Separated thoughts or things as if self existing entities

If Mind is All in All then no separate thing is and Peace is now the truth of One.

A separated mind is like a virtual space suit.
From the perspective of the space suit the Flow of One is perceived as the fragmented many – each a thing in space and in time; each a world unto itself.
Separated existence is illusion in story – for all of this is within You – and not apart and outside.
The Already and Always You. The Is.

Seeing things as ‘outside’ and independent of Awareness includes thoughts – which are apparently things – but are shadow traces of the patterns made by obstructing the Flow – which then seem to insinuate or witness to a thinker. A doer of thought. An entity. There is no doer of thought – but the act of attention perceived within the presumption of a being a doer is a distortion of the receptivity of awareness.

Nonsense thoughts are groundless.
At no instant are they actually present.
But seem to be something coming – something passing.
The Divinity of something is what is revealed as obvious when no definition is asserted, identified with – or defended.
Stillness knows because all is as it is – accepted - not excluded.

Holy Spirit Mind reveals the intent and purpose behind a thought as you give willingness to receive the truth. Such a thought translated may have a spark of reflection of living truth. Like wheat among the tares.
Living truth is all in all and all loving thought is true for love gives and receives itself by its own nature.

If the intent of a thinking is to make distraction such that the split in mind remains hidden then the thoughts are decoys - nothing in themselves. Such intent is a wish for such a nothing to make a context in which all the meanings of the self in world can be played out in story and experienced.

Polarised reality is the reflection of a split in mind.
The attempt to heal, fix or deny the split feeds it.
This is experienced as ongoing opposition or conflict.
With shifting allegiances in a flux of changing identifications.
Presumed to be happening to a someone – who has a frail and vulnerable mind – within a hostile environment.
Yet these are all but thoughts that make shadows while held in attention.
You are as the Light believing it is a fragment within a darkness.
Inside out mind.
You awaken as you accept stillness as the core and ground of reality.
This is experienced as Flow.
Without opposition.

The instant you think you know
the thought shadow binds and blinds
by its belief.
The knowing is the Flowing Is

Self less yet Self of all.
In This One all things are Homed - undone of thing-ness.

I am grateful for pausing and writing.
I allowed the noise to dissipate and fall away
by calling attention Home.

in Gratitude



The wants of the mind

The wants of the mind
is the ‘maker’ of externality
in a thought of self lack.
But nothing is external
to what Mind is.

The source of ‘what Mind is’, is within
yet beyond - all sense of self and object.
“Father” to all that is.
All that we Are.

In this acknowledgement lived,
nothing is lacking.
Rest you in peace,
Heart desire fulfilled at its root.

From such realisation
comes only expression
of unconflicted truth.

Within this current
all guidance flows
without opposition.

The wants of the mind
attended to,
is the forgetting
of the heart.

Within this forgetting,
opposition seems true.
Sometimes desirable.
Sometimes intolerable.

A song of a self,
in mad adventure
sung to your own ear
over and over.

Turn attention within,
and the song dissolves
from lack of value given.

With the eyes and ears of within.
See and hear truly,
and be glad.