The Now - the Flow - Guiding Intelligence

When thoughts and images associated with past and future are not invited or used to impose meanings upon the now, the experience becomes more self aware - as a flowing of parts within a whole.

We 'come from' or are the Flow of now and yet we are mentally programmed to run as if we come from yesterday.

Separation from the now is like 'separation from God' - in that one can be distracted from awareness That Now Is and believe and act as if now were not here - but one cannot actually make it so.

Likewise our being arises in and expresses the All-ness of God but we are humanly programmed to run as if we are somehow arising inside a physicality that itself expresses a loveless mechanism.

Our minds have wandered into miscreation such as to be blocked with making the self image and its story the centre of attention. Yet our Spirit calls us Present from within us and yet beyond the scope of our concepts and definitions. This is already happening and can be noticed and joined with. Which is becoming present as feeling awareness rather than defining a past present and future from an imagined mental objectivity.

The climbing example in the last post is a simple example of where the 'need to know' - held as desire - without letting fear or carelessness intrude - invites the Intelligence of the Guide to work through.

We may not be able to investigate such events when they are happening because it is an act of 'getting out the way'. Yet in such a 'flowing now' we are aware of feeling for the routes or the words or the steps to take - and do feel for a channel or equilibrium of mind such that the signal is not lost! - Because it Is our desire in action.

Oneness and the 'work' of willingness

In ideas about oneness I may blind myself by thinking I am am listening to the Holy Spirit (guide for truth).

In the oneness all things are in and of the whole because they are accepted prior to being judged through the mask or veil of a self.
Apparent polarities can here be embraced as part of oneness and a path is given or arises that is of the oneness with regard to all that it is.

I am / you are - already the language of oneness in the actual willingness to be its expression.
Love requires few words or none to offer recognition, appreciation and acknowledgement to its own.

Climbing a steep place - the mind holds focus exactly on each step and doesn't imagine in front of behind the now.
In every instant, 'feeling the route' as it appears out of the terrain.
We call it ‘intense’ when we are required to pay consistent attention for we have identification with thinking that likes to 'stay in' and ‘think about’ rather than actually immersively participate in relationship. But this is because we have not become altogether without the urge to control and define.
It is the attempted management of outcomes that introduces strain and debilitates.

At times it takes great effort to resist the force of temptation to ‘be out from’ the desire to follow thoughts of the old self habit – yet the ‘effort’ is that of keeping a channel of willingness and receptivity open despite a current of a habitual reaction to which – as a second nature - we have become accustomed to exerting.
An enormous effort and an amazing feat – to keep hidden the truth from my own knowing!

The addictions of man are subsets to the addiction of lost Self (God our very Light, Life and Source). We seek every and any thing as our wholeness – salvation – sustenance - fulfilment – and have become lost among the many fragments and apparent levels of experience. It runs mechanically from its starting premise.

Yet the Light is not lost and is with you through the feelings of peace that you know but cannot understand in terms of your world and the self that seems to be in it.
Yet while your own understanding and judgement is your god to you – you will not accept it – nor follow its direction.

And when you do accept that there must be a better way and give willingness to find it – you will still be carrying the habit of fighting and defending against truth dawning in you of itself – until it is recognised and laid aside.

So there is the ‘work’ :

• Ceasing to disown the habit - by which endarkenment is maintained.
• Allowing the undoing of this by noticing but not following it suggestions.
• Actively welcoming and cultivating the enjoyment and appreciation of life in the heart – without introducing or following possessive mind.
• Growing in the capacity of trust as the essential touchstone and ground of all that you are – such that life works through you, by your freely given invitation and welcome extended to all – as life itself directs – without making a ‘self’ of such apparent accomplishments. But according or accepting all praise and Glory to God-One – God in all Creation.

Work is the 'curse of Adam' – after he ate the fruit of judgement.
For what is given freely – in love – in service and recognition of all honour and worth – can not be work in the sense of ‘irk’ – though by our human evaluations we are often tempted to intervene with ‘our story’ - where we try to tell God what reality is rather than let God heal our perceptions.

There are times and seasons in which all things seem to have their moment: doing little or doing a lot – keeping tidy or trusting amidst the apparently chaotic – retreating without rancour or advancing to give witness.

So how do we know how to relate?
It is given us to know.
As a function of all That we are.

How did I lose trust in my own knowing?
By believing my own un-forgiveness.

In Peace



Darwin's theory has to give way

A friend was alarmed at an atheistic slogan near where he lived. His dismay prompted this response:

To rest in God is our protection from need of any help against bogeymen.
The Spirit works in all ways with all things.
I cant always see this, but our (innate) Holy Spirit sees for all of us – including me – and Darwin too. He is more than an ape – and so is an ape!

Is it not enough to accept our own path and meet others with a welcome and willingness to listen?
There is much in religion that has perpetrated lovelesness; brother upon brother and upon the world.

Some find a way that arrives at the Loving by other routes than religion.

Much of the heart’s way is grown in secret – within – and touches the hearts of others without fanfare and bluster and show.
Who are we to say we can judge another ?

As for ideological wars...
Wherever there seems to be a Tweedledee and Tweedledum – there is an agreement to quarrel.

The mind of mechanism is only an evil when made into a god.
Then it becomes like unto a devil - but only while we fight it.

Looking at mechanisms as to how things appear to work is something that the mind can engage in.
It seemed to promise a new dawn but increasingly leads man into a maze of meaninglessness. Because of it’s starting point.
Nothing can become other to its starting point.

But I trust Holy Spirit will use the ‘scientific mind and its symbols’ for awakening as we allow and accept and trust Holy Spirit into our mind.

Mechanisms can be seen, in partial glimpses, that seem to offer strong evidence in support of a machine universe that reflects the mechanical mind that initiates the search.

But whatever we are engaged in can become a structure by which we awaken self awareness.

Darwin abhorred human slavery and was strongly motivated to show men were of one family.
The scientific map is showing an interconnectedness of all things – but as if observable from outside the One.
This is where theory has to give way to Divine Experience.

In Peace


“You kept me from believing... until you let me know”
Leonard Cohen


The mind can linger

The heart’s notice is a natural touch – and can see the form – yet sees through the form.

In recognising it’s own light as one in all is a rapture.

From the heart’s noticing and dwelling in such reflected glory can the mind grasp as if it is independent and can possess.

By such unrecognized habit of association - the mind can easily linger past its ‘sell by date’ of love’s recognition; a joy; an insight - or whatever is the nature of communion expressed.

In identifying with the grasping through attention of desire, the mind suggests or insinuates a sense of lack. And while it is maintained - is identification held within limitation.

God is Always now – but we can be still holding the forms or traces or echoes of ‘was’ - as if it were a handle on truth; a map of or gift from the IS to validate our attention in applied will – and give it priority. and so we forget the Source and Condition of Life by mind play.

Yet the mind can only linger in the thought-form – as symbol – an image of life that might seem wondrous – but depletes as it is exploited and becomes the hollow witness to the mind of guilt – where we can have a sense of having cut ourselves off - or of being cut off from Light of Being: Love’s Innocence.

All of my thoughts are such bits of ‘past’ - they are all empty of the Living One.
Yet in opening my mind to Holy Spirit in love of truth that is Life – my thoughts can be used for the purpose of awakening, healing and joining in a mind that has forgot.

When mind is allowed to be leader – 'I' am always ‘going somewhere’ – ‘becoming something’ – ‘orientated toward a moment that is not actually here’ – even if it seems just past or just about to occur.

When the heart leads – it is the wholeness of the flow working through whatever serves its Movement – and I am always in a sense of living joy or connectedness that just Is. It’s language is everything – and will use our lives as well as our thoughts for the truth of the wellbeing of all – as we allow the channel to be opened and become our very life - in place of grasping for possession.

‘Abide in me as I abide in you’ is the disposition of peace. Extending the open hand of welcome; to hold all in willingness of welcome in my heart and accept the welcome of every heart in any degree or instance of discernment.


Let truth be revealed

Let truth be revealed rather than determined.
Let words tingle our intuitions rather than carve out territories.

Victimizer and victim take turns.
Both act out parts that reflect a mind in judgement.

All things can only serve the desire active in our heart and mind – they cannot dictate it.
If we discover we have given such power to conditions then it is ours to reclaim by allowing power to be shared rather than wielded.

Aligning with truth to let truth be my mind’s Master.
Show to me - such love of truth – that is in me as the truth of love.

I release my own attempts to decide reality and accept one will for me in peace.

I inadvertently choose

I inadvertently choose to experience as if separately every time I allow the mind to wander in loveless paths.

I become lost to my own heart’s light in my preoccupation with a will by which darkness seems to obscure light.

Loveless paths are only a way of thinking that isn't true – there is not such a path nor one compelled to walk it, only a currency of exchange that is created by what I give and receive.

But lovelessness cannot be received in truth for there is none in Truth.

What then is the stranger that seems to intrude upon our hope of peace? What then the pass by which we come to the end of our capacity to prevail?

It is the touch and whisper of love yet veiled by the veil of distortion – for the awakening of the heart of you to your light.

Yet to the will that lives in the dark must it seem the stripping away of all that it believes gives it strength and safety.

To be amidst the world and release its value from your grasp so that the heart is freed from the conclusions and definitions of the mind is to lay aside thought and listen anew.

What is here at first may be seen only as the absence of what I have become accustomed to – and such a void can be prone to fearful thought.

Yet even as eyes become attuned to a sudden change after a period of adjustment – so too to the discernments of light return to the mind that releases darkness.

The companionship of light is not other to what I am – and yet is not mine to control.
I am not mine to control.
Very God is not for God to control.

Following a thought to know all by myself – brought me to be as if myself alone.

To know I am not alone restores me to love’s knowing – always given and received in perfect trust.

The refusal of the experience of aloneness is the direct embrace of uncensored experience now.
Before judgement comes into play.

Only thus will the gift of love flow through the laying aside of my story.
By the reception of this gift will I recognise, beyond doubt, that I have received as has been given through me. In gratitude and love will the Source of love be known by love – as love - in love. When all things are spoken thus – I must be silent.


Surrender thought and listen now

The willingness to surrender thought and listen now – is surely within us – or we would not meet here.
(Or indeed really meet anything directly but our own thinking).

I can sometime feel this as the truth floating of itself to its own awareness.

Like as if all the stuff that seems to keep truth denied has to work against the natural buoyancy of the heart.

Miracles are the unselfconscious expression of a conscious willingness.
I haven't felt that I need or should become anything – for that seems to be the idea that made suffering.
So I release as I feel able and willing – which is to say as awakeness offers to my acceptance.

The false cannot be a foundation or a real cause so I don't have to do anything about it - but the desire to see it as my own cause or foundation and proceed to identify all things accordingly, is the sticky point where I will follow the guidance of the false.

But if I try to force myself to surrender I will feel deprived, so, in some ways I feel to be consciously tolerant of that I yet choose to act in story rather than truth. The consciousness is the level of willingness freely available and gives a very different experience than becoming eaten by illusion.

Allowing unjudgemental awareness into the arenas of resistance is a release of Thou Shalt Not! - yet is in some way holding relationship with spirit in a way that reminds me of Joni Mitchell singing – Will you take me as I am?”. Ego loves this sort of thinking as it can feel ‘allowed’ to indulge – but that isn't what I am saying – for the context that makes the difference is the desire and willingness to grow in self trust.

Meeting the self-death in all sorts of ways – is meeting and embracing all the places in me where I would give up – run – hide – go insane – fail – die. The unforgivable or intolerable.

They don't need to be dramatized – for drama is a way to keep from letting peace be. But they are like the coastline where I end and the unknown begins. The threshold where the Eternal wakens to itself as the 'more of me' than what I thought to be.

The self-death is story. Without my story I am in cold turkey – in bleaker street – in desert of abandonment. But this is of the initial illusion of loss that I believed real and sought to protect against – and thus made real to my own mind. It gets re-enacted over and over but also gets hidden so as to not be recognisable.

So comes the time when I’m done with the desire to come from this place of self protection – even though the habit is sometimes strong. There’s a different call in my mind and there’s a different response.

I thought today about things I do which have no justifications or basis in the mind that measures – and how part of my work is to keep alive the path by which I can enjoy the freedom of giving – and not let the measuring mind undermine it.

And then I thought ‘what becomes of it?’ and immediately felt that the capacity to be in the joy of freely giving is growing in me and this is what I teach myself and any I meet in the giving. If they find joy then they will be drawn likewise – even if at first they seem blind to the light and only grasp at forms.

The belief that there is something I have to do or undo in the future – in some other moment is a distraction from enjoying the Holy Spirit light in all things now.


In order to wake up, one must have an object of one's affection

How will love awaken but that it is openly flowing as the giving? A giving without limit of self.

To give as God Gives is to be aligned with and one with God.

This is what we have forgotten.

Though this may have material aspects it is perhaps better to consider giving in terms of your thought and attention - your mind. When you give feeling-attention to another in the true willingness of love, healing or joining - then you have found the way to 'transcend' ego - for your attention is restored to the divine function of beholding the truth of all that is - as it is.

With another human being we can see everything 'about them' become irrelevant and even disappear and the light of their smile; the soul in their eyes - the joy of their shine - unmistakably and recognisably the Beloved. This may as yet be glimmerings of intuition or the fullness of shared recognition - but it is the same in that it is not focusing on or recycling 'my impressions, comparisons, likes and dislikes'.

People yearn to find love yet it is always simply ours to give - and only by giving can we keep it in awareness.

All things are known in the heart. The mind-based strategy is always trying to find some way to make things 'work' without having to open the heart - yet when finally the heart - you - simply open to life - to the more of what - you - are, it is always recognised - you have always been you and yet the story in which you had become identified led to a forgetting in which otherness seems to justify fear and defence.

Attention is placing value - giving attention to anyone or anything gives value - but if coming from a loveless place we see a world of others and things - maybe seeming better or worse but none indivisibly alive with us. So a sense of joined heart with guidance, with gratitude, with trust extended - makes of our attention a blessing - because we give out from a place of connectedness.

Such vision of is a spontaneity that arises from a willingness to be joined. An acceptance of life before it is judged is to let judgement go by not following it to see where it goes.

Generally, most of us are heavily defended against such an occurrence - and restore 'normal service' if reality should undo or temporarily suspend ego identifications.

But if you are reading this - you are likely to be one who is already touched or stirred in desire to awaken - no matter what other baggage may try and come along too. Such is the recognition of truth in the heart. Valuing this desire and growing it will naturally extend as 'what is the truth here?' a curiosity born of the intuition that, what seems to be so, is just that - a seeming.

Who has given their heart to the world can only fear such a vision - for it renders their investments as nothing - but yet discerns and keeps all that is love or of service in rewakening love - and gives it to us as the world of love and awakening and forgiveness. A portal through time to the Eternal God. Who - once recognised in the object of your affection - extends as truth of all that is.

But one step at a time - as freely accepted. Holy Spirit is Gentleness Itself. In contrast with the cruel self judgements we yet hold in secret and in fear - that bind us and blind us to the Voice that knows our truth is of love - and can show through you -to you - as you are willing to receive.

An example of material aspects is when one trusts the movement of love and gives even in the world - and yet discovers no loss. For the living principle is that true giving and receiving are one - whereas in the world's thinking, giving is either seen as losing or a sacrifice made in order to get something deemed better.

(The title of this is a saying of Raj - who is a voice for awakening.
and this posting was slightly adapted from a response to a request for comment and clarification).


Guidance and delusion

1. Honesty and self trust are one – they are part of each other.
While we are ok with our minds using ‘self validating presentations’ that are dishonest – we confuse our mind as to who and what anything is.
We muddy our own stream and teach this as a ‘way to live’ to ourselves and others.

2. Why would I want to delude myself?
Because I have not yet fully accepted the love-less-ness in my mind for what it really is - and I fear it – calling forth and finding distraction and diversion to avoid looking at what I yet fear to see.

3. Why would I open to guidance from beyond my own control?
Because my own control has brought me to a dead end, an unfulfillment, joyless suffering, meaninglessness or an insanity of realities in which I cannot cope or find ground and so I do not want it.

And because on every occasion where I have found my willingness and accepted the way to let a greater life in – it has not condemned me – but has renewed and awakened the heart in ways that have also been helpful to me and joined me with others and life itself.

4. What if it was the devil or my own delusion speaking to me?
This is already an ongoing habit in terms of 2. But we have made a ‘culture’ of it and in many ways such activity has become invisible by mutual consent.

But it is also easy to see that fear mounts on fear and feeds itself.

So to make relationship with fear when it is felt or recognised in any form – is to undo the self perpetuating feedback by which the mind can seem to trap itself.
To acknowledge that fear is felt – and pause - is a step beyond being immediately programmed by it.
That I notice fear and pause is a working step from which another will come that leads to discovery of.
But what fear tells me I am is a means by which I keep from knowing truth presently.

The desire for power over or against, is not associated with the fruits of sanity, love and joy – but is a mistaken intent arising from a sense of lack.
The attempt and intent to use anything and everything for the triumph of self will over opposition is the lovelessness that we fear to see within.

Yet to see it as it is,
is to see it without the voice that tells you ‘this is you’.
And will see through to the judgement beneath it, by which an identification with limitation and lack arises.

Such is the Gift of our Holy Spirit.
But you must love the truth with all your heart.

For it is also the Gift of your Holy Spirit to reveal that you are such a love.
And accepting this is your release.

I can see my human life as many moments of such acceptance – surfacing through great or small resistance.
And yet such a life revealed is a joined life – a shared life – in which the capacity to discern and accept love grows as the desire for self determined experience diminishes.


Is around and a round - poem

being aware

beyond definition

defined defines

limiting limits


fixing attention


self forgetting

Perfect love

Always already

being aware

beyond definition

defined defines

limiting limits


fixing attention


self forgetting

Perfect love

Always already

being aware

beyond definition

defined defines

limiting limits


fixing attention


self forgetting




Always already




( brian-in-a-moment ;-)

Thoughts that arose upon considering ‘guidance’

The whole deal is that communion becomes your ongoing realisation and experience and expression.
If there is still something you want to manage all by yourself then that is what will maintain the sense of ‘all by yourself’.

So guidance is an expression of trust – of innate intelligence. If you read the single quiet thoughts about the guiding force and the driving force – I feel they say something very succinctly that is at the very heart of our being.

A secret heart must abide in the dark to maintain its seeming – an open heart looks always to the light to discover it’s source and meaning.

There’s no need to get hung up on terms like guidance because the way the guiding heart moves in us each is different at different times – and it – guidance – has no ‘self’ that requires being outwardly validated by our names for it.

It need not be surprising that ego expresses itself through every and any kind of spiritual concept – but it doesn't really matter what other people say or do about their guidance or lack of it – but that I receive them through mine. Then I find I have trust that, whatever appears to be going on – I can connect with them as being at the threshold. We are always at the threshold but we often find we have been caught in the traces of a past that isn't here.

To the separate self sense – guidance will tend to be cast as a separate special thing – even though it’s living moment it is your heart’s knowing Itself.
Many have likened it to a guardian angel – an ever-present Friend, God’s Voice, Jesus, The Holy Spirit – or they keep quiet about it and yet learn to trust it implicitly as an inner knowing they can trust.

We usually think God is going to fit our idea of what we are and what the world needs. We think guidance is an extension to our capacity to function in the world as we believe it to be.
But that’s only while we grow the courage to realise and begin to embrace that we had it the wrong way around.

- - - - - - - -

The belief that there is ‘something we have to do’ seems almost unchallengeable in the mind of the one who knows not what he does.
And this can equally express as ‘the sin we must not make!” - or else!

The belief in guilt fear and punishment is everywhere to be seen – until ... it is no longer validated, joined with, or used as a system by which to ‘play the game and come out on top’.

The possibility that I can ask for and have as I ask, is a fantasy to ego who thinks forms are reality.
Yet it is the law that cannot be escaped – but can be made unrecognisable.
At the level of form based reality this cannot be seen, for ‘I’ can ‘want’ and get, different to my asking.
Indeed we can seem to want so many things that all work against each other.

To risk asking and discovering the prayer of my heart – is to pass by the terrors of the god of fear and vengeance. It is hard indeed to hear guidance when we are afraid the answer will condemn us!

Growing trust is the dance of relationship.
In all symbols of our desires is a spark that yet lives innocent – even though in the world’s distortion it may express awry.

- - - - - - -

I can act upon the basis of what I think I want as if that was actually what I want.

I can think I want differently than I want, in order to cloak desires that are otherwise unacceptable, so as to mask my fears as well as masking the desires themselves.

In this way I can make a presentation not unlike the bonds traded with sub prime mortgages – in which I can make something out of nothing at the expense of everything.

When the ground is discovered not beneath my feet – I am awakened to a need to know.
Ideas based on ideas are no longer currency but are seeds of confusion.
The bedrock is found by accepting only that which is true and putting illusion aside.
Ideas may serve to guide but are not Truth itself.
The intimacy of your own heart is yours to open – as you accept.
Yet as this is allowed – the currency of love is discovered to be flowing.

One can dip into this many many times – and withdraw to the ‘securities’ of the old ways.
Yet only to grow the honesty and courage by which to release the old ways.