Freedom is the natural state of being

Psychiatry as mystical symbolism
by Jon Rappoport

Jon writes on the device of diagnosing mental illness in terms of chemical imbalance - which then feeds a drug market that actually created such imbalances as it claims to treat or 'manage'.
Medical mythology operates the deepest psy op of the coercive mentality and the idea of mindcontrol arises from the abuse of the mind as an agency of control or power over life.

One story not given a voice in the article or comments beneath:

The marketplace of power operates under free will - regardless the complexities by which emotionally backed conditioning triggers reactions of fragmented and complimentary roles.
When we first adopt a mask of self-protection against naked or native Communication - we do not realize the 'choices' that that persona has in effect locked us into - until and unless the original conditioning imprint is in some way relived and re-evaluated or re-integrated. Not by a story-identity of assertive or controlled narrative - but as a recognition of innate freedom at Source. Identifying exclusively in effects and appearances is what we usually call 'the world' or its 'self'.
Such exclusive and segregative identity is necessarily a state of conflict - and regardless how it asserts or attempts to present itself - those conflicts and their pain are inherent to such a 'self-identity' - which is always a tango in which two or more agree NOT to know or hear or feel truth.

The willingness to forego the social 'protective' mask and listen for and be moved by the communication of our Being - (re Imagination at a level beyond the belief-prison of the segregative mind) - is the expansion of perspective and realigning of perception and experience to an integrative Flow of being - which is what is really 'going on' Always - though the mind can be fragmented to operate a lens of distortion and fragmentation that will mask your 'reality experience' while you choose to believe it gives you Life or Power rather than recognizing it demands the sacrifice of your Life and the true power of synchronicity that is Being the Presence You Are.

There are simplicities that multiply to a vast entanglement of complexity - which is part of their defence system. They are also called lies - but in the first instance they are mis-takes or incomplete and partial understandings or fears that become false foundations from which one then lives.
The ability to dissociate and fragment was marked by Freud and he sought ways to heal it - but didn't allow or recognize his own involvement and participation in the 'relational issues' we label and hide from by means of narratives of external agencies such as genes and biology or past-guilt sins and theology.
The ability to heal or reintegrate to a wholeness of Presence is innate to us and does not require special 'learning' or 'deserving' - but the framing mentality of the matrix of fear, coercion and guilt does require these and renders the mind incapable of accepting Reality Now - for it 'sees' only total loss in such an unthinkable idea. Thus the drive to disallow heart-acceptance is the sacrifice of love, truth and beauty that is masked by a false 'love, truth and beauty' coercively asserted and defended and maintained with all the force of the original survival fear that triggered our first differentiations from a wordless but true knowing.

Revisiting and re-visioning the past imprinting does not require adding anything to what is unfolding our reality - but does require the desisting or releasing of the false narrative self and its world - which is the active layer of obfuscation and diversion from true presence no matter what roles are being played out in the personality level.
When I was young the term 'mental' was used colloquially for 'mentally ill' (which itself was a taboo area that was not open to discussion or even thought). I now see that mental substitutions for relational communication is indeed 'mental dis-ease', while insinuating itself as socially normal' via guilt and fear 'incentives'. Waking up is not a better mental handle - it is the abandonment of such a prison, for the mind simply operates where and when needed within a truly lived relationship. There is no 'control issue' or power struggle until such perceptions and reactions are triggered fears from which the 'divide and rule' paradigm operates in place of truly felt discernment (of both intuitive and intellectual focusing).

There is no verbal mental vocabulary for wholeness of being - only for the Loss of Communication in self-limitation within conflicting identifications. But Life lived and shared and embodied IS such a language already - and though it is our First Nature, we have to relearn its focus from an adopted priority given to a second nature that SEEMS to be the first voice, or reaction to anything. But to pause and revisit the wholeness or presence beneath appearances allows a re-visioning from which to live an entirely different foundation than the fear-guilt coercion. And yes, like any learning it has to be chosen anew and anew whenever the old habit seems to be running your choices for you. Otherwise, you will not KNOW that you want it - and this is what waking up is to resume; the focusing within what you truly want. The world paints symbols for your heart's desire - but the world cannot give you your heart;s desire for it is already With you. Acceptance at the heart will reflect a different 'world' and if you want this you must choose it - because Reality is not coercive upon you, but honours your desire. Of course this reads crazy to the mental - but consider that if your are 99% preoccupied in making sure something terrible does NOT recur or occur for you - then you are 99% negatively identified - even if the 1% is a surface reality in which you are struggling to succeed in escaping, evading or mitigating those 'unconscious' fears.

The 'unconscious' has many seeming levels - but is principally discarded and denied self. No less active for being denied - but in ever more 'hidden' forms as the complexity of maintaining 'unconsciousness' demands higher and higher levels of death and taxes to maintain itself at cost of true communication - which at first must embrace the denied 'negatives' that we have perhaps come to love to hate or need to hate in order to hold our 'identity' together.

The word I or 'me' is an apparently simple thing - but what it purports to mean can be anything and everything depending on all kinds of shifting forms that seen to be distinct arenas of context with their own demands and necessities. The Source 'I Am' is not a mental concept - which came later. One has to Feel Existence to reopen Relational Communication where a 'mental' assertion had effectively discarded, denied and usurped such awareness.

Such a metal identity can only 'listen' to its own thinking and cannot receive me at all - excepting to seek ammunition for its need to survive as war-mind in disguise.
At such time as this I treasure any sign of true willingness - for ever kind of deceit is risen to mimic the true. Jesus said "resist ye not evil!" - and I recognize that true. But I also see how a mind split in fear/evil will distort that saying so as to neuter the Jesus example. The way evils propagate is by getting you to give them focus without recognizing what you are in fact choosing - that is - by deceits and traps of conditioned reaction - so that you don't even know the choice you are truly making as a result of a false framing matrix of definition. That you have and ARE choice is my desire to stir within you and grow in myself - and opening the true nature of choice in terms of true of you or false to you - is a simplicity of discernment BEFORE the machinery of thinking is even summoned to action.
There is an integrity of being that is uncoverable beneath any kind of mental-emotional crap - because crap is not the worth that your creation establishes as You. If you have faith in crap - it will be no less rewarded than in your core quality of being - even if you cant currently abide in or recognize this as your natural inheritance. No one else can live your life - so why give access to the thoughts and stories that purport to protect you from life in return for an isolating sense of dissociated self-specialness?