Holiness Shouting

I shout my holiness by appreciating yours.
I appreciate yours by being safe, rested in and welcoming of, the recognition of your presence.
I am blessed to be in your company because you are.
The truth that you are is Always and Already perfect.
Your truth shines with the light of my own.
There is no life outside Heaven.

The mind can make up stories from a sense of giving out roles based on definitions, that take forms based on judgements - and give them my own meanings - to which I then become identified with and defensive of - over and against very Life.
If the mind does this - and I follow it - then while I engage it, I become ignorant of You, of Light and of Love. A world external arises as a projected mind-screen where the allegiance of being, is given to stories played out in masquerade.

The mind-in-form has momentum, but it is not the originator of desire. It is not the movement of desire - but is rather the mechanical playing out of old desire. Desire moves toward fulfilment. Yet fantasy of self will is only the fulfilment of the desire to engage fantasy and cannot actually fulfill you. Your function is to be the fulfilment of love; the recognition and appreciation of all that You Are - in all that you are.

Yet while the story of your self as identified in form attracts and engages your attention and identification, you are depriving yourself of the peace and light and holiness that is the Nature of Being - and deprivation is not your desire.

While judgement seems to cut the Creation of God into a million pieces and set them at war, the truth of you shines radiant but unrecognized. Yet as your willingness for war is let go, the signs and wonders begin to find your attention - and lead your attention to rest in life as is.

As is -  is Life.
As you say it is - is your story and script.

What you have made up has your love - but is not the loving.
Let it be brought to love so that it ceases to work for guilt, but instead is used for Life's remembering.

The mind that can conceive of guilt cannot know holiness - for that mind is ignorance embodied.
Yet by that which is brought to love, light or truth is released of its urge to possess in secret.
And opens the acceptance of the mind that was also in Christ Jesus.
That, before Abraham was, Is.
Your God is not outside you, but in story are you experiencing all that God Is - as if you are outside God.

The prodigal son is not only to be understood as a leaving that becomes a returning - but to awaken to that of the mind that is always attempting to possess in secret - or judge - and thus orphan itself of its own living.

For the mind that seeks to create itself, seeks a substitute for love - and thinks it is about to find it in every glimpse of truth that it can steal from you. Its house is as a den of thieves -but the House of your Holiness recognises that all things eternally abide in and are expression of truth - and that you have done nothing.

This is simply true - but the desire to dally in the wish to make the truth - is no idle thought.
It is time to put such fancies away - for the capacity to engage them is not supported by the movement of your desire.
And to war against your true desire is the way of pain, of guilt, of utter isolation and futility.

Look then to what you are doing with your attention - and if it is in the way of peace - give thanks and be renewed.
If it is forgetful of peace, pause. Find your willingness and live from there.
If there is fear and resistance. Rest of your thoughts and listen for the guidance that knows your heart's need.
It will come as you forget to guard too heavily against it.
It cannot come while you take sole control.
But is always and already here as Soul guidance.
By your willingness to listen, to learn and to do, you teach yourself by demonstration that love is freely accepted and shared.
For while you believe it in any way separate from you, it will seem to call for sacrifice; you will interpret against your own Life.
Ask not for how a miracle can be so - but ask that you become willing to be moved beyond your own self-definitions

I wrote this in willingness and trust



Music of Life

When I first started picking up and playing with a guitar it was not with an expectation to learn to play the guitar - but with a curiosity and desire to let feeling communicate through strumming and picking the strings - and later, through singing as well.

What’s the feeling? The feeling that moves currently - alive in me now - that might become a song or express an atmospheric.  I found that expressing feeling, communicates back its source such that the feeling deepens, purifies and changes. It is a kind of alchemy in consciousness.

I realized at some point that my ‘playing’ was in fact praying - in life - but not in religion. I found a way that I could put aside distraction and connect and open to an immediacy and an intimacy that at the time I associated with the ‘inner me’. There was never an overt verbal petition - but a simple desire to be connected - at the heart.

This feeling dimension is so important to me in life that I have largely avoided much of the technical training and maps and models for life, music - or in fact anything. It isn't that I need to negate them - but that they always tend to put the focus on the world or form, and put the soul or spirit second or indeed out of the picture. Soul is heart connecteness - or feeling into Life. Emotions are limits and coverings over true feeling - and are associated with stories that the mind spins about itself.

Negative emotions are the stuff of guilt, hurt, pain, anger and hate. They are potent in that they carry charge - but are not usually safe or appropriate to express in the form that they are triggered. Introspection and enquiry can uncover the thoughts and beliefs by which we ‘set our self up’ to inevitably fail, be disappointed or hurt - but this is very difficult when we are also using our thoughts as our guide. For we believe them instead of seeing them as beliefs.

Music offered itself as a vehicle for growing an identity in feeling, that bypassed the thinking mind. To simply and directly ‘rejoin the music’ that underlies and is embodied in my feeling being restores a sense of communion, connect-ness, inspiration and meaning.

For ‘the music’ embodies the dimension of our participation in a shared expression of life, that the problematic, control based, thinking mind blocks by its very nature.

The problematic mind seems to be justified from a sense of having had some experience of disturbance or difficulty imposed upon it. But whatever the problem is about, it has common elements with all problems - and these include exclusion, isolation and threat or danger of adverse outcomes.

To ‘rejoin the music’ is to short circuit the process of time in which eventually, you will release the justifications for self exclusion, or the need to hold the past against another and deny a shared present, or the defensive and anxious stance by which everything is perceived fearfully and not clearly embraced or engaged at all. And you will let life flow again in your heart, as a living presence of Soul appreciation. My point is - why get stuck and suffer all the drama of self involvement in conflict - when you can simply rejoin the music - from where you are at now.

We tend to emotionally resistant to letting joy flow when we are upset. However, even ‘frozen and stuck’ are energetics that can speak - enough to be a carrier for a willingness to be ‘picked up’ by inspiration - life’s music. It is not that there is a required form - but that life is flow - and the experience of blocked life is depressing to our spirit. To find any flow is to find your willingness for life.

What is tending to block life and assert itself with force is a mental attitude of judgement, an unquestioned assumption of guilt and sense of safety in limitation. No matter how intense or complex this may seem, it is truly a passing affliction of ignorance and not expressing our right mind at all.

In music I have a way of not replaying the tapes of that mind, and allowing or opening to a fresh experience of now - that comes to me freely like a gift - because I released the assertiveness of a self willed mentality enough to let life through.

But I realize that love of truth is underneath and within all of what I attempt to write about.

To try to use music too consciously as a therapy would be to lose its soul - for music is a language of the heart - and heart is also the guide to its own ways. It is true that we can force life to dance to our own tune. For a while. But such a curiosity indulged is exactly what sets the scene for a mind of control to take hold of our life and cause us not only to forget to play - and to play - but to become fearful, conflicted and uncertain and distrustful.

Oneness with oneself is a natural thing - so natural that it has no conceptual language, except in symbols that point to things unspeakably true.

Singing, making music and dancing have tended to become things in their own right. As entertainments, products, ritualized forms to mix and match in presenting our ‘identity’ to ourself and others. Yet the truth is that the Soul is the dimension of being in which we feel - beneath all the  vanities and superficialities of self image.

To gain the Soul is to willingly lose such a world - not as a sacrifice - but as a restoration to sanity, wholeness and a certainty or singularity of feeling that is free of the definitions of concept.


The Life is First - without a second

This consideration arose from reading a discussion about the chicken and egg - not just as philosophical conundrum, but in terms of considering the perceptions and experiences of life as a process of  becoming in terms of an apprehension of Life as the IS.

The dream is a matter of taking thoughts about the Life as real and letting them give rise to a sense of self that experiences them.
This is the Thoughtlessness of a self in image. For it must needs ignore direct reality to play out the drama of self.

Reality is Living Idea - but not an idea removed from something else or about something else.
And the Idea or Thought is infinite, unbounded and timeless.

The mind that wants its own thought - and uses its thought to determine reality - derives questions based on its acceptance of false premises, that assert the division and limitation of Eternal Being. They thus seek to trade definitions as acceptable currency - which is how the separation experience is upheld. For thoughts about reality that are not accepted currency are no longer valid - and a direct apprehension of reality rises to awareness where the distraction fails.

In taking no thought for (any) self, the Thought of God; The Life, is beheld - as it is.
It is not beheld from a mind separate from its object of attention - for such a self-based intent is not asserted or validated.

Thoughts about the Life can also serve to allow distractive thought to cease, allowing knowing to be revealed.
Knowing is never attained, and remains always and absolutely beyond editing, owning or any process of the thinking-mind.
It may seem that there is a you that knows - but that is the afterwork of the ego overlay; using truth to feed and maintain illusion. The mind that seems to get truth for itself is the mind that robs you of appreciating truth now. While the loot has lustre, the dragon sleeps in its cave in its dreams of glory upon an unshared treasure.

The willingness to know calls awakening's purpose into play - because it now learns to seek and recognise The Life as it is - and begins to release the thought that would make it as it is not. To such a willingness the dream becomes the sign of awakening, the voice of awakening and the reflection of awakening.

This seems to take time simply because time is taken from the Timeless and treated as if it were in fact time.
In other words, the mind engaged in dream wishes to continue dreaming. Your will is done.

The mind in dream is like a bounded egg state of self-thought reflection. The process of restoring awareness at rest as natural Mind expression, is like to the story of egg. It is opened and sprouts or grows forth, reflecting in form an intimacy of relationship whose signature is divine.

The growing of the desire for life in the embryo. The development of unseen guidance where structure grows within to give pathways for life. The breaking of the shell. The guidance and support of the Mother Father. The recognition of the Environment in Original Being. The release of the possession-mind in Living Love and the giving of allness as both seed and fruit of all that is to Another as Thyself. The nurturing and protecting of the children of love as the extension of love's giving. The recognition of the local in the universal. The discarding of the sense of local or self will in Intimacy beyond difference.

But the liability with mapping anything of The Life - is that map substitutes for The Life.

So I prefer not to map - but in the moment of such living teaching - be brought to The Life - and then be free of the sign or thought or teaching that opened the moment to Living.

In Peace



Imprisoned Will

Imprisoned will is a sense of being denied; a sense of existence within a context of opposition – in which the will tends to harden in self protection and acts callously in self interest. It makes its own version of love that serves to work ‘inside the imprisoned sense of life’ – but this love demands the conditions of self-will to be sacrosanct – or it turns instantly to betrayal and hate.

A sense of limitation can become an accepted set of parameters in which such a sense of a separate life is played out in whatever seeming scenario that involves, and this can vary over more or less dense or confining circumstance, as long as it allows the sense of a freedom to assert and indulge a personal will; to assert judgement.

The self imprisoned mind works to maintain its fantasies so as to minimise its awareness of the discomfort of limitation – and wants to believe it is in fact an independent will expressing a wish for freedom. Yet what this mentality creates as its own experience of reality is simply the active denial of shared will – and shared being - in preference to creating in its own image. Such is the nature of sin. But until there is awakening, here also is the nature of ignorance.

For we do not know the truth of our own being, while we enact a script that arises from the desire to judge - in which we play out the roles of judge and judged; winner and loser; killer and killed. We lose recognition of reality’s love, light and guidance, in the preference to ‘see’ only what we can get from any perceived situation or relationship. A strategic intent to define life in terms of what we can make of it.

Life then takes on the meaning we choose to give it. We maintain such a will, against the flow of the nature of being, and we suffer the loss of an awareness and appreciation of Soul - of life abundant. We starve ourselves of the joy and peace that is our original nature, and become ever more rigidly identified in a fixity of thought and form until we ‘die’.

For we experience, as if we have stolen our life by imposing our own will, and lose the intimate innocence and eternal creativity of being. The consequence is not somewhere down the line as punishment – but instantly - as the perspective of preferring a partial experience of an aspect of life - rather than be in, and of, and as; flowing wholeness. Seperated experience is got from an imaginitive overlay, set in a largely unconscious opposition to the current movement in the heart.

A change of mind is a simple re-evaluation arising from a fresh perspective, yet to the mind that calls on, uses and accepts guilt, there can be no fresh perspective. It believes it is condemned by the power of judgement - such is its god. And it sees separated entities and things in hollow or lightless aspect and forces relationships upon life that have no felt relatingness. For such a mind there can only be the exploitation and management of a separated or fallen world in which all seems to compete for a fragile and fleeting existence. For that is its experience of self.

Opening to a simple willingness to receive - without precondition - as an expression of trust – for even a moment – can allow a reconnection at the heart that restores the heart's perspective to perception in glimpses of awakening that can be felt as salvatory and miraculous. For such is the experience of love to the mind that wakens from lovelessness.

From valuing and growing in such a shared love, grows a willingness and capacity to look at the mechanism in mind - as it operates – so that the conditions of freedom and imprisonment become clearly shown. So much of what we believed freedom was in fact the means to keep our mind in darkness. So much of what we believed was failure, limitation or conflict becomes the means by which we are restored to true freedom - the freedom to be all that we are – and to accept and express shared will – the present and spontaneous movement of the heart in trust.

To recognise that we but imprison ourselves is a similar step to an addict acknowledging addiction.
From such acceptance can all else be restored - such as our desire discovers, in alignment with the awakened shift that released us from fantasy and moved in us as both the call for love – and its answer.

The result of imprisonment believed, expresses as loss, bitterness and a self diminishment – from which one then acts out in reaction. Yet to use the opportunity of any kind of experience of imprisonment to learn of the true nature of freedom, restores peace, humour and compassion. Such are the flowing treasures of life and such cannot be taken from a mind – without collaboration from 'the inside'. Whatever the world or the other seems to do, look to your own heart’s direction.

When we have done our time, eternity welcomes its own.
But first restores our use and experience of time to serve the way of the heart.
Thus we can recognize what can be shared – and appreciate the experience of sharing – letting all else fall away of itself. There is much opportunity to learn and share of life eternal – here within the limitation to a world and self-sense of limitation. Not least of which – is that 'I do not want to indulge the experience of limitation as it costs me the appreciation of living truth'.

And that the Unlimited nature of being is not attained or won or gotten - but is the Birthright of Creation


Truly beautiful and beautifully true

This is one of my reviews of:

The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament: A Course in Understanding and Acceptance

(Posted on http://www.bookdepository.co.uk)

There is a multitude of people trading in the talk about spirituality; about life, reality and living. This is not at that level, but it is a conversation and you are the met in this work at a level that is hard to put into words without pausing and listening first.

Jesus, when he left the Earth, said that he would call the Holy Spirit down to guide and comfort humanity. His life was devoted to listening to - and embodying - the guidance of this same Spirit. Not an otherworldy entity - but the innate capacity within you that loves and discerns truth as the universal movement of being.

There is much that we humanly did not understand then - or now - because we interpret all things through a lens darkly; via the filters and distortions of a mind that is predicated upon guilt and fear. But in choosing to let the true discernment of the heart interpret our experience, we awaken to truth as it is - and not as our thought and definitions and beliefs dictate.

So unlike books about Jesus that sell ideas or opinions, this work has an authority that speaks so directly - and in such congruency - that it is as if I am reading my own heart's unspeakable truth ... spoken. It is true that I 'found' such a book in a time of my life that is receptive. I don't sense that anything of Spirit can be received otherwise.

There is a section for each of the books of the New Testament, yet there is very little of what might be called a scholarly Bible study. I would have called it New Testament Revelations - except of course that name has already been taken. I wonder if in the short term this work finds many willing to abide it - for the nature of Light is the undoing or dispelling of darkness and division. We humanly have much of our sense of our existence in just such an ignorance - and despite our suffering, we defend it as our very life. The human mind is a defence. Yet the nature of Salvation is an Awakening from the dream of the false.

Never have I read anything so gentle and honouring and uncoercive. This is not a rehash, but a restatement into terms we can appreciate at our core. Don't take my word for it but test it by your own lights. For the discernment within you now that can feel the truth is the Holy Spirit within.

I feel that our times are times of awakening - to accept and be moved from the stillness within. This is because insanity and chaos call forth a deeper Remembering. This book is truly beautiful and beautifully true. Yet it is not the book or even the truths or words therein - but the living truth of you revealed.


Be drawn into the stillness ...

Be drawn into the stillness in which the oneness of being lives you.
Be gentle in the way of discerning.
Be instantly forgiving of the false mind.
Be without self defining

Be with Movement, in Stillness.

There is not also a 'you' that is drawn, gentle, forgiving, accepting, beholding.
Such thought is a separation wish.
The not-knowing of self, is the Knowing itself, because the 'knowing of a self' is the act by which the Knowing is obscured.

Your understanding will keep you lonely.
Be without the need to understand; and abide herein.
Of ITSELF will revelation restore to You - as You abide in Me.
As I in You.

The 'experience' of self definition draws unto itself its own.
That call rings not for You.
Who is My Love.

The thief ran off with but a copy.
Run not after him!
Or you'll believe you're robbed of Me!

How can such an Impossible be?
Do not even begin to entertain the thought!
Put diversion aside and love as I love you.

As I love you.
So are You.


Thought for the salvation of Love's Son

If you can see the ego writ large in the world of man - then maybe you are ready to let go of it being out there - or in your head.

But rather to see it in one mind.

What we choose to validate as experience - (of what we receive as thought and perception) - and what we thus choose to share into one mind - is a responsibility that cannot be escaped. Any more than Mind can be escaped.

The attempt to escape is expressed as 'the world and self' that we presume and trade, in separated (escaped) mode.
In true vision there can be nothing we would WANT to escape.

The mind of sin and guilt, is attack. The attack of mind on itself is excruciating - and expresses as every kind of pain of suffering, loss of love, and limitation through fear.
But mind cannot attack itself without first believing itself separate and in a head in a body in a time and place. Nor could it believe this without the wish to believe itself so.

If your thinking says - "well its all a game then!" - that may be so - BUT - one still suffers within the rules that have set up the game UNTIL the game is truly released. So the thought "it's all a game", is not the realisation - but is simply playing the same game some more.

Nothing can be released unless it is first recognised as being active. Nor can an act of self-will be released by an act of self-will.

To know again the mind of sin that you would keep hidden - so as to be undone of it - requires honesty and trust.
Love of truth has no ulterior motive or agenda. It does not seek to dissociate and displace - or get rid of itself. Love of truth rejoices in being one with - and this automatically extends because - whatever is the basis of your sense of value is the foundation of all that is seen.

In the mind of sin is a false Cause accepted and it is the cause of Fatherlessness or Sourcelessness. To see anything or anyone in such a false 'light' is to overlook the Wholeness that Gives all the Meaning that is present.
All that is needful to reverse the shift into the false is to give priority to the true - in the calm recognition that truth is not made or defined or analyzed into existence - but is one with and expresses through real relationship.

Cherish real relationships in any and every moment of noticing. Awareness grows as it is acknowledged.
The mind of war is literally trying to hide and kill itself; both.
Our own part in such an un-sane thought is undone in our accepting love in place of fear; awareness in place of thinking and perception.

Whatever the script of the 'world',  it is interfaced and part of our own contribution.
So if a brother demands you masked - then he will mask you - for his will is done.
But if you awaken from the masks and roles of the script - you can let love use it as it will.
"Thy Will Be done".
This is the releasing of self-will for the grace and beauty and innocence of truth.
Jesus didn't suffer for us - but witnesses to life eternal - even from amidst the 'experience of suffering' - where we even so may wake to realise Truth and not be dictated by ignorance.
Focus only on suffering enough to break the spell of hiding. Then look beyond to the Light - where new vision is offered BECAUSE you released the old.

I wrote this in trust to convey some sketch or sense of a dimension to which the world is blind - and wilfully so. Yet you who read here are not the world - but are stirred and quickened in love.

in Love's blessing


What 'should' Christianity be? - a response

(What is the religion that Christianity"should be"? - in your opinion. I've been drawn to looking at this for several years now and am genuinely interested in others' serious viewpoints. Thanks.)
I read the above (on another forum) and felt to honour the questioner, and share what I wrote here also.

- - -
Christianity is diverse, but is generally a religion made on and about Jesus.
This is opposite to Jesus' desire to awaken and share God's love as the very basis and nature and expression of life revealed. Yet some of it gets through - because a heart that is open in willingness and trust will be guided truly. Such is relationship with the Holy Spirit - that is felt within the stillness of your being as the guidance for truth.
It does not matter what name or whether you name this guidance - it desires only to restore you to truth; to peace; to God.

Human thinking believes it needs and has control - and may even believe that God gave it this power. It seeks to fit all things to its own plan and sees and hears only what its own beliefs dictate. It does not know what it does and suffers such a false reality until Light is accepted again into a mind that had sought to hide in the dark.

The acknowledgement and acceptance of Light is the remembering that we do not create ourselves - for the light of awareness is the Gift of Being. Not given in some past - but is the very Light of your be -ing now and always.

The mind of human judgement or 'Adam asleep' is like a lens that will limit and distort all that it sees - including the messages and teachings of love. Waking up must be a process of differentiating the guidance and gift of Light and its life - from the old mind of command and control in self seeking. So as to keep one and let the other go.
The desire to control this graceful awakening leads to paths and religions that seek but never find - and their power of witness declines because that which is truly found shines beyond the machinations of human cleverness - and touches others in ways that are directly felt. For truth communicates through our willingness to love. And only they can love who have been set free from every loveless intent - if only for a glimpse, one step at a time. The mind that seeks only for itself cannot save itself from its own isolation. Though such thoughts may be in our mind - the Light reveals that they are not truth - AND that we do NOT want them. Trust must replace fear - and guidance is given you in your will to let this be done through you.

Jesus offers the way of God through man such that deception is recognized and released and Christ embraced. This does not mean fighting it. It means NOT using it. Turn instead in faith to the Father within. Trusting through the love of truth that is the call by which you seek to be restored to peace and sanity.

Christianity is in part a witness to the mind that is still in the world - trying to make the world be what we would make it be. But it is in part also a witness to the recognition of God Love - and a movement of response in our heart to that Call.

The religion that remains the way and the truth and the life is unchanging in its living principle - but ever changing in its cultural expressions. We get locked in cultural expressions and unknowingly 'crucify the living truth' so as to remain safe in our delusions. Awakening to see this is not our damnation - but is the awakening to be changed in our heart and mind.

Jesus lived and shared love, honor and worth with all kinds of people - he did not regard himself as special or superior or fundamentally different in nature from his fellow men and women. He did not try to found institutions - but living relationships in which the Love of God is shared and its fruits known. He did not seek to undermine the institutions that gave order and law - but he did hold their authority above or beyond God's Law.
Jesus' religion is open to all - even if they have never heard of Jesus - because it is the religion of communion with God. To look within - is not the call to look in the world. There is none can come between you and God, But in your desire to be restored - 'even as a servant' in your Father's House - He will 'run to meet you on the road'. That is to say you will meet and find help in all sorts of ways. It may seem to be situations, events, teachings or relationships in the world - but through them is a discernible thread. I can feel it in your honest and direct question.

Now if you are wanting to see a religion that is active in the world as a witness and catalyst for peace and justice, you will have to see a way to put down the historical and cultural specialness that you would keep for yourself. For only by example can you teach. And as you teach, so shall you learn. Jesus looked on the Light in all - so be aware that Loving Vision sees truth and blesses what it sees by giving recognition.
If you wait for everyone else to get it - you continue to see them through the lens of judgement and are deceived. This is not to have truly heard the Call.

In Peace



Response to a Christian question regarding purity of Jesus' Teaching

Jesus' Christ Presence and Teaching have aspects in Scripture - but through the discernment of the Holy Spirit are revealed and shared in Living Relationship. This is the real church. It is a 'human thing' to seek to possess and get identification from 'teachings' and institutionalize them such that the 'church' or movement becomes involved in its own survival. "If it is good for the (my) Church - it must be good for God's Plan etc".
In this the ego or self centric mentality can be observed as the same that the revelation of love's purpose delivers us from.

There are both tares and wheat in the world. It is not wise to 'apply human judgement of good and ill' prematurely. (Or in fact ever - as the discernment of love's vision reveals truth and falsity according to the Nature and Purpose of God and NOT according to human definitions and evaluations and wishful thinking).
Paul taught from revelation and not from external association with Jesus or indeed initially from the Christians. He did the best he could with what he had to teach that Divine Love is NOT accorded as reward for any works or indeed sex, race or social status. he also worked within the context of his times.

There are innumerable points that can be made here but one I would like to make is that the deceiver is yet in our mind if we see a world that witnesses to anything other than God the Father and God the Son. I don't say this to induce a self judgement of hopeless imperfection so much as to point that the present and whole acknowledgement of love's presence - ongoingly reveals a life and world transformed. Jesus Lived This. And so invites us likewise.

The idea that oneself or the church or the world has to be perfected before God can reclaim His Own is a deception. But then indulging in one's own private thoughts, judgements and preferences is the nature of the 'sleep of Adam' - who seeks to determine for himself what is good and what is ill.

A willingness to find truth in everything is a willingness to let 'my kingdom go' and Thy Kingdom come.
To equate truth with human thinking - even the best of our received knowledge - is to deny the Living Relationship By Which We Live.
In the Relationship, all things are added us - including the 'truths' that serve to enable us to communicate and share together.

I feel the Second Coming is through us. I do not mean us as a collection or organization of persons - but us as the accepted Shared Purpose of healing and love - directed and revealed through the power of love itself.
When we look to the world for answers - we neglect our Soul. Yet in the truth of the Souls's knowing, we see the world anew.
The Eternal does not go away while the Prodigal mind plays out its lovelessness. But until the remembrance of the Father is accepted, even love is exploited for what can be got from it. Let 'the lovelessness' stir the willingness to hear the Call.
Acceptance is the nature of Grace. And in letting God choose for me I can know I choose to accept for all. To hear the Call is to follow and share the Call. The Call is to Waken and Be Glad. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a grand far off goal - but the way of a truly Living love.