I appreciated the interview on BATGAP with Darryl Anka (Bashar) and felt to add this comment to its forum page.

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I feel to put in a positive appreciation for the Bashar material - allowing that ANY information only 'lives' as the intuited or uncovered knowing that you already ARE - but hitherto failed to recognize or appreciate.
However if there is a resonance, one opens to what one is currently capable of integrating by acting from it, and as a result even the same information can yield greater directness of recognition.

I had opening experience without overt or cultural supports for it and sort of came in the back door. No matter what one experiences, it isn't your own until you can live it, release it, forget about it, because now it is you and there is nothing to carry around or fear to lose or work to improve upon - though the improving of one's current experience remains a freedom of perspective as long as there is experience reflecting what Bashar calls a created reality.

Life brought me tools and paths of integration in ways I did not expect and obliged me to release my persona preferences so as to not shut down or turn away from the core vibrations of a living reality that had interfered with the dream of a life that ran before. Life still does!

Invisible companioning is a term I coined from A Course in Miracles and it doesn't need to matter what - if any - names are applied to whatever facets of an integrated wholeness of being communicate, guide, support and in a sense live or move through me - its is all Life and it is that which supports the particular expression of life that is my own focus or lifetime experience in its integrative process of remembering and recognizing itself.

The Bashar material is different in form in many respects but also in flavour. At earlier times of my life subtle 'spiritual' pride would likely have dismissed a generally LOUD and strangely intoned and enunsssssiated delivery that itself expresses multiple facets of the persona. Now I feel it no accident - but a specific design that speaks at various levels and in ways that deflect that which doesn't belong.
What belongs is a willingness to be open to the information without a lot of filtering and distorting crap and perhaps insofar as there is a layer of that it is invited into the discussion as content to be observed.

Resonance and relevance to the Living energetic of being is not a judgment involving comparisons and rejections - but a direct recognition or knowing.
This knowing is not ambiguous or indeterminate or conditional - but is a facet of the energetic presence of Life/Existence Itself - but its bread-crumb trail may be scattered across any number of various prompts, events, teachings, visions, insights -all of which embody facets of One relationship through which all relations are restored.

Ok... so I am not getting to my point that way...
As well as being a teaching vehicle or 'permission slip' for awakening/restoration to the One yiu have never stopped being, Bashar's perspective/toolset open all the awakening inspirational teachings that I most deeply value as pure tones in their own vibratory signature to a clearer and more ordinary light.

There is something about the religious/Spiritual cultural inheritance that  so deeply associates Divinity, God, Perfect Innocence, Unconditional Love with something NOT ordinary I as this ordinary moment of expression - regardless of opening to such grace in various moments that clearly were not about special deservability but do contain an inhibition of the impulse to recoil or reject from what fear makes of love - for in love itself is NO rejection.

Bashar extends the appreciation of an unconditionally loving existence without recourse to sentimentality or persuasion, for it is already true to the willingness to welcome and extend the Gift.

Truth often comes in forms I tend to deny because it comes to undo my own self-rejections that have projected a sense of disconnected self in fragments that can never fit because in their true Source they already fit perfectly.

This brings another facet: Bashar relates without pride of persona and extends an equality of communication that exemplifies what he calls 'ego negotiation'. In Bashar's terms the ego in its original function is simply that which serves you to maintain a focus in physical realty experience. a negatively polarized ego is what we associate with the ego of coercive and divisive or segregative and separating intent. Bring the lost sheep home is a phrase that comes to mind - although first contact specialist is also a good term within the symbolism of an era in which we are not just looking at space and stars, but beginning to interact and open communications of a higher/more inclusive order.

I found all sorts of Bashar online in various ways and also bought some directly from Daryl. There is a donate button to honour the source if others for whatever reason choose to share things on.

I don't ever feel to follow or give power to anything external. Be where you are in your own owning of the movement you feel. I actually feel this confers a true honoring and a true gift of presence - without justification or apology. Oh - and forgetting. Yes, there is that. But we are already experts at that so I didn't need to focus there.