Propaganda begins at home

Fear inducing loops serve no purpose but to assert the reality of fear – as a foundation – as truth – as a basis from which to leverage outcome; to manipulate reality.

Every idea accepted into our mind as emotional belief – that is; identified with – also identifies us in our current choice. This identity construct then seeks and finds reinforcement by amplifying its reflections in all its choices, which in turn communicates that choice as a manifestation of idea.

The idea of fearful self in a hostile Universe is propaganda in support of a self-separation in a Universe of separation – justified in hate and in defence and opposition to anything that might undermine its power; the power of a lie, given truth.

The reflections of such intent to prevail over, predate upon, and deny, are the experience of the threat and interpretive experience of being victimized, abused and denied. And the guilt, hatred and worthlessness that arise in the self-knowledge of a persistence of denying truth, love and life, split the mind and are projected out upon truth love and life such as to render it unrecognisable as your Self in the sharing that IS truth, love and life.

The conflict of shadow selves perpetuates distraction and densifies and intensifies dissonance, such that light of truth that loves your whole life cannot find welcome, nor shine its unifying, healing and integrative perspective on what is first and foremost a decision to experience in a particular way, with chosen idea, but which has become a highly complex multi-layered defence against communication itself.

Yet the upholding of an idea that is not aligned and expressive of the truth of you, will necessarily be unstable, require an intense tax of energy and attention in maintaining – leading to disintegration and depletion. Though these experiences also are woven into the conditioning such as to further adjust the self-construct to its split ‘world’, the tolerance for such pain, futility and isolation is not infinite, and the mind that plays in its drama is brought to a choice of re-evaluating itself.

This is the ripeness and opportunity of re-wakening, of being corrected of the errors of thought whereby the self – and its world became negatively defined.
This is the process through time in which a clear and unified foundation is accepted true – and lived from, such as to transform the self-construct from the idea of victim/victimizer to the idea of creative unifier. Ideas that are innate to our nature do not require overhead or effort to be true – but can be rested in whole. But while the investment in a self in a world of ‘divide and rule’ is treasured and defended, the truly natural – insofar as one begins to recognize it – is associated with fear, guilt and resistance.

Whereas the trip into the idea of fear and separation experience was actually fearless and guiltless – because it was yet aware of its indivisibility, the resultant perspective was a chaos of reaction in which a temporary stability was achieved but from a shifting basis in a shifting world.

But the dawning upon the mind of its true predicament is one which is uncovering the guilt and fear patterns that had worked in the darkness of secrecy and unconsciousness. In this is the temptation to persist in self-judgement from the false lens of fear’s distortion.

But the desire for the peace in which a true perspective dawns spontaneously – free of any kind of mental-emotional propaganda, cannot be denied your willingness – whatever conditions seem to prevail.

The putting out of self-unworthiness onto others serves as justifiction for a point of self-righteousness from which to judge, manipulate and control your mind, and to assert a coercive intent that you be made happy by others conforming to your demand.

But that putting out of self does not leave your mind and is not ‘out there’ independent of you. To reclaim the power of wholeness, use the projections to illuminate one’s OWN mind. Not to fuel or feed guilt, but in the willingness of the honesty of the desire for peace in which one knows a shared existence without any question of propaganda. because this knowing is not a coercive intent to ‘understand’ in order to control – but is a yielding into All That Is – free of attempt to possess or define it negatively or positively in reaction.
Life knows how to be itself. Truth knows how to discern itself. Love knows how to share itself.

The focus upon the deception in purely ‘out there’ terms is itself deceived.
One has to subscribe to the channel to have the experience, and then it is your choice as to how to respond to that experience. You can use it to serve a truer alignment of your own definitions and choices, so as to uncover and recognize the unsubscribe button. You can use it to fuel a dramatic experience that you find exciting and meaningful to your present sense of yourself, in which you consent to act as if you do not have the power to unsubscribe from a channel of experience and tune in from a fresh and clear appreciation of all that you are – to what truly moves and fulfils you. To what wholly engages and enlivens. The presence of conscious choice is a light in which one can always choose again. But the hiding of such choice in justifictions is the invitation to a darkness that open the door to all kinds of related unmindful guests.

When we really get the message – we don’t need the messenger. The message is always YOU but the form in which the message comes is often unrecognized and denied. The single most transformative act is that of accepting love-worthiness wholly – as a foundation without which love of life our world and each other, fails to truly manifest.

Bashar: Your life always works – always works! When you place invalidations upon yourself, you do not see that it is working. That is the only difference.


Sketches of direction for God Implicit

Consider that the Higgs field hypothesises an all pervading field in which certain particles acquire mass as a result.

Allow me to suggest a Field by which all manifest idea acquires consciousness. Existence itself is ALWAYS perfectly coincident with and inseparable from conscious awareness with NO exception.

Awareness or Mind is thus 'hidden' by adopting the concept of a separated 'mind' among other 'minds' in a world of bodies or materiality agreed to be or defined-accepted as OUTSIDE and APART from mind - which is limited to a 'self' felt to exist apart from and able to act upon its object-world so as to validate and express its own autonomy... to itself and to its 'others'.

The first part of what I wrote points toward the self-awareness-existence that cannot be objectified but which all objects attest to.

The second part is the adoption or identification with objects of awareness such as to presume or believe oneself as if separated the all in all and acting upon it. This is the play of forces of action/reaction, seeming to operate as a personal sense, which gives rise to a mechanical sense or a programmed conditioning of mind by its own self limiting factors.

To this sketch - for what could it be but a sketch - I suggest there is no outside God and no inside self apart from God. The examination of the mechanism by the mechanical yields a view of a machine - that seems to be present to experience through or use according to whatever purpose or desire is active.

To turn to the machine truths for guidance is to desire mechanical systems in place of the pristine wonder and quality of being that we are or that I Am.

The name of God in the Judeo-Christian aspect is pointing to the All Pervading and ONLY 'I Am'.

Your awareness of being is perfect evidence of I Am - with no interpretive role required whatsoever, but the mentality of a separate inner and secret sense of self equates this to its self concept.

The world as we generally mean it - as an externality, is always an interpreted event and never actually KNOWN. And yet there is no separation of awareness and event in true awareness.

Look for it now and find this self. You will not find it. No one has ever found it. No one will ever find it. There are self concepts that shift and change from moment to moment and there is a purpose of protecting and persisting as that sense of self demands.

Purposes are attributes of mental focus and not attributes of a material world presumed or desired external and separate from the event of beholding or recognizing.

The God of Unified Mind equates to an absence of self-world as separate states and is symbolized as threat and denied recognition in awareness. The projection of God as the Super Ego is that fear of love personified as the symbol of a power to kill that the denial of Life effectively enacts to a present awareness.

Power then is accorded to the separating and denying aspect of a conscious focus within the idea of self-alone or self-apart or self-over and is displaced from love's unified appreciation of its Allness in every part.

Truth - as the IS - simply IS and nothing at all can be added or taken from Is but that a state of is-not or unreality is explored as idea.

The word or concept 'God' is one that has and can be used to point to that which only is and yet which can never be objectified or defined.

To the mind predicated on self-world definitions it therefore does not exist except as mere wordplay to no practical effect

But within Itself it is perfectly shared and definitions of separated or split purpose have no actual foundation - though the experience arising from their identification seems real to that identification.


Channelling - the Prequel

Whereas our conventional view presupposes a private mind - which is asserted and defended as a personified entity called 'my self', the actual nature of mind is open. Not that it is without integrity as to its capacity to focus as an individualized expression of the creative life principle - but that such an expression is not really one of private ownership or authority so much as a shared cooperative and intercommunicating oneness.

The apparent breaking off or disconnection from onemindedness IS the experience of a 'me myself I' as a private or self-existing power or authority of assertion. Ideas one accepts into one's mind by validating with belief, are freely accepted as they are freely given - and yet the notion of a coercive will has arisen with the exploration of the idea of separation that arises from the act of identifying self-definition with idea, symbol and concept; with self image.

The act of identifying in concept is one of experiencing through limitation. The experience may be of limiting - but is still occurring within Mind unlimited. But the definition and defence of a limited point of experience becomes self-conditioning such that we believe what we see and see only what we believe and defend our 'mind' against Mind - which becomes interpreted as a threat to the persistent survival of the 'mind that thinks its self'. Such a mentality seems trapped in time and space and struggle to an eventual and inevitable death - for it 'battles' against a 'world' that is completely overwhelming when its fragile conditions for existence are undermined or depleted or worn out.

Yet to such an apparent stuckness is a 'back door' always open - that is - of influences that widen perspective and release a self-defeating futility, allowing a greater integrity and honesty of communication as an experience of self-world that is more truly integrated and ultimately transcended in one-minded realisation.

These 'influences' are simply the Living Universe of which one is both one with and expression of - simultaneously. But they are essentially active only to a willingness that invites, accepts and honours - and will be experienced in forms that are the most recognisable witness to the mind in its particular patterns of self-definition and defence.

And so they may seem to be external - in terms of spiritual teachings via books or channelled entities or indeed direct relationships with teachers or inspirational others - Indeed with any truly conscious relationship. But what is active is the movement of trust, honesty and discernment amidst a mind that is yet also fearful, manipulative and prone to conditioned reactions and perceptions.

The exclusivity of mind-in-world focusses on the surface of forms and determines meanings relative to an already identified database of forms and meanings, and it would use all things to reinforce its capacity to prevail over its experience, but the mind of listening is a willingness to release the past in a fresh appreciation of what is presencing itself to be experienced anew.

This is simply to come back into our right or true mind, and yet this shift, to a mutual but tacit conspiracy of wrong-mindedness will seem to trigger or uncover identifications with guilts, fears, and confusions that seem to work against the acceptance of a unified and therefore unconflicted awakening to peace. But in truth the uncovering of the apparent blocks IS the process of their undoing or reinterpretation - as free willingness invites and allows.

Even as a fragment of mind is not actually separated off from the whole, so an apparent fragmentation of relationships is restored to unified purpose; to harmony. Part of this is expressed in the support and guidance of insight and awakening that is available via channels of communication whose existence is itself a witness to communication within a greater consciousness than is presumed to be limited to a brain in a body in a material world.

For the nature of our being is at once the receiving and giving of the totality of Communication in which we are both the channel via which it shares as well as the sharing. For they are not in truth separable.

At the level of a sense of separateness, we may experience our true Self or right-mindedness as an illumining or guiding Spirit, until guilt and fear are undone to allow an embrace of inclusion yo replace division.

The unifying and integrating purpose of healing or awakening to wholeness is the core essence of nature of being


Poetry makes nothing happen

I wrote this in passing a blog entry titled "Poetry makes nothing happen"
An article exploring the idea of poetry, politics, culture and change.

- - -

The mentality of changing the world to align with idea, can ride along with changing times as if they witness to its power. Until the idea loses all currency in the changing tide.
But the beholding and expressing of the movement of life is inherent to the movement itself. Life knows itself Good – not in polarised comparison – but beneath and yet beyond the capacity of definition.

The reflections that we invite will grow or fade their respective foundations.

The power to distort and distract from
or the power abiding in.

The essential innocence beneath experience is a freedom that cannot be grasped.
But which may express itself creatively anyway. Any way at all.

The freedom to think, to focus upon to accept or identify meanings is a freedom of experience, in which a mind may ‘lose itself’ in its own meanings and definitions – yet can never altogether lose the movement of being by which it lives – and without which is nothing.

The communication of Being to its seemingly errant ‘consciousness’ is primarily felt below the threshold of consciousness but breaks through and without coercion, guides and grounds.

The coercive will can make what it will of this according to its current capacity.

Poetry may serve an expression of the unspeakable, such that the movement of Life is honoured, for the gift of being – that shares and is not denied or rendered dead by even a moments passing.

Sunset: (Bereavement)
Reaching in life for light
We traced like flowers,
Our lives together.
The flowers pass,
But now and now, I find you,
closer than touch,
In a light passing not.



Conspiracy theory?

The conspiracy that I see is the conspiracy of the mutual agreement to put an imagined or believed self-interest above the truth - indeed above our own living truth.
This conspiracy has a tiny part on the surface which is the making of alliances and the joining in hate - or the joining in the agreement to judge which ALWAYS 'places' the feeling of guilt OUTSIDE on the other - or sometimes outside the private-seeming mind upon the otherness of the body.

But for the most part it is not a conscious act - even within the meaning of conscious that the ego uses, but an unconscious permission given to a hidden mind to maintain the separative mentality of thought and thought-based identification and experience. This promises us freedom but is a tyrannous will because it expresses the denial of what we actually are - even while promising to protect or guide or fulfil us. But it always speaks to that which identifies with lack - and strengthens it. This polarises into the victimiser and the victim - yet noone but has both of these active to have either of them.

The mind works to present things in different forms and variable contexts in ever shifting ways so as not to be able to see nothing for what it is. Nor to see the solutions or reshuffle of change to be no real change at all. For it works to keep nothing seeming to be something and hides Everything in the appearance of 'something else'.

To repent the conspiracy of the lie, one has to identify it within oneself and choose not to use it. The sins of the world that trigger our reaction are the way to get in touch with that within ourself. If we do not merely react - but open our minds to a truly present awareness - to the Holy Spirit - THEN there is a movement that is accepted, recognized, joined with and given expression - or lived out-from.

Polarized reaction is always the expression of the original error and can only serve to hide the error in new forms of mutually agreed definitions.

Being led to awakening is being led to the end of the self that we took to be our own, and is freely and willingly undertaken within a growing trust that is met with a different basis of living. Of course this brings deep fears into the light - along with the mentality that kept them hidden and would do so again. This IS the opportunity to awaken from the habit of 'going it alone' using the voice of a self judging will - to the grace of our being as we truly are - and not as judgement made us - and all things - to seem.

If you meet a lie or a lovelessness - will you deny your Christ to the crowing of a mind that denies the dawning of light?
Yes - if you meet within a tacit loveless intent.

Look therefore to that love is alive in your heart and extending to your world - as a sense of shared value in your everyday life. Then if trial or a persecution should seem to come upon you, you have a relationship within that you will find the way to hang in with, while saying or doing what is to be said and done - or leaving unsaid and undone what is to be left unsaid and undone.

There is no order of difficulty in miracles, because a lie cannot be more or less true, but where our attachment to an untruth or a wishful rendition held more dear than truth, we will find ourselves struggling as if to keep some aspect of the untrue - apart from the honesty of peace, because we fear that we will lose something dear to us.

In the struggle to protect our investments, we are blind, mean spirited and fearful of threat and enemies - even amongst our allies.
When others act self-righteously in opposition to our error, we easily focus on their errors instead of upon their message, and are if anything reinforced in our own beliefs in the necessity to distrust and defend against change.

The 'ego' doesn't care where it finds a host as long as it can persist. But it works by deception so as to feed its prospective host with a special benefit and personal sense of worth that is not automatically shared with all - but to those who meet the conditions.

So the belief in the ego as residing in oneself as a person or in persons is not true, rather, the belief that gives rise to the personal sense.
"Who do I extend love to?" and "who do I withdraw attention and embrace from?" - rather than being the extension of love that simply knows how to be with whatever it meets as part of its Self.

Jesus could and can talk to and be received by people that society rejects - though he had no time for timewasters. This is not because he is special, but because he is not special.Not so special as to morally denigrate another Life that shares the same Father or Source.

God is no respecter of persons means we are equal in God's Sight. No hierarchy of value or worthiness or status whatsoever. But he does not attack our vanity. He simply does not see it because it is base-less.

The thinking by which the world, and our life in it, are experienced and seemingly shared as reality is disintegrating. Yet what truly has Integrity can therefore shine through and truly share in a world made to limit sharing. This awakens to that we are not and never were as we think ourselves to be, and as we abide in what we are - it becomes in us, rather than an attempt to become something we are not.

Let us breathe with God, and thus truly breathe together and be filled with life anew.
Not around the concepts of God - but as living that shines through when the clouds of concept are released.

In Peace



Ego, and the Life-Presence

Judgement is the tool of ego mentality. However so subtle or cunningly planted, it always expresses hate, rejection, exclusion, specialness and ignorance. And is expert at doing so in the guise or forms of love, with flattering appeals to the reader to be 'in' the know relative to the invalidated as if IT knew anything beyond splitting off from communicated presence in order to validate its existence to itself. It knows no existence but its thoughts, which re-frame the direct communication of presence as interpretation whose overriding intent is to substantiate its own persistence as the judge.

  Ego is a usurpation and exploitation of the quality, energy and feeling of Life. But a coercive intent is active only upon the energy and attention that is invested. Life is unaffected by imaginary battles, for the ego battles only with itself. But although the ego is the idea of autonomous power, it can only 'run' or be supported in mutual agreement to 'separate'. To tacitly agree to blank the Life-Presence and determine the meanings of all things from the standpoint of personally asserted judgement. Ego is the idea of personal possession and as such is dispossessed of the Life-Presence.

One cannot be ego because it is not an actual presence, but one can use it to play out a presentation and give it preference over presence.

Ego is form based identification in which Meaning, or the Oneness Presence, is obscured and thus experienced as a disconnected lack of Identity, that seeds itself as the 'becoming' identity, in search for and defence of itself. All things are purposed to such identification in defence, because all things ARE of One Presence and the persistence of judgement demands the withdrawal from and withholding of the Life-Presence.

The ego has no presence or power of its own, and uses only the power you give it - who are one with and identical to Life-Presence, in act of using ego-thinking or judgement.

As long as you believe it offers you something you want more than to abide in and as the Life-Presence - you will follow your thinking as if it had any basis in reality.

But the reality it offers you is deception, yet deception in which sin, sickness and death become as if meaningful  triumph over the Life-Presence, IN which they have no meaning.

For what else could result from separating from your Life-Presence but the dissonance of conflicted identity, the breakdown of communication and functionality and the fulfillment of separation in death?

At some point the credentials of the basis and authority of the mentality of judgement must be called into question by you who  ARE entirely in and of  Life-Presence - not in belief - but as the only actual existence available to be had.

The teacher of ego is the wish of self-specialness that induces insane thinking and presents it as your own.

The Teacher of Life-Presence is always present - to a willingness to learn. Whatever the forms or agencies by which the meaningless is seen as meaningless and the true is appreciated true, the essential basis is the desire and willingness of receptivity brought present - not to external forms or authorities, but to the direct and unmediated recognition of true and whole Presence.

The separating mentality is like an addiction that is replaced by a Life-expressing habit, such that instead of seeking to be filled with life , seek to allow that which is discerned Alive - to move and guide you. It is guiltless, its peace is without fear. It is without coercion upon you.

It is not what you expect. It cannot be taught.

But everything we think and do always teaches its source - where it is coming from, so teaching is not an option, but what we choose to source ourselves is, for as long as the ego is in our mind as a potential or residual habit, it stands as a choice we had invested in - regardless of its unreality, AND as a witness for the power of choosing.

Therefore give 'choosing' to the discernment of the heart and don't feed the habit of the 'chooser' and thus choose willingly and actively to live out-from the intuition and appreciation of Life instead of joining in a loveless self-serving lie. This is not other than to be innately joyful and conscious instead of problematically immersed in self-regard.

The ego 'loves' spirituality, because it loves attention and it loves employment. And in the suggestion that your authentic presence is somehow in some other moment, or becoming perfect or getting cleaned up, or needing protection from fraudsters and the corrupting influence of false teachings - IT teaches that you are lacking in integrity and cannot be trusted - and so listen to IT and it will not only 'protect' you - but will prove that you are lacking in integrity and DO need its next course in 'getting there'.

This 'ego' is taught in everything we think and do and say while we are using it as our source and guide - that is while we accept its thinking as our own.

But what we choose to learn or value is not dictated by the ego, but by what we choose to give attention to. Regardless of the hooks by which we may be baited into reaction, the persistent disregard of the ego mentality in ourselves or others, releases energy and attention from reaction and frees it for Living. (There is no plural to ego excepting to the desire to go forth and multiply it). The 'Christed' Perspective is not a specialness of self - but a recognition of the Christ Presence in the one you meet.

The claim of the personal sense to exist in its own right is the determiner of the perception of lovelessness.

But watch the mind and see if the messages you see are not exactly what the messengers were instructed to find. Purpose dictates all. Shared purpose directs the undoing of a dictatorial mentality.

In Peace