Conspiracy theory?

The conspiracy that I see is the conspiracy of the mutual agreement to put an imagined or believed self-interest above the truth - indeed above our own living truth.
This conspiracy has a tiny part on the surface which is the making of alliances and the joining in hate - or the joining in the agreement to judge which ALWAYS 'places' the feeling of guilt OUTSIDE on the other - or sometimes outside the private-seeming mind upon the otherness of the body.

But for the most part it is not a conscious act - even within the meaning of conscious that the ego uses, but an unconscious permission given to a hidden mind to maintain the separative mentality of thought and thought-based identification and experience. This promises us freedom but is a tyrannous will because it expresses the denial of what we actually are - even while promising to protect or guide or fulfil us. But it always speaks to that which identifies with lack - and strengthens it. This polarises into the victimiser and the victim - yet noone but has both of these active to have either of them.

The mind works to present things in different forms and variable contexts in ever shifting ways so as not to be able to see nothing for what it is. Nor to see the solutions or reshuffle of change to be no real change at all. For it works to keep nothing seeming to be something and hides Everything in the appearance of 'something else'.

To repent the conspiracy of the lie, one has to identify it within oneself and choose not to use it. The sins of the world that trigger our reaction are the way to get in touch with that within ourself. If we do not merely react - but open our minds to a truly present awareness - to the Holy Spirit - THEN there is a movement that is accepted, recognized, joined with and given expression - or lived out-from.

Polarized reaction is always the expression of the original error and can only serve to hide the error in new forms of mutually agreed definitions.

Being led to awakening is being led to the end of the self that we took to be our own, and is freely and willingly undertaken within a growing trust that is met with a different basis of living. Of course this brings deep fears into the light - along with the mentality that kept them hidden and would do so again. This IS the opportunity to awaken from the habit of 'going it alone' using the voice of a self judging will - to the grace of our being as we truly are - and not as judgement made us - and all things - to seem.

If you meet a lie or a lovelessness - will you deny your Christ to the crowing of a mind that denies the dawning of light?
Yes - if you meet within a tacit loveless intent.

Look therefore to that love is alive in your heart and extending to your world - as a sense of shared value in your everyday life. Then if trial or a persecution should seem to come upon you, you have a relationship within that you will find the way to hang in with, while saying or doing what is to be said and done - or leaving unsaid and undone what is to be left unsaid and undone.

There is no order of difficulty in miracles, because a lie cannot be more or less true, but where our attachment to an untruth or a wishful rendition held more dear than truth, we will find ourselves struggling as if to keep some aspect of the untrue - apart from the honesty of peace, because we fear that we will lose something dear to us.

In the struggle to protect our investments, we are blind, mean spirited and fearful of threat and enemies - even amongst our allies.
When others act self-righteously in opposition to our error, we easily focus on their errors instead of upon their message, and are if anything reinforced in our own beliefs in the necessity to distrust and defend against change.

The 'ego' doesn't care where it finds a host as long as it can persist. But it works by deception so as to feed its prospective host with a special benefit and personal sense of worth that is not automatically shared with all - but to those who meet the conditions.

So the belief in the ego as residing in oneself as a person or in persons is not true, rather, the belief that gives rise to the personal sense.
"Who do I extend love to?" and "who do I withdraw attention and embrace from?" - rather than being the extension of love that simply knows how to be with whatever it meets as part of its Self.

Jesus could and can talk to and be received by people that society rejects - though he had no time for timewasters. This is not because he is special, but because he is not special.Not so special as to morally denigrate another Life that shares the same Father or Source.

God is no respecter of persons means we are equal in God's Sight. No hierarchy of value or worthiness or status whatsoever. But he does not attack our vanity. He simply does not see it because it is base-less.

The thinking by which the world, and our life in it, are experienced and seemingly shared as reality is disintegrating. Yet what truly has Integrity can therefore shine through and truly share in a world made to limit sharing. This awakens to that we are not and never were as we think ourselves to be, and as we abide in what we are - it becomes in us, rather than an attempt to become something we are not.

Let us breathe with God, and thus truly breathe together and be filled with life anew.
Not around the concepts of God - but as living that shines through when the clouds of concept are released.

In Peace