadow on the will be.

If you would wake Life
let all bring you to Only Is.
See beyond the person
One mind in all.
All in one mind.

God is an idea
for the Mind,
before and beyond all Idea.
Yet Whose Thought is the Substance
of all Expression.

In this idea all is
as it is.

Other is the idea
of 'as if'.
In this idea
all seems to be as it is not.

Difference and opposition
of is and is not,
define conflicting levels of experience
chaos calls forth partition.

The person is the private sense,
filtering the Infinite Individuality
of unlimited Mind.

A love of loss and of power to limit
protects the mind as person from
Enlightenment to its Truth.

While the dreamer lives out his thought in time,
A nothing seems to replace Eternal Is.
While perfectly awake in Eternity,
Is is.

A shift in attention to pure awareness reveals the timeless.

A refocusing upon partiality obscures.

The Good, the Beautiful and the True reflect the Light of Truth,
and so are eternal at their Source.
Praise God in all things.
Grace is the Vision
Accept God in all blessings.
Grace is the recognition
See and feel and share perfect beauty.
Let it Be - and grasp it not.
Restore God to God.


God shines through

One can say that nothing happens without your will.
In the world this could seem an absurd or fantastic statement.
In one mind it is inescapable law.

But because the ego identity is the denial of your will - the ego is not the one who is choosing anything. It plays no part in reaching the point where God shines through.

But you do.

The ego can be seen to represent seeming choices in a world born out of the idea of an impossible choice that seems to dictate you and your world while you are giving it your attention.

Not unlike an immersive virtual game or movie in which you identify with what seems to be the central character and experience acting upon and being acted upon in dramatic tension and the compulsions and thrills that go with it.

Yet the ego is a choice - even if it is a choice in and by which further choice is dictated - ie - mechanical or compulsive reaction.
From the perspective of the ego - there seems to be a world in which God hardly ever shines through. Or where God's shining through is unrecognized, unwanted and invisible.
Anything we think from within this frame of reference is going to be based on distortion at best.

The assertion or belief that one is unenlightened is not really made with the statement itself - but with all the ongoing movement of attention and desire - choices as to how we see or interpret everything.

To realize that there is nothing at all that one can manipulate into making the experience and awareness of God shining through, might be as crushing a realisation as can be had. Yet "I cant do it" is suddenly recognisable as a Freedom Song! Because as long as there is a hope or belief that you can do it - you will hang in with committment to futility.

True disillusionment is release of illusion and not the chewing over a sense of crushed hope to extract bitter meanings.

The exposure and falling away of the fruitless mind of false desire leaves the way clear for Shared Life to dawn - and to shine.

And this communion occurs and is recognized, as the true context of life, here and now.
You are not - and nothing is - as you think it is.
Nor is thinking, apart and alone, the function that fulfils your being.
You cannot think your way into life - but the intent and attempt to do so is costing the experience of shared life now.

God shining through you.


There is a quiet within all things that knows and is the Light

Be still - and know that I am God.

To think about these words is not to be still, for thinking outside of stillness is the refusal of love.
The undoing of all that fear and guilt seem to have made real in you - by your judgement - is given you in My restatement of your Inclusion - behold My Holy Spirit.

To be still is to be and do nothing on your own - of your own power. That Life and Light move directly within.
To be still is to let live, taking no thought for your self and keeping it secret and apart.
There is not life on your own and you are not made by your own power - except in delusional fantasy played out and made flesh by your own belief. Your mind remains active, but your attention is locked into a loop of unfulfilment.

In place of this is given you Life.

There is a quiet within all things that knows and is the Light.
This is eternally true - regardless of the rising and passing of thoughts, perceptions and experience.
The eternal does nothing to be itself and has no reaction to a world of dream made upon a mind in secret.
Yet it remains the truth of you - with you - for you - at all times.
While you play out the wish and the role of a restless separated mind in a temporary body, differentiated from all things, and enamoured of its reflections, your stillness speaks always of truth to YOU in truth.
If you cannot hear Me it is because you choose your own imagined will over your truth.
Choosing to be self-blinded in hope of seeing differently

The truth of you is in your heart.
I am the Voice for your heart - not in the words here - but in the stillness of you.
I will not to be denied. This is your discontent in dreaming.
For My Will is not stolen or diminished or conflicted. But is One.
And you are my Will at rest.
And you are my own knowing.
Know Thyself.
Be still amidst all things.
Gratitude rises Our love.


Scripted experience of a lifetime.

I have a sense of a script running beneath our lives having certain themes that are part of the focus of this particular lifetime experience. And that before any of these events occur in our life – they are already latent at an archetypal level of our consciousness.
Whether this is seen as tragedy or comedy depends on our perspective. But within the script is generally tragedy - with comedy being the fruit of an overview that can identify, yet remain free of the roles and drama played out.

To identify fully with the human drama we have to feel totally justified in judging against.

The way out of the identification with the human drama is to love truth more than to love judgement – at just such times as when the urge to judge is strongest. For judgement usurps truth by making its own.

Whatever roles are played out – they are the roles of a split mind in denial – until of course we can let Spirit use the roles - (that are in our own mind and not ‘out there’) - to heal the split.
I know it doesn't seem that way – it seems we really are the one we think we are – suffering or sometimes winning – in the world ‘as we call it’.
And our wounds are the proof of our legitimacy as validating the ‘world as we call it’.
Which is a way to lessen, mitigate, or cover over, the guilt that arises from wanting and using judgement. How so? – by putting it out on the world – on those who enact the hidden facets of our mind for us - (in the world as we call it).

The voice for self protection is the call to fight to maintain this strategy because it has been the way the mind has attempted to resolve its own dilemna from a perspective of ignorance as to its own Nature and Source.
The voice for peace is the call to listen anew - from the awakened presence of being - which is usually weak amidst the self certainties that have grown from struggle.

"Come Home" is a call to an already peace – an anyway peace that doesn't sort out or resolve anything about the past in terms of the past – and so allows you to live out of a connected nowness that has no agenda of justice or revenge or proving anything to anyone. Being Home is a way of flowing in a current sense of a clear and clean now.

And to have release you simply give it. To give it is to have it.
It seems like you don't get it back when the world trips you (or me) up in disappointment, abandonment or betrayal.
But that is the feedback by which we waken to realize we are reenacting the old ideas and experiences again.
It is not for us to dictate the role that others must fulfil for us to keep our fantasies intact. To attempt to use others for private ends is to lose the blessing of their light.

Our Spirit can guide us so as to be protected from calamities. This is a way of getting our attention.
Once we are 'onboard' the Spirit can then guide us through calamities to show a deeper truth of safety.
And from there can it undo the very experience of calamity while it is seemingly going on.

Our part is to keep the channel open so that the Awakened Mind can use and work through our willingness and capacity to receive. This might be to struggle mightily to find even a little willingness amidst great temptation to feel justifiably judgemental. Or it might be so calm and clear and gentle, that it is obviously very Self.

Though we can feel we are prayerful when we ask to have something fearful or painful removed from our experience – there is often quite a payload of demand involved – seeking to dictate terms or make bargain on some level that is hidden amidst our seemingly innocent victimhood.
But if we see this – we can be guided as to then releasing it.

Truth is the restoration of a calm acceptance because it needs make no demand in order to be itself.

What if all you asked for is already given answer – and all you have to do is accept it - and live from the answer?