Come follow me. Let the dead bury the dead

The ego is not going to live forever - nor is it going to die.
The ego has no life but what you give it.
You give it.
It has no life.
The limited personal sense is a veil that sees all things only as if they are in relation to it - for its purposes.
The intimately personal sense is selfless, impersonal and totally loving.

When I was a boy I sometimes had a strong sense that I would never die - but the consciousness that is expressed in time and space interprets this as if it means it alone is surviving - perhaps along with other 'it alone's.

The memory of Heaven is strong in the very young - but is mostly used as fully charged batteries in support of another prodigal journey.

Survival is the preoccupation of the thoughts of the threatened.
"No need to survive" - does not mean allowing or inviting death, it just means that in the Nowness of the Fullness of Being, there is no one to survive and no threat to survive from.

The Flow is without exception or interruption or conflict. The Flow Knows you because it is you - and it Knows you Always now.
The thought of separation or difference is a building block of getting an experience that is separate and different. This will 'die' because it isn't truly occurring - except as a split experience of the Infinite.

It is in this split mind that we experience ourselves fearfully. Fear densifies light such that it becomes opaque and solid to the mind in fear. It becomes a - more or less - comfortable prison - to keep life out!

The eternal and infinite directness of being does not support or validate the wish to experience privately - except as a thought that makes no sense - has no meaning - negates the mind that thinks it. Another way of saying this is - no man can look on God and live. Not because God kills - but because the Infinite Light is - and man is not.

To a mind yet intent with its private will as if it were life - nothing can be more terrifying than eternal life. Death is salvation to such a mind for it saves it from its own utter undoing and allows a darkness in which it can re-seed itself.
Yet eternal life is the Only Life.

There's a game going on here - and its played seriously.
If you decided to treat the ball in a game of sport - whilst the game is on - as if it were just a ball - you would have to deal with the other players - and spectators! But in the game of limitation - every interruption is woven into or read as part of the game.

Jesus demonstrated eternal life and - he was 'made' into an eternal sacrifice by the serious game players. But it is also true that every interruption to the game lets light in - and when the game is no longer worth the candle - it is released for the greater light.

To a personal perspective in the world, death is the loss and negation of life. Humans try to make themselves deathless in making their mark, leaving legacies, and of course children.Andr of course they can preempt reality to prove their will by dying before 'nothingness' takes them.

Every loving thought is true. Truth is eternal. Our loving thoughts are the reflections of truth. They are also our real life. The unloving thoughts are a bit like a kaleidoscope that obscures and distorts the light and life - they are not something in themselves - except you thought you saw yourself there and became entranced.

The light of loving thought is also the light of guidance and the illumination of the mind in Mind. In light, the loving can be discerned and brought forth as the unloving is revealed as un-sane and unwanted.
You are loving thought and the proof is this : You do not create your self.
In this recognition is also the nothingness of the self you had thought to make from out of a sense of loss of identity.
In the release of persisting of 'self-making is known the stillness that speaks without form - yet your guidance understands and give it form - while form is helpful to you.

You cannot make love 'on your own'. You have to abandon such fixity to embrace love.
Love comes to you through forms that you can love and understand - and as you accept light, light grows within.

Growing an understanding is helpful to allay terror and grow trust - but as an investment it has to be abandoned for new life to be embraced.
Jesus - Raj said that if he had seen his mother - as his mother - when on the cross - then he would have died like any other man.
If you would taste not death you must let 'die' the illusion that you know what anything - or anyone - is. Now can you see why so very few take the path of living love? There is absolutely nothing in it to gain from an independent perspective. But it is simply to rest in truth.

Who is it that is called? Those who have looked on their nothingness - and found acceptance, given their heart, to live from. None 'else' can hear!
A different purpose seeds the mind - that transcends and replaces the urge to survive by any and every means. A love of Truth awakened.

Life 'begins' here - in recognition that the dream is a dream. Yet light of awareness is, that is not the dream - and is acknowledged and therefore restored to you - as you can accept; as you can share.
The interruption of the 'life' I thought was 'as I thought' - is grace.

The way that I have come to value - is a way of acceptance. Everything is just as it is. I don't mean that it just is as I or we, think it is - but that even what we think it is, is part of the way it is. The only alternative is self efforting - the bootstrap pull - the carrot and the stick. The fantasy of fighting reality.

Relaxing must be itself uncomplicated - but see the program running that distracts and can put the simple practice on indefinite hold! As if some conflicted sense must first be resolved. Yet the peace comes first in acceptance of 'as is', without judgement. Now the guidance of innate intelligence can flow true, and allows and enables appropriate and proportionate relationship to express in thought and in deed.

Stillness speaks ... and knows its movement as Itself.