Into the Dark

Into the dark an old year falls
where shade gives way to light
that comes again and ever shall
while earth its circle flies.

A tapestry of dark and light
that seems to ever come and go
within which do we love and hate
as each life cycle’s so.

A world of struggle unto which
we clasp our wish and grasp our day
then falling out of sighted reach
to place forgot, a timeless way

Though oft in moments comes unbidden
deeper knowings stirred
Joy calls forth the heart that’s hidden
‘Awaken of this world’!

For though the turning years that waste
and wasted lie behind,
is yet thy Father’s Love for thee
whole, complete, Divine.

What then of time wouldst thou possess
if here now rooted being?
No more the driven loneliness
in dark and light unseeing.

Into the dark an old thought falls
as shade dissolves to Light
that comes again and ever shall
while earth your circle flies.