Talking about the weather - one mind

the 100th monkey story came from or was initially proliferated by Ken Keyes Jr? (Lovely teachings)
I have read that the 100th monkey syndrome is not actually verified as something recorded to have happened - but is a story that others want to believe happened. I'm not concerned with the exact story but only some principle of mind revealed.

Just as we share 'weather' we all partake of the energetic of the Movement as Presence - even though we each have local filters.

Its probably easier to say we share both the ego filter and the Light beneath and beyond it.
From the perspective of the filtered mind, we think 'we' are having thoughts and ideas that are 'our' contribution to what we 'see' as the state of the world. But from the perspective of mind opened to Light, there is simply the dawning of realisation and insight that serves to enlighten ... one mind in all. (beneath and beyond and pervading).

Within the experience of filtered mind is always the opportunistic self interest at work to 'use' this insight or infilling - exactly as all Reality is 'used' - to support having the ego experience. This could be seen as a mechanism by which the living light is rendered into terms of darkness to feed illusion.
Yet Light is Light and does communicate to its own.

The nature of the filter and the determination with which it is held, will mean that some minds seem to accept light while others - who also receive the same 'weather' or Movement in Mind - adjust so as to protect and maintain the 'darkness' in which privacy or independence from the Flow is desired.

For example - the growing of light in one mind is not noticed by one who is fixed on seeing darkness and 'rejoicing' at what he sees. But as light dawns, it becomes harder for the dreamer to maintain his or her illusions without realizing they are illusions. For the darkness is not ‘out there’ - but is a private result arising from a 'lack of light shared'.

When almost everyone smoked tobacco, it was almost invisible as a habit and hardly held to be an addiction - or the fact was easily dismissed. When the culture changes so that the habit is no longer accepted as either necessary or desirable - smokers feel increasingly self conscious of their actions. (I don't need to get into the complications of self righteousness and demonization that are brought into play here do I?).

Buckminster Fuller talked of 'an idea whose time has come' and tried to deliberately insert such ideas as levers. That isn't how mind works though. The stillness of listening is an opening channel to light or guidance or love for the acceptance and transcendence of present 'experience'.

The mind that faces the world in form is our play in limitation.
The mind that fixedly adopts the mask of form, in defence against believed guilt and fear, of damnation or nothingness - is afraid of Light - which is its own truth and nature - denied.
The mind that re awakens to light, sees it at first as acting in the world.
The mind that awakens to its own light has accepted its truth and nature and is an agency of intimacy with light - while still engaged in the script of the world.
That mind that never forgot - nor ever seemed - to leave the light, both is and does. It is one with light in truth - and yet serves as guide and awakener to every willingness that releases the denial of light.
The mind that all of these seeming focuses of attention and purpose partake of Is.
It can be writ Mind - as it is Universal, boundless, always and only.
It cannot be made 'it' without a sleep of forgetting - the illusion of split mind - that then acts as filter, that then induces guilt, that then attacks and defends itself, that runs our of tolerance, that releases its grip, and opens undefended, seeded to awaken, in reversal of steps, into sleep of remembering, that releases unwelcome, that truth be itself.

I speak all things,
That I am
As I am.
All things
speak Me

There is no I
apart from the Speaking
The Spoken are one with,
but do not project

Mind knows not in self
excepting radiance
of 'no self'
giving all to all
Aligns and Ones
to intimate peace.

You have nothing to give
but willingness of receiver
that giving through you
undoes the deceiver.