My only begotten Son

My only begotten Son
is yet the Life
in every one,
For no thing is, but lives in Me

I send to you this message
Across all time and space

“You are My Child
Dearly beloved.
By Light you Know you Are

Why wander lonely;
Amidst a clouded mind,
in thought that is not Mine?

Yet I With You is not undone
but waits
your welcome for its time

Lo! Angel insight
Wondrous awe
a child is knocking
at your door!

No stranger here,
but stranger you’ve become,
unto your heart.

Look past all thought and see
Thy joy is
calling thee!

Jesus did not come to die
but did with love forgive
In light of truth he shows the way
In Truth to truly Live

For One he loved
as one in all
My love he gave
and giveth still

So Love Me as your father with all your heart and soul
and love your brother as your self - by this we share one will.

My Son
Who Art in Me
Hallowed be Thy Name
May thy love come
through our Will as one
Give Me this day
and forgive me your illusions
in all as you behold with Me
even as I have none in you.
For Thou Art My Kingdom
In Power and in Glory

So Be it.

Into the Dark

Into the dark an old year falls
where shade gives way to light
that comes again and ever shall
while earth its circle flies.

A tapestry of dark and light
that seems to ever come and go
within which do we love and hate
as each life cycle’s so.

A world of struggle unto which
we clasp our wish and grasp our day
then falling out of sighted reach
to place forgot, a timeless way

Though oft in moments comes unbidden
deeper knowings stirred
Joy calls forth the heart that’s hidden
‘Awaken of this world’!

For though the turning years that waste
and wasted lie behind,
is yet thy Father’s Love for thee
whole, complete, Divine.

What then of time wouldst thou possess
if here now rooted being?
No more the driven loneliness
in dark and light unseeing.

Into the dark an old thought falls
as shade dissolves to Light
that comes again and ever shall
while earth your circle flies.


The truly impossible is to be without or separate from God – the very Aliveness

But it is true that we can wish so - and we can believe it so in our own thinking.
Thus the little mind seems to have done this and the world proclaims it so.

The little mind is represented as a body limited separateness that exercises private authority for its own separate purposes - namely survival.

This may seem a meaningful adventure for a time but the transitory nature of its condition is itself a meaninglessness in a larger mind which cannot be altogether forgot.

To dry up – or run out of the capacity to maintain the separative state is like the prodigal son. It is to come to the certainty of the impossibility and futility of achieving the impossible: living without God - the Life that Is.

In God life is revealed anew and this experience expresses wholeness, Innocence, Spirit Awareness, and the world – with this Vision – proclaims it is so – WITH your brother. This cannot proceed from one's own thinking. Yet it inevitably proceeds from living with and from a rootedness in Presence not of your making.

The seeming impossibilities of doing what love would have you do are to be undone by willingness to take THIS step in trust – joined with God in faith. For the step you are taking now is the expression of your faith in being and your willingness to trust your life as it is Given.

HolySpirit is the call to awaken to Be what it is that you Are - before ever a world was conceived of in which love was not.
So He will arrange all things such as to maximise the benefit to all of your willingness to be.

As love moves you then that very desire is the engine of accomplishment and Spirit will align to the desire that is held - and teach you with what you teach yourself.

If fear prompts - even seemingly spiritual things - the desires will be conflicted and so will the outcome. To become free of conflict we need be still and accept what we discover as the true desire of our heart. For this, old thinking can only block, and so we must be freely receptive enough to allow Reality to come into where our thinking had closed about us. This is always and only experienced as a present directness of being. It is what appears to rise when the self-thinking recedes but really it is already here and truth but unrecognized while preoccupied with self and its script.

This mind is not a separate mind that is joined with others. Mind is an un-separate Intelligence. This is only experience-able Presently.
Individuality is the irreducible 'I Am' that takes unique expression in all things and yet is one. Thus when you allow reality back into your mind you will recognise all things and give that recognition. "This is my Son in whom is my Joy"

Ego would like to wake up in order to get super powers to heal all things in its own image and set them to right. It has been attempting this since it was first set in thought.

The prodigal son after hitting rock bottom was wholly willing to be but a servant in his Father’s house.

These thoughts in my heart I share with you



There are games that can only be played in darkness.

When the light of awareness is allowed to be, the darkness is not here and the apparent choice to hide and seek in alien realm is undermined as a feasibility.

To choose the illusion as a conscious act is itself a less dense experience of illusion – because you KNOW that you are doing it – even if you manage to pull the covers over and reinstate the fantasy – you are less able to believe it has an independent foundation than when involved in mere reaction – because the act by which the experience is entertained has become revealed as the mind that you are actively extending.

To be entranced amidst one’s own a-maze-ment as a private use of mind requires ignorance; which became associated in time with the ‘death’ or ‘abandonment’ of God.

To look upon the body of the world in entranced private will – will always and inevitably enact a process of chain reaction whereby glory grasped will become – step by step – the utter stink of guilt, self loathing and terror.

The mind that seeks to defend against awakening is forever seeking the means to delay the recognition of the truth by overcoming the adversity by any means it can find – at any expense to truth – for truth is only a currency of conflict to such a mind.

Yet – in any instant where the grip is noticed and released as resulting in unwanted receiving and giving – does the mind overlook everything that before it found seductive or repulsive. All of it is of an order that is looked past in willingness to give and receive – not from my making – but to be led by the Guide that is the Truth of You in waiting. Whose Gift stands clearly recognisable by virtue only of no other force of will being present.

In this revealed Light is a perfect Love given and received that utterly dispels illusion such that the light is the truth of all that is seen and known and all things communicate this perfectly.
How can such as this statement be – in such a world as we seem to live?

Turn around and ask how can such a world be – in a Presence and Peace and Light that is closer to You than ever could the self imaged become – or even the thought of a self apart.
At the still point of the turning world is a present that is as like, a focus of attention from the root to it’s wholeness.
All the words are added later, every experience we have of Truth is pure.
All the concepts are brought in as a bridge – even if it seems they are the work of a thief.

It is not a matter of chipping away at the density beliefs of guilt in order to rejuvenate our image of ourselves – for this is merely the prolonging of suffering if pursued as an answer. Redemption and Rejoicing is rather of the acceptance and sharing of atonement; the undoing of a self as a power. The true Power of God acts not upon parts, nor is partial in intent or effect. Therefore you cannot be partially good – but are altogether Good. The seeming witnesses to guilt do not require overcoming. Merely discrediting. Therefore they must be brought to the light to see their foundation – for this is the only basis of discerning the truth of anything.

Words and concepts are threads pulled from a wholeness that has no parts – for all parts call on all parts.
Amidst the valuing of the levers of belief, must they be used to open the way to self knowledge amidst Self Knowing. But nothing can ever be said that expresses who you are.
Yet in the unclothing of you to yourself will you find that who you are is already expressing perfectly.

In receiving this you have the clear opportunity to share as you are being shared and so remain in appreciation of the light of truth.
The attempt to fit the realisation to the terms of the world will fail – but even this can be used to teach the willingness that is present.
But the willingness to express the loving in the world will join the invitation and witness for truth.
This will often seem to be – or pass through - loving the un-loveable, until the mind loses the habit of getting in its own image.

Father, I left you as a Son and gave all I had to false gods for my own illusion.
Now at last I remember you and ask no more than to be as a servant in your house.
And though you greet me ‘Son’; as Self of selves, I know your call extends to all.
Let my illusion be laid at your feet for by this alone is understanding true.


What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of life?

The question – if asked of the ego gives rise to thinking that may take the form of ‘meanings’.
The same question asked of the Spirit gives rise to an experience of Meaning that is the absence of any such 'meanings'.

Only the meaning-less mind would seriously ask what the meaning of life is.
For who in their right mind would step out of the flow to think about instead of be?

The ego’s linear self-other conceptual linkages make doing and purpose as if the same as meaning.
I feel purpose and meaning are of different aspects – but Know Thyself is close as words get to describe the law of Mind.

If I think about the why or what for, of eternal being extending forever in Creation of its own extending to Itself, I may dispirit myself by judgements and differentiations that are not inherent in the Flow but are the evidence of the wish to be as I am not.
Like getting caught up in mechanical otherness instead of making love. The Nowness of giving is receiving. There just is no way to talk this!

Another approach to the meaning of life is to invite experiential participation.

What is the meaning of dancing or singing?

No amount of words will ever mean anything – relative to actually embracing the participation of singing or dancing.

As a practitioner of both I can say the the meaning of both is an ever deepening glory, wonder and freedom born of a willingness to be an open channel for inspiration. Yet even so – it is not the lovely experiences in themselves that are the value – but the wellspring from which they rise.