Awakening Joy, triggering loss.

The energetic quality of being
is of such joy
as is un imaginable
to a me-thinking split-off mind.

But any sense of losing such joy
is exactly the trigger
for a me-thinking to assert itself
as if actually split off.

For abandoning intent
by law brings abandonment
in mind that yet plays out in
an independence of will.

So abiding as trust
as living faith
is the choice to disregard
the ego shout.
Stop now!
Be free of the voice for fear

And suffering becomes the sign
of a self-willing hurt
that offers continuity of self
but blocks love eternal
from It’s Own.

Here now the sky
receives even the suffering
exactly as it is
and hiding nothing
allows everything
to being itself

Such ordinary moment
as eternity reflects
is the willingness
to see and be
Loves presence


brian in a moment