Waking up

The active focus of our awareness is beneath - or prior to - the seeming actions and distractions that constitute our experience of being a person in a world.

It is like being focused on a prism thought, by which a split mind plays out a power of choosing between. Any power it seems to have being given to it by your attention and intention - for such is how we accord value and 'choose' is it not?

We can not ever truly or finally choose or accept a choice that isn't there to choose and Rest Complete in fulfilment, and yet while we dally with the promises of choosing - as if there was something in a specialness of self creation that we actually want - then we refuse to let go the patterns of self by which we voluntarily suffer our own attack on our Peace.

To open, even for an instant at a time, to a true perspective upon the nature of our unforgiveness or un-release, is to open a space in which to see not from within a prismed split sense, but clearly and directly, in wholeness.

Such direct experience is not happening TO a you - but is expressing an entirely redeeming restatement of you and your world. Redeeming, because it locates and knows all that it is - within Wholeness, of One Mind, of One Will, as One Body. This may not seem so, because any interpretations of direct experience - made after the fact - will tend to reinstate the framework of the thinking judging defining 'self'. To be able to discern within direct experience will come with a capacity to abide as it.

But as such Light of direct Awareness, That Is recognizably awakening and transforming you, grows your conscious awareness - it is realized to Be your conscious awareness. To be the Presence and the Gift of You.

The substitutions of thinking will fade, fall away or dissatisfy, and with them, the 'self' that seemed once to have completely engaged your attention. Yet You are presently in Expression as the sharing of the gift of the awareness of love - because there is nothing else. And yet such an acceptance of peace of being does not make fanfare in or make special the mind through which the world is yet experienced. But it does yield its experience to a guiltlessness, that is pictured out as action unwithheld, presence unwithdrawn, truth allowed plainly to speak instead of covered over or kept secret.

Taking off the pressure on the brakes, seems like losing control. Taking off the pressure on the accelerator, seems like losing excitement. Losing control seems like losing something that you actually believed you had. But never for a moment have we had anything but an illusion of control via the holding to our Mind's Eye of a wish to be what we are not.

To identify with thought, invites dissonant experience of separate meanings, that can seem to conflict and influence each other in an endless dance of no consequence. But to release identification with thought is to forgive the separating wish, and to be danced from thought based meanings into one Light.

Abide in Me, as I abide in Thee.
And allow the Life,
Already Given,
To Share
What Already Is.

Interjections of old habits
are evidence of
the interjections of old habits.
Make nothing of them,
and even these will be used
as witnesses to Wholeness.

Watch what you place on the altar of your desire.
Pray for the uncovering of the true desire of your heart.
Your willingness and your free attention is miracle ready
Because love is no longer being actively excluded.
Let no thought of your own become the seed of action,
and Thoughts of One shall reveal the whole to you,
as your gifts are remembered and gratefully received.

Do not impose teachings amidst your loving.
A starter motor is not to be kept running.
A Universal Language needs no translation.
When there is no one outside - do not run to the door to tell them so!

In Peace



Being Real

Being real.

In Bartholomew's book “I come as a Brother” is raised the question:

"As love is our true nature, can it be that we have already experienced it, but misidentified it?"

It is intentionally a question that illumines its own answer. We are already experiencing our True Nature - but are actively misidentifying.

The nature of our capacity to misidentify is something that we automatically tend to keep hidden - and would seem to us to be normal survival activity. But no matter how we try to protect our 'self', we are constantly meeting conditions that we feel unsafe in, struggle in and defend ourselves against. We tend to want a 'miracle' to enable our defences to prevail, rather than to illuminate a Greater Safety that our defences have hidden from view.

Outside of or apart from such a connected feeling and relational appreciation of life - is a ‘manually operated existence’ that rides upon utter dependence on life - and yet presents itself as much - and for as long as it can - as an independence of will. And may even attempt to die in clinging to this will rather than surrender into a Greater Life than its 'own'.

Being unreal is an imaginative exercise - yet one that is fleshed out in the full gamut of human experience - and suffered as if it happens at the will or direction of an Other.

Where is the answer to an imaginary but really-experienced problem of a struggling conflicted self to be found but in its arising?

In this sense I feel that being real - in terms of our human existence - is of listening within and without at the same time - as our ongoing honesty of being. It is the desisting from, and the undoing of, a 'mind' that distracts its attention by externalising everything and interpreting it in terms of division and control.

This is NOT our true mind or true nature - and the wish for it must be uncovered and seen directly for what it is - BEFORE it is used as a basis for perception, conception and identification. Because once we 'take the ride' we experience everything awry.

At the prospect of looking within, at our own thought - rather than through its lens, we may fear that we will uncover our own damnation - that is - our own rejection. We may feel 'safer' at least temporarily to see what we reject or hate - projected as if outside ourselves.

When writing something recently of the Call of our times for a true and grounded Sanity, I looked up the list of attributes that a ‘teacher of God’ must acquire in the Manual of A Course in Miracles, and found that trust was placed first, with all others following on. I had thought that honesty was going to be first - but that is because I personally now have that initial trust and presumed it of my brothers when it may not always yet be so.

Trust ...
Once that has been achieved, the others cannot fail to follow.
Only the trusting can afford honesty, for only they can see its value.
~ Manual for teachers: A Course in Miracles

There then follows a greater exposition of honesty than our surface notions of telling the truth; of honesty as congruency and consistency of desire, thought and deed.

I came to such an active trust as a result of experiencing of a kind of paralysis from its opposite. That is - from the exposure of the nature of the 'mind' or 'self' to a Prior Awareness. It could be said that at its most fundamental level, it ran out of time - of support - of allegiance - of meaning. It was replaced - not in time, but before time, with a Gift. A 'Yes" that replaces the "no". The “no” being the stringing together of the refusal of Life in 'mutual agreements' - which makes the experience of  'life' that an unconscious denial gives makes real.

Synchronous with timelessness is all that we experience 'in time' as a linear construct of events. Unfinished 'business' in time will not allow the eternal embrace of a loving communion in peace - for the energetic habits of refusal express as a will to make reality for oneself - that in turn creates and maintains a sense of lack, limitation - and a need to 'manage' a life within such a drama of self.

But with the Gift of trust offered to our being - there is now a clear sense of dissonance in using "no" as a means of getting - and feels continuing the old pattern to be anathema. Se find that in the willingness and the prompt of NOT USING our "no" - we become the receptive space in which and through which a "Yes" activates by no power or virtue of our own thinking.

And so in time and over time, we uncover that the "Yes" is our true Mind and Nature - not to be wielded or used in or by the 'old patternings of mind' - but is itself preparing and ‘making straight the way’ of Its Own Dawning.

For God 'takes the last step' - that is - The Movement of Being Is freely and fully welcomed in a like Spirit.

The essential shift is a reversal of identity. Not a linear reversal in time - but of an upside down and inside out-ness, released as the core or basis of existence itself.

What does this mean in the love that you are - and share?
This question and its discovery is the life that replaced the life expressed by the old question, "what does this mean in the world for me".

When changes of a fundamental nature are unfolding to us - we are actively called to bring attention present. Which is to release it of its habitual routines or wanderings. Alignment with our True nature will open a joyous pathway - which itself is foundational to the new life. But the "no" of persisting in our own sense of command and control - will increasingly bring us out of accord with everything- and we suffer to be dragged kicking and screaming into a Life in which we have yet to find our true Foundation.

But Truth is of Itself and must be simply available to a willingness to receive - in Its terms. It is humanly a matter of willingness.

The Gift, which replaces what we thought to place upon the altar of our heart, is the Holy Spirit. Our Holy Spirit.

None can accept this for themselves alone - for its acceptance is the absence of any thought of separation from Love.

What is love but the willingness and capacity to overlook everything that does not matter and attend fully to that which does? Of a unified will, and in a unified appreciation.

The 'mind' must become the opportunity for release and forgiveness - in place of the re-enactment of the separation. Even as it seems to be acted out.

Great fears call on great willingness. It is true that in joining is strength - but pause to feel and know that our joining is first of a wholeness within - or we give strength to the mind of lack and weaken our capacity to hear the Guide and feel the Support and Surety of Being.

WE must trust beyond the 'reality' of our outer senses and turn within them back towards their source - or ‘being real’ will simply mean struggling and dying a life of empty and failing promises.

All has its true root in You, Whole. But the sense of oneself gained in the world, seems to be a 'separated' or independent 'whole' - over and against others of a like separateness. The mind in the world has an impossible task, but its loyalty to your will is unswerving. Awakening to your own will is the release of using story as a mask for a secret will. If you cannot ask for it in the Light - let it go as something that keeps you in the dark. You can ask for what is in your heart in Light, and the truth of what is moving in you will be revealed to your honesty. Truth is Lovely because it is congruent, whole and without conflicting parts. The Holy Spirit discerns us truly - because Holiness cannot 'leave truth' to play in 'stories'.

Our Holy Spirit is our bridge from an unreality to a true sanity, because in Holy Spirit we are revealed and healed of a suggestion that seems to split our mind - and project its split ... as the world.

What would the world be to a healed and unified heart and mind?

Please show me the way for such is my desire.

in Gratitude


PS: Holy Spirit as a term for a Function of Teacher, Guide and Revealer is Universally inclusive of all agencies of help through the events, relationships, teachings, promptings and intuitive openings of our life. An Intimacy free of any constraints or definitions the mind or world might put upon them - and by our willingness, using all things to guide us to release a misidentification by which we suffer.


Awakening Joy, triggering loss.

The energetic quality of being
is of such joy
as is un imaginable
to a me-thinking split-off mind.

But any sense of losing such joy
is exactly the trigger
for a me-thinking to assert itself
as if actually split off.

For abandoning intent
by law brings abandonment
in mind that yet plays out in
an independence of will.

So abiding as trust
as living faith
is the choice to disregard
the ego shout.
Stop now!
Be free of the voice for fear

And suffering becomes the sign
of a self-willing hurt
that offers continuity of self
but blocks love eternal
from It’s Own.

Here now the sky
receives even the suffering
exactly as it is
and hiding nothing
allows everything
to being itself

Such ordinary moment
as eternity reflects
is the willingness
to see and be
Loves presence


brian in a moment 


Reality, wonder and innocence open our minds

This was written to a comment thread on a news article about

Ozone layer hole over Arctic in sudden expansion

It isn't so much addressed to the article as to the comments, and is simply an attempt to articulate a perspective upon the mind and its experience.


Whatever Life Is ... is made tangible by its effects.
Awareness Is Knowing Something Is - as a Singularity - before any act of interpretation collapses, fixes or personalizes into a private or local 'experience' along with its ‘experiencer’.

This can be allowed in your own awareness in any moment, instead of merely dealing in concepts as if such activity is engaging in a real relationship. It always transforms our sense of self and may be allowed to open much further.

Scientific perspectives work out from a duality of mind and matter in presumption of a mind as an expression of, and dependent upon, a discrete genetically programmed entity as expression of its ecosystem, which is held as 'other to' and separate from its 'I'. This is an expression of a split "I" sense - or split mind.

In this it inherits the model of the 'orphaned, materially bound consciousness' of 'the Fall', but seeks to self-validate its own construct of its self upon its fragmented perception of a world whose meaning and dominion is presumed to be its dominion to determine and assert. By focussing primarily on that which effectively distracts attention from its actual utter dependence on and non-abandoned Current Life, it plays out in what is seen as organic entities, temporary existences amidst seeming polarity of opposition and conflict.

This 'I' sense interprets and seeks to prevail over all things apparently external to it so as to maintain and reinforce the program of the psychological mythos of the 'I' sense. Which at root is a disguised running-away from true Intimacy. This is essentially enacting the myth of killing-separating its own Parent or Source and denying or hiding the mind from Mind.

Thus the illusion of the 'I' experiencing and acting independently is merely a mechanism of an underlying background program that runs until it is replaced by a restored or reconnected 'Self', which is of a willingness to listen and receive and discern, so as to align and express a cooperative will beyond strategies of exclusive identifications.

For in any moment, WHAT, is aware, of anything?

The "I' is such a fundamental concept or construct. But having based I upon derived symbol and image and concept instead of in intimacy of being, truth as felt-sense or shared being, is adulterated and obscured.

Like financial derivatives, ideas can be developed and experienced as apparent substance until a reality readjustment forces the nature of an unreality to dawn.

But even within organic scientific terms there is a vast Unified Song of part known and unknown processes - in concert - that express and maintain the conditions that are Life as we have come to 'know it' - or define it. What is not apparent to the scientific presumption is that All That Is, Works as an implicate wholeness at and to a 'level' of awareness almost completely obscured by the mind of I WANT IT THUS! -  whose distorting judgement and definition reflect back as an orphaned consciousness seeking to cover its invalidity by means of mutually agreed definitions.

This is NOT likely to be noticed any mind already engaged in its own thought based definitions or meanings - because such a mind is wilfully hidden in the urge to survive and prevail as 'itself' - excepting such 'self' is image, construct and story - and is essentially made up as a mask persona to engage in a manipulative intent in which the true nature of being is obscured.

Oh .... cosmic observations, cycles and and fluctuations. Yes The forms of the Universe look like something and can be looked at in ever more detail in ever more focused and extended ways. Aspects of mechanism are uncovered that easily seduce us to further manipulate mechanism in service to the dominant social forces that express as our conscious and less conscious cultural values. We ‘become’ mechanism by living out from a mechanical construct. But only as we consciously choose to persist as such.

I felt to essay this writing in a willingness to say something that neither science or religion as generally espoused, offers perspective upon. It has an altogether different presumption of self - though of course my 'working-mind' and persona are tools in trade.

Wonder in its purity, is awesome. We stand dumb. There are innumerable paths by which Wonder is covered over - and likewise by which awe is uncovered anew.

None are to be excluded from the awareness of the Awesome Wonder of Being - which is truly the alpha and the omega within which all that we dream is experienced and passed beyond. Seeing might equate with believing - but Peace is utterly beyond beliefs or perception, though an innocent perception does not block its welcome.

The Light of God is man’s blindness - therefore we look away in order to persist in seeing by our own lights. But in acknowledging and welcoming Light, we are changed from within to see with new eyes - with innocent eyes. Love is not magic. But is of a Kind. Be of one kind and know one Mind.

In Peace



Get well soon? No! Wake up to aWellness

Health is not defined or managed by the mind.
Look not to the thinking managing mind for health!
The mind imposes its meanings upon the heart as an imagining and in a deceit, whereby the offer of a seeming gift,serves only to take away the joy and peace of the heart’s knowing.

For one who would gain the world must lose the Soul.

The search for lost joy and peace - in the world - becomes the means of enslaving the heart to a lovelessness in which it can find nothing wholly true and so becomes dependant upon such crumbs as seem a while to hold lovelessness at bay, and which become idols to a false god in tyranny of a hidden fear.

Health is the true nature of the heart.
Truth’s Meaning is eternally unaffected by the play of mind-meanings.
Love’s unified desire includes all that is real within its own being, and IS the non existence of all that is unreal.
Loving is the gift of sharing the Movement of Life, and joy is the freedom song of the heart in gratitude.

The body as an idea, may be renewed in truth, not as a better model to house imaginary but addictive self will - but as the vehicle of an awakened Will to share.

Seeing the meaninglessness of self will reflected in the meaninglessness of the body, is to see a form based meaning as truly fruitless and to consent to be undone of the wish to prevail that such meanings invoked.

The Nature of Truth is Rest because it seeks not but only finds. It cannot leave Itself or lose Itself outside a wish to imagine so - and such wish is no longer hidden amidst deception but is exposed as false, untrustworthy and unwanted.

The expression of Soul in the world becomes the undoing of the idea of a world independent in existence from the Conscious Heart.

For that which seems to be a power to define. limit and compel You, is that which must be discerned anew, in receptive willingness of a conscious trust, where the heart’s knowing is clearly and truly felt.
Accept only as the heart discerns and be well guided.

in Love's blessing


Recognize your brother and world restored to love

Love's Expression is Unified Will that loves to know itself truly One.
This is Alive as the Universal Gift of the Movement of Being.
The mind or purpose of imagination is upheld only by the wish it prevail.
It must agree to hide in darkness to project meanings that seem real.
Welcome the light and release meaningless meanings.
Recognize your brother and world restored to love.
For love's exclusion was only ever enacted by a will to judge yourself.
Be not afraid of what judgement makes,
but let your Living Purpose be to look past it.
I cannot define the Living God in image or thought,
Nor you, dear One.
Howbeit I am deceived,
let me rest the mind its imaginings,

and turn to you in sure faith,
The Spirit of Love is One,
and Wills only to reveal itself.
The seeming will is to be questioned.
Let it not be hidden 'in your brother'
as a thought of love's freedom to hide and seek.
Forgive him utterly for your mind's trespass.
By letting his truth awaken your own.

brian in a moment

And let this moment be an opportunity

                ... to feel,
                this very instant,
                beyond all imaginings,
                is to know

                The mind's 'self'
                has You forget,
                by imagining for a moment
                that love can become
                different than it is.

                Within a made thought
                given welcome,
                is madness lived

                Clutching its tail
                to survive,
                in demand of a love
                made special.

                As fear dies
                to awakened disregard,
                love dawns
                of itself,

brian in a moment


The stirring of Universal Being in the heart's intuition

The presumption of a separate independent 'me' eclipses awareness of Universal Being.

Universal Being has a local aspect - inclusive of all that is being where you presume to be, not merely as is identified by you but all That is arising to you - As You.

This can make no sense to the mind that differentiates itself from its own thought and experience - and from others - by focussing on perceived differences of form and ascribing its own meanings to them. Such a mind believes it is in the world, having an experience of its own, because imaginatively, such is being enacted upon the Very Light of the Awareness of Being - and taken and lived as real in itself.

The stirring of the awareness of Universal Being occurs below the threshold of the mind-in-definition - that is to say it is already True and Infinitely Alive, yet rendered as if invisible by the disregard inherent in the act of self-definition. The eclipsing mind began with a desire but was then fuelled by identity and supported by differentiation. It is a 'doing' without a true foundation in Being, which is why it cannot rest or abide in being, but must 'do' its being.

This is why to be still of such activity is to allow back into awareness, that which was disregarded, and notice anew from an altogether fresh perspective - and be known in the presence of Life.

The mind-in-definition interprets this message as simply another opportunity to get definition for itself, so it will attempt to 'do' the being still and listening - and thus involve itself with forms of mimicry amidst its own emotion backed imaginings. But the stirring of the intuition of Life will not engage or be satisfied in such a deception.

Only in the noticing and passing by of such strategies will there be release into awareness. Not through the collection of information to use in the world - but in the simple desire to release the mind-in-definition - and its world - so as to be the peace in which all is received as it is.

The Movement of Mind that restores integrated wholeness, as a true basis from which to Be out from - is Holy.
It is the Guidance and Presence of the Universal that is within you in the sense that your mind cannot actually separate off from or eradicate it, though your attention can be bound in distraction and effectively disregard the Holiness of your Being.

But in allowing and welcoming the More of You to guide and uncover You to you -  is a Communion already active and present - restored to your capacity to partake of. The impulse towards an independence from true communication is a habit that seems to reset the mind-in-definition as if the experience of transcendence is either lost to the past or is unreal. This is simply a more conscious appreciation of the eclipse of the Universal by the urge of independence.

Living out from the practice of Guidance - from the feeling-knowing of Universal Being - is the bridge of a transformed and renewed identity that rests in communion. Without this awakened trust, the expansion into Universal Being will seem like death, and will be recoiled from and resisted.

For the capacity of love is that of overlooking the form and its associated 'meanings' - and recognizing the Beloved, without separation. This Vision cannot be found in the 'meanings' of the mind. It is the Gift of the Holy Spirit to release all guilt and welcome the light of true innocence as the reflected Light of Eternity.

In Peace



The truth is in the pudding

The desire to know the truth through the thinking mind is to look to the only place where truth is obscured.
Because you Already know the truth, you can open to the truth through reading or hearing.

"To those who hath, more shall be given".

But to those who have not yet accepted their own knowing, in the wholeness of their being - even that which they believe they hath shall be taken away.

Is love coercive?
Is love revealing Itself in the way and the manner of its communications?

The truth is in the pudding.
The definitions of thinking are fixing devices that self-validated the mind of the user.
But the use of such a mind by our Holy Spirit, allows an unfixing or loosening of the blocks to the flowing and extension of a trust in our being of life.

In such trust extending - you already feel and are the love that knows and is - and in the moment all things are added you - because they are already one with you - who abide at rest in oneness through your Holy Spirit.

The tension of the attempt to understand is exactly the tension of the attempt to maintain the sense of self apart - and then proceed from such a basis - as if to add to this 'self' and make it real or valid or successful or acceptable. To notice the tension is already to smile in release!

A willingness and desire for understanding, surrenders its 'knowing' and stands under that which Knows. Thus releasing the conditions that filter all outcomes on your own terms - and accepting the silent knowing of your own heart. This may also have association with thought and image - but these will but now reflect what is already moving, already true and already alive - as you. And will be freeing of the burden and tyranny of guilt.

The mind of command and control, of grasping and defining, of holding a will your own that judges and rejects, divides and rules - is an insidious habit, that creeps in un noticed and steals Heaven from your heart without you even noticing you are usurped.
How can this be?

Because what you actively want - becomes the foundation of your mind and experience - and when you believe or assert or accept that you WANT to see something YOUR way - then you are listening to that voice believing it is still part of the Living Universe.

Yet as you grow your capacity to trust-through the sense of self-defined limits and open to the joy and beauty and peace of being - you will also grow in the capacity to discern directly - and not conceal, disguise or defend against - the dissonance that is always felt in the lack of wholeness of a coercive will. It will seem to condemn you - but that is looking at guilt and fear - with guilt and fear. Forgiveness resists not evil - but looks directly upon its presentation in order to release the fixation of guilt. To own and to immediately repent of evil thoughts that can not really be hidden, overcome or escaped, but CAN be released upwards - is to let them pass away unwanted and in passing, reveal the Light that is your truth, your whole truth - and nothing but the truth.

In gratitude, in the song and harmony of the light of your being - do what you will - because your will is at rest in one will. In gratitude and innocence of being is this your natural inheritance.
Yet let one stab of interference seem to cause you to put your peace aside while you deal with 'the intruder' - and you are 'back in the mode of managing reality all by yourself' - and the impulse of wilful self authority  - will not be laughed away and forgotten before it is even active - but will rule with your worshipful obeisance.

And so it is, that a story is shared. There is no truth in any of it, but through the willingness to share. All that knows truth is itself True - and no life could ever leave the Life that it is.

Yet in the world, is the play of the mind in many, that seems to see and seek our love as if outside us - in the world of ever changing appearances. Is this not a most amazing capacity of experience? But is it our heart's desire to keep it so?

Giving all things to God is but the releasing to God of all that was playfully presumed our own - and thus 'taken away' only to then be taken seriously in error.
So in desire for truth and freedom we say, "Take this cup away from me - as it be Your will and not mine".

It is not just the aspects of mind of which we are ashamed or feel threatened in, that we  release - but the mind that fixes pleasure and joy in the world - for the world that we make, stands in place of the world that God's Holy Spirit replaces.
"Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal".
The simplest way to explain how it could be - in practical human words - that the mind of man gives way to the Mind of God; is to desist from your own thinking. Not by act of will - but in response to the Call or Movement of your own being - that rises in your awareness when you pause and consider in willingness to receive and be inspired in your heart and mind as one.
In Peace





It starts by your welcome

as being you

shares seeing through you

and knows itself in all

It nature is Light without darkness

That Is Sight

Love without hate

That Is Feeling

Joy without sorrow

That Is Radiance

beyond loving this and that

Loving love

as love

and never leaves or returns

but rises always anew

Peace eternal

Is just this


exactly but


an imaginary


by which the shadow

of a stranger

tempts you to seek

in foreign places

for what you do not want

as if you do

and for what you thought you lost

when you reached for it.

Letting Peace

is letting judgement evaporate

by doing nothing when it rises

from a darkness prison

to be released

Be forgiven

By the God of Peace

That Light radiates

That Love rises

That Joy sings

brian in a moment 


New Testament Revealed in a truly new light

I wrote this as a book review on the Guardian.co.uk website


Anyone who is actually called or stirred in awakening from the mental sleep of a taken-for-granted identity of self and world will have experienced a living synchronicity or concurrence between the outer and the inner. The outer form of which may well be helpful, but the inner recognition is of a different order of experience than anything 'in-the-world has or could ever be.

This is a book of awakening and for awakening from a perspective that is itself awakened and which speaks to the same in you.

It is not a book that will offer any relevance for the mind that wants to think that it is who it thinks it is - and that the world is as it believes and judges it to be.

If the title were not already taken, I would call this 'New Testament Revelations' - not because of 'truths' that are given to use in the world as we believe it, but that truth is uncovered to the reader, right where you are - and offered to you to in a gentle and honouring spirit of invitation.

Each 'Book' of the New Testament has a particular voice and approach in NTI (New Testament Interpretations) and all share one purpose; awakening.
Not an idea of awakening others or society or in some future time, but of awakening and opening to the same truth that Jesus lived and shares - of an Intimacy of being that the mind-in-the-world cannot know - that waits but on your welcome and acceptance, to immediately heal the mind of a false association - and by which all things are seen in a new light. Yet this unfolds step by step as free desire and willingness allow and grow.

The basic ego or self sense would start out from a presumption of separateness from everything and seek to get for itself what it thinks best. If that is still what you want you wouldn't still be reading now. Yet our present appreciation and intuition of the truth of Life, Light and Love is constantly being blocked, filtered or distorted by a 'mind' of thoughts of which we are largely unaware and which we allow to essentially control our experience by use of guilt, fear and the illusion of escaping these while yet using them.

But NTI speaks clearer than I on all such things. My essential witness to this work is of its capacity to awaken not just interest or intention, but actually of speaking directly to our present condition, again and again and yet again.
What is it to be brought out from complex and delaying patterns of denial and self justifying habit into a clarity of unified joy? It is to awaken to the true foundation of one's being from which therefore to live out from.

Jesus's demonstration and teaching and the Christed message that is offered through the the New Testament is largely interpreted by minds that do not live as Jesus, see as Jesus or love as Jesus, and this indeed means that much that is given was not understood and has not been understood - because the mind was not ready to accept. Fear always distorts.

This book has appeared in response to a willingness, and in that willingness it is not a book, but a Message of Light to a mind ready to open to the Light of its own true Understanding. Not that there is not also resistance to such an opening - but that there is a conscious willingness to take a step with their Living Spirit, now.

A search online will soon reveal excerpts by which to test the waters - but gently watch where you put your attention - and the purpose in your mind that is  guiding it. Peace knows, because it does nothing to block or deceive knowing all that it is.


Fear of Life


This is writing that came from reading the essay at the above link. It simply offers into a thread of conversation.

Fear of life seems to be autonomous or automatic, and expresses itself as a polarised experience in which the world - or external conditions, are felt to be imposed or to impose themselves upon a focal point of awareness that contracts upon itself as an inwardness of thought and withdrawal from full and free relatedness.
The identification of self with the inward thinking mind becomes a foundation from which the mind looks out, and an identification that calls on the power of mind to justify, validate and defend. Yet what is asserted, maintained and defended as self is the very nature of fear of life, but expressed outwardly in attempt to avoid the undoing of the sense of self definition that arises naturally in a true relatedness. For life is not as the mind of definition would have and hold. It is already here and it is awareness, knows feeling, and shares or communicates presence universally or without limit - in edgeless wholeness.
The mind of human has a cultural sense of the prior reality as Soul or Spirit, but in the attempt to use the pathways of remembering as the extension of its own seeming power to become a something in its own right, it trades in a living sense of idea felt in the peace of the heart, for a dry concept - with magical associations in the continued wish for a special sense of self-becoming.

Fear of life is on surface identified with external threat, and strategies are developed to overcome or mitigate or manage the threat so as to regain or attain a sense of order and stability in which to pursue self interest without opposition. In other words there is the desire to win, to prevail, or to triumph, and this will is a demanding and accepting only its own way.

The assertion of self will is the expression of opposition and it meets opposition. This experience will become intolerable and the mind will develop strategies of dissociation in order to manipulate situations that cannot be won outright. In other words, we develop a mask, a persona, a virtual self that itself is a proxy or extension of a sense of self founded in polarised or split identification.

The play of the mind in virtualisation is experienced as real but it is an overlay of imagination upon and within Mind or Life itself. The wish and presumption of independence of self is itself the single most blinding condition to the conscious appreciation of, and participation in - and as - Unified Life.

The currency of support for the separate self sense is definition or judgement, which is always an act of exclusion from Living Presence. Image, symbol, concept and story, have fleshed out a time and space distraction amidst and in place of, the timeless nature of being.

When the desire for the experience of distraction wears thin, the desire to know and love reality as it is awakens or stirs as the truth of you, and the mind is led back to a true understanding and acceptance in which it releases or forgives what it believed it had done and become and accepts in its place the true foundation of all being.

The world ceases to be used as a playground for self experience in which to prevail and becomes the opportunity to remember truth and share the love that moves as the nature of being in a true freedom or spontaneity. That the old habit remains is beside the point because the purpose has changed. It will now become apparent that one but fights oneself and this cannot be engaged with passion or conviction and so the basis on which the mind is working has to be seen so as to release the cycle of an old and unwanted habit.

The nature of the experience of Being has been talked of in terms of love, peace, joy and creative freedom and these can point the way, but the experience-hungry mentality of a sense of self lack cannot see or have anything directly to do with reality excepting that even an imaginary mind is directly is wholly dependant on reality to even seem to be real.

The honesty of not knowing coincides with the release of surface certainties and allows the rising of depth to know itself from its own nature and being - instead of the assertions and demands of form based meaning. To thought this could seem fearful - as if the depth is an otherness that takes one over, but in practice it is the shedding of fear and the allowing of embrace. And in terms of the world and its self, a fresh appreciation extends as a step. The step is not a new definition to use in handling the world, the step is a step in undoing the mind that believes its experience in the world is its true life. For the transcendence of experience is the release of the fearful and glamourous adventure of limitation and suffering for a light and presence of being in which all things are made new - that is to say a timeless revelation that neither comes or goes of which nothing can be said - for the attempt to say is but the activity of a mind in story; a wish, a self defining usurpation of an always already perfect communication.

When we find but our thoughts we have simply not uncovered the willingness to let ourselves in, but the willingness to let our thought be seen as it is rather than as it thinks is the growing of the willingness to accept truth as it is, and be free of suggestions and associations which colour, cloud and confuse, whereby the truth of love is forgot.


We see all around us, foundations quake

The transience and vanity of much of our human experience is brought home to us all by such a scale of sudden change as is occurring in Japan and revealed to the eyes of the world. Yet it is not in dwelling on or succumbing to the suggestion of destruction that will open the way to love's reality. Such as heart and mind can be found willing to accept. Willingness is the Gift that we grow only by the giving - and remains our true need amidst a wilfulness of thought in which we live out a sense of disconnected identity.

The seduction of the world is the suggestion that we can become comfortable here and abide in form based reality whilst still maintaining a private sense of existence. But this is the call of illusion.

Yet within the desire to awaken is the premise that all things serve awakening to truth. This can only be actualized in a true willingness to put our own thought aside in willingness to stand present with - that which we do not know but are willing to learn of anew.

It may be that this practice reveals humbling truths about just how weak is our willingness over and against our habits of thought - yet a true spark serves more than any amount of wishful thinking. And a spark nurtured with gratitude and appreciation grows.

In my own life, I have known calamity, and I have not restored the dead, or healed the afflicted in any worldly sense whatsoever. But I have opened more deeply and directly into the Soul as it abides in truth and as its true feeling cuts through the identification with definitions, things, persons and the wish-dreams of its own thought as if becoming real.

Yet insofar as I have known oneness with The Power of Everything that Oneness Is - has been in utter innocence of being - of delight and rapture of such self-nonconsequence that 'self' ceases to obscure the Awareness of Mind Itself - even as the interpretive experience of self, other, and world arise.

The rapture and delight of such an Intimacy is too close for thinking and yet is one with the very love and truth and beauty that is right here right now yet seen as 'in limited form'.

I share with you this blog from one of our Family in Japan.

It offers a personal scale perspective that counters the media fixation upon a scale of events that we humanly cannot take in.

Tears of love are opening the heart. Let love flow, that love Is, As it is. But the emotion of imagined dramatic scenarios is of a different source. This will cut off the flow of loving awareness.

True foundations are in the willingness to let truth Speak us.

May we be established in true relatedness and live out therefrom.

In Peace



"Hang on - I lost it!"

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When we deny our own Soul communication, it is usually self presented to our awareness as some kind of experience that denies or demands deprivation of us. Because if we were to see it as it is - we could not effect the denial.

This in effect uses others or the world to play a role in justifying a withheldness of self - to itself. The others and the world are not fundamentally involved or concerned with our hidden script - but in our interpersonal relations we soon communicate our demands in subtle ways, (that may never be openly stated), whereby we indicate that we need others to back off  - or indeed to come forward  - with specific kinds of behaviour - to serve our own private needs.

When we are getting wise to this way of hiding from ourself we can ‘see’ it in others - and if it pains us - it is because it speaks directly within us of our own pain - in which and by which we are locked - because we are frozen in our own communication. I am using the term communication here in its true wide sense of relatedness and involvement and participation - and not as a bunch of commentary or assertion or perceptions that seek validation.

We may let Life in - by trusting into a receptive stillness - but if we then do not abide in that and let it guide our be-ing - we switch back into non receptive assertion - and ‘lose it’.

“Losing it” has correlating experience on many levels - all of which are characterized by limitation, disconnection and isolation. In such lack of perspective, all kinds of thoughts and scenarios play out as an adventure in experience that is in turns; exciting, glamourous, threatening and meaningful as a sense of struggle towards a desired outcome. But its premise is false and it is at the expense of peace and  appreciation of an unconflicted love. From such a truly restored and rested perspective we can see presently that it is not our true desire to initiate the activity of intention and thought that result in confusion and conflictedness.

The keynote that is Christ awakening is that there is a shift or recognition from a situation perceived outside me - into a direct intimacy that is me - yet not any sense of me defined and not with any sense of a self amidst an otherness or situation other to me. As long as the situation is seen and engaged as between others - there is strategy at work as to what is revealed and what is withheld. But in the awakened recognition of the heart - there is a Re-membering presently of one’s own inclusion in all that Be ing truly is - and THIS ‘Knows’ Itself perfectly - and so is beheld as a knowing that operates as a seamless guidance and communication. Yet even such a beholding is itself an expression of the Be ing. There is no separate part from which to know or judge anyone or anything - ever.

The mechanism of denial is heartless - because it is the mind acting as if outside the heart. To identify with such mind is to kill or deny or imprison the heart - and experience as if that were in fact so.
To let the Heart Be - and to let it Guide, is far from any emotional need or reaction to hurt - but is simply peace of wholeness. For the seeming heart is the attempt to salvage some love from the fragmented experience of a fearful and heartless identification.

The release of the hurtful is not in enacting scenarios of atonement. The release is in stopping everything and letting the Father in. The Movement that is the discernment of Life - speaks all things truly - because it is without ‘knowledge’. It is innocent of what we take as knowledge.

We may fear that if we let down our defences and be seen as we truly are  - then we will surely be condemned because we are so sure that we ‘know’ we hold unworthy and hateful thoughts. Yet truth is that these are fundamentally retained in consciousness - even unconsciously - by attempt to deny and reject them - from an unjoined sense of self.

The force with which they are denied is the force they seem to have in insinuating or violating your consciousness. There is no ‘devil’ but that hating hatred and fearing fear obscures the mind from seeing truly. As the mind is relaxed - so the drama ceases to drive the show. Attention is freed from its objects and is restored to its Source. It is not something to work out - but an allowing of what truly works to dawn in our awareness.

To desire truth is to desire peace - for peace is the condition in which truth is clearly appreciated. Peace is the abandonment of ‘knowledge’, of search and of the exercise of wilful imagination. In its calm you can simply feel when to wait and when to extend your outstretched hand - and all that is needed is Given you - as it is called forth. This is not a state of attainment - but a freedom from the mind of attaining. The desire for a special self is not love and must be seen simply as it is - from a perspective that is free of its seeming allure - from a rested not-knowing that is in no danger of knowing anything! For It can never leave it Source!

In the release of ‘knowledge’, recognition beholds and ‘falls into’ That Which Lives all things. And that even so, the world of appearances arising is not actually modifying or fragmenting or limiting the un-knowable but untouchable Truth. God-Being All That Is You Are.

In Peace



Hatred, fear and tyranny

Two news stories have touched the same nerve in me in this new year of 2011.
Both involve the shooting by a lone individual of another with whom they disagreed to such an extent that they felt righteousness and duty in committing murder - and in directly undermining any due process of communication or law with resort to a justification of ‘might is right’; the act of the denial of life to another; killing the messenger to shut down the message that they - not God - have determined is hateful and deserves to die.

Both gunmen operated out of a sense of support and vindication from the culture of hate that had brodcast itself in self righteous terms; the Pakistani gunman was protecting Holy God from blasphemy. The American gunman was protecting the Divinely inspired Consitution of the United States of America from evil marxists or perhaps ‘We, the People’ of the USA from a tyranous secret conspiracy of a corrupt government. The theme remains the same

This kind of thing can and does sicken many of the whole notion of God, religion and so called holiness. Because it is so clearly hypocritical and deluded. But with what they do have of a sense of the sanctity and value of life they may well be more ‘the messengers of God’ than many who seek to perpetuate their own private or mutually agreed agendas in God’s name.

Because until man awakens from a childish fixation on specific forms, thoughts and symbols as holding fixed and asserted meanings in and of themselves, there will not be a true and consistent opening of the heart to the sanctity and holiness of life and the divine inspiration that guides from within - and not via external gods or externally created authorities that are liable to tyranous subjection of the Living Impulse of our heart.

The uncovering in man of a sense of falsity - or invalidity or wrongness - offers a step toward awakening from a deeper understanding than his own thought allows. But if we are engaged and identified in a mood of fear - that indulges hatred and judgement to its own sense of advantage - we will not awaken to a deeper curiosity that uncovers more than we knew before in a greater perspective - but will seek out and find scapegoats and enemies upon which to project our sense of wrongness upon. And we call it life even while it kills us.

Whether we are to emerge from the thrall of the mind of fear or remain slaves to its tyranny is a matter of individual responsibility now. For only the witness of the mind that disagrees with the god of fear can call it out to be undone. Fear says “If you speak out I will shoot you” - but it can only seem to have the power it wields through a culture of joining in a common hate - a culture that thrives on false witness, gossip and judgemental indulgence.

To partake in hate is to be a party to the acts of violence that are intent on undermining trust, cooperation, tolerance and all of the qualities that ARE the embodiment of love in our own minds - and in human society.

This is not a call to hate the ones who hate. This is a call to refuse hatred and insist on finding an honest, straight and open way to communicate - both within our own mind and with each other. A call to a clearout upon the principles of good housekeeping. The truly good will arise without self-manipulating effort when we cease to hate and so clear our hearts and minds of conflict - and not from setting ourselves against the symbols and messengers of that in our life to which we have aversion to.

Is there a helpful use of hate?
Perhaps only this - that to identify a falsity in oneself and immediately recognize it has nothing that I want and costs you all that I hold dear - is to empty or abhor myself of my thought so as to refuse to validate it in the terms it suggests. I abide in open trust that what is true reveals itself because I am no longer actively accepting falsity as a basis from which to live. Yet even here it is language that suggests that I ‘hate’ falsity - for the falsity itself is the hate - and I am not as it suggests and so I put it behind me by giving attention to the Living.