Desire, Dreams and Happinness - can we ever arrive?

Desire, Dreams and Happinness - can we ever arrive?
An IAI debate

While seemingly open to a wider range of ideas, the IAI approach still operates from presumptions that then frame the question.
The presumption of lack, be it inadequacy, separation or incompletion, becomes the basis of a false sense of self that is no more true for being mutually reinforced. Happiness actually comes first and extends and expresses itself as desire that then unfolds as an experience or reflection of completion. One is always arising anew from wholeness. The identification within a belief in self lack is being chosen and enacted and experienced as part of a greater desire whose meaning is an unfolding human being - which is infinitely more than our self concepts. One can say that exploring what is NOT true of you and does NOT fulfil your innate desire for love and life and happiness is part of the journey you have chosen whereby to more clearly recognize and re-member who you truly are. There is no sense of lack in your true presence - unless of course you choose to be less than the wholeness of what is You right here and now. But then you are experiencing your wholeness in a fragmented and dissociative way and not recognizing your Self at all!
Love is the true joy and freedom of being yourself. In any situation or relationship where you feel and allow the permission to be all that you are in that moment - you will feel loved and loving. Fantasy relationships substitute for actually extending that acceptance and freedom to another - which is the only way to have it yourself. The substitution of fantasy associations for living presence is self-deprivation. Struggling to defend a fantasy that reflects only your own sense of lack is chasing an idol of power or completion from the conviction you do not already have it and so give your power away to external props that do not know or care for who you truly are.
In a sense EVERYTHING is Imagination - but some thoughts, definitions and beliefs are more in accord and alignment with the core signature vibration that you absolutely recognize as YOU, so to align with and follow your joy is to connect with your joy to the best of your ability in every moment when you are presented with a choice. This is simple embodying and expressing a genuinely felt or true sense of worth. Why would you NOT align with your joy? What are you believing about yourself that invalidates you? Is it true? Does it serve you? Do you want it? Act from your current knowing while staying in the willingness to know more. or you can just talk and think about everything and act as if nothing you say actually means you have allow the transforming of who you thought you were

Why is there something rather than nothing?

Why is there something rather than nothing?
This the title of an IAI debate 

In a sense the question is meaningless because it is saying why - or to what purpose or for what reason, Existence? - without taking account that a purpose is already in motion within which the capacity to ask such a question is itself an answer - but not in the terms of the framing of the question but to the purpose operating beneath or behind the presumptions and self-definitions of the questioner.
However, there are fruits or consequence to every thought accepted and given focus, and one can readily see that our current experience is selected from infinite possibilities and such choices are either spontaneous or seemingly conditioned. "Go forth and multiply" can be said of what you think, what you attract and invest in and what fruits you bring forth. It is the extension of Life in purpose of 'Know Thyself', yet in our human consciousness we largely tend to identify or try to identify with what we are NOT. In trying to be what we are not we forget the wholeness of unified expression that we are. Fearful and guilt-ridden self definition operate such forgetting - within which truth is denied by assertions of self-judgement believed and reacted to as true. Within this confusion of identity the feared truth drives a search for truths that protect or empower the limiting of fear. These operate to redefine and limit the mind so as to seem to be an independent authoritative will or power in one's own right - but beset by threat, adversity and opposition.
Anyway - that preamble was not in my comment on the page but the following is:

THAT anything exists.THAT anything Is - is the most primary Fact that remains TRUE regardless of what it is defined or imagined or believed to be.
That Awareness OF THAT anything Is - is integral to all and every experience of all or any definition, imagination or belief. And the nature of awareness itself is One in All and All are in the One.
Whatever definition, imagination or belief is extended or accepted and acted out from as true of you will be the measure of what you get back. This is always true, but can seem not to be true within the belief that you can get or become more as a result of making someone else less. It is this idea of segregative division that estranges humanity in general from the Communion implicit in the first two truths above.
To know your own unified purpose is joy - which restores the Communion within the creative expression of the gift of Existence.
Everything changes - EXCEPT the first three truths which are simply the nature and function of Mind - within which is all reflected idea known; experienced, shared and forever unfolding anew.
This is another way of saying:
'there is no God but God'.
God is All in All.
As you sow, so shall you reap,
And God Moved upon the 'Waters'
But the idea 'God' has come to mean separate from your any moment - and especially you, or coercive upon 'His' Creation rather that One with, and removed from and irrelevant to Creation (The extension and sharing of the Gift of Existence), which is to such thinking a material objective INDEPENDENT existence. BUT never has a moment of such ever been discovered or known in any way whatsoever - because it can only be known within a consciousness of such structural definitional beliefs as to be experienced in such terms.
The extending of the definitional belief of an INDEPENDENT existence - is reflected in a world of seemingly INDEPENDENT things. Seeking truth or completion or wholeness in a world of ever changing things is looking in the only place where it is not Obvious.
I write to extend what resonates true of me - and yet recognize truth is beyond all definition - and yet a less and less filtered and distortive lens affords a clearer recognition. The mind-layer we tend call consciousness is a device within a larger Consciousness. It does not control or contain the whole but it can serve as a channel through which Consciousness knows itself in the extension and reflection of truly shared experience.

I acknowledge Bashar in this communication - whose information is often profoundly simple yet practical to a readiness to receive it - regardless the packaging it comes in.