"Hang on - I lost it!"

2011-01-25 1:48 PM (#147503)
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When we deny our own Soul communication, it is usually self presented to our awareness as some kind of experience that denies or demands deprivation of us. Because if we were to see it as it is - we could not effect the denial.

This in effect uses others or the world to play a role in justifying a withheldness of self - to itself. The others and the world are not fundamentally involved or concerned with our hidden script - but in our interpersonal relations we soon communicate our demands in subtle ways, (that may never be openly stated), whereby we indicate that we need others to back off  - or indeed to come forward  - with specific kinds of behaviour - to serve our own private needs.

When we are getting wise to this way of hiding from ourself we can ‘see’ it in others - and if it pains us - it is because it speaks directly within us of our own pain - in which and by which we are locked - because we are frozen in our own communication. I am using the term communication here in its true wide sense of relatedness and involvement and participation - and not as a bunch of commentary or assertion or perceptions that seek validation.

We may let Life in - by trusting into a receptive stillness - but if we then do not abide in that and let it guide our be-ing - we switch back into non receptive assertion - and ‘lose it’.

“Losing it” has correlating experience on many levels - all of which are characterized by limitation, disconnection and isolation. In such lack of perspective, all kinds of thoughts and scenarios play out as an adventure in experience that is in turns; exciting, glamourous, threatening and meaningful as a sense of struggle towards a desired outcome. But its premise is false and it is at the expense of peace and  appreciation of an unconflicted love. From such a truly restored and rested perspective we can see presently that it is not our true desire to initiate the activity of intention and thought that result in confusion and conflictedness.

The keynote that is Christ awakening is that there is a shift or recognition from a situation perceived outside me - into a direct intimacy that is me - yet not any sense of me defined and not with any sense of a self amidst an otherness or situation other to me. As long as the situation is seen and engaged as between others - there is strategy at work as to what is revealed and what is withheld. But in the awakened recognition of the heart - there is a Re-membering presently of one’s own inclusion in all that Be ing truly is - and THIS ‘Knows’ Itself perfectly - and so is beheld as a knowing that operates as a seamless guidance and communication. Yet even such a beholding is itself an expression of the Be ing. There is no separate part from which to know or judge anyone or anything - ever.

The mechanism of denial is heartless - because it is the mind acting as if outside the heart. To identify with such mind is to kill or deny or imprison the heart - and experience as if that were in fact so.
To let the Heart Be - and to let it Guide, is far from any emotional need or reaction to hurt - but is simply peace of wholeness. For the seeming heart is the attempt to salvage some love from the fragmented experience of a fearful and heartless identification.

The release of the hurtful is not in enacting scenarios of atonement. The release is in stopping everything and letting the Father in. The Movement that is the discernment of Life - speaks all things truly - because it is without ‘knowledge’. It is innocent of what we take as knowledge.

We may fear that if we let down our defences and be seen as we truly are  - then we will surely be condemned because we are so sure that we ‘know’ we hold unworthy and hateful thoughts. Yet truth is that these are fundamentally retained in consciousness - even unconsciously - by attempt to deny and reject them - from an unjoined sense of self.

The force with which they are denied is the force they seem to have in insinuating or violating your consciousness. There is no ‘devil’ but that hating hatred and fearing fear obscures the mind from seeing truly. As the mind is relaxed - so the drama ceases to drive the show. Attention is freed from its objects and is restored to its Source. It is not something to work out - but an allowing of what truly works to dawn in our awareness.

To desire truth is to desire peace - for peace is the condition in which truth is clearly appreciated. Peace is the abandonment of ‘knowledge’, of search and of the exercise of wilful imagination. In its calm you can simply feel when to wait and when to extend your outstretched hand - and all that is needed is Given you - as it is called forth. This is not a state of attainment - but a freedom from the mind of attaining. The desire for a special self is not love and must be seen simply as it is - from a perspective that is free of its seeming allure - from a rested not-knowing that is in no danger of knowing anything! For It can never leave it Source!

In the release of ‘knowledge’, recognition beholds and ‘falls into’ That Which Lives all things. And that even so, the world of appearances arising is not actually modifying or fragmenting or limiting the un-knowable but untouchable Truth. God-Being All That Is You Are.

In Peace



Hatred, fear and tyranny

Two news stories have touched the same nerve in me in this new year of 2011.
Both involve the shooting by a lone individual of another with whom they disagreed to such an extent that they felt righteousness and duty in committing murder - and in directly undermining any due process of communication or law with resort to a justification of ‘might is right’; the act of the denial of life to another; killing the messenger to shut down the message that they - not God - have determined is hateful and deserves to die.

Both gunmen operated out of a sense of support and vindication from the culture of hate that had brodcast itself in self righteous terms; the Pakistani gunman was protecting Holy God from blasphemy. The American gunman was protecting the Divinely inspired Consitution of the United States of America from evil marxists or perhaps ‘We, the People’ of the USA from a tyranous secret conspiracy of a corrupt government. The theme remains the same

This kind of thing can and does sicken many of the whole notion of God, religion and so called holiness. Because it is so clearly hypocritical and deluded. But with what they do have of a sense of the sanctity and value of life they may well be more ‘the messengers of God’ than many who seek to perpetuate their own private or mutually agreed agendas in God’s name.

Because until man awakens from a childish fixation on specific forms, thoughts and symbols as holding fixed and asserted meanings in and of themselves, there will not be a true and consistent opening of the heart to the sanctity and holiness of life and the divine inspiration that guides from within - and not via external gods or externally created authorities that are liable to tyranous subjection of the Living Impulse of our heart.

The uncovering in man of a sense of falsity - or invalidity or wrongness - offers a step toward awakening from a deeper understanding than his own thought allows. But if we are engaged and identified in a mood of fear - that indulges hatred and judgement to its own sense of advantage - we will not awaken to a deeper curiosity that uncovers more than we knew before in a greater perspective - but will seek out and find scapegoats and enemies upon which to project our sense of wrongness upon. And we call it life even while it kills us.

Whether we are to emerge from the thrall of the mind of fear or remain slaves to its tyranny is a matter of individual responsibility now. For only the witness of the mind that disagrees with the god of fear can call it out to be undone. Fear says “If you speak out I will shoot you” - but it can only seem to have the power it wields through a culture of joining in a common hate - a culture that thrives on false witness, gossip and judgemental indulgence.

To partake in hate is to be a party to the acts of violence that are intent on undermining trust, cooperation, tolerance and all of the qualities that ARE the embodiment of love in our own minds - and in human society.

This is not a call to hate the ones who hate. This is a call to refuse hatred and insist on finding an honest, straight and open way to communicate - both within our own mind and with each other. A call to a clearout upon the principles of good housekeeping. The truly good will arise without self-manipulating effort when we cease to hate and so clear our hearts and minds of conflict - and not from setting ourselves against the symbols and messengers of that in our life to which we have aversion to.

Is there a helpful use of hate?
Perhaps only this - that to identify a falsity in oneself and immediately recognize it has nothing that I want and costs you all that I hold dear - is to empty or abhor myself of my thought so as to refuse to validate it in the terms it suggests. I abide in open trust that what is true reveals itself because I am no longer actively accepting falsity as a basis from which to live. Yet even here it is language that suggests that I ‘hate’ falsity - for the falsity itself is the hate - and I am not as it suggests and so I put it behind me by giving attention to the Living.