The Cult of Jesus

Re: In a spiritual forum this morning linking to an article: ...IS JESUS GOD?
I felt to comment on what might be called the cult of Jesus - but which I feel misses the point in a profound way and thus tends to 'get in the way' of what speaks very clearly in its own Light.

- - -

If Jesus is righteous - does that make everyone else wrongteous?
If Jesus really taught ethics, why didn't he set up a school?
Seeing One Light in all is not giving equal rights to persons, but equally honouring that light regardless of persons.

Let that which interprets through the lens of separation serve to teach how NOT to interpret, by seeing it for what it is.

'Jesus' is released in Christ Realisation, and so 'Jesus' serves as an instrument or agency of Communication and as a model for you and I to likewise recognise that we have no existence apart from or separate from God.

All Souls are created of an equal love.
Human consciousness in separation terms believes it is split off and self-creating. The reward of such a belief is a temporary sense of (self-defined and separate) existence.

All men are certainly not born equal.
But in truth the Soul IS free to experience of itself as it wills.

The Rights that are of God CANNOT be interfered with.
No matter what, you CAN call for love's presence AS love's willingness.
Covering over truth does not change that it remains true.

Is Jesus Good?
He took issue with such suggestion.

Is 'The Son of God' the exclusive and special identity of Jesus?
One may assert such - but doing so merely excludes the embrace and sharing of such a love.

Is anyone or anything a person or thing in and of itself?

What is meant by God in the title? The God of Man's imagination is a concept in his own image. Mythic and symbolic representation serves the thought system from which it stems... until it is yielded to the Christ of a pure awareness. Then it serves a different purpose.

The nomenclature does not constitute the acceptance or letting into Presence. One does not need particular words or beliefs to yield to the Source of one's being.