Feel the way, share the gift

To resolve to try to do something is like starting out with failure built in. As if one's certainty of willingness and desire is lost to some 'other power' under which you are powerless. But even here you may simply notice a game played out - and then - all the roles are merely the picture of a wish to play games.

Truth can be accepted as it is or it can be delayed acceptance through a wish to see as it is not. The Noticing is not via thought or interpretation - but is direct appreciation. The forms that may clothe such insight are the language that you can currently understand and accept - but they are never conclusions or definitions. The realisations you receive may not be currency for others - but the shine of your being that is innate to your true nature - is a universal blessing.

Within the radiance of your love is your gift. A withheld life is a mind game but the radiance of love is not other than the pure light of awareness.

"My meaningless thoughts show me a meaningless world?"

Then look again with innocent eyes - the fresh native curiosity of you. Let your starting place be the directness and wholeness of one you do not ‘make’.

In such a living current, we feel our way in the peace of an unconflicted desire, movement or guidance. Not only in terms of discerning each step - but we feel the way as the context of all that is.

When peace is not felt, we have gotten distracted by thought. Rest the mind. Allow the Movement to register with you presently. Live out from Being - and not out from thinking.

Share the gift.