Darwin's theory has to give way

A friend was alarmed at an atheistic slogan near where he lived. His dismay prompted this response:

To rest in God is our protection from need of any help against bogeymen.
The Spirit works in all ways with all things.
I cant always see this, but our (innate) Holy Spirit sees for all of us – including me – and Darwin too. He is more than an ape – and so is an ape!

Is it not enough to accept our own path and meet others with a welcome and willingness to listen?
There is much in religion that has perpetrated lovelesness; brother upon brother and upon the world.

Some find a way that arrives at the Loving by other routes than religion.

Much of the heart’s way is grown in secret – within – and touches the hearts of others without fanfare and bluster and show.
Who are we to say we can judge another ?

As for ideological wars...
Wherever there seems to be a Tweedledee and Tweedledum – there is an agreement to quarrel.

The mind of mechanism is only an evil when made into a god.
Then it becomes like unto a devil - but only while we fight it.

Looking at mechanisms as to how things appear to work is something that the mind can engage in.
It seemed to promise a new dawn but increasingly leads man into a maze of meaninglessness. Because of it’s starting point.
Nothing can become other to its starting point.

But I trust Holy Spirit will use the ‘scientific mind and its symbols’ for awakening as we allow and accept and trust Holy Spirit into our mind.

Mechanisms can be seen, in partial glimpses, that seem to offer strong evidence in support of a machine universe that reflects the mechanical mind that initiates the search.

But whatever we are engaged in can become a structure by which we awaken self awareness.

Darwin abhorred human slavery and was strongly motivated to show men were of one family.
The scientific map is showing an interconnectedness of all things – but as if observable from outside the One.
This is where theory has to give way to Divine Experience.

In Peace


“You kept me from believing... until you let me know”
Leonard Cohen