Off to Camp tomorrow

Well its been raining hard and yet also we had an amazing bright full double rainbow - lasted ages. Driving to the Field under a big moon and the far off sizzle of electrical storms somewhere off to the south.
How different is the world when I am to live IN it rather than look AT it!
Mayflower Camp - I have written a lot and yet I cant really say anything. It is a journey. Yes life is a journey already - but the Camp brings me out of a routine sense of linear time into the moment wherein all is alive. Oh - here I go again!
So I trust that we sing and play and dance - but as an expression of the life that moves in us and not as something nice to organise ourselves with!
There are times when we have danced but little at Camp - yet that little has been of a nature that is so rare in this world, for we have shared love. Young or old; this falls away in such a light.
What I look for is to invite and nurture the conditions that invite - or at least dont obstruct - the freer flow of experience as living beings that we are.
The Dance is living Prayer - not of supplication but rather of opening and expressing a native Intelligence that the world has largely covered over. Yet this remains the truth of us. Lest we share it how should we remember?
Live well - I will return here in a few earth days but my mouth may be stuck and my fingers wont type anything but blabber.
in Love's blessing



Last Friday was hard. It is one thing to turn up, another to maintain presence of mind when so much is currently changing in my personal life. However Thalassa and Menousis (perpetual motion) had their first live happening and were great to sing - as was Joc Leagane.

Singing is salvatory for me. But my sense of holding the circle was that I lost solidity and felt somewhat ragged at the close where we usually feel gathered. There were other factors - and I guess I just have to accept that this is how we were this night.
A couple of days later I recall this blog - by chance - and write this much. I pass my 50th birthday today. What does that mean?