Reason Awakening

Insanity or unreason noticed - is a goad to awakening.

When I see the treatment of man to man - and of man to beast and of man to his world I see much that is hellish - for this is the out picturing of the Son's attack upon Himself.

This is impossible - as One cannot split or truly hold opposing minds - except in belief born of a wishful imagination.

Self-illusion is not undone by dealing with the effect - but by looking clearly at the cause - and finding it causeless.

All that speaks the death of love is of the suggestion that another power is at work - against love - against life. This can not be.

Yet while we seek and assert to be a power unto ourselves, so shall the attack on truth be held real in the mind that possesses itself in secret and experiences itself threatened, isolated and in terms of opposition.

When we see our frailty and death in others we share it and strengthen it.

When we receive truth from our Brothers, we have looked beyond the suggestions of death.

We cannot look beyond that which we are afraid to see - and so we must be willing to look on hate and fear without judgement - truly - if but for an instant - in which our minds may be healed of the self-damning judgement that seeds a recurring experience of suffering, sickness and death - no matter how passionately is enacted the will to regroup within a fragmented mind.

Awakening itself is the Reason for awakening.

It stirs beneath and before a thought occurs - and undermines the capacity to see reason in a self apart. And so do new thoughts and perspectives rise, step by step, that lead from hell to Hello!

Interpretation, Identity and Desire

At the core of the Buddhist teaching are "the Four Noble Truths":
There is suffering. There is a cause to suffering. There is an end to suffering. There is a path out of suffering.

These certainly appeal to a desire to be free of suffering and guide to a true freedom rather than pseudo freedom in which suffering is hidden, minimized via distraction and denial and dissociation or re-branded as propaganda for a blame driven agenda.

In Buddhist terms I understand attachment as the cause of suffering, not desire.

Differentiation, identification and desire is a process of false or perverted desire. It is a process observable in mind - and by simply being observed , the desire is not acted out from, an identification with thought becomes impossible, and the underlying wish to see and judge in terms of form-based meanings dissolves for lack of support.

But yes, of course, all things are misinterpreted, inevitably, if pre-existing definitions are used to filter and program experience.

True desire - is "The Movement of Be-ing". It doesn't arise from - nor is distorted by the lens of - a separate self sense.

Be still - and know - God.

The ego sense is hopeful that it can become still and then have Truth added to it - so it will suggest the misinterpretation of a simple invitation or teaching into a hopefulness of attempting the impossible; of making reality validate, fit into and serve an illusion.

And as we all know - this is a very serious business!

But in Realization, gravity flips to levity, and light-ness of being, edgelessly dissolves into the Clear Light of Always.

in Gratitude



The Meaning of Life - an insoluble question?

What is the meaning of life?

You truly are the Meaning of Life.

But while you persist in acting out from a belief that you are as your thinking defines you to be - you program your mind to seek in externals, outside you - and in some other moment than the one in which you are.

Definitions are judgements in which a meaning is ascribed to something which is then held to be true or accepted as fact.
As this becomes a preference to use one’s own ‘knowledge’ rather than embrace relationship anew - the mind enacts a withdrawal from present relational be ing into a judgment based and arbitrary mapping of presumed or inferred meanings that seems real - yet is not grounded in a present and heartfelt relationship.

To be experiencing as if outside a present and heartfelt relationship is to be in confusion of identity and in conflict with reality. It is also to be grappling with meaninglessness as if it could be made sense of.

Therefore, within the experience of a sense of self that is uncertain, conflicted and in ignorance or confusion as to its true nature and identity, awakening is the meaning of life. Yet this is not truly an end point or goal capable of accomplishment. It is not added to you. It is already true - but through awakening, You - as you are - in your relational wholeness -  is revealed and accepted as true. Therefore one’s life becomes the expression of that awareness. You are known by your fruits, but what you are is defined only in the living instant of truth revealing itself - as it is - through You.

The filtered search for meaning in conceptual terms will only find partial aspects of the nature of Life’s Meaning - and these may be invested with belief and used as a source of identification. But this is not the same as being perfectly identified by and as one with, the Process or Movement of Unified Be ing.

In this sense you are identified by the love that you share, that moves you and moves through you. And in such indivisibility of be-ing there is no desire to pause, step outside the heart, and listen to thoughts that posit meaningless questions to the only place that knows nothing - the disconnected mind.

So Who is asking what the Meaning of Life is?
If it is but your thinking, then you can use the question to think some more. But if it is a question in your heart, then follow it down to its roots. For where your heart is, You are. If your heart is denied by a self-protecting mind, then you will not let your own Answer through until you lay down your defences against feeling. You will not allow this until you begin to trust yourself and you will certainly not allow this until you have uncovered an essential honesty that can pass beyond the personal and cultural blocks to the direct awareness and appreciation of love.


Peace on Earth?

For my part I see that until we recognise the working of misidentification within our own mind - we will play out the drama of a house divided. Yet the Spirit of God is one - so if I see division or conflict I am yet looking through the lens of a conflicted mind. Identification with self image is not the truth of our being - yet while we want it to be true we assert and defend it - not only against those to whom we give the role of 'other' or enemy - but against allowing the conditions in which healing would become necessary and obvious. Simply because all things are judged in terms of gain or threat to the self we accept as true.

To be able to bring the mind to look upon and re-evaluate its own identifications of belief and experience is the work of Grace - (not the intervention of an Outside Power - but the opening within of a Prior Nature or Condition). The willingness to accept wholing is a shift in purpose and perspective that becomes an awakening of life from true roots. This willingness becomes the purpose to which all experience must be surrendered of the interpretations that arise from the limited and limiting illusion of self will. Because this is freely undertaken as the heart's truth - it is a discovery of miracle, true joy and compassion - and not one of martyrdom, sacrifice or self denial.

But those latter are the expectations of the unawakened mind, to whom the touch and reminder of the demonstration of the Living Spirit is truly helpful in passing through fear. "Of myself I can do nothing" - but in willingness to be used by Spirit nothing will be left undone.

To be willing to look upon the horror of the split in our mind at its root and become free of the compulsion to 'do' anything from our own thought or judgement, is to 'hold the hand' of our Spirit and be restored to the vision that sees past all appearance to the Eternal.

From such a Wellspring - is the world 'made anew', for the desire that acted out from a past that seemed to have denied, killed or lost the Innocence of Being - is undone of any basis of identification or meaning. Such a peace is not a counterpart of war - but is Perfect Inclusion - or perhaps it is closer to say without any division or exclusion of all That (it) Is.

In Peace



Rules and Law, Grace and favour

2010-09-04 Rules and Law, Grace and favour

The Cause and Event of God is all there Is - beyond all good and evil - yet the rules of the mind of judgement apprehend not and see instead a world of separated things and people.

The mind that is full of its own will - or judgements asserted and defended - does not see, does not hear - and 'lives' out it's story as if it were real.

It is never the act at the level of form that matters - but the desire or movement of the heart. The prayer of the heart moves in us constantly - but if we do not be still of false desires, then we remain unaware of our own true desire. 

Grace may open as it Will - but it is never coercion - you must in your heart accept. In accepting the Will of love - you must accept the way of laying down your will. For your will is the refusal of love in favour of a special partial love - that God knows not.

The true miracle is the love that inspires all miracles.
Because we think we already know what love is - we justify ourselves in thought.
But this is the way of forgetting.

The world and the self that seems within it - are the experience arising from the rules that we have in ignorance accepted as true - and believed to be protective of us. Miracle experience is witness to that the world is not Lord over you. But it is not the self-role within the dream that has dominion. Whether you recall it or not - you, as you may think yourself to be - entirely surrendered to and accepted the Will of God - if for but an instant.

There are no rules to love - how could there be? Love's law is our very being.

That is why - despite our preoccupations with what we think we are and what we think we are attaining or failing to attain - love rises up and witnesses to the law of being - which cannot be altogether covered over or replaced by the laws of judgement - or believing and thinking.

Yet our insistence in our 'self' and world dictates the laws by which we will accept healing - even though they have no reality apart from a wish the self they support be true.

Our Holy Spirit is that Awareness which is ever present throughout the entire process of identifying with and by judgement - and knows the step by step way of bringing the mind in confusion of many, back into the acceptance of the one light of truth. Therefore it seems to work in the world with us in our dream as if we are in the situation as we believe - because that is where it can regain our attention. But always to serve the learnings that wean us from the will and its judgements in a way that awakens and yet does not feed or reinforce the guilt and terror that set the mind in confusion.

Rules are imposed upon and are used to control. They are illegitimate because they are not expressing true authority - but are the result of struggle: the blind leading the blind. In this mode "the way things work" is a phrase that means tyranny, fear and death.

Law is discerned in the oneness or union of heart and mind. It can be wholly accepted in the heart as true for it is not made by man. In this mode "the way things work" is a phrase that acknowledges eternal peace. For the perspective of oneness is not engaged in struggle - but sees even this, as it is.

Oh I know! - the egoic thinking can take ANYTHING and make a guilt trip out of it. Maybe when we see it in the midst of our so called spirituality - we'll realize that our hiding place doesn't work - and that we do not want to hide.

The mind is always active and never stops. Because we miscreated - or believed fantasy was really true - we have come to fear our thoughts and the Power that Mind Is.

My sense is to let love undo the thoughts by which I hurt myself - and trust that the nature of Mind expresses itself without distortion.
In this way I am not concerned to become or demonstrate anything for myself - for that is the thought by which madness seems real. Rather I grow willingness to accept the relationship that holds all things sane and in which all things - in their season - bring fruit in a shared Light.