The Meaning of Life - an insoluble question?

What is the meaning of life?

You truly are the Meaning of Life.

But while you persist in acting out from a belief that you are as your thinking defines you to be - you program your mind to seek in externals, outside you - and in some other moment than the one in which you are.

Definitions are judgements in which a meaning is ascribed to something which is then held to be true or accepted as fact.
As this becomes a preference to use one’s own ‘knowledge’ rather than embrace relationship anew - the mind enacts a withdrawal from present relational be ing into a judgment based and arbitrary mapping of presumed or inferred meanings that seems real - yet is not grounded in a present and heartfelt relationship.

To be experiencing as if outside a present and heartfelt relationship is to be in confusion of identity and in conflict with reality. It is also to be grappling with meaninglessness as if it could be made sense of.

Therefore, within the experience of a sense of self that is uncertain, conflicted and in ignorance or confusion as to its true nature and identity, awakening is the meaning of life. Yet this is not truly an end point or goal capable of accomplishment. It is not added to you. It is already true - but through awakening, You - as you are - in your relational wholeness -  is revealed and accepted as true. Therefore one’s life becomes the expression of that awareness. You are known by your fruits, but what you are is defined only in the living instant of truth revealing itself - as it is - through You.

The filtered search for meaning in conceptual terms will only find partial aspects of the nature of Life’s Meaning - and these may be invested with belief and used as a source of identification. But this is not the same as being perfectly identified by and as one with, the Process or Movement of Unified Be ing.

In this sense you are identified by the love that you share, that moves you and moves through you. And in such indivisibility of be-ing there is no desire to pause, step outside the heart, and listen to thoughts that posit meaningless questions to the only place that knows nothing - the disconnected mind.

So Who is asking what the Meaning of Life is?
If it is but your thinking, then you can use the question to think some more. But if it is a question in your heart, then follow it down to its roots. For where your heart is, You are. If your heart is denied by a self-protecting mind, then you will not let your own Answer through until you lay down your defences against feeling. You will not allow this until you begin to trust yourself and you will certainly not allow this until you have uncovered an essential honesty that can pass beyond the personal and cultural blocks to the direct awareness and appreciation of love.