Reality, wonder and innocence open our minds

This was written to a comment thread on a news article about

Ozone layer hole over Arctic in sudden expansion

It isn't so much addressed to the article as to the comments, and is simply an attempt to articulate a perspective upon the mind and its experience.


Whatever Life Is ... is made tangible by its effects.
Awareness Is Knowing Something Is - as a Singularity - before any act of interpretation collapses, fixes or personalizes into a private or local 'experience' along with its ‘experiencer’.

This can be allowed in your own awareness in any moment, instead of merely dealing in concepts as if such activity is engaging in a real relationship. It always transforms our sense of self and may be allowed to open much further.

Scientific perspectives work out from a duality of mind and matter in presumption of a mind as an expression of, and dependent upon, a discrete genetically programmed entity as expression of its ecosystem, which is held as 'other to' and separate from its 'I'. This is an expression of a split "I" sense - or split mind.

In this it inherits the model of the 'orphaned, materially bound consciousness' of 'the Fall', but seeks to self-validate its own construct of its self upon its fragmented perception of a world whose meaning and dominion is presumed to be its dominion to determine and assert. By focussing primarily on that which effectively distracts attention from its actual utter dependence on and non-abandoned Current Life, it plays out in what is seen as organic entities, temporary existences amidst seeming polarity of opposition and conflict.

This 'I' sense interprets and seeks to prevail over all things apparently external to it so as to maintain and reinforce the program of the psychological mythos of the 'I' sense. Which at root is a disguised running-away from true Intimacy. This is essentially enacting the myth of killing-separating its own Parent or Source and denying or hiding the mind from Mind.

Thus the illusion of the 'I' experiencing and acting independently is merely a mechanism of an underlying background program that runs until it is replaced by a restored or reconnected 'Self', which is of a willingness to listen and receive and discern, so as to align and express a cooperative will beyond strategies of exclusive identifications.

For in any moment, WHAT, is aware, of anything?

The "I' is such a fundamental concept or construct. But having based I upon derived symbol and image and concept instead of in intimacy of being, truth as felt-sense or shared being, is adulterated and obscured.

Like financial derivatives, ideas can be developed and experienced as apparent substance until a reality readjustment forces the nature of an unreality to dawn.

But even within organic scientific terms there is a vast Unified Song of part known and unknown processes - in concert - that express and maintain the conditions that are Life as we have come to 'know it' - or define it. What is not apparent to the scientific presumption is that All That Is, Works as an implicate wholeness at and to a 'level' of awareness almost completely obscured by the mind of I WANT IT THUS! -  whose distorting judgement and definition reflect back as an orphaned consciousness seeking to cover its invalidity by means of mutually agreed definitions.

This is NOT likely to be noticed any mind already engaged in its own thought based definitions or meanings - because such a mind is wilfully hidden in the urge to survive and prevail as 'itself' - excepting such 'self' is image, construct and story - and is essentially made up as a mask persona to engage in a manipulative intent in which the true nature of being is obscured.

Oh .... cosmic observations, cycles and and fluctuations. Yes The forms of the Universe look like something and can be looked at in ever more detail in ever more focused and extended ways. Aspects of mechanism are uncovered that easily seduce us to further manipulate mechanism in service to the dominant social forces that express as our conscious and less conscious cultural values. We ‘become’ mechanism by living out from a mechanical construct. But only as we consciously choose to persist as such.

I felt to essay this writing in a willingness to say something that neither science or religion as generally espoused, offers perspective upon. It has an altogether different presumption of self - though of course my 'working-mind' and persona are tools in trade.

Wonder in its purity, is awesome. We stand dumb. There are innumerable paths by which Wonder is covered over - and likewise by which awe is uncovered anew.

None are to be excluded from the awareness of the Awesome Wonder of Being - which is truly the alpha and the omega within which all that we dream is experienced and passed beyond. Seeing might equate with believing - but Peace is utterly beyond beliefs or perception, though an innocent perception does not block its welcome.

The Light of God is man’s blindness - therefore we look away in order to persist in seeing by our own lights. But in acknowledging and welcoming Light, we are changed from within to see with new eyes - with innocent eyes. Love is not magic. But is of a Kind. Be of one kind and know one Mind.

In Peace